Brent Gove eXp Realty Story & How He Built A 5000+ Agent Team

In this post, Brent Gove shares his story how he built a 5000+ agent team.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
So you're going to love that. Well, I'm going to wrap it up today. I call it my talk here kingdoms colliding if you want to write that down kingdoms colliding, because this is you all saw what happened with Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, UPS, FedEx, people became millionaires, people became billionaires. But you weren't a FedEx driver. You weren't a Microsoft employee. Maybe you were packed in I don't know. But you weren't. That wasn't in your industry. Your industry is real estate. And we finally have a tectonic shift and the plates of what's happening in this industry. And it hasn't happened for 100 years and it's on like Donkey Kong, it is on right now. And so kingdoms are colliding. And REMAX is not going to take this and just roll over and say yep, go Let me help you pack up your office. Keller Williams is not doing that real t ones isn't doing that. There's room

Unknown Speaker 1:00
For everybody Keller Williams is the largest real estate brokerage in America. The Hundred and 60,000 agents. REMAX is doing just fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:09
Go well banker was doing just fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:13
You know century 21 Realty One homesmart, those companies are actually making some gains. There Southern beats just Christie's is Berkshire Hathaway, Better Homes. There's so many, and they're all little kingdoms. And there's people who care about them greatly. And so yeah, there's a lot of people Jay kinnor said, I know all about that model. But Jay say, don't say what Jay said.

Unknown Speaker 1:38
But they don't necessarily know all about the model. It's so there's a lot of heat. There's a lot of passion. But all those companies, they exist for the franchise, the regional owners, and then the owners. The agents are just there's nothing happening there. You with me? Here's your chance to be a part of something that were in two countries.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
There are 208 countries, there are 25 million agents and brokers by best estimates worldwide, nobody knows for sure, but the best estimates for them at 25 million.

Unknown Speaker 2:15
And I'm telling you right now, there's only one company that when we expand, we don't go lease, you know, 8000 square foot buildings and sign five and seven and 10 year commercial leases. We don't fill them with computers and copiers and scanners and secretaries and artwork and and and all this stuff they need to do and pay heating and cooling bills and coffee bills and janitorial bells and just all the line items. And what we do is we arm our agents with ownership. Well, yeah, go ahead

Unknown Speaker 2:45
with becoming a shareholder having a piece of the company we and then because their owners we we share the revenues with them because we can, I'm telling you right now, those companies that I just named would give their right arm to share revenue. They simply can't

Unknown Speaker 3:00
They're barely making it right now. Richie have stand up. Where's Richie? Have you in the room? in the room, Richie Hi there is right the back waving the clock forward a little bit. Nobody will rocks a turquoise suit like Richie Look at him. His good. That's why me and Rick shared in my suite last night that he coaches multiple franchise owners. I think he said I recall six. Only one was ha

Unknown Speaker 3:34
ha let's just get specific. That's good.

Unknown Speaker 3:38
I go ahead Rick, tell us he said something very profound that What do you say?

Unknown Speaker 3:53
So I'll repeat what he said.

Unknown Speaker 3:56
Join the XP now for it's too late.

Unknown Speaker 4:00
So what he said, of the 13 franchises, there's only one making a small profit, the rest use their own personal sales commissions to even keep the doors open. So how are they going to share revenue? They're already not making it. I can't tell you people so badly I could name names that are and they're just stuck. They can't leave the REMAX or Berkshire Hathaway or Callaway and circle Baker because they're, they bought a franchise. And the franchise says no, you can't go to the XP because you're in contract with us. Your contract is not up for four years. You have 80 agents. If you want to give us 1.2 million you can leave early. In other words, they paid to be owned.

Unknown Speaker 4:50
I mean, think about this. I own a franchise No you don't. You actually paid them 100 or $200,000 to own

Unknown Speaker 5:00
You it's a freakiest weirdest thing ever saw my life. When I went to lead Keller Williams, they're like, I'm just gonna say it. Good guy. Nothing. No, no offense, Tony Brody said Regional Director for Keller Williams, Northern California like brand brand, don't leave will help you start a franchise. Soon as I'm leaving, they're like, what can we do for you? Right? You find out how valuable you are when you leave, right? People like I don't want to be seen at your event. I hope they see you because you'll get a free office and hundred percent split for two years. Just don't leave. Because what do you leave, it's like the dike.

Unknown Speaker 5:36
little water comes out a little more.

Unknown Speaker 5:39
They're afraid of you leaving. He said our franchises are now making a quarter of a million dollars a year on average. I was horrified.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
I'm like, well, you want me to take a pic.

Unknown Speaker 5:57
I did. I have 100 to three. I was at

Unknown Speaker 6:00
came later I know all the drama all the I saw the broker get sued for sexual harassment. I saw crazy stuff happen all the drama all the prima donnas and then I'm going to net a quarter of a million dollars on average. This will know that you got to give half to the agents profit sharing.

