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Zapier For Real Estate Agents – How To Automate Everything


by Kyle Handy       Updated February 26, 2021

Zapier Real Estate

In this video, we talk about how to use Zapier to automate ANY Real Estate task you need online!

Watch as we discuss how this little tool can save you a ton of time with tasks you may already be doing.

I'm on the starter plan which costs $15/month (month-to-month). This allows me the ability to zap Facebook lead ads into my CRM system.

Plus, in the end, we talk about how agents should keep things simple to get MORE work done!

Apps talked about in this training:

  • Zapier
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Google Sheets
  • Gmail
  • kvCORE (Kunversion)
  • Firepoint
  • Google Drive

Zapier Real Estate Video

Zapier Real Estate Transcription
Alright, welcome guys today is what is today, Wednesday, May 9, and this is the call sales training. I just want to thank everybody who's on the call today. Today, we're going to be going over a tool that I use in my business on a daily basis, it is probably one of the most helpful tools. It's inexpensive doesn't cost a lot. But if you're doing a lot of I mean, there's a couple things that can be used for if you're doing a lot of internet lead generation, it's useful for that. If you're creating spreadsheets or databases, it can be useful for that. Anything, really, I mean, you'll you'll see what this app does. If you are not already familiar with this app, I definitely recommend just you know, going with it, checking it out. And I say app, it's actually a website, but checking it out because there's so many things that I don't even know that it does that it can do. It just depends on whatever your custom workflow is and what the app is called, is Zapier. So we're going to go and talk about Zapier today. And I can tell a couple people, they probably never heard this because looking at faces and it looks like what the heck is Zapier. Kyle? I am going to share you with you today exactly what it is how I use it for my business, I'm actually going to run through my zaps as they're called, and show you exactly how we have them set up and how it helps us automate our business. So let me go ahead and share my screen. Go ahead share, Google Chrome.

Unknown Speaker 1:44
Alright, so

Unknown Speaker 1:47

Kyle Handy 1:49
my basis go here.

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Alright, let's see stop share ratio.

Kyle Handy 2:03
Well, I cannot see right now what everybody's looking at. So if you want to talk, just start talking because I can't see any hand raises or anything like that. But I hope everybody can see my screen. It looks like it's your screen. Okay, perfect, perfect. Well, guys, here's a beer. I'm going to go ahead and start. I'll start on the actual website right here. So when you go, when you go to Zapier, this is what it looks like. What it basically does, is it is a website that connects different web services and different apps into one another. So you know, if you look here, there's a list of all the different apps that it connects to. And you'll see I mean, there's no shortage of apps. I mean, if you're using stuff that you know, you know, random custom things, I mean, there's a good chance that it's within Xavier, and you can select it, and then what it does is it talking to other apps that are in here, so it basically connects to things to make automations and create systems for you to use. And so, and the cool thing is you can actually get in here and even if you don't know what you need, you just want to see like what there is possible, you can go and you can explore different things. So you know what, let me just give you an example. So you can kind of start to get an idea of the types of things that you can do say if you use Gmail, and you want to see what this thing can do with Gmail, you'd click on Gmail. And you could scroll down popular zaps for Gmail. So now it tells you if you connect these two things, what it can do, right So say you're using Facebook lead ads, which I know a lot of people are, you want to connect Facebook lead ads to Gmail. So you know say you get a new lead from Facebook and you want to have that automatically send an email out through your Gmail account to that lead thanking them for their registration. or sending them a guide or, you know, whatever it may be, you can actually make a connection between those two systems using Zapier. Okay, that's just like one example, saving Gmail attachments to your Google. So if you use Gmail, you probably have a Google Drive, you can actually connect these two so that anytime you get a new email that has an attachment on it, it'll automatically download it to your Google Drive, which you know, it could clutter your Google Drive, you have a bunch of attachments. But if you don't get that many attachments, and you want them to be in there, and then you plan to go into your drive and organize it, that could be an easy way so that way, you don't forget an attachment that's in your Gmail. You can also save certain Gmail certain messages that you get in Gmail to spreadsheet like if you wish, you can save the spreadsheets like that match a certain trade, like it did any email from this email address or any email on this particular day, you could have that store that email in a Google Sheet where it would like put the message from what time it was said. And then that we go to bigger than that. So this is a huge, huge workflow savings, just this just Junior, but like, you know, like, say, we wanted to look at lead ads. This is what you know, I know a lot of people be using it for this is what we use it for, like, you know, so Facebook lead ads, and then say, we use a CRM in our business called follow up boss. You can now select both of those apps, you know that you're going to want to use them. I'll take Gmail off let's say you're trying to just know you want to do something with your CRM, and with Facebook ads, you can click there and then you'll

