January 16


Edit Real Estate Video Using Final Cut Tutorial

This tutorial goes step-by-step over how I edit my own real estate listing videos.

I use Final Cut Pro X but the techniques I discuss can be applied similarly to iMovie, InShot, Adobe Premier or most other video editing software.

These listings videos may not be as fancy as some that you would see from professional videographers but they also don't cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and can be done for EVERY listing if you choose to.

Once you get a handle on editing by actually doing a few listings, it should take under 2 hours to both shoot and edit the listing video.

I use a Sony A7III along with a Mavic 2 Pro drone to shoot my listings videos but I've seen very decent results using an iPhone or Android device that can shoot in 1080p at 120fps.

I recommend shooting in the highest frames per second your device takes so you can slow the footage down in editing. This will give you the most stable looking shot when not using a gimble.

Below you can watch the full video.

Here is the full video:


Unknown Speaker 2:30
Alright, welcome guys, Kyle here. Welcome to the Tuesday mastermind. Welcome if you're coming from Team disruptor right now we've got the streaming live, or if you're on my YouTube channel agent attractors. Good to see everybody here looks like we've already got quite a few people joining in. So super excited about the topic today. This is probably one of the I guess, most asked questions, I would say and I've done actually a video on it before, a little bit different about how to do scripts on social media. But today is actually going to be more about kind of scripts that you would use on the phone. You can text it, you can send these through social media, but really just you know how to kind of even get started prospecting agents to a presentation, you know, getting an agent to watch a presentation. That's usually the first question. agents who joined my organization will ask, you'll say, you know, like, Where do I even get started? You know, how do I do this? And so, you know, that's what we're going to talk about, you know, I'll share a quick story about myself. I mean, I actually kind of struggled with this when I first joined EXP. You know, even though my background was in, in, you know, having a real estate brokerage, I yes, had, you know, attracted some agents to it. I'd recruited them to my brokerage about 15 agents. I really, you know, most of them were just friends of mine who are getting into business that reached out to me because they knew that I had a brokerage I didn't ever really do any kind of recruiting. So I mean, this was all foreign to me was all still knew about how to actually kind of like make something happen versus just let it come to me. And so I had to learn all of this stuff that you know, I'm going to share with you today and get comfortable with it. And so you know, so again, it's it's a tough thing it took me six months even before I really you know, got started doing this as far as going out and doing outbound prospecting and actually putting a focus on it. So you know, depending on where you're at, in your your business at EXP, maybe you're brand new, maybe you've been here for a little while, it's never too late to start. And hopefully if I share some things with you today, it'll help it be a little bit easier for you to go out and actually do it. So that being said, I'm just going to jump right into it. I titled this XP realty agent attraction, prospecting strategies, right. You know, scripts are kind of a funny thing. You know, I I think that I like having a general format for things but you know, just an exact script. I'm not really for I think, you know, scripts, especially if you just read them off word for word will make you sound like a robot, and if anything will hinder your ability to attract agents, but I think, you know, if you at least know how people are saying things to others, and you can kind of put your spin on it, but what you're comfortable saying with it, and just getting that general format, I think that's when scripts are actually important and powerful. So that's what I'm going to share with you today. But really, you know, the goal of it is to you know, be able to reach out to agents and not only just talk to them and reach out you know, have the confidence to do that. But then also how do you get them genuinely interested in XP realty in, you know, the opportunity in the brokerage, whatever it is that you want to try and get them interested in. How do you do that, right. How do you convey that to them, so anyways, there's not one way to Do it. Everybody is a little bit different not only on the prospecting side, but also the person you're prospecting to. So I mean, there's not just one way, you got to kind of, you know, build up a few different scripts and build up a few different ways to say things that are going to get different people interested. That is something I've definitely found. But then also, you know, I think getting started, if you know, you're watching this, and you're like, man, how do I get started? I think that answer is a little bit different for everybody as well. I was talking to an agent the other day, and he's like, man, Kyle, I've got you know, this big broker, you know, that I know, you know, he's a friend of mine. But you know, he was you know, my my agent that's here at EXP He's like, but I'm new to the company, I'd feel you know, weird approaching him because I'm just still so new. I don't really feel comfortable yet reaching out to him and maybe wasting this opportunity. And, and I totally get that I think, you know, everybody's a little bit different with what you want to do. Because on the other end of the scale, I've got, you know, another agent that he's like, just out there, you know, doing And at all right, like he's not, you know, nervous to talk to anybody. He's just, you know, calling his friends, people that are close to him calling random people. And he's just doing it to get the experience go through the motions, because he knows that it will eventually all work out. I think, you know, to answer that question about where to get started, you got to go with what's comfortable to you, right? Like some people they would prefer to practice, so to speak, on agents that they don't really know very well, right. Like, maybe you just met somebody at an open house, or maybe you're just, you know, connecting with somebody on social media. And that's how you would prefer to get started in practice, versus, you know, practicing on you know, people you do know, and maybe making a mistake, then do that, right? Go ahead and go that route, but then there's other people, they're like, I'd rather you know, start with the people that you know, know me in like, at least I'm a little more comfortable talking to them. Well then do that, you know, and, and so either way, though, you just got to kind of get started. We're all going to fumble. We're all going to make mistakes. I promise you that. You know when you start reaching out and prospecting You're going to sound a little funny, and you're going to get a lot of rejection. Like that's just a part of it, right? But it all comes back to how bad do you want it right? Like is this opportunity worth it, that you're willing to let go your ego, let go of whatever it is that you're holding on to, and just, you know, make it happen. And that's what it all boils down to. And so, anyways, that's kind of, you know, my, my little motivational speech up front to kind of get started with it, but just start with whatever's comfortable for to you. So, in general, this is this is, you know, kind of across the spectrum, regardless of who you're reaching out to, and you know, what the, the approach you're taking is the bottom line, no matter what, stay brief,

