why 87 percent of agents fail

Why 87% of All Agents Fail in Real Estate!

Are you considering a career in real estate? You may have heard that 87% of all agents fail in the industry, and while this can be discouraging, it’s essential to know that success is possible. With the right mindset and willingness to put in hard work, you can survive and thrive as a real estate agent.

So why do so many agents fail? There are several common reasons: lack of preparation, poor time management, lack of focus, and lack of networking. These issues can lead to failure if they are not addressed properly.

Lack Of Preparation

For starters, it’s important to ensure you have taken the necessary steps to prepare for your career in real estate. Take time to research the industry and create a business plan outlining your success goals and strategies.

It’s also wise to consult with experienced professionals or attend educational seminars or classes on marketing and sales techniques. By taking the right steps upfront, you can set yourself up for long-term success later on down the line.

Poor Time Management

Time management is another critical factor in achieving success as an agent. Real estate is a fast-paced industry that requires organization and planning skills to manage multiple clients or properties at once without missing out on opportunities or delivering subpar service levels.

To stay on top of your workloads while still providing excellent customer service, consider using project management software or devising daily/weekly schedules that allow you enough time for client meetings and administrative tasks such as prospecting for new leads or keeping track of paperwork.

Lack Of Focus

It’s also important not to become overwhelmed by taking on too much at once without focusing your efforts properly on each task at hand; too often, agents spread themselves thin across various projects, which can result in lowered performance levels overall due to each job being given less than its entire attention span.

Instead, prioritize what needs immediate attention versus what can wait until afterward, allowing yourself ample opportunity (but don’t overdo it) throughout the day for breaks where needed so as not to get burned out quickly by either underperforming or overextending yourself beyond reasonable limits.

Lack Of Networking

Finally, building relationships through networking is key to succeeding as an agent — after all, real estate is a people business! Reach out regularly to other professionals within the industry by attending events such as conferences & trade shows or joining associations & clubs dedicated to helping promote more connections between members.

This way, you’ll open yourself up to potentially lucrative new opportunities from referrals made through those contacts and gain valuable insight from their experiences, which could further assist in achieving greater success within this venture!

Becoming successful in real estate takes dedication and hard work. Still, with proper preparation & focus, plus making an effort towards networking, there’s no reason one shouldn’t strive towards obtaining their desired level of achievement!

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