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How To Increase Duplication at eXp Realty

Today’s call is all about how to increase duplication in your eXp Realty organization. We talk about what duplicates, how to set proper expectations early on so you get quick duplication and don’t lose people before they get started, and how to set up a new agent’s business launch plan. Notes:A large group of people doing a […]

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The 5 Step Process to Attract Agents to eXp Realty

In today’s post I share the 5-step process to attract agents to eXp Realty. Here is the audio from my podcast, Agent Attractors. To follow along, here are the 5-steps: Step 1: Initiate Contact Step 2: Build a relationship and earn trust. Step 3: Share value and be excited Step 4: Find out if they […]

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Creating Your eXp Realty Story Pitch

In today’s post, I share the 4 elements of a great eXp Realty elevatory story pitch. I as well as many participants on the call share our stories using this format, as examples. Your Story PitchFacts tell, stories sellPeople only care about how and if eXp Realty could work for themThe more vulnerable & specific […]

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Building Your eXp Realty Wealth Chart with Rob Flick

The top revenue share earner at eXp Realty, Rob Flick, explains how to grow your revenue share business using a tool called the wealth chart. Here is the transcription from the video above. Rob Flick: Well, good morning, everybody, and welcome to the webinar. This is going to be training specifically about revenue share and […]

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2019 Las Vegas eXp Realty Leadership Event Recap

Today we cover last week’s Las Vegas eXp Realty Leadership Event. We recap the 11 hours worth of content in 1 hour to catch you up on everything you may have missed! We recap all the speakers from Jay Kinder, Brent Gove, Glenn Sanford, Gene Frederick, Scott Lewis, Rob Flick, Sheila Fejeran, Pay and Angel Hays, and more!

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The 5 Qualities of a Top Team Builder

Do you have the 5 qualities that make a top team builder in your line of business? Do you know how to attract quality team members AND also retain them? In today’s Tuesday Mastermind we discuss what it takes to build a massive business and not be a revolving door of talent.

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