Unknown Speaker 6:21
I mean it's crazy. And I was number five in my office made out of like 450 agents making 567 hundred a month.

Unknown Speaker 6:30
It was better than my old company which I won't mention what the big balloon that said REMAX but

Unknown Speaker 6:37
I got nothing after 12 years I go to Keller Williams at least I get some profit share most like yeah, this is cool. We can fund money.

Unknown Speaker 6:44
I mean my first month at the XP for 10 days I get 1900 dollars next month that's $5,000 next month that's $10,000 next month it's $10,000. I was depressed the markets broke. It's been doubling every month. 19 510

Unknown Speaker 7:00
Supposed to be 20 Glenn? Glenn? I everybody's fired up. Why is it not? 20 I was shocked. It was a 20 grand my fourth month. I mean, I was like what? There's got to be a mistake here.

Unknown Speaker 7:15
Is that how you work your company your Florida not paying you 20,000 a month, your fourth month? I was honestly shocked. I told my wife it will be 15 next month taking the bring just honey we've never been paid like this from your 20 years at REMAX and Keller. I mean, babe 10,000 a month. I mean, I could do something with this outside of what you just said. This is good. Easy, Tiger. I'm like, no.

Unknown Speaker 7:42
Everyone's so excited. It's crazy. It will be 15

Unknown Speaker 7:46
next month, it wasn't. Don't ever promise your wife that something's going to happen. Anybody married? Oh, yeah, I'm gonna lose weight. Anyways, so here's the deal.

Unknown Speaker 8:01
I haven't fulfilled all the promises, okay?

Unknown Speaker 8:04
But so, fortunately for me, it was more, it was $25,000. My fifth month, it's never been less than 25. And then it doubled and then it tripled and quadrupled, then that doubled and then that it was just crazy. This is my third year, it'll be millions and millions of millions of dollars. It's pretty awesome. Not a month, the year. We have a saying within the first month. Now it's my third year. Give me eight more years now. But here's the deal. I get a lot of credit for this. Oh, no, this is us. It's not even necessarily gene and Rob, it's gotten old David and Tracy different people and Sheila, you know what it is? It's us. Give yourselves a hand. This is not me. Or James. This Is Us kicking butt and taking names.

Unknown Speaker 8:58
And if you're successful, the extreme

Unknown Speaker 9:00
It's because you laid your life down for another. It's because you said how can I help you sell more homes? How can I help your open houses? How can I help you be more profitable? How can I help you with lead generation? Let me make sure you're getting paid property in the back office. Let me make sure you're getting the stock that you understand it. Let me make sure your avatar works in the world, or is there anything you're frustrated with KB core? Yeah, how do we get Let me help you make it you're an expert to help you do do those things for your agents. Man, we do it day in weekend weekend, it's a blast are so appreciative. Write this down, become more valuable

Unknown Speaker 9:34
than your friends, managers at the other companies. The manager said every company gladhands agents, hey, you're doing great awesome. Let me know if you need something. me. I'm like, Let's meet for coffee. And I'm going to help you come up with the business plan. Let me help you with lead generation and then we deliver and when you get become and they're a Coldwell Banker agent. They're a REMAX agent, a purple bricks agent. They're an independent and you're helping

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Helping and helping and, and you're good with them not coming. Because in life there are two kinds of people ready. There's takers and there's givers.

Unknown Speaker 10:10
I heard a billionaire say it this way one time. There's life enhancers

Unknown Speaker 10:15
and there's well poisoners.

Unknown Speaker 10:18
Which one are you

Unknown Speaker 10:20
to poison the life of your family?

Unknown Speaker 10:26
Do you do you give you give and give it it's just awesome being that person. It's okay. Because when you when you're a giver, it just comes back you give in the south that comes back to the north, the given the North that comes back to the south. Somebody's given the North it comes back to the north, but it just happens. How do you like being around people with a great attitude?

Unknown Speaker 10:46
How many people are always grumpy and crouching bitching and moaning right? Don't be that person. Be happy what Jay kinnor said he said man I got into so many places. just excited Ron

Unknown Speaker 11:00
As it helped me open doors for my life, one not getting responses to the open house. I'm not getting a response comas. cavey core leads, I've talked to agents, I can't get them to come.

Unknown Speaker 11:11
Take yourself.

Unknown Speaker 11:13
Look, Ziegler said this. He said the key to success in sales is the word enthusiasm. And it's the last four letters of that word is everything stands for I am sold myself. And when you look at people with conviction and belief, and let me tell you what, meetings like this do the heavy lifting. Some of you should have had so many more people here, and you didn't and you're kicking yourself. Alan, where's Alan? Alan? From Grass Valley. Alan, are you here? Stand up Alan.