Unknown Speaker 8:42
right? Like, don't this isn't long winded. This is just an invitation to an opportunity. You're not explaining this model over the phone to anybody. I promise you. If you try and do that, you're going to have very, very bad results. You cannot explain this model over the phone. I'll repeat you cannot explain. This model over the phone, it needs to be seen, it needs to be experienced, right. So that's where you need to take them to a presentation, you need to take them to a Tuesday webinar, like we're doing tonight at 5pm Central Time, or at the minimum, you need to get them to sit down in front of their computer screen and watch you know, there's a nine minute video that EX be released. Try and get them to watch that and follow it up with maybe having somebody from your upline your sponsorship line, jump on the zoom call after they're done watching that nine minute video and give a five minute testimonial that only takes 15 to 20 minutes. And I think that would be so powerful if you can align something like that up, and it can't it's not that hard again, you just get them on zoom, get your video cued up, share your screen, press play on the nine minute video. And then again, tell your sponsor or whoever it is it's going to jump on that call, hey, you know come in at this time and you know and boom, just tell your story. Five minutes that's all you need. And that's so super powerful just to get the the dialogue rolling with somebody, but don't repeat, don't try and explain to them all over the phone everything. So, again, stay brief. This is also you know, another question is should I lead with the business opportunity, right like revenue share stock, or should I lead with kind of the brokerage benefits, right like KV core and training. And again, you know that you just have to kind of gauge like who it is that you're speaking with. If you don't know them very well, I would kind of hedge your bet and just move mainly focus on the brokerage benefits, and then sprinkle in the opportunity, but don't make it about the opportunity, you know, of revenue share because again, not everybody is going to understand it right away from the beginning, even if you understand it, and it sounds like a huge opportunity. Most people you know, they're not going to understand it so you kind of getting excited about it might just freak them out. Whereas you know, it would be natural for somebody who is new to a brokerage or has been with a brokerage for a while that really likes it and likes the merits. Have the company to share that. And then by the way, you know, this is also a great opportunity, you know, this revenue sharing the stock. So that's kind of how I approach it. Let's see. Yeah, pick a means of communication that you're most frequently using with that person. Right? Like, you know, that's the other big one is some people you know, they're just deathly afraid of the phone and they won't pick it up to make a prospecting call and you know, what I say to that is one it over time try and break that you know, try and get a little bit more comfortable because I do feel there is a power to the phone that you know, it's unlike any other you know, yes, you can text Yes, you can get on social media. You can even send emails, you can do stuff like that, but nothing is more powerful than picking up the phone and having a conversation with somebody you know, briefly. Or and then you know, once you get to that next step of actually having the presentation be via zoom or something like that words like a video call. There's nothing more powerful than that. Right? Like, you know, you could text away all day or get on social media all day and send links out and stuff. But honestly, that is it is kind of a long way around it. And eventually you got to get them on a presentation somehow, some way anyways. So it is nice if you can, you know, be on the phone with somebody then great. And if that's how you normally speak to that person, then even better, right? Like, it's not going to be weird for you to pick up the phone and just call them. Now if you normally speak to somebody on social media, well then hey, you know, keep the conversation on social media, at least on the initial deal, right while you're trying to invite

