The Top 50 Real Estate Teams In The US By Sales Volume

We can learn a lot from the top real estate teams in the business.

Looking at the top real estate teams can provide invaluable insight if you’re trying to form a real estate team (or improve your existing one). It also can provide the necessary motivation to understand what’s truly possible in the real estate business.

Let’s look at the top real estate teams and what makes them remarkably effective.

What Makes a top real estate team?

The best real estate teams have a variety of qualities that make them successful.

  • First, an excellent real estate team has strong relationships with clients. They have an existing client base.
  • Second, it is well-versed in the local market. The real estate team has extensive knowledge within the industry.
  • Finally, the team will have access to exclusive listings. Many of these teams regularly feature off-market listings.

Notably, the top teams work well together. A top real estate team may include some up-and-comers new to the business and some seasoned mentors.

Who Are The Top Real Estate Teams?

Top real estate teams can be judged on multiple metrics. They are groups of real estate professionals that either complete large numbers of transactions or close the most profitable deals.

Working with some of these top teams in the real estate business can help new real estate agents boost their careers. For an experienced real estate agent, the top teams in the real estate industry get more leads and close more deals.

The Top 50 Real Estate Teams in the US

These are the top real estate teams in the US today, measured by the volume of their transactions. Every real estate group on this list is extraordinarily successful and would be a great addition to any real estate career.

These 2022 rankings are based on transactions completed in 2021. The 2023 rankings will be available later this year.

RankTeam NameCompanyVolumeTeam SizeState
1PLACEPlace Inc.$3.8B21+WA
2Mark Spain Real EstateMark Spain RE$3.3B21+GA
3Justin Tye TeamActive Realty$2.8B21+GA
4The Jills Zeder GroupColdwell Banker$2.2B11-20FL
5The Robert Slack TeamThe Robert Slack Group$2.2B21+FL
6JMGJason Mitchell RE$2.2B21+AZ
7Alexander TeamDouglas Elliman$1.6B6-10NY
9Kris LindahlKris Lindahl RE$1.3B21+MN
10The Ashton RE GroupRE/MAX$1.2B21+TN
11The Altman Brothers TeamDouglas Elliman$1.2B11-20CA
12The Rhodes TeamBerkshire Hathaway$1.2B21+TX
13Real Estate ExpertsReal Estate Experts$1.2B21+CA
14Lucido AgencyKeller Williams$1.2B21+MD
15Branden And RayniThe Beverly Hills Estates$1.1B2-5CA
16Aaron Kirman GroupCompass$1.1B21+CA
17The Network GroupCompass$1.0B21+CA
18DJ & Lindsey Real EstateDJ & Lindsey Real Estate$1.0B21+FL
19The Laughton TeamLaughton & Laughton$974M21+AZ
20Redbud GroupKeller Williams$972M21+NC
21The TSE GroupIntero$939M11-20CA
22Mark Dimas TeamMark Dimas Properties$939M21+TX
23LivianKeller Williams$919M21+VT
24The Hudson Advisory TeamCompass$909M21+NY
25The Reynolds Team NetworkKeller Williams$901M21+VA
26Laurie Finkelstein ReaderLaurie Finkelstein Reader$900M21+FL
28Riskin Partners Real Estate GroupVillage Properties$864M2-5CA
29Pardee PropertiesPardee Properties$853M21+CA
30The Carroll GroupCompass$848M21+FL
31j2 Group Inc.ERA$825M2-5OR
32Levi Rodgers TeamLevi Rodgers RE Group$806M21+TX
33The Loken Group, Inc.Keller Williams$788M21+TX
34The Every Door TeamEvery Door Real Estate$781M21+WA
35Best Sac Homes GroupKumar Evelyn Inc$775M21+CA
36Ryan O’Neill RE TeamRE/MAX$769M21+MN
37Sally Forster Jones GroupCompass$737M21+CA
38The Keri Shull TeamOptime Realty$725M21+VA
39Grauman Rosenfeld GroupThe Agency$716M21+CA
40Jim McCann GroupPremier Estate Properties$708M2-5FL
41Julian Johnston TeamCorcoran$701M2-5FL
42Ivan Sher GroupBerkshire Hathaway$700M21+NV
43The Smith GroupColdwell Banker$697M21+CA
44Leavitt McIntosh TeamDouglas Elliman$686M6-10FL
45The Robert Dekanski TeamRE/MAX$679M21+NJ
46The Rob Ellerman TeamReeceNichols$675M21+MO
47Fast Real EstateeXp Realty$671M21+CA
48Figueroa TeameXp Realty$669M21+FL
49The Jim Allen GroupColdwell Banker$652M21+NC
50The Hedgerow TeamHedgerow Exclusive Prop.$650M6-10NY
Data Courtesy Of Real Trends.