Unknown Speaker 11:50
I challenged that man.

Unknown Speaker 11:53
But how many days ago Alan

Unknown Speaker 11:57
over wiki go to

Unknown Speaker 12:00
Bring some people here. How many did you have coming a week and a half ago to this event? Three, and I said you need more people to get the vision. This gives people vision it does the heavy lifting. I said I challenged him to get like 10 How many are here with you this weekend now?

Unknown Speaker 12:18
Yeah, my hand.

Unknown Speaker 12:25
Did anybody see people go across the stage that it's sponsored? 2535 4050 had 200 800 1400 1800 20 603,000 more 5000 4000 GLBT that and you look at people sometimes you go Well, yeah, of course. Rob flick could do it. I mean, stand up. Rob. Stand up, stand up.

Unknown Speaker 12:49
He says he is standing stand up. Okay, turn around. Look at that shirt who would listen to them. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
Now I have been accused of

Unknown Speaker 13:00
wearing black a little too much it's slimming Okay

Unknown Speaker 13:06
I will read for you guys do you like it? I will read is this guy oh my god people are like we're gonna buy you clothing just any color but black Okay, so all right but here's the deal if you get excited and you could you share with conviction you're not boring Don't be boring go to open houses watch people do it Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring bam bam well that's not me get a new career

Unknown Speaker 13:38
yeah you're you're meant for engineers put a slide roll in there Barbara's slide rule, get a calculator. You know, if I owned an engineering firm it would be called close enough engineering.

Unknown Speaker 13:52
No plumb lines like pointed towards the pine tree.

Unknown Speaker 13:57
This is perfect now

Unknown Speaker 14:00
kingdoms colliding. I'm telling you what, credible people that you love and respect, you're gonna tell you. This is not sustainable. It won't work. It'll never work. We've been here for 10 years. We trade on the NASDAQ. We're causing billions and billions and billions of dollars in close sales. We have agents. I have a friend of mine. He just got his license. He know anybody. He's a complete loser. I'm kidding.

Unknown Speaker 14:31
Vincent, where are you? Vincent? Come on. minson are you here? Come on area. So loser. Look at him. Loser.

Unknown Speaker 14:40
You can do it. You don't know anybody. He guys 50 year old you're 57 I don't know how old you are.

Unknown Speaker 14:48
I show him the webinar. He was Can I get my license. I go nobody stopping him bro. He gets his license like that. He goes out in the past year and enrolled 17 people

Unknown Speaker 15:01
And now

Unknown Speaker 15:03
there's a problem. The problem is when you do this, this happens. It's like the Pope. Okay, you're blessed. Okay? I bless you. Come on, right with with equals depth. Those 17 people were not telling anybody. They started telling their friends and they told their friends and they and then there became dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens. Now he's got like, 100

Unknown Speaker 15:32
and hold it.

Unknown Speaker 15:34
They don't live.

Unknown Speaker 15:38
How do I say this?

Unknown Speaker 15:40
Is Cheyenne, Wyoming. If you're in Cheyenne, I'm sorry. I'm trying to think of somewhere where nobody lives. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 15:48
Bad, bad bad. Anyway, so

Unknown Speaker 15:52
yeah, anyway, some really crashing. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:56
They live in San Francisco and San Jose. All of them and every

Unknown Speaker 16:00
homely sells like 1.2 1.3 million. If they eat sell a home a month and they do often. He doesn't know anything about real estate but he's kicking your butt because his team does 100 million a month.

Unknown Speaker 16:14
That's like 1,000,000,001.2 billion a year and he doesn't know how to sell a house.

Unknown Speaker 16:21
Hello sir.

Unknown Speaker 16:25

Unknown Speaker 16:30
You can do it.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
I can say all the things I want

Unknown Speaker 16:38
which voice you're gonna listen to? The problem is some you listen the voice that says you can't do it. Yo you do No, I don't you do.

Unknown Speaker 16:46
And then you start justifying.

Unknown Speaker 16:49
You start making excuses. Friend of mine a long time ago named Jacob he has said this. excuses are like armpits.

Unknown Speaker 16:58
everybody's gotta call

Unknown Speaker 17:00
And they stink. Right? How about this one? You to just tell me why you can't do it you tell me well if if I had doing all this doing all this business and Gene and Robert Scott Tracy and Dave and all these different people and pat Hayes and and Tom Truong i mean you know nobody threw me on a boat when I was kid I didn't got a good story.

Unknown Speaker 17:26

Unknown Speaker 17:28
I mean, I was born in San Diego I grew up in Sacramento My life is boring.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
Nobody liked the boat didn't blow up before I got on it.

Unknown Speaker 17:42
Right door thing that me was a tow rope got stuck in the prop.

