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YouTube for Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide (2020)


by Kyle Handy       Updated July 29, 2020


In today's post, we talk about YouTube for Realtors. We discuss how to optimize and grow your channel and the impact it can have on your real estate business. 

Here is the podcast:

First, we talk about how to decide if YouTube is the right platform for your business as a Realtor. I share how youtube is the 2nd largest search engine and website only behind Google. The #1 reason why consumers watch YouTube videos is to learn something they didn't know. Your success on YouTube will be a direct result of your consistent efforts.

There are two types of YouTube users. Those that want to get exposure from people they haven't met and those that want to use YouTube as a tool to share videos with those that already know them. A power YouTube user will use their channel for both. The former option takes work and dedication to get the traction needed to be found amongst all the other videos that get posted every day.

After you decide whether YouTube is right for you, we start with the basics of setting up your channel. How to create a compelling home page, uploading a profile photo, using Snappa to create your channel art and more.

We discuss how creating a consistent upload schedule and sticking to a clear theme will increase subscribers and view count.

Be sure to set up a channel trailer for both new and returning visitors. This is a 30-60 second and video where you describe what your channel is about. Be sure to completely fill out your channels “about page” including other featured channels and adding keywords to your channels description as well as channel tags.

Lastly, for channel optimization, be sure to include featured playlists on your YouTube channel's main page.

As far as video optimization goes, I discuss a tool that I use called TubeBuddy. This tool makes keyword research for your videos a breeze! It also helps you optimize tags and gives you a helpful upload checklist to make sure that you've hit all the best practices described in this video.

If you wish to support my YouTube channel, consider using my affiliate link to get more info and sign up: to check it out.

Other topics discussed in today's Monday Mastermind include:

Your goal should be to get to 100 videos as soon as possible.

Take the 90 day video challenge and commit to posting a video a day for 90 days to front-load your channel and gain traction FAST.

The ideal length I've found is between 10-18 minutes.

The first 15 seconds of video is critical to establishing what the video will be about and what problem it solves for the viewer.


Kyle Handy 0:02
What's going on everybody, Kyle here. I hope you hope you can hear me here I am on my new studio for the first time here at our new house. And as you can see, everything looks a little bit different. Still not 100% yet but we're getting there we're getting close. And But anyways, I just wanted to come to you guys live today for the Monday mastermind and share all about YouTube for realtors. I had a agent actually approached me the other day said hey, you know, I love what you're doing on YouTube. I'd like to you know how to do it myself. And, and so basically what today is going to be about is me sharing everything that I've learned so far on YouTube. And so we're going to talk about how to optimize your channel. You know, what you should be doing as far as you know, a theme for your channel, how you can use it for real estate to your benefit. And then you know, once you've kind of come across all that I'm sure a lot of us probably put videos out on YouTube. But then we get like no views, you know, how do you optimize these videos what should be the best practices that you should take to be able to get success and get you know views on your YouTube channel. So that's what we're going to be talking about our about an A minute short of 9am. So we'll wait to get started. But I just wanted to share that with you guys. If you can hear me if you're watching this, put it in the comments that you can hear the audio loud and clear. Want to make sure that that's working. I let's see. I wish that it was showing me here how to see that but I don't think that it does. So yeah, if you're on the channel right now, put it on the chat. Type in Hey, I can hear you. I can see you. I know the lighting is all Oh, thanks, David. I know the lighting is all kind of weird right now. We're getting my lights all set up. So right now it's just looking a little funny, but we'll get all that squared away. Good morning. We can hear you perfect. Oh, that's great to hear. Melanie, good to see you. What's up, Sandy, good to hear you. Good to see you. All right, perfect guys. And I apologize today will be the last day before we finally have the whole setup going where I can again stream kind of my screen. And I've got actually slides for today and all that, but I won't be able to share that. It's funny, I actually tried setting up a, an update for my Mac this morning. And I didn't realize that it was going to mess with all of my broadcasting software. And so I tried loading it up about 830. And sure enough, nothing was working. So I'm just coming straight to you from YouTube. But by next week, I should have it all figured out. We'll get the broadcast going again, where I can show you my slides, go over all that good stuff as I go through it. But as far as today, I'm pretty much just going to talk through the topic and explain to you You know what, I've learned how I'm growing my channel as a realtor. So, so that being said, you know, what I'd like to start with is you know, as far as YouTube goes, You know, I get a lot of questions just asking, like, hey, should I even start a YouTube channel? And, you know, I think for that, to answer that question, you know, you know, there's, there's a couple things you need to ask yourself first. And, you know, first of all, it's like, you know, if you're going to go down the YouTube path, I would say that, you know, it's a commitment, it's something that you have to commit to doing long term because in the short term, you know, you don't really have very much traction, there's not a whole lot of success that you get right away, it may not really impact your real estate business all that much, unless you're going to be consistent and unless you have a long term strategy with this and so be sure that you know, you have that figured out if you know if you're just going to do a one off or a couple you know, videos here and there, hey, you can use it, you know, to share videos with people, but don't expect that you're going to like generate leads or get a whole lot of business out of it unless you're doing it, you know, very consistently in the long term. So, that being said, I'll give you some some interesting statistics that I learned about YouTube. And I think these are important to note. But of course, you know, YouTube is the second largest search engine, and most visited website, second