A deeper look into the top real estate teams

1. PLACE (Place, Inc.)

PLACE has an interesting business model. It is a large real estate platform and sells its platform to other agents trying to create an effective real estate team. And agents can partner with Place to take advantage of its technology and services, which includes marketing, systems, and sales.

2. Mark Spain Real Estate (Mark Spain Real Estate)

Mark Spain’s real estate team specializes in getting those who want to sell their homes cash offers fast. Their website claims sellers can get a cash offer and close in as little as three weeks. This real estate team works by appealing to those who want to sell their houses as quickly as possible with their guaranteed offer process.

5. The Robert Slack Team (Robert Slack Group)

Robert Slack moved to the United States in 1979, previously working in residential properties in England. Since then, he’s dabbled in horses and farming, returning to real estate in 2006. Today, the Robert Slack Team comprises over 400 agents with a sales volume of nearly $1,000,000,000 in 2019.

6. JMG (Jason Mitchell Real Estate)

Since its inception in 2006, the Jason Mitchell Group has completed 24,000 transactions and $11 billion in sales. JMG highlights the importance of networking and referrals; 90% of its business comes from partner referrals. JMG is the #1 real estate referral team and operates in nearly half the states in the US.

10. The Ashton Real Estate Group (RE/MAX Advantage)

The Ashton Advantage includes being the world’s #1 RE/MAX team. Individuals can access off-market homes and insider market information through the Ashton Real Estate Group. Ashton Real Estate Group is filled with specialized, expert individuals within the real estate market who can provide services and intel not available to other teams.

14. Lucido Agency (Keller Williams Realty)

A brilliant and diverse team, Lucido Agency includes specialists in luxury, senior, commercial, new construction, business, and builder markets. Lucido Agency currently reports that it closes a deal every 3 hours and works with industry-leading technology and market strategies.

19. The Laughton Team (Laughton & Laughton)

Part of the Laughton & Laughton, the Laughton Team, is the #1 real estate team in Arizona. The Laughton Team produces incredible volume, given its focus primarily in a single region: Phoenix, AZ. Today, it’s home to dozens of skilled real estate agents in Arizona.

33. The Loken Group (Keller Williams Realty)

The Loken Group promises no listing, showing, or staging. Like other real estate teams on this list, Loken Group provides all-cash offers to motivated sellers. As the real estate market becomes more volatile and complex, many are looking toward easier methods of selling their properties. All-cash offer companies are a great way for people to quickly get out of the market.

43. The Smith Group (Coldwell Banker Realty)

The Smith Group reports that it acquires 10% more profit for its seller and closes 250% faster. Not only does it provide a wealth of happy client testimonials, but it gets results as one of the top ten producing real estate teams in the business. 51% of its buyers come from the internet and 30% through agents.

How do real estate teams work?

A real estate agent joins a team to distribute work. When a real estate agent joins a team, they can work with other fantastic real estate agents. They can focus on what they love to do with the support of other expert specialists.

Real estate teams work by providing real estate agents with services and tools that they otherwise wouldn’t access on their own. Even the best real estate agent can benefit from these best-in-class utilities.

How to build a successful real estate team

A significant advantage to having a successful real estate team is that you can accomplish more in less time. And usually yield better results. Building a successful team requires understanding the business, market knowledge, and efficient processes.