Kyle Handy 5:52
you can create or update contacts on follow a boss from New responded to a Facebook lead ad. Perfect. That's the exact one that I would want to use, right that's basically saying that anytime a lead registers, Facebook lead ads going to send them to your CRM system. This is a huge, huge deal, guys, because anybody who uses Facebook lead ads knows that yes, you can use Facebook to generate leads, and you know, a lot of different training on that. But just Everyone knows that you can do that. But what ends up happening is you generate these leads, and they only stay within Facebook. And if you want to get them off of there, you have to log into your Facebook account, you have to go download an Excel spreadsheet. And then you got to like look at these people, and it's not real time. Whereas what this is doing is every you can put on different intervals every five minutes, every minute, every 15 minutes, however, like frequent you want it to go, it'll go and you know, search to see if something new has happened that triggers this app. And if it has been it executes that and it sends over that information or that data. And so you know, like this is something it was instrumental that Facebook Live As we started using clothes, I thought, Man, this is great. But before I found Xavier, I was like, I don't know how I'm going to get these, these leads out of Facebook and I'm missing out on calling them within five minutes because you know, y'all go check Facebook, you know, every hour, but if a lead came in and it's been an hour will not missed it well, with this, it syncs it up right away, goes to your CRM system, you get a notification from your CRM system, and then you can make follow up. So like, this is kind of a huge, huge game changer for that. But honestly, guys, I'm not gonna go through all the different steps that you can do. But I mean, even whether it's business related or non business related, I mean, there's things in here that you can do with your calendar, there's things you can do with your contacts, there's things where like, if you take a picture, it'll like automatically, you know, save it to your contacts and doing things with like business cards. I mean, there's all sorts of things that you can do in here. So I definitely would advise you to explore it and just see if this is something that you know could be useful for you But I mean, as you just start to see in some of the things that are in here, you know Dropbox, which is kind of similar to Google Drive, you got Trello, which builds lists, Twitter, Facebook, everyone knows what those are Instagram, Google Drive, Facebook pages, Evernote, saving notes for you WordPress if you're creating websites, Wonder list, all these different ones and I mean, the list goes on and on and on Excel. So if you're not using Google Docs and you want to, you know, do everything in Excel, that's fine too. But you'll see everything is in here for you to be able to do that full contact, that's a contact organizer that you can use to organize you got thousand contacts, I know that I use full contact, my contacts to keep organized. Do another training probably on that I'm sure at one point in time. We don't follow up boss selected LinkedIn. In some of these you'll see our premium okay and Facebook leads ads is a premium In one, which just means that you do have to pay for their service any of these non premium ones, you can get a select number of uses good note with not signing up for a paid account. But even the paid account guys is like 15 bucks a month or 10 bucks a month or something like that. It's not very much at all. So it's definitely worth it especially you need to do the Facebook lead ads. You have tried to make those crazy sighs I think the Matt All right. Um, so yeah, I definitely would recommend you check it, take a look at all these and see you know if they can be useful for you. They also have, you know, like tips and advice. You know, like, they'll always have like a blog that talks about, you know, different things that you can be using. I mean, parenting stuff, they have automating your inbox. So like you can actually get ideas from this website here. But let me keep this a little bit short. So already at the 12 to 122. So let me show you exactly how I have my account setup, and then how you actually go through the process of setting up your first zap. All right, Sue. Let's see here, Kyle Handy.