Kyle Handy 4:16
most visited website, only behind Google. And so we all know how powerful Google is and how important it would be to be, you know, in the top rankings on Google. So if you think that it's important to be there, you know, it's also equally important to be on YouTube, YouTube is the video version of Google as far as all your searches and everything like that. So, you know, I know a lot of people put a lot of work into, you know, Facebook, and Instagram and all these social media platforms. But the problem there is that you create, you know, some stuff that could could take quite a bit of time and you post it out on these social media platforms. And you know, within a week, you know, you'll you know, most people are never going to see those again, whereas with Google, you know, for blogging, just You know, to use that as an example, or YouTube for making videos, you create something one time. And it can be viewed over and over and over, as long as it's a useful piece of content as long as it's optimized properly. And so you can start to create this library, this catalog of things where people can now start to find you. And so that is why YouTube is so powerful. The other thing about you know, you need to ask yourself this question is, are you comfortable being on video, that's the other thing is you can't really be on YouTube, if you're not comfortable, comfortable on video. I know some people will, you know, really kind of recast their, their podcasts on YouTube and they'll just put like a thumbnail that goes up the whole time. And it's mainly just for audio. And of course, you can do that type of stuff. But really what YouTube is for is for video, so you gotta, you know, make sure that you're going to be comfortable on video. The other way that you could be on YouTube without being on video is if you had like some kind of, you know, cartoon type of setup where you pay somebody to You know, make, you know, the cartoon version of what you're saying or what your message is trying to get across.

Kyle Handy 6:05
But realistically, I think, you know, the most powerful part about YouTube is because it is video, because you get to see that person, you know, I, you start to build that trust that much more quickly. And in our business and real estate, you know, building trust quickly, is a game changer. You know, that's the ability to scale your business way quicker than you would have ever before. Even if you're doing things on like social media where they can see you know, maybe a picture of you when they actually get to see your personality. And you know, you can just kind of how you handle yourself on the video. I think that can expedite that process of gaining trust. It can also help you win over that client when they're comparing you to somebody maybe that they haven't heard or seen before. So that is truly the power of YouTube. And so it takes a little while to get comfortable with video. I've probably been you know, doing Video now for about a year, I would say consistently where I'm either doing, you know, zoom calls, or I'm doing, you know, YouTube videos. And in the beginning, it definitely wasn't something that I was comfortable with. But, but over time, you just start to get more and more comfortable. So, you know, don't let that stop you even if you might not be super, you know, comfortable with it right and this minute, it is something that you can build into and get more comfortable with over time, and you'll get better with it over time as well. Even if your first few videos are terrible, don't worry, like if you go back and my channel sorted by, you know, most recent videos, you know, or the oldest videos and then go back and watch them on my first ones. They're way different than what they look like today. And so anyways, you know, don't let that be something that stops you just realize that over time, you'll get better at it, you'll get more comfortable with it. So you just got to do it over and over and over. And honestly you know, I think you know when you get started with anything you got to kind of think of you know, have the end in mind when you get started. Realistically, like what I would say, if you're also trying to decide if you're should be starting a YouTube channel is, you know, is can I make 100 videos like that is truly like the goal, I think of a YouTube channel is to get to 100 videos as quickly as possible because once you get to 100 videos, that's really when your channel is going to start to get some traction as far as organic rankings, you know, people coming across little, you know, consistently. And so you gotta ask yourself, like, is that something that I even, you know, think that I'm going to be capable of doing? It might be 234 or five years before you get to 100 videos, but at the at the same point, I wouldn't even start unless I thought okay, yes, I have the capability to do that. And that's one of my goals is to get to that hundred video mark. There's some people. You know, I watch a gentleman on YouTube and, you know, his thing was a 90 day challenge. And basically what he did was he came up with a new video every day for 90 days to get his channel. front loaded with as much content as possible in the beginning. And you know, in a lot of the videos, some of them were live videos, some of them were just off of his webcam where he would record them and put them up there. Now, I'm not saying that, you know, you put low quality, you know, bad stuff up there just to get it up there. You know, if you go back, the gentleman I'm talking about his name is miles Benkler. And he's kind of in the digital marketing space. And, you know, if you go back and watch those videos, they're actually you know, good videos, great content. So he took time to research all of the content that he put out there, but I mean, again, it was just on a webcam, he just hit record, you know, 15 2030 minutes some you know, some of the videos were 30 minutes and that's what he did he put did that did that consistently 90 days and any front loaded that and then now I think he posts about three times per week, but but that was his strategy. It's worked really well and he's got over 100,000 subscribers now. But anyways, that's just something you got to kind of think about in the beginning is like, Hey, you know, do I want to do this or am I just looking to you know, maybe put Four or five videos up there, maybe some of my frequently asked questions from clients and whatnot. So that way they can, you know, I can send something to people when they need it. So those are two completely different trains of thought. You've got one where you're like using YouTube as a lead generation source, and you want people to find you

