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Building Your Real Estate Database and Opening Dialogue Scripts

In this post, we discuss building and managing your real estate database. We also discuss scripts, building rapport, LPMAMA. Below you can either listen to the podcast and watch the full video.Here is the podcast:Here is the video: Transcription:Unknown Speaker 0:00 So we’ll usually wait till about 91902 Central Time and make sure we’ve got a […]

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The Real Estate Listing Process Checklist & Business Planning

Below you can either listen to the podcast or watch the full video.Here is the podcast:๐Ÿ“‹ Creating your real estate listings process checklist. ๐Ÿ“ˆ Creating a real estate business plan in alignment with your financial needs. ๐Ÿงช Conversion ratios of different lead sources.Here is the full video: Transcription:Kyle Handy 0:07 Good morning. Good morning. How’s everybody doing today? CT […]

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Real Estate Content Marketing – Create Content That Generates Leads

In this video, I will talk all about real estate content marketing and how to create content that generates a never ending pipeline of leads.  We answer the questions about what should you focus on? Blogs, videos, podcasts? How can you generate organic traffic to your lead conversion website?See what searches are trending in your Keywords […]

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How I Made Over $100k My First Year as a Real Estate Agent

If you’re starting in real estate, you probably want to know what you should expect when it comes to your salary in your first year in real estate. Knowing what to expect will help you plan your finances both for business and personal life.   Pst, if you don’t already have defined business goals, i.e., a […]

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Real Estate Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

Today, during my Monday Mastermind, I discussed a real estate sales tracking spreadsheet that I’ve used in my business since the beginning. This spreadsheet gives me insight into my business and motivates me to be continually improving.  If you don’t have a sales tracker where you can pull gross commission by year, source, lender, agent (if […]

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Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make

In today’s post, I share with you the top 10 biggest mistakes that real estate agents make. The only reason I know of these mistakes is that I’ve made them all first hand. ย  By sharing what I believe to be significant mistakes in real estate sales, I can speed up the time it takes for […]

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