Kyle Handy 10:23
Alright, so here's my zaps. As you can see, I mean, I've got a few of them set up. These are just the ones that I still have going. I've got probably all mine are all I got some in the trash, but you know, I've got different ones here. Let me go through one that just shows you for like Facebook, okay, because this is probably gonna be the one that most everybody's going to want to use. Now mine's pretty advanced. And that's the other thing guys, it doesn't just have to be zaps with two apps. You can actually use this for multiple things, right. So like a new lead comes in on Facebook. I have it set up Send an outbound email to update my MailChimp account because I also use MailChimp. And I also use agent legend which I have that add prospects to that campaign. So like with one zap, you can do multiple things. It's not like you have to create, you know, multiple different zaps to do everything, you just need the main trigger, and then every action that you want it to take thereafter. So I'll show you. Alright, so this is we'll start with the trigger. What the first thing you're going to have to do is you're going to select what your trigger app is. Here, we've selected Facebook lead ads, then you're going to select what the actual trigger is. It's a new lead that comes in through Facebook lead ads, that's going to ask you to connect your Facebook lead ad account. So you're going to put your Facebook credentials in there. It's going to put that out that account into your Zapier account. Then you can edit your options. So it's going to ask you which page in Facebook Are you running your ads from? I'm writing them from the handy team at XP Realty. And then specifically, when you when you create a Facebook lead ad, it's going to ask you which form are they submitting, that you want the leads that are going to go through the zap to come from. So in this case, my form is called buyer with phone number 925. But as you can see, I've got all sorts of different forms. These are all different Facebook lead ads that I've either created, I have still going or I've turned off, these are all forms that you know, we're on Facebook lead ads that I could select, that I would have, if they went through that form, it would go through this funnel right here. So but this one is buyer lead with phone number, it was a form that I created on 925 17. And that's it and then it's going to say continue, it's going to pull in a sample. So if you've already gotten a lead, going to pull a sample in, if you have no leads if as you're creating this as new, it's okay won't find any, you won't, you won't retest it or anything like that. It just not going to find any that's okay. You can Continue. And then

Kyle Handy 13:03
I've done a couple of extra steps here, which these are actions that Xavier can create for you or that you can create through Zapier. They don't need like different apps for that these are within there. But I've chosen a format or app, which what it does is it takes your text so like when I'm pulling in data from Facebook

Unknown Speaker 13:27
show you

Kyle Handy 13:30
it is absurd. It's grabbing their name right their full name, what why want to do something where I split their name, I want to first name and last name, but the form and Facebook it only asks for their full name, you know, john doe, will when I set it up to go to my CRM system, I want the CRM system to be able to separate those names for me, so I've created an additional workflow Thursday beer to split the text. So the input would be say Kristin Smith Howard. If I just want that first name, I can take this segment index and just say the first name. So I'm just getting Kristin of whatever my input is. And guys, I mean, this is you might have to watch this video like three or four times, it's okay. took me a while to get all of this stuff set up. But if you just want to copy exactly what I have here, you're welcome to I'll leave it on the screen so you can come back and see it. But it's just the text action from Xavier looks like this icon. You'd split the text. Then you create a separate another action. Okay, in this one, same thing, split the text, but I just want the last name, okay, so it's gonna say Kristen Howard, right? Most of the time, like it's going to skip Smith. So in a weird way, like if you have somebody that types three names, which is not common, but if you do, it's only to take their first and their last even if this was like, maybe their you know, their first name is Kristin Smith or something like that. No hyphen, it's only going to take Kristen and Howard, but that's okay. And then what it's going to do is it's going to I'm on set up to send an outbound email. So again, this is within Xavier, their email system, it's just going to send an outbound email. I have it sending them to myself to Curtis. And then I have it sending it to fire point because fire points, not an app that is linked up with Zapier, like follow up bosses. And so what I do is I have it send a an email to fire point because this is how they have it set up where if you send an email to this specific address, then it's going to import that lead into my CRM. So the way that I have to do it, it's not going to be the same way you do it unless you're on fire point. And then even then you're going to have a different address here. Let's say you just want to get an email to know that you got a new lead in Facebook, all you would do is just put your email address in here. And you every time you get a lead that registers in Facebook, it's going to send you an email, you can choose the subject that you want it to be. I know that this is my Facebook pool add so I want the subject to have something related to pools. So when I see that email, I'm going to know what that lead was from. And then in the body of that email, I wanted to have that person's name, email and phone number. Okay? So that's going to be how the email shows up. Okay inside of inside of the email Now if we go to the MailChimp, that's another workflow that I have setup. Same thing you're going to select MailChimp, you're gonna have to connect your MailChimp account to it. You're gonna have to choose what you want Xavier to do. So for instance, when it you know, the trigger was a new lead comes in through Facebook. The action is I want MailChimp to create a new subscriber in my list. Okay, so I've got a list in MailChimp. Here's where you connect your MailChimp account. Here's where you edit the template. It's going to tell me what lists do I want from my MailChimp account. I've got different lists here. I want this go into my handy team list. It's going asked me what the subscriber email is I just link it to Facebook. So it's all about links on this, like, you're just going to click these boxes, it's going to ask you, what do you want? Where is it going to pull that information from? Why know that it's going to you know, people are giving you their email in the first step, which is the Facebook lead ads steps, going to select that one. And then I get to choose where I want one, no, I want their email. So that's what I'm going to click here and then it pops it right into their first name, last name. So these are other things. That's where I told you guys that I'm a grab the first name and the last name from these two steps that I created right here. So for first name, I just want right here, last name, same thing, you're just going to grab down here, the second text one that I created, and then it says full name, but we already know that the full name on that one was we chose the last part of that name. So it's actually just going to be their last name. So when it asks your last name, that's how you do that. So the first one you select the second one which was their first name, you just Click that. So you can see and it gives you examples of what it's going to give you what data it's going to give you. If you have something that was already filled out up here, that's why this is kind of useful if you already have some data up here, because then you'll start to see examples of what it's going to pull into it based off of that lead that already came in.