Kyle Handy 10:18
come across your stuff. for that type of thing. You need to put a lot of work and effort and be consistent with it. The other one is more of like just using it as kind of a tool to be able to send videos out at your disposal whenever that need arises. And so they're completely different ways to use YouTube. Just got to ask yourself, which way do you want to utilize it? But that being said, so it's the number two search engine consumer spent over a billion hours watching YouTube, not per month, not per week, every single day, a billion hours of watching YouTube per day. It's more than Facebook and Netflix combined. It's crazy guys, when you think about that, in the top four reasons why consumers watch YouTube. The number one reason this was 51% of people that watch YouTube is to figure out how to do things that they have never done before. 51% All right, think about that in your business, and you know how you can utilize that statistic alone, to help grow your channel to help grow your business. They go on there to figure out how to do things they've never done before. So when you're creating YouTube videos for your audience, which may be as you know, the real estate consumer, you need to think like, Okay, well what questions do they have, like, you know, a lot of them maybe they've never bought homes before, maybe they've never sold homes before. Maybe they've never bought a home in a certain neighborhood. You know, there's all sorts of maybe they've never used you as a realtor. That's something right like figuring out how to do things they've never done before. 28% use it to just past time. So we all know a lot of people you know, might watch YouTube just, you know, kind of kill time they think, you know, funny videos, whatever that's 28% 19% to decide whether to buy a particular product or service, huge guys, they go on YouTube to find out is that person? Or is that service? Or is that product on YouTube? Can I find out more information about it? Should I use it? Should I buy it? 19% All right, and then the other 19% is to understand things that are happening in the world. So that's where they use YouTube for their news source. They can go on there they can find you know, local stuff. But again, same thing for your business, right? Like can they get in there and find what's happening in the real estate market because of your channel. So these I think these four reasons are a big insight into like how you can utilize your YouTube channel to not only you know impact a lot of people but also be a benefit to the people that may already know like and trust you in your business and so, great statistics there as far as usage for realtors Here's what I think we gotta you know, kind of, you know, figure out is First off, you know, you want to have a theme behind your channel, right? You know, I made a mistake early on where I had literally everything kind of in one YouTube channel, I do a separate YouTube channel for EXP agents where we talk about how to grow their, their revenue, share business, and like, you know, recruiting other agents and building a network of agents across the country. I used to put that in my same YouTube channel as where I'm starting to talk to agents just like yourself, where, you know, we're growing your real estate business and how I've grown my real estate business. I had that lump together, and I also put all my vlog stuff so like when I go with my family to a vacation, and you know, we do all this type of stuff. I put all that in my one YouTube channel, and then actually hurt my rankings, my viewings, people want to know, and kind of expect what they're going to get when they come to your channel. That's why they'll subscribe if it's kind of a hodgepodge. Everything, you're not going to get subscribers, and you're not going to build that traction that you need. So again, get it get a real good theme about what you want this this channel to be and stick to it. That doesn't mean that every video has to be the exact same type of thing. But if it's about you know, you grow in your real estate sales business, keep it to real estate sales related information, right? stuff about the community, testimonials about you, your process, all that type of stuff. And so here's just a couple suggestions that I've got for your YouTube channel as a real estate agent. So first off, you know, any kind of home buying or home selling information, right? things that people don't know that maybe they should know. We all saw, you know, 51% is figuring out how to do things that they didn't know before, right? So you know, how do they get the process started buying a house? What's the mortgage process look like?