Unknown Speaker 12:34
but then, you know, make sure that eventually try and bring that over to a presentation. Real quick before I get too far too far gone. I want to make sure that everything is looking and sounding good. If you guys can give me a quick you know, thumbs up. Give me a Yes, everything looks good. Everything sounds good. That will make me feel good. It looks like we've got about 17 people on YouTube 12 people on Facebook. I it's funny, I was doing a video the other day and started recording and I did about 30 minutes of it with my volume off with it on mute, and so literally had to re record the entire thing. So it's mistakes like that, that I want to make sure that I'm not making, especially when I'm going live. And so alright, cool. I'm getting some thumbs, thumbs ups. I love it. All right, perfect, guys. And if you guys are watching on YouTube, make sure to give this video a like, if you're getting value out of it so far, you know, give it a like, if you haven't subscribed to the channel, make sure you subscribe. This is like I say, it's very fun and exciting to do this for you guys. I love all the emails and text messages from everyone the comments saying how much you know, they're they're getting out of these. And if there's ever a topic that I can cover for you specifically that I haven't covered before, or even if I have covered it before, you know at this point, you know, there's only so much you can speak about as far as this goes. I'm happy to kind of cover it again or in a different way or whatever. So make sure always put in the comments, things that you're looking for. I just did on the Monday mastermind yesterday for sales. I did a topic that was brought up to me From an agent that just had questions about it, and it was actually an amazing topic, I thought it was a great video yesterday. So anyways, just wanted to share that before we keep going. So it looks like though that everything is good. YouTube looks like we're good on YouTube. Let's see, actually I check here. We got the chat over here. Yep, perfect. We got some thumbs ups. I love it. Alright guys, well, perfect. Well, let's keep on going. So basically, what, what the next kind of best practices again, like the first one was be brief, the next one is get excited without sounding weird, right? Like, you know, you got to have some excitement about this opportunity. And, you know, and you got to be able to convey that to the person that is on the other end of the line or the other end of a text message. Like, you know, you know, don't go and get weird and like start using emojis or something if you don't use emojis normally, but like if that's your style, then keep that going right? Like get excited about it. People will pick up off of that and if you're not excited about it, nobody else is Going to get excited about it either. So and then lastly, again, these scripts kind of talked about this don't, you know, don't use them word for word, you got to come up with your voice. Now that might mean you can write them down in your own voice. That way you can just practice and I definitely would encourage you to do that. But just realized, like, don't take these word for it, if this isn't how you would normally say something, this is how I say it, right? So. So it's probably a little bit different than how you speak, there's some different words. So just take what I'm talking about, you know, use your own voice with it, you know, rewrite it or something that you need, if you need to do it like that. And then practice, right, just, you know, say it over and over and over. Alright, so here would be like if I was going to share the business opportunity, like if I know that I've got a business builder, maybe they've already got a brokerage, maybe they already got a team. Maybe I just know they want to start a business within real estate. Kind of the approach that I take is, you know, if I'm picking up the phone, in this case, I'm going to say like, hey, Susan, the reason I'm calling is something that came across my path. Got me immediately thinking of you. I know you're super smart and savvy when it comes to people and business. And this is something I think you would definitely want to see. I have no idea if you're going to get as interested as I am about this. But could you carve out 15 minutes for me to be able to see this opportunity to 7pm work, right? Like that is kind of the approach that I take. It's very quick, right? Like, I'm just getting straight to the point, I'm not trying to, hey, how's your day going? You know, like, it's straight into the point, hey, I'm calling you there's something came across my path, the different elements to that. And this is, again, what I want to kind of convey more than even just the actual words, or the elements of that. And there's six elements that I think you need to have, when you come up with whatever it is that you're going to say to people. First off, you want to get to the point like that's the number one thing Don't waste people's time. You might even say like, Hey, I'm, you know, I use this pretty often to, hey, I'm running into a meeting right now. I've only got it A few seconds to chat. But something important came across my desk that I wanted to share with you blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right? Like, that's how you you want to be to the point you want to be quick.