Unknown Speaker 17:48
Different kind of boating.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
You guys with me? Oh, but I can't and you're telling you this story. Listen me listening. If you argue for your limitations

Unknown Speaker 18:00
You get to keep them.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
I'm worried but I'm afraid you'll stay afraid. I will. But I'm broken. I don't have the money to go to you to convert just here. It's back October 2, third and fourth. Where's it Las Vegas? I came from Toronto.

Unknown Speaker 18:16
There are people that came from Toronto. Stand up if you came from Toronto right here. seanna.

Unknown Speaker 18:22
This is close to Toronto. Listen to me. You can't come back. You can afford it. You're not allowed to come back. See, it's not my decision, is it? He has with me. It costs a lot of money. Anybody here from the East Coast? Raise your hand. Stand up. He's close. People stand up. Give me a hand.

Unknown Speaker 18:48
Are you good? Everybody's got a choice. You can come back October 2, third, and fourth. Oh, but I need to sell real estate. I can't afford the ticket. Listen to me. If you argue for your limitation

Unknown Speaker 19:00
So you get to keep them so you continue to be broke. You continue to struggle. Someone tried to get me to go to Cancun in three weeks. I rattled off man. In September. I'm going to Cabo in in October. I'm going back to Las Vegas. In November, I'm going to the Caribbean. In December. I'm going to West Palm Beach in January. I'm supposed to go somewhere I don't remember where in February Puerto Vallarta in March, Fiji. In April, some other crazy place in May Maui, Maui And may I mean, just, it's crazy. It's so much fun to beat that point. But I paid the price willingly. I did it every single Friday. People said come list my $1.7 million home didn't come till after five. It's hard not to call that person back. But I knew that that time was sacred from two to five. Are you going to call back the buyer the seller or the upset buyer the upset seller or that buyer seller lead? Are you

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Gonna honor that time. For the first time in 20 years. I just I just honored the time I never had a reason to. My whole life was Roseville, California Sacramento didn't matter what was happening in the Bay Area or LA or Toronto, man. You know what I think about how I think about Mexico opening. I think about Central and South America, Argentina and Chile and Brazil, Guatemala, and Colombia. I love the way Colombians talk Colombia. I'll never do that again. I'm horrible at that. Okay, now here's the deal. I think about Australia and the UK. I think about France. I think about Germany. I think about a global company. I think about a business where the sun never sets up my business.

Unknown Speaker 20:37
And, yeah, go ahead. But that's where you

Unknown Speaker 20:43
see, for the first time ever, you're about to be a part of a Facebook company of an Amazon company of a of an Uber company. We're just here before it was Uber cool. You're the pioneers. You're not too late.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
You're actually almost too early.

Unknown Speaker 21:03
They're all coming. I'm doing a leadership event in April, for people have signed up at least 15. And the last one we did was it amazing. We're going to do it. The theme of it is they're all coming. Everybody's coming. Because we're the only company worldwide going in and arming our agents with ownership and sharing the reference. We're the only one Nobody does it. We're going to 10 year head start on everybody else. I love the clock. I just realized the time is not changing. It's frozen. That is so awesome. Dude, it has not moved. I've been watching that thinking I have so much time left. I just realized like time is I'm in some in some kind of vortex of love. Some some like Goodness, goodness.

Unknown Speaker 21:53
I love you guys now.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
My gosh, I should actually read my notes.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Mine about throw my notes.

Unknown Speaker 22:04
I'm just

Unknown Speaker 22:06
I could just tell you this. Who wants to have a big XP business? Anybody?

Unknown Speaker 22:13
Then be the biggest lover, the biggest friend, the biggest leader, be the one with the most faith in the room. Jay kender we're talking about stephie go to that. jakers Yeah, I'm going to that. ago. What about that? You see, I'm going to that. Are you going to go to this? He is dude. I go to everything. Jay kender he's never missed a single thing.

Unknown Speaker 22:35
And you're thinking about not coming back in October because you were just here. You should come back and bring 30 people with you. That eHp con do the heavy lifting. Introduce them to your friends you meet here. The people you meet tomorrow morning. Write this down. You're ready. We're on the homestretch. This is summer Bring me some gasoline that

Unknown Speaker 22:55
the speed of the leader. Fire Marshals here of kidding.

Unknown Speaker 23:00
The spirit leader determines the pace of the pack write that down. You got it. If your group isn't rocking, you're not rocking. You want your group to rock. How do you get wet wood to burn get some dry wood, get somebody new who's just killing it. That's all you have to do. The spieler determines the pace of the pack. You need to whatever you've done, go sign up another 15 to 20 buckle up, Buttercup, buckle down and go hit it a gate your upline involved get me involved other people Scott will help you Tracy j will help you gagner different people will help you Jean Frederick. They care we care who but anybody here helps somebody in this room but

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