Kyle Handy 14:54
You know, what does the home selling process look like? How should they be staging their home to get the most amount of money for their property, all these types of things are things that people come to you to YouTube for, and, and find your information when they search it. And then you do utilize you for for their for their realtor. And it doesn't you have to also think about it, don't just come from the standpoint that, you know, I'm only going to provide you value if you use me as your realtor, you got to come from the standpoint I'm just providing value to you, as you know, this person out there. And it may or may not come back to me, right, like, you know, I get thousands of views on my channel. But that doesn't mean that everybody wants to, you know, work or use me in the real estate space, whether it's for training or whether it's, you know, to join my organization and work on my team. That's not how it works. I provide value out there without any expectations of what is going to come in return. And then just naturally good things happen. And I think that's kind of the approach that most successful YouTubers have most successful people in business have. And so realistically like it could even be helped people if they want to do for sale by owner, you know, show them, this is how you do for sale by owner. But then hey, you know, if you decide that, you know, some of these pitfalls that we might have talked about are too much for you or you're not having the success you want, then hey, I would be happy to you know, and do a consultation with you talk to you about the benefits of using a realtor. And so like, give people things that they're searching for. And then you just never know what comes from it. So all sorts of topics arise when you kind of come from that standpoint. The other one is a community and area details. So I've talked about this before, where you need to be an expert, whether it's in your local neighborhood, your local zip code, whatever that might be, and then branch out, right, like look at the areas that you service most often. Look at the price points that you service most often and create videos centered around that. In the beginning, you know, you can least utilize them when you have clients that you know that you're working with. You can send those videos that Right away. So for one, it's going to make you look professional, because you've got these videos well done ready to send, but then to over time, you'll start to see people will search for those particular keywords, and you'll get found and then who knows, maybe that person reaches out to you to use you for your business because they, they see you as that, that expert. And so things like that, you know, for instance, here in san antonio, you can start generalized and you can kind of just do like a, you know, this is what you know, to expect for buying a home in San Antonio, these are the different areas, you know, these are the average price points in each of these areas. These are the different school districts you can kind of look for, you can do a generalized you know, market San Antonio one, me would be saved Antonio, you might be something a little bit different. But then of course, you can start getting more niche and, you know, getting into the areas that you service most frequently. For instance, like, you know, homes for sale and 78258. That's a zip code that's pretty popular one here in San Antonio, and talk about You know, these are the average prices in this zip code. These are the reasons why people buy homes in these areas, all that type of stuff. And you can really start to like, do that for each different little pocket in your in your area. And, and as you start to create these, you're creating this library, this catalog, where again, people will find it over time, don't be discouraged, if like after the first week, you have three or four views.

Kyle Handy 18:23
It might take months, it might take years for those views to start really adding up. But what you have to think about that is just like say that that provides, you know, two to three views per month that one video doesn't sound like a lot, right two or three per month. But when you put that video out there, and then next week, you put another one out there for another zip code and then next, now you're starting to get you know, 10 2030 hundreds of views eventually, because you're just stacking these all up. It's not like you know, those old videos, stop getting views people typically, you know, they might whatever they're searching for today. They're probably gonna be searching for it a year from now. So the That stuff is stacking on top of one another. And you're just starting to really, really build some great traction. So community area details is a great one. explain about you and your process, right, like talk about how you work, what are your unique selling propositions to people, you know, both on you know, the buy side, if you're working with buyers, both on the sell side, if you're working with with sellers, and just kind of what your process is, and what makes it different. So I think that that's an important video to have on your channel. It's an important couple of videos, you could probably do a few videos that talk about, you know, what makes you so unique client testimonials. That's something where of course, you know, I wouldn't overdo it, but you just need a few and be consistent with it. Like maybe it's every month you post, you know, a new client testimonial from a client that you work with that month, right? Don't make your channel just be you know, client testimonials. Of course, those are great. But I mean, at the same point, you're really just using it for more of like a proof of kind of, you know, evidence of your success. You don't want to That'd be kind of everything that your channel is. So. And then lastly, of course, listing videos, same thing there, you know, don't make that be the only thing that your channel is you use listing videos as kind of a tool to help market your listings. But at the end of the day, most buyers, most future home sellers, they're not looking for a specific listing on YouTube, they're looking for information, and all that kind of stuff. So, you know, kind of keep that down to just, you know, you might put those up and put them into a little playlist on your YouTube channel. But again, I wouldn't think that, you know, just creating a YouTube channel for your listing videos is ever going to gain you any kind of traction long term with this. Of course, you know, the great thing about listing videos, it does make you look professional, especially if they're great videos, you know, well done or whatnot. You put them on there and then you know, if you have a seller that's looking to sell, they're gonna say, Hey, you know, I see you know, Kyle does all these great listing videos. Sure. I'm sure that's going to help your case when you get into that listing appointment. But in general, you know, that's that along with client testimonials is

