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eXp Realty Power Up Las Vegas Mastermind Recap

Full recap of my notes from the past weekend in Las Vegas at the eXp Power Up Mastermind. This was a special exp realty event open to agents with 15 or more personally sponsored agents.Tons of nuggets dropped in this 60-minute video including the “All-in Checklist”, Recruiting up, Power of 1 more, and creating urgency. […]

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The 5-Step Process to Attract Agents to eXp Realty

If you are looking to grow your revenue share business at a high level at eXp Realty you need a process.Today, I share my 5 step process to attraction agents all over the country. Transcription:Kirtus Dixon:So what you’re looking for at any and every point in the process, is to find out if their gate […]

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How to Attract Brokers to eXp Realty

Today’s call we talk about what gets brokers to make the move to eXp Realty. We show how it typically boils down to financials or emotions and sometimes both… If it’s financials, I cover the rev share calculator and how to use it. If it’s emotions, we discuss some ways you can relate things to help […]

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How to Gain Freedom in Real Estate by AJ Mida

AJ Mida discusses how he went from being a Keller Williams team leader in North Carolina making around $20,000 per month working his butt off to building an expansion team at eXp totaling over 1300 agents earning him today over 3 times that amount with complete time, financial, and location freedom.AJ explains his 3 step […]

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eXp Realty Agent Attraction Tracking Spreadsheet

Real estate spreadsheets are a significant help when it comes to keeping you organized so you can reach your business goals faster. The one I wanted to share with you in this post is this Agent Attraction Tracking Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet shows how your revenue share business is doing today and forecasts into the future. […]

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10 Tips To Grow Your Revenue Share at eXp Realty

Here’s a recording from a live event I did in Houston, TX giving eXp Realty agents 10 tips on how to grow their revenue share business. At the beginning of the video, I share my story and how I went from having just 1 agent to over 100 agents in my organization in one year. […]

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