  1. Invest in training. Train your agents on the best practices for selling property, marketing and promotional tactics, negotiation strategies, and customer service techniques. Teach them how to use best-in-class technologies to improve their processes.
  2. Develop an effective lead generation plan. Develop a comprehensive lead generation plan that sets goals and outlines how the team will find and develop leads. This can include marketing strategies, referrals, networking with other agents, or working on getting listed on online directories.
  3. Invest in the right technology. The real estate industry is constantly changing, so teams need to invest in technology that can keep up. Look for technology solutions that will help streamline processes, track and analyze data, provide better customer service, or automate mundane tasks.
  4. Foster a positive team culture. Creating an environment where agents enjoy working together is essential to having a successful real estate team. Invest in activities that encourage and reward collaboration.

Of course, you don’t create an award-winning team overnight. Instead, you develop one over time. Find the right people, and success will follow.

The advantages of working for a real estate team

Why would you work with a real estate team? Real estate teams offer many advantages to their agents, much like brokerages. A real estate team can:

  • Grow your career. Working with other experienced professionals can help you grow your career faster since it allows you to learn from others’ successes and failures.
  • Provide a better client experience. A team environment allows leveraging collective skills and resources to close more deals in shorter timeframes.
  • Gain flexibility. You don’t need to always be on call because someone else can help your clients. You also don’t need to handle all elements of the transaction yourself.
  • Get more leads. Teams also typically have access to larger marketing budgets, which leads to additional leads.
  • Use better technology. Teams can invest in better technology, both the initial investment in purchasing it and continued support.

In return, a real estate team does take a percentage of sales. But this is returned in the expertise, marketing, and technology value.

Of course, not every real estate team works as well as the top teams in the real estate market. Choose your team carefully if you want to build your real estate career. Look for teams with extensive market knowledge, teams that have operated for over a decade, and those with in-depth knowledge of their niches.

Real estate teams vs. real estate brokers

Real estate teams offer many advantages to agents, including career growth and better client experiences. They are not the same as real estate brokers, however. Brokers provide more traditional services like listing homes or helping buyers find a home, while teams focus on marketing techniques to increase leads and close deals quickly. Often, a team will operate beneath a broker. A single broker will frequently have many teams.

A high-producing team tends to provide more support to an agent, whereas a brokerage provides more general services.


Building a strong real estate team is about knowing your real estate market and personal strengths. And to be a top-producing agent, you must work with other top-producing agents.

A well-developed real estate team can be far stronger than the efforts of solo agents combined.

In conclusion, learn from other real estate teams, invest in networking, and keep those you admire close to you, and you’ll be well on your way.


Who are the top 10 real estate brokerage firms by agent count?

1. Keller-Williams (176,467 Agents)
2. Century 21 (144,700 Agents)
3. RE/MAX (137,792 Agents)
4. Coldwell Banker (98,600 Agents)
5. eXp Realty (86,000 Agents)
6. Berkshire Hathaway (50,000 Agents)
7. ERA (39,000 Agents)
8. Compass (26,000 Agents)
9. Sotheby’s (24,000 Agents)
10. HomeSmart (20,000 Agents)

What is the most successful real estate team?

The most successful real estate teams share a few key traits: a well-defined system for lead generation and follow-up, clear communication and delegation of tasks among all their members, great market knowledge, and excellent networking and soft skills.

Who is the number 1 real estate company in the world?

Keller Williams Realty is the number one real estate company in the world. The franchise operates in over 118 countries, has nearly 200,000 associates, and serves over 800 markets globally.

Are real estate teams worth it?

Teams are better equipped to handle more extensive and complex transactions, leverage the strengths of each team member for a comprehensive approach to client services, and gain efficiency in lead generation and follow-up. All of this translates into a higher success rate and more satisfied customers.

How much do the top 1% of real estate agents make?

According to a recent National Association of Realtors survey, the median income for residential real estate agents in the U.S. was $45,800. The top 1% earned an average of $263,000 that year. Most recent BLS statistics say that the top agents make around $116,000. But the market has changed, and stats lag.

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