Kyle Handy 21:03
more just kind of supportive for your channel. You don't want that to be the foundation of it. All right. Now, setting up your channel, I think this is an important one. You know, a lot of people don't know where to get started. As far as YouTube goes, it's pretty simple. I mean, you just need to have a Google account, which I would imagine most people have a Google account at this point. And you go in, and there's a couple things that you want to make sure that your channel has when you go in and start a new channel. Of course, you need a profile photo that goes on your YouTube channel. And there's there's guides, there's you can google just you know how to set up your YouTube channel that walks you step by step through all of this, but I'll just tell you, my thoughts on what I think is important with all of this is that you've got to have a profile photo, you've got to have good channel art, and I use snapper for my channel art. They've got the templates already set up on there. So all you have to do Just go in and say, Hey, I need a new YouTube channel art. And it'll put you you know, there's templates you can use, you can start from scratch, however you want to do it, but just make sure in your channel art, that it's something that's relevant to your channel, right maybe I personally would say, you know, you probably want a picture of you something that shows your face, you know, or whatever, right? So that way people start to gain trust right away. And then also you want to put on there some text, which gives the person information about what your channel is about. So of course, you know, the title of your channel, post, what your, what your posting schedule is, right, like, let people know, I post, you know, videos, new videos every Monday, all right, post three videos a week, you know, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you know, tell them about what it is, you know, I post real estate sales related information, you know, for home buyers and home sellers, like who's your target audience, put that in there and then tell people on their substance Drive, right? Like give them a call to action. And say subscribe by channel, don't be afraid to do that right on your channel art. So make sure that's on their channel art is very, very important. I see a lot of channels that don't have channel art. And it's no no wonder why it's, they don't have any subscribers. So the other thing is, again, a consistent posting schedule, whatever that means for you. Maybe that's once a week, maybe it's three times a week. Maybe it's somewhere in between, but figure that out what is your your posting schedule, and put it on the site about or put it on your channel about what that that schedule is? stick to a theme we talked about that make sure you have a channel trailer. You can put two different trailers in there. One is for returning users. One is for new users. And definitely you know the new users you want to get them familiar with who you are. So that's something that you want to make probably custom 30 to 60 seconds is all it can take. You can do something in front of a webcam doesn't have to be super high produced. Hi polished, literally just some something showing, you know your personality, talking about what the channel is about what your goals are for the channel, who your target target audience is. And then again, a call to action asking them to subscribe to your channel to stay connected. So that's kind of what the channel trailer is for. And then for returning users, you can actually create, you can use a video that is maybe the most watched video on your channel, you can create a new video for it, where maybe you're just addressing returning users thanking them for returning and letting them know what to expect moving forward. All sorts of things you can do there but just realized that you can create that channel trailer for new and for returning users two separate videos.

Kyle Handy 24:42
You want to make sure there's a channel description and channel tags that you want to make sure are completely filled out. And, and you want to make sure that that you've optimized them right like you know, look and see because you know a lot of times, most of the videos that I watch or that I've seen people Do on YouTube, if I'm like looking at somebody's channel, and they're not getting a lot of traction, it's usually they don't have any kind of tags, not only just in their videos, which we'll get into later about how to optimize your videos, but in their channel description actually. So like there's a spot where you can go in and edit the settings for your channel. And make sure that you've put a description in there, make sure you you put where you know your your channels based out of the language, just make sure everything is filled out like you know everything that has a blank, it's filled out because the more information you give YouTube, the easier it is for them to optimize and you know, to share your channel with those that are looking for that type of information. So be sure that that is all in there. Next is being sure that you feature playlists. So usually when you create a new channel, it's just going to have a playlist for your uploads, that's all it's going to say is just uploads and it's going to you know, kind of put them in a timeline from when you posted to the last he posted to the to the newest and so if you can go on your Actual, you know, main homepage for your YouTube channel. And you'll see when you go to edit that channel, that there's a way that you can add playlist to your homepage, make sure you're adding playlists. And so you know, you might have a playlist for buyers, you might have a playlist for sellers, you might have a playlist for real estate sales information, you know, all sorts of, you know, you can have a playlist just for your market area, like, you know, San Antonio, market area updates or something like that, right. So create different playlists so you can keep your content organized. And it's going to make your homepage look that much better. When you have different playlists for people to look at. Plus, you know, most of the time the playlist will help with your, your view time, like people will watch one video and then it's going to take them to the next one automatically. And the longer that people stay on your channel. The longer that they consume your content, the better it is for your channel because then YouTube will show your video to more people moving forward. So be sure that you have all of that setup. All right now As far as so that's your channel best practices. Now, we've also got a videos best practices. And for your videos, it's it's kind of simple. I mean, you know, again, we've talked about, you know, beating a dead horse here, but it's all about consistency. You know, you want to make sure that you have a consistent posting schedule that even if you you know, Miss posting for a little while, come on to your YouTube channel, go live for a little bit, just let people know what's going on. Right? tell them hey, you know, I will be coming back, you know, next week with whatever it is that you're gonna come back with. But this week, you know, something's going on, right? Don't leave people hanging once you've built up that consistency. So that's super important. And then optimization. And we'll talk about optimization, and then utilizing tools or a checklist for your posting on YouTube for your videos. And so as far as optimization goes, there's all sorts of different optimization that we're going to talk about, for your YouTube videos. But it all starts with This and we've talked about this, if you watch my videos about blog posts, how important keyword research is, right? Like before you just willy nilly, you know, create videos on YouTube, you need to have an idea about what that video is going to talk about in the beginning, right? So you want to utilize a tool, maybe you if you just want a free tool, you can go on to Google's keyword research tool. If you just search Google for keyword research tool, they'll show you what the first one is. And even though that is talking specifically about, you know, people that are searching terms on Google, a lot of times those things overlap into YouTube. You know, Google even shows YouTube videos in their search engine, results page for whatever that topic or whatever that term is that you might be searching for. And so you can use a lot. Utilize Google's keyword research tool as a free kind of resource to start doing your keyword research and seeing what people are searching for. But what I actually like to use is a tool called to buddy TUBE, buddy. And it's not very expensive. I think they have plans that are like $5 a month or $15 a month. But you can actually use that tool for keyword research specifically for YouTube keywords, which I think is extremely helpful.