Unknown Speaker 17:10
And then you want to use curiosity, right? Like I'm not telling them, you know, oh man, I joined XP Realty. And this is, you know, Bill, I said, an opportunity has come across, you know, that's just you want to keep that curiosity going. Don't spoil it. Because then again, all I've heard of EXP I know about EXP know, you don't know, but he's V, but then you have to start, you know, kind of overcoming objections, and you just don't want to get into that point. You really just want to get this across to somebody to where they have a yes or no question. Do you have 15 minutes? Like, that's a yes or no question. You know, can you meet me at seven o'clock? That's a yes or no question. That's it. And then I'll get into kind of some of the things that they could say and what you can follow that up with, but again, getting back to the different elements, you get to the point, use curiosity, give a genuine compliment, right. Like I said, I told Susan Hey, I know you're sitting super smart and a savvy business person, right? Like that's something that genuinely I believe about Susan, like, don't just make up something, you know, you want to use something that you even if you got a stretch, like maybe you don't know this person, but you just admire him, Hey, you know, I've been following you for a little bit I just, you know, really liked the way that you you know, conduct your business on social media use a genuine compliment, right? Like, that's so important. Speak with confidence and certainty, right? There was nothing that was like, Hey, you might want to see this or, you know, or maybe you should check this out, or, you know, any of that was you need to see this, this is a great opportunity. You got to have confidence and certainty with the way that you approach this. This is the script. Alright, so now make room for a way out and you might have heard that I kind of did that right. Like I have no idea if you're going to get as excited and interested in this as I am. That's kind of your way out. Right? That's your way of being normal so to speak. So you don't people don't think you're super crazy, right? Like you know, you may not get as interested At least you're aware that there is an opportunity that they might not, you know, be as interested as you are. But at the end of the day, you're going to ask for the next step right after that, right? Do you have 15 minutes you can carve out of your schedule tonight? 7pm, right, like a definite thing, yes or no question. Now, what they're going to say most of the time, at that point, I'd say 75% of the times three quarters of the time that I that I say that to somebody right over the phone, they're going to say, what is it? You know, what are you talking about? Kind of like what you know, and for that, that's where, again, I go back to kind of what I what I told people in the beginning about being in a hurry, right? So I would say, you know, hey, Susan. Yeah, it's a great question. I'd love to get more into it. But at this point, I gotta jump into my meeting. I haven't, you know, in wouldn't able to get into enough with you right now. If you're good for 7pm I'll share everything with you then. All right. That's what I would say at that point when they say that now, you know, for the most part of That point when you've already kind of know said it, they'll say, okay, fine, you know, that's fine. I'll jump in or whatever, right? Like, or maybe they'll say, No, I'm not interested. You know, I need to know about more about it first before I say yes. But most of the time people say, yes. You'd be very surprised, especially when you come in with excitement, you know, and you know, and you're positive, you're confident about it, they will give you a Yes, they're curious, they want to see what it is. Right? But then if they still say, Well, you know, I still just really just need to know, at that point, what you want to do is you just say, Hey, you know, what, Susan? Doesn't sound like right now is maybe the best time for you or, you know, for you. Let's connect again later when we both have a little bit more time to talk about this. Right? And so you just kind of kick it down the road, what's going to end up happening is Susan's going to be like you know, know that she said no to it or that you know, or that she missed out potentially on something over the next day or two and you never know what starts you know, brewing in her mind. Right it and, and so anyways, that's kind of what the approach is. You kind of just take it away at that point. Like if they don't want Go for it, you know those first couple times, you take it away and you just wait until another time, right? It probably wasn't the open the right time anyways. And if you would have tried to force the issue, you might have just, you know, sounded weirder or gotten to know but either way no matter what I don't start explaining the opportunity and say, well, it's it's the XP Realty and you know this, I don't do that because that is a surefire way to get them to say no to it for them to