Kyle Handy 18:19
Okay, so now we got that you can test these steps. I've got another one where I'm adding him to agent legend. So I mean, as you can see, guys, I mean, this is this is it's all depending on what you want to do. If I wanted to add another action, you just click the plus sign down here. And you choose whatever you wanted to do. Like say I wanted to add a add this link to a Google Sheet that I have, right? So now it says choose an action. I want to create a spreadsheet row. It's gonna ask me which account Do I have Google account right there, save and continue? Which spreadsheet do I want out of my account? Here's all the different spreadsheets that I have. Right? So like say I wanted this follow up campaign spreadsheet. And then it's gonna ask you which worksheet to see sheet number one, if you have multiple sheets worksheets on that spreadsheet to select which one it's going to send the data to. And then these are the different columns that I have in that spreadsheet. So again, this isn't like an actual real life example, guys, because I don't even know where these are coming from. But like, say, for instance, this was a spreadsheet you created. And it said, you know, name of the lead email of the lead and phone number of the lead, you could then go in here, select here, say name, that's the name. And then you want to, you know, put their email and you put their email in and you're just linking it together. And then you want their phone number, you're going to put their phone number. So now in this spreadsheet that you could have created, you'd have you know, you got to create the spreadsheet first in Google Sheets, and then it's going to show up in these options over here. You can have name, email, phone number showing up into that spreadsheet anytime that you get a new lead in Facebook. So that's just one example of kind of creating it on the fly. I definitely suggest you guys kind of just look into this and see, you know about doing it. You know what, what different workflows work for you. I know this is a lot of info kind of in one short video, I'm happy to help anybody who might have questions about it. But I mean, the benefit of this guys is just the amount of time saving that you can have, like if you can automate parts of your business where you know, like, especially on tasks that you might have to be doing consistently every day, looking to see if there's ways that you can do them to automate it to where, you know, even a time saving of you know, a couple minutes a day adds up or an hour a day really add up. But you know, this is one way that we've you know, used kind of some automation to help our business so like that's one zap that we use for Facebook lead ads, I've got different zaps that I have as well for like if somebody registers on a webinar are going to send them to my CRM system. I've got ones that if they, you know, go to my MailChimp, which is my email list, I want to send them to my CRM system as well. So I mean, it's going to be specific to everybody, but you can kind of see, you know, that my are definitely pretty advanced. But if you wanted to, I mean, there's all sorts of different steps you can do. So check this out, even one of the things you can do too, is just type like, popular zaps, into like, Google and go through here, a couple different people's, you know, blog posts, or whatever, and just see what things you know, relate to things that you're already doing in your business that might help you automate some of those tasks, or maybe you're not doing them yet. But you think, man, that's a great idea. Like I'd love to start doing it like that. Well, here you go, you know, use Zapier, like I say, I mean, it's super inexpensive. You know, it's less than 15 bucks a month. I couldn't imagine doing everything that We do without it. So take a look at it. Let me know kind of what your questions are. I'd love to see kind of what everybody's, you know, success or if they make their first zap over the next week, share it with me. Let me know, you know how it's working for you if you have any questions, but that is Xavier in a nutshell. So I'll open it up for questions. Any anybody? Emily, stop sharing my screen here. anyone got any questions? Did this go completely over everybody's head? Where are we at on it?