Kyle Handy 29:19
And so I've used this tool for probably about a year now maybe just under, and it's helped my youtube channel get noticed. I mean, you know, before I used to buddy, I really didn't have any traction with YouTube at all. And so it's been a huge tool for me, I actually, I'll post a link if you do want to join, too, buddy. I think I've got an affiliate link that you know, it's the same price for you. I think you might even get a discount on your first month. But I'll put that in the description of this video here later. But if you wanted to check it out, I think they also have a free trial. But that is probably one of the most helpful tools that I've used because it does all sorts of stuff. First of all, like when I was creating this video for real estate right or for YouTube for realtors, went in there and I tried, you know, typing out what my keywords were going to be a few different ways. Like, do I want to do YouTube for realtors? Do I want to do YouTube for real estate agents do I want to put in there like, you know how to use YouTube for real estate. There's all sorts of ways you go in there and you type in what you think you want your topic to be. And then it'll give you what the search traffic is for that keyword. And so, you know, for me, when I did all the research, YouTube for realtors was the top one, I think there's like 70 searches a month or something like that, for this topic. YouTube for real estate agents, there was like 40. So and again, you have to be very specific, like it's crazy. And that you know, I didn't realize how specific it gets. And if you don't optimize your videos for the exact term that people are searching for, you're not going to get found. It's so important that you match up what is being searched for in your optimization for that video. So you are Buddy will help you do that. But then beyond that, there's also a checklist a kind of an upload checklist that to buddy gives you when you're uploading a new video, and I'll kind of share with you some of the things that I always do on those. So first off, you know, it's going to make sure that your title is less than 70 characters, which is an important thing, because if you put a title on your YouTube video, and it's longer than 70 characters, it's not going to get your it's going to get cut off in the search engine page. So make sure it's less than 70 characters, too, buddy will do that for you. But then, you know, also that's going to make sure that what your keyword is that you want to rank for is in your headline in your in your main, you know, video, headline. And so but then also, it's going to check your description, you can put up to 5000 words in your description. And most of the times when people post videos on YouTube, they don't put anything in their description. You've got to use that description specific The first couple paragraphs that you write, as kind of that's, that's how YouTube knows what to rank your video for. Because again, I mean, I'm sure there's ways that they can, you know, kind of analyze the audio and use that. But realistically, it's almost just like, you know, writing a blog post, you want to optimize that description of the video to explain what your video is about. So that way it shows up in the search rankings. That description is super, super important. And make sure I was actually making a problem. I made this mistake early on, where I would put like, you know, subscribe to my channel, or you know, check out you know, the Monday mastermind every Monday at 9am Central Standard Time, and that would be like the first thing that I put in my description. And that's completely wrong because it's really just I mean, even though you can use 5000 words and you can write multiple paragraphs, they only check like the most important ones are the first few paragraphs, so make sure those first few paragraphs are actually about what the video is about. You're using the keywords that you want your video to rank for in that paragraph. But anyways, that's an important thing to note there. And then tags, I used to never put tags on my videos I just was like I guess this is like something to be able to organize it better. But literally tags are like the most important thing when having your video rank on YouTube, make sure that whatever your first tag is, is basically what your you know keyword is that you want it to rank for. So for instance on this video, the first tag that I'm going to use when I go back in and update all the tags on this live video is going to be YouTube for realtors. So that's gonna be my first tag that's going to be in my headline up front and and then you know, you can go and start putting different tags up to that YouTube for real estate agents. You know, I'll you know tag my name in it Kyle Handy. I'll tag you know real estate agents. I'll put all sorts of different tags in there and you want to utilize the entire amount tags you can do, I think it's 500 characters that you can utilize, make sure that you're using every single one of those as possible and make sure there's relevant as possible to, if your video is about, you know, YouTube for real estate, don't go in there and just start tagging Instagram, you know, randomly just because maybe you said the word one time in your video, make sure that there's all sorts of different ways and with to buddy, it actually makes it very easy because when you're doing this and you're putting tags in there, and you write out say, maybe two or three different tags, well then below that,

Kyle Handy 34:32
to buddy will give you some ideas for similar tags that you can use that are being searched for on YouTube. So you just click the Add button and just add multiple tags in there to kind of fill that up with what to buddy is identifying as the most important ones. So I think it's a very, very helpful tool. Make sure though, that you're using tags. So now once you've posted that video, I think it's also important now that the video is up there and it's live. To start going in and sharing that video with your social networks, so this is where, you know, Facebook and Instagram kind of have their place. Again,