think that they know everything about it. And then you've lost all leverage that you would have had. So, again, that's just you know, some of the important things that, that I kind of, you know, and remembering when I am speaking to somebody, those are the main elements that you just need to craft up doesn't have to be the exact words that I use, but use those elements and put them in your own words. And I think that'd be super, super helpful for you know, new agents for you know, seasoned agents with the XP, no matter where you're at, no matter who you're speaking with. Those elements are kind of universal, right? So Alright, the next one is brokerage script example so this is where you're going to kind of go off the merits of the brokerage and I think this one definitely is good especially for new agents with the company right you can share that excitement about what you've already experienced so far with the brokerage this kind of what I would say in that in that scenario. Hey john, the reason why I'm to reach out is because as you know, I recently joined a new brokerage I don't say XP Realty, that I'm really excited about. I think you might really love it as much as me or you might know some people that might love it. I'd love to share it with you. How soon could you carve out 10 to 15 minutes to check it out? I think you're definitely going to want to see the power of what this brokerage is doing for people and if you see value, I want to share my story on how it has specifically helped me so far. Right? Like That is my script there. And then at that point, you know, it's a the 7pm work can you carve out 15 minutes for me at seven o'clock tonight or five o'clock tonight or whatever it is right? Like whatever it is that you You're trying to plan for, you know, that's what you want to do you want to do, obviously, if you're trying to get them to the Tuesday executive overview, it's longer than 15 minutes, right? So be upfront with them and say, Hey, you know, we've got a presentation that I'd like to share with you. Most of the time, though, when I invite somebody to the Tuesday executive overview, it's not the first time they're going to see it, right. I want them still to see at least like that nine minute video up front. So really, what I invite to, is that kind of nine minute video, but I'm not just sending them the link, right? I'm inviting them to do another presentation, where they can watch the video with me potentially have a sponsor on the other end of the line ready to speak. And then the next step after they kind of see it I say, hey, by the way, you know, once you've, you know, at the end of that that nine minute video at the end of that 15 minute phone call, I say By the way, you know we're doing a deal on Tuesday night at five o'clock, we're literally going to do a back end demo, show you in real time, all of the tools and everything we're going to explain the business model in greater detail. Can I get your commitment to, you know, to join me on that, right and then I invite them to the Tuesday webinar. That's kind of my process. I don't usually just invite people to the Tuesday webinar, unless I got some good rapport. I know they're interested in learning more about EXP, it's not usually the first thing because that videos, it's, you know, we go for about an hour, maybe an hour and 15 minutes sometimes. And that can be intimidating for somebody that's just trying to, you know, learn a little bit about an opportunity. That's a big commitment. So you got to have some knowledge that they're, you know, they want to either you know, they're a new agent, and they just are looking at different opportunities within brokerages or you know, they're unhappy with their current situation before you present it, but if it's just a random person, I'm just my goal is to get them to watch that nine minute video that EXP has recently put out I think it's a great video if you haven't watched yourself, be sure to watch it. Mitch Robinson does amazing job with it. It's really concise and you know, but it hits hits the the main points and as well edited. So I mean, I think that it's a good thing to start sharing with people and As much as you possibly can. Alright, so cool. So anyways getting back to kind of the the deal here. So we've got that, you know brokerage script example like how you can share that you're excited about the brokerage that you're with the merits of it, not necessarily talking about a business opportunity or anything like that. This is really just, you know, hey, I'm excited about this brokerage opportunity. love to share it with you. Alright, so now, let's see. Let's go ahead and see what else we got. So we talked about the elements be in a hurry. I always like to reiterate the time two times, because that way, they'll know that it's important like Hey, are you good for 7pm tonight? Okay, good. You are Alright, so we're going to meet at 7pm tonight, right? Like just you know, and say like, you know, I've got a couple of their appointments this evening. So I just want to make sure