Kyle Handy 22:32
Yep, here you go ahead. You gotta unmute yourself. Jane. Okay. muted. Yep. What CRM do you use? Do you use the one that you have within XP, or do you use and outside one? Yeah. So right now, we have, you know, we have a couple CRM that we use, we use one called fire point, which is outside of ESP, that they provide. It's one that we've used for years now. We've had For probably the last two years to three years we've got you know 8000 leads in that database and been very hard just to you know, make that transition over. So we still use fire point not to mention I mean Fire Point is a great CRM you know we really love fire point we love their support and your team and all that kind of stuff. We would love to use you know, the one that we get through experiences we haven't been able to make that transition with our entire database yet because it would be a big big overtaking but yeah, so we're still we're using fire point and then like I said, we use follow up boss to just for you know, some for some kind of different businesses that we're in as well.

Unknown Speaker 23:39
So I'm on that conversion So should I just stick with that?

Kyle Handy 23:44
Yeah, I would definitely stick with conversion I mean conversions and amazing CRM system. You know, we were using that if it weren't for you know, the situation we're in. But yeah, conversions amazing. Continue to use that you can actually set up zaps with with country. version as well. Let me check in there. Sure. Yeah, see, it's right here. So you can actually, you know, choose conversion. So you could literally set up a Facebook lead ad with conversion directly, you know, through the Zapier platform, like the reason I showed you the how I have my emails, you know, set up is because if you look for fire point, Xavier doesn't talk to fire point natively. So that's why we have to do kind of that email parsing and forwarding but but definitely with conversion, and a lot of the other ones like Salesforce, you know, that's in here. I don't know Boomtown Boomtown is not seeing Commission's Inc is not. But yeah, I mean, so if you look at it, I mean, there's, you know, some, but no matter what I mean, you know, I'm sure there's a workaround, as long as like most CRM, they'll, you know, give you like an email parsing address, like what we have, you can set it up just like we did, and it'll probably talk to one another, but Yep. Thank you. Yeah, what do you got Mark?

Unknown Speaker 25:05
For me, it's like it's, it's overwhelming. I mean, I've used MailChimp for the past I'm not currently using MailChimp. It's like I've got several domains. One of them I'm using really the other one I'm not really using. I've got two third party applications that post on my Facebook that update my CRM. And it's like, I just I feel like I'm a scattered mess and I feel like this is very helpful. But it's also overwhelming to get organized. Sure.

Kyle Handy 25:39
So so here's something that and this is kind of outside this you know, Xavier training, but this is just in general, like my thoughts behind things like I know for a fact that I'm like a complicated person, like I love, like trying to figure out ways to make things work and like putting programs together that wouldn't normally work and like I will find an answer. Sort of something if an answer, you know you had for it, right? And so what I have to constantly push myself to do and I think most real estate agents are kind of like this is keep it as simple as possible or try over simplify things because I know just my natural bend is going to be like to do with the hardware to like try and like, you know, make these things go, you know, crazy. So like when I'm and so I guess this is where, you know, even I'm still working on this today. But like when you talk about having MailChimp and RM You know, that's where I would say like, why, you know why both right? Like, you know, what, what's, what purpose? You know what, what is MailChimp doing that your CRM couldn't do? because technically, they're both kind of CRM systems, right? Right. This is kind of a CRM, you know, and then whatever CRM you're using is also a CRM. So like, I would say, Get real proficient with one and just go back to like, the basics right? Like, just get something that works, and then just build on top of that little by little. And luckily, like where I'm at with my business now is you know, I've started real estate, you know, I've done it for many years, I've done things a ton of different ways. And I've gotten things super, super complex. And just the fact of like, kind of, I mean, honestly, what it was for me is when we switched, you know, over to a different brokerage, we, you know, it kind of forced us to, to like relook at all of our systems. And also, we're also building kind of another business at the same time. Well, now that I'm starting a new kind of, you know, business here, I'm able to start that from the ground up the way that I would want to do it similar know, simply like, just being simple like keeping things organized and easy with having all of the knowledge that I have from using these tools and everything in the past or in the you know, in the past. I can now do it the right way from the get go. And so like I know, not everybody might have that that are you know That same situation where, you know, like you're starting something new, but like you can treat it like that like in your mind, like you could, you know, if you're an agent and you want to just you're just kind of overwhelmed what I would say is really just go back to pen and paper, know what you know now, but then kind of like go back to the drawing board and just really trying to eliminate you know, get the bare bottom tools that you need, you know, that really help you with your business, the things that you use on a day in and day out basis. And if you don't know what you even need that I mean, I would say enlist some help, you know, go go to somebody that has, you know, experience in and I mean, I know that you and I are meeting here pretty soon that's why I'm looking forward to doing this with you. But just really kind of like reaching out seeing what you know, other people are doing, you know, having success with but then just taking what you've had success with truly success with cutting out everything that you know is kind of a distraction and even going back to the basics. I'm always is like victim of thinking, well if I do that I'm going to miss out on X y&z because I'm not doing that anymore, but maybe it's something that I don't even do that often. Like, it's maybe something that's like, you know, it's a small piece of my business, but I'm so worried about giving it up. Honestly, you're giving up more by not being simple. And like, going back to the basics and just doing the basics really well in by trying to, like, do everything because you think that you know, that's helping you, you know, stay in touch with everybody. I don't know if that makes sense. A lot of times they say things that are probably kind of crazy, but