Kyle Handy 35:09
you know, you can post these videos right away to YouTube and Instagram, but they're going to get buried, and they won't be found after a long time. YouTube again, it's something where you want to build this up. Because over time, this is always going to provide that value for you. And so what I like to do is when I post a video, I'll go back on YouTube or on Facebook and Instagram, and I'll post up hey, you know, just came out with the Monday mastermind, go check it out if you missed it live, right. And then people come to this video and they see it because those first 48 hours that you post a video is extremely important. If you get a lot of views on the video up front. It's going to tell you to that hey, this is a good video, people like to watch it. You know, go and share this with more people that may not know this person. And so that's how you get to start being identified by people that don't know you is in that beginning. Stage, you want to Front Load it and make sure that you're sharing that video with people on your other networks. Because chances are if you don't share it with, you know people on on YouTube or on Facebook on Instagram, you know, nobody knows your YouTube channel. So it's gonna be hard for you to get any likes for you to get any views on that video right up front. So make sure that you kind of front loaded, ask people for them to like and for them to comment and for them to subscribe to your channel. So right now if you're watching this, please like comment and subscribe to my channel if you're not already. Because again, the more likes and the more comments that you get on your video, the more it's going to show your the more Google is going to show your video on YouTube. And so it's super super important that you ask for that because if you don't ask for it in your video, most people don't remember to do it. It's not that they don't want to I mean even on on here, you know just by me saying like my video I got, you know, a couple different likes there. You know, it's not like You know, people don't want to do it, they just don't even think there's watching watching watching. Unless you stop that train of thought and say, Hey, you know, like my video or put a comment below, let me know what you think. Let me know if you're, you know, using YouTube in this way or whatever use that example to get comments and get feedback. That's how it's going to help your your videos grow. So, specifically to you know, there's a couple other things in that checklist that too, buddy gives you like, once your video is posted, you want to go on to your video, and actually make a comment on it yourself and pin that comment to the top. And it could just be something like asking for people to comment on your video like, hey, let me know what you thought about this video. You know, what is your biggest takeaway or what is your biggest question? Right and pin that comment to the top. You can heart it. You can like comments. Make sure you're interacting with people that choose to comment on your videos. If they leave a comment, just make sure you thank them say Hey, thanks for checking it out. That kind of stuff will go a long way. We're helping to grow your channel. So, as far as the optimization goes, You know, I don't know that there's, I mean, of course, there's, there's a few other big ones, I guess that I should mention. And that, of course, is your thumbnail. If you aren't putting high quality thumbnails, on your videos, that's an extremely important deal. If you go to and look at my channel, and you'll see that I've got a consistent theme for how all of my thumbnails are done. super important. I used to never put, you know, consistent thumbnails on there, and I never got subscribers, you know, all my thumbnails just were randomly chosen from whatever the video was. And that's kind of how I left it. But it's actually very, very easy to create thumbnails consistently, like I use YU snapper most of the time to create my thumbnails. And, you know, basically just take a picture of you, right, like I take, you know, ones from my iPhone, or from my photos library on my Mac, and it could be me on vacation, it could be me with my family. And it's just a picture of you looking at the person because again, I think that's what gets most people to click. There's all sorts of different studies and things that you know, talk about how to optimize your thumbnail. But realistically, a lot of the ones that that get the best views are when you're looking, they can see your eyes, and the thumbnail and then you can put a little description about what it is right like big bold letters about what it is don't use small print or anything like that it won't get seen, but keep it to like five to seven words, Max, like maybe even three words. Like this one will just be YouTube for realtors, right and big bold text right next to a picture of me on the other side. And that's it right? Like that's how easy and can you know, you want to keep it you don't need to make it any more difficult than that but just make sure once you start it just keep a consistent themes. That way all of your videos look that way and you can go back if you already got videos on YouTube, you can go back to those videos, edit the video, edit the thumbnails. That shows up on it. And I guarantee you just by you going back and optimizing all of your content that you may already have, is going to help a ton. I remember I mean, I could show you the statistics on my YouTube channel as far as like the views and all that kind of stuff. But there was a day that I went back. And you know, I've already probably had 30 or 40 videos on my YouTube channel, but I still had less than probably 50 subscribers. And, you know, again, it doesn't build very quickly. But when I went back and I started like, taking all of this advice, and I went in and added a description, I added tags, I put, you know, thumbnails for all of my videos in there, and I had to buddy so I could kind of modify what my my headlines my keywords were. So that way I was actually going after a specific keyword for each of my videos. Then I started to get subscribers, my view count skyrocketed, my minutes watched skyrocketed, and, and so that's just how that works. And so even if you've got content, don't be afraid to go back, I was afraid like, well, if I change it like is that going to hurt my rankings. And it doesn't, right. And if there's videos that are not performing to your, you know what you need, or maybe it doesn't apply to the theme that you're trying to stay with your channel, maybe you made the same mistake as me, and you put vlog videos on your real estate sales page or whatever it is, go back and just put those videos as unlisted. You don't need to delete them, right? Because again, if you delete them, then you actually are eliminating some of the view time that we have has ranked up on your channel, if the video had any views, all you need to do is just go put it as unlisted or put