that you know, we're going to be on time with it. That way they know it's important, you don't get stood up on your you know, meeting and I think that again, that reiterating at twice is very important when you're setting up those appointments. So anyways, the biggest thing is what you're looking to do is you're just trying to get a More at bats, right? Like get more appointments set. So you have an opportunity to share this, you have an opportunity to bring in your sponsor, and really just, you know, see what happens, right? Like the phone call is just setting up your at bat. If you don't, you know, even do the prospecting, right? You just don't ever get the chance to even show somebody, you know, this opportunity. And so getting good at this, you know, one, it doesn't take a whole lot as you can see, I mean, there's a few different elements. You know, it's just kind of a numbers game as far as the prospecting goes and how many times can you do that in the appointments is like where it starts to kind of get a little bit more serious. You know, you can either honing your presentation skills or lean in on your sponsor a little bit more in the beginning until you feel comfortable with your presentation skills and kind of getting more into the details and the nitty gritty and the questions that they might ask. You know, but as far as this prospecting This is just a numbers game is just, you know, going out, trying to do this as much as possible, just getting a point to where it's a yes or a no like you I think what a lot of agents when they're going out and prospecting, and what happens is they go, they get so caught up in the weeds. And you know, they start just asking people about, you know about their day and like, you know, just, I don't know, like, they just never really get to the point, right? And so then you have all these agents that are kind of like, like, you just have them floating, right? Like, there's no, there's no commitment, you've not even really asked them. So they haven't said No, they haven't said yes. And so you really are unclear with where they're at. Like, I would rather just to know, like, if you want to say no, say no. If you want to say yes, then say yes. Right, like give me a shot at it. And that's kind of how you have to think about it. So, you know, I know that might seem a little intimidating just to come out and you know, say that directly. But at the end of the day, I promise you if you do that, if you get in the habit of that, then it will help you to just again sort people faster, better. And again, I know today might be might not be a note in three months, and I think people read respect you for, you know, just getting to the point, right and coming out and asking, you know, and then if they already in two months, you never know they might reach back out to you. Because they say, Hey, I know that they wanted to talk to me about this. Or at least they had an opportunity that maybe I should, you know, maybe investigate now today because something has changed in my life, and they'll reach out to you. But again, if you never get to that point where you're like asking that directly in that clearly, then you're just going to kind of be in that wishy washy phase, people probably won't even know what you're talking about. And they probably won't reach out to you if something changes unless you reach back out and kind of get more direct with it. So, again, be sure to use specific examples if you know the person better, right like here's the other thing is like, this is where the there's no one size fits all. It's one of those things where you have to kind of you know, if you know things that are going on in that agents life, tie that into whatever you're inviting them to. So for example, you know, hey, I remember you were just telling me that you were looking for a CRM system. I've been using the one that my broker gives me an already have generated over 10 leads in a month. You know, boom, like that's what I would want to share. Do you have you know, 15 minutes tonight bubble will go into that right like that's what I would do if I knew the agent like maybe they just put a post on Facebook or maybe they just, you know talked about it to me at a at a coffee when I went, you know, sat with them, whatever it might be, you want to use what information you have. And that's why again, there's no one size fits all script, if you can be more personalized, but the better. Even for example today. Hey, you know, like we just announced healthcare this week for EXP so if you ever had anybody that you know, maybe had talk talk to you about healthcare recently, or you know, said they weren't sure about, you know, their healthcare, their options. Hey, didn't you just say you were you weren't sure about what to do for healthcare. My brokers just rolled out a healthcare option that takes advantage of the buying power of over 20,000 agents and lowers your individual costs and while increasing the coverage. I think it's something that is truly unique to the industry and I'd love to share more