Unknown Speaker 29:33
know that that that actually makes great sense. I mean, you pretty much said it but keep it simple, stupid, right? I mean, the whole kiss analogy.

Kyle Handy 29:42
I need to I need to do that. Yeah, tear some stuff down and reconstruct Exactly. I've had to tear stuff down and reconstruct many, many, many, many, many times, man and that's why like I am where I am today as far as organizationally and I'm still not perfect. Well, like I know now what I want to do because I built it. Wrong way, and then I tear down and I rebuild it. And then I, you know, I build something else, and I do it the wrong way, and I tear it down and I rebuild it correctly. And so, you know, that's kind of kind of where, you know, I've come from, and that's hopefully what I'll be able to teach, you know, on some of these videos and trainings and whatnot. But that, that being said, you know, if that's not something that you've ever been in the habit of doing, you know, I would highly advise it. I mean, I think it's useful Curtis and I, we, you know, we set up a every, every year we do our summit, the last two years, we've done it, and, and we go through, we look like what's working, what's not working. And if you've never had that, like, you know, consistency, like, you know, even if it's, you know, in the beginning, maybe it's every month or every three months, or every six months or every year, you know, it's gonna be different, but like, if you don't do that on a consistent basis, where you do the overhead view of your business and like what's working, what's not working, eliminate the things that are distractions, or not super helpful, because there's always that parado principle right. The nice 10 rule, you know, you're going to get 90% of your of your results from 10% of your efforts. Like that's so true. And you got to go back and see what is those 10% that's really going to be my results. And take the distractions away. You know, go back to the basics, get one CRM, get one drip campaign get one lead or one advertisement, like, you know, everyone goes, Okay, well, now I know how to do Facebook ads, I'm going to go run 17 different Facebook ads, and then you got to figure out how to connect those 17 different Facebook ads to your CRM system, then you're going to come up with a drip campaign for every different, you know, Facebook ad and it's like, That's crazy. Like if you if you do that, you never make any progress or traction. You start with one, you come up with one ad, you send it to one CRM, you have one drip campaign, you execute that perfectly, you track it, you see what your results are from it for over a long period of time. And then when you finally get it down, you build on top of that, but that's it. I mean, and that's it, you know That's how you go back to it. Like, if you're not doing that, if you're doing more than that, and you're overwhelmed, you got to get back to that. So that would be my, my thing. I have Curtis, I want to get Curtis's opinion on this because I know he's probably got some good words of advice as well.