it as private. That way it won't show up on your channel when people are searching. So again, most of us if you got any content at all, can get a huge boost in it just by going back and kind of taking some of these steps that we've talked about, in you know, applying that to your videos that you already have. And then moving forward, just staying true to that theme and that consistent Kind of posting checklist. So, but anyways, too, buddy is a super, super helpful tool. Now I'll tell you, you know, once you've started to do this, there's It's a great feeling I mean, because it will build pretty quickly. You know, after you get those first you know, 30 4050 videos up, it starts to build consistently still not like hundreds of people per day or anything crazy like that. But even to see, you know, everyday 568 subscribers to your channel, new, you start to realize, okay, I'm starting to do this right? And and you feel like you're on that right path. And then I'm telling you once you get, you know, thousands of subscribers. And the other thing I would say is a lot of times people if you're doing this for your real estate business, you think, Oh, well, I only want to make this you know, people that see me that are local to San Antonio, I don't think that's how you want to think I think you want to provide value to everybody. Let people know, though that you're in a certain market in you know, and if they're moving, they're great. You'd love to help them if they're already living there. Great. You'd love to help them, but provide value to, you know, the community as a whole. So like when you're making your videos, of course, you can do community specific ones, but don't be so like, well, I can only help the San Antonio people or I only want to target people that are in San Antonio, if you were, you know, in San Antonio, just do it as if like, Hey, I'm you know, this is my buyer, buyer and seller process, you know, and you might get people that search your video, and they might be in different countries, they might be in different markets, but don't worry about that the view count will help. So that way, when people are in your market, they'll see your video as well. So, again, you know, that's just one of those things, have some videos that are of course, community specific, neighborhood specific, but then also have some that are applying to, you know, just real estate in general, right, because that's what's going to really get your view count up, get your subscriber count up. And so anyways, those are just some of my best practices. Sorry, again, guys that it wasn't the most professionally done. We're still getting it. setup. Luckily, there's not chaos behind me as anymore as it was for the last week. But I literally again, just got everything as far as my my computer setup this morning. And and because it had to do that updated, messed with some stuff. So I just came straight to you guys on YouTube. I hope that this was still helpful. I'm going to go ahead and sign off. But before I sign off, I'm just going to ask one more time give this video a like if you got some some value out of it. Put in the comments if I missed something, or maybe there was something that was unclear that you want more advice on then let me know, I'd be happy to respond to it there. I do plan to kind of come back and tidy up this video with a new one where I do have my slides posted because I think some things will be a little bit more easy to understand. Plus, I do plan to go like kind of do a deep dive on my YouTube channel and actually share my screen so you can see a lot of what I'm talking about. Hopefully for now this was helpful as far as just getting the information out there today. You, if this is something that is on your mind, and, and you want to start that YouTube channel, please just go do it. There is nothing better than when I started this YouTube channel, it's put so much opportunity in front of me. And it's just started. I mean, it's only been about eight or nine months since I really got consistent with it. But, you know, obviously I'm using it to connect with real estate agents, I do have a channel, you can go check out my channel called the Handy team if you search YouTube, and you can see what I've done there. That's just my real estate sales YouTube channel. I haven't done a whole lot with it yet just because of the fact that you know, my my kind of bread and butter is you know, kind of connecting with real estate agents and so that's why I have this channel here. But I do as I move forward now that I know what I know plan to kind of utilize what I'm talking about for that Handy team, YouTube channel. Additionally, I've got one called the Handy family vlog which you can check out And that's just you know, all of my family's travels and kind of what we're doing, you know, as far as you know what we like to do in our spare time. And then my final one is called agent attractors, which again is for EXP agents, and talks about how to, you know, build a revenue, share business, build that passive income, and in growing that side of the business, so if you want to check out all those different channels feel free. As you can tell, I'm a YouTube fanatic. I've got four channels, which is kind of crazy. Literally, I used to have just one and all of those videos were in one. But as I described before, it is important to kind of separate make sure people know what your theme is for your channel. So now I've got four. And so again, that's why the Handy team one is probably not as good as it should be, or will be, I will be going back and kind of optimizing making that one better. But you can kind of start to see what I'm talking about with some of those videos there. Then my agent attractors one you can see it's got the same feel to kind of the Kyle Handy channel that you're watching right now. And then my vlog one again, it's that one's a little bit different. Just because again I'm not really trying to grow that channel that's more for just people that know me or you know want to stay connected with me friends family, things like that can watch it. So I don't really optimize those videos. They're more just kind of for you know leisure watching that type of thing. So anyways guys, but you know, I really appreciate you guys tuning in to this money mastermind and I will be back here again next week. Next week, I promise you it will be a lot better setup, the lighting would be a lot better, I won't be all blown out like I am right now. And then again, I'll be able to share my screen I'll get all that stuff working. So I'm super excited to be in my new studio. It does feel good. I will be making some some changes in here. Obviously, I got some stuff I'm going to do with the backdrop and lighting and all that stuff in the background. So it will look pretty cool. But for now, just important to get this info out there. So we'll talk to you guys later. hope hope you guys have a great week.

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