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about it with you. Right like that's exactly how it goes it's quick to the point you know you've taken taking something that you know is specific to their needs. And you know, you've tied it into the brokerage and there's probably 100 different things that you can do just because EXP offers so many great you know, benefits and opportunities that whatever it is that that agent has talked to you about, somehow you can tie that into a benefit with the brokerage so anyways guys, I think that's kind of what I've got to cover. I want to go into the the the chat here and see if I've missed anything, or if there's any questions that you guys might have. But let me go ahead and scroll through here. Looking on Facebook. What's up, Kate? What's up, Norma? Hilda, good to see you. Hey, what's up, Lloyd? All right, Brandon. Melvin, my man talked about you earlier. danza beta. Hey, I've got that blog post and it's coming. I promise you, man. It's actually I've sent it over. My I've got a publishing team that I've been trying out and that's why it actually taken so long because I've been trying to get them to be able to edit and do all this stuff for me and ultimately I don't know if I'm going to continue using them just because the speed of getting this stuff out is a lot longer so but Dan I do have that on the radar so I don't want you to think I've forgotten about you when I'm talking about it is the the spreadsheet that agent attraction spreadsheet that I had created and did a video on a couple weeks ago. So that is coming out guys. All right Daniel Ross Lozano What is up brand Walgren my sponsor what's going on brand? Alright guys, I don't see any questions on Facebook. And so let me jump over here to YouTube. All right, all good advice, Kyle, just get started. Absolutely. Can you share the link for that nine minute video I absolutely will share the link for that nine minute video. I'll put it in my my comments down below if you're watching on YouTube. I'll put it in the comments on Facebook. Look if you're watching there, and so put I'll put that in there for sure. Anyways guys, I think that was it. I don't see any, any questions and so, so I guess we'll go ahead and wrap it up. If you're watching this after the fact, you know, maybe you didn't get a chance to watch it live, put in the comments if you do have any extra questions or if you've got a suggestion for what you want to hear next week, next Tuesday, put it in the comments, I will read them and I will pick one of the ones that I read from the comments if there are any if there are some good ones. And then all that's what I'll do as far as next week goes. So just as a quick reminder, tonight, guys, I mentioned it earlier Tuesday executive overview.com. Myself and Curtis Dixon are going to be presenting the XP realty business model. And we're going to be doing a full live demo of the systems and the tools. You know going over KV core and sky slope and enterprise and EXP world and workplace. We're going to actually go into that I share my screen and show it. And then also we talk about the actual business model and you know, revenue share, and you know, the stock and the splits all that good stuff. So it takes about an hour starts at 5pm, Central Standard Time, right, and lasts till about six o'clock. And then after six, we stick around for about another 20 to 30 minutes. We just and answer questions on there as far as you know, what people might, you know, have still questions about and so sometimes if there's no questions, we just do testimonials from other agents that are on the call that might be already with XP, and we just go from there. So last week, I think we had 35 people on the call. Our goal is to always get about 50. But I think it's so powerful because people come on to that call. And and I you know, not to toot my own horn, but I think it's a great call. I think you know, a lot of people get a lot of value out of it. Got a lot of great feedback on it. But they also see 3540 people, agents on a Tuesday night at five o'clock on this webinar. They're like, Man, what are these People know that I don't write like they know that there's a power in the fact that every week there's you know that many agents on it. So always try and promote it. Always try and be there yourself. Even if you don't have an agent to bring with you onto the call, make sure you're attending because it's going to be able to get your ability to present and just share the opportunity better with people, even though it's the same format every week. There's no way we could ever say the exact same way. So there's always different things that we're bringing up and sharing. So I think it's important for EXV agents to jump on it. I think it's always important for you to be promoting it and getting people to it. So anyways, guys, that kind of is it I'm going to call it I really hope everybody has an amazing Tuesday today. Hopefully I'll see you later tonight at five o'clock, but Make it a great week. We'll talk to you later. Bye bye.


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