Kyle Handy 32:14
Yeah, sure. First of all, thank you, Kyle. That was awesome, man, guys, Kyle spends hours and hours and hours in these tools. And then he spends a lot of time preparing for these calls. So thanks, Kyle, we appreciate that. And that was, that was great stuff. Like just watch that video again. And again, when it finally makes sense to and you'll get a lot out of it. There's a lot of nuance there. So thank you for that. And you know, what's, what's funny is my point, or I guess what I'll say in kind of response to Mark's question, and then also want to sort of touch on what Janet asked, right? It's great that you guys are thinking about these things, you know, so like today's training may not have really, you know, been necessarily relevant to you at this point in time if you don't use a beer, but what it has done is made sure that you're thinking about all the building blocks that you have That savior could eliminate or simplify or create, you know, more efficiency around. Or if you don't even quite understand the need for zippier, then maybe you're thinking about your CRM, or what comes before your CRM, just getting a list of names together. And all of those building blocks, you know, that we all go through in real estate training, the same building block process applies to building your business, you know, you just need to get one solid kind of foundation forward, and then build another solid level on top of that, and then another solid level on top of that, and the tools and stuff that we're talking about, you know, they may be able to solve a problem on that first level, or they may not until you're on foundation level two, or three or four, you know, and so, don't get too caught up. You know, Mark as an example, like, Don't get too worried about which tools you need to plug in. As Kyle said, just simplify and make sure your base foundation set of tools all work together, you know, create the efficiencies you need and are very, very helpful. To help you sell more houses, and build a good business and run a great team. So that's that's what I think about is just kind of everything in my mind is in terms of building blocks and sort of putting them in place. And all these tools, you know, make a difference when you have the right blocks in place. Yeah, yeah, Alice is agents. And I mean, I'm definitely guilty of this too. We all have this like more mentality where it's like, more and more and more, right, like you like, you have a little success with something and you're like, well, man, that works. If I just did this, like 50 different times, like different ways, then that means I'm going to 50 more, you know, chances to be successful. And it's like, it's kind of the opposite of that, like, if you get too distracted than even what you originally started is never even helpful. And then you get overwhelmed, and then you just can't service it. And so like, that's where Luckily, I mean, now between getting more efficient in my systems, having a team that can, you know, handle a lot of what we're building, that's when things really start to click, but when you're just an individual agent, or you know, you're just getting Started, you've got to keep it simple like that is honestly the biggest thing that I see with most agents, especially new ones, that, you know, they have a trouble like we as agents, we have the shiny object syndrome, right? where it's like, you're doing one thing and it's working. And then like that you're like on a blog post, or you're watching a video or you're talking to another agent, and they're like, all but I'm using this, you know, and all man, well, I gotta go check this out. I gotta do this now too. And you know, and you add it on top of your other thing, and then next week, it's something different. And then you know, you're not paying any attention to the first thing got too many things going, you can't track anything because you're getting stuff coming in from all different ways. So you don't know what's working, what's not really working. So, you know, that's like I say, one of the biggest things there is just to try and go back to the basics, keep it simple, whatever is, you know, truly working for you do more of that. But just keep going and making that system more efficient, right, like just, you know, if its sphere of influence, and you know, that you're keeping connections with everybody on Facebook. And that's how you've been getting all your business because people are messaging you on Facebook with referrals and repeat business or they're calling you saying, Hey, I, you know, I keep seeing your stuff on Facebook, well then utilize that and keep doing that, you know, do more of it. But But keep it simple. Don't say, Okay, well now I'm going to you know, I got Facebook working because you gotten three referrals from it. I'm going to start you know, doing, you know, fizbo calls, and I'm gonna start farming a neighborhood. Like, that's crazy. Like, if something's working and you think that you know, that's what your niche is, then just really go deep into that as much as you possibly can, until you either have so much bandwidth of it that you like, got it down, Pat, you've got plenty of people to work it, you can track it, you know that it's being consistent, and then you can add on top of that. But I mean, I would venture to say most agents never get to that point with any particular source. You know, very often because even the most successful agents guys, they are doing one, two Two to three sources like extensively. I mean, like, I don't, you know, I don't ever, you know, prescribe to you know Zillow or, or this kind of thing. There's agents that, you know, they've built their name because they subscribe to Zillow and they paid for the leads, but that was their source that was their 90% of their business, right? Everyone's gonna have you know, deals one z two Z's from here and there, but most agents and they might have, you know, different sources, they get the majority of their business from one big source like that's just the the bottom line I know we like to think like, well, if I do more, I'm going to get more but there's always that that 10% that gets you the most results. So you got to focus on that 10% first before anything else keep your system simple and then just keep duplicating whatever that was that got you know that success in the first place. So cool. Well, hey, guys, this was a good call. Want to wrap it up? If anybody's got questions about Xavier in particular, definitely reach out. I'm happy to help set up a A campaign for somebody if they need the help, you know, send me a message on Facebook. And we can kind of connect there. Or if you got any questions about your business and you know and just kind of, you know, either making it simpler Where can you even get started maybe this thing just completely like, you know, threw a bomb in your in your day and you're like, oh, man, well, you know, I need to relook at things. Hit me up. I'm happy to you know, chat, you know, 2030 minutes, we can figure it out, you know where you should get going and get you on the right page. So, I look forward to talking with everybody.

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