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eXp Realty Resources: Sales and Agent Attraction Training

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When you join eXp Realty, sometimes getting started can seem overwhelming.  There are systems, tools, training, and additional income opportunities to all take advantage of.  With the following eXp Realty resources (which are continually being updated), I'll help you navigate the road ahead.

These are the exact strategies that I've focused on to achieve ICON status three years in a row and build a revenue share team of over 250 agents.

eXp Realty Resources - Sales

In my opinion, agents should focus primarily on selling more homes when getting started with eXp Realty.  All of eXp Realty's other earning opportunities branch off from selling real estate.  These resources will help you do just that!

Ten Things To Do First After Joining eXp Realty

eXp Realty Resources - Agent Attraction

Attracting agents to join eXp Realty can be challenging.  Just like learning to play tennis or when you first started selling real estate, agent attraction is a skill that takes practice and training.

The following videos and tools will help guide you along your journey to build a prosperous revenue share team.  

These are the exact strategies and tools that I've used to build a revenue share team of over 250 agents in under three years.

Systems and Tools I Use For Agent Attraction

WordPress Hosting - *Update* I no longer use GoDaddy.  I use SiteGround -  

Flick - Instagram Hashtags -

Quickbooks - Accounting -

Follow Up Boss - CRM -

Grasshopper - Phone System -

Instapage - Landing Page -

BombBomb - Video Email Marketing -

1Password - Store Passwords -

Email Marketing - I no longer us Mailchimp, I now use Aweber -

Zapier - Connecting Tools -

Zoom - Video Calls / Meetings -

Calendly - Scheduling -

Tubebuddy - YouTube Optimization -

Everwebinar - Recurring Webinar -

Adobe Suite - Content Creation -

SendOutCards - Marketing -

Using 3rd-Party Tools For Agent Attraction

The 5 Step Formula to Attract Agents to eXp Realty

To follow along, here are the 5-steps:

  • Step 1: Initiate Contact
  • Step 2: Build a relationship and earn trust.
  • Step 3: Share value and be excited
  • Step 4: Find out if they are open-minded to see a presentation
  • Step 5: Expose to the model via video, lunch and learn, or webinar.

*Bonus step* - Follow up, follow up, follow up - This is seriously where the results are. If you do every step above but don't follow up you are wasting your time!

Agent Attraction List Building on Social Media

Agent Attraction on Social Media Strategy and Scripts

I've been able to successfully attract many agents across the country and even internationally using the strategies outlined in this video.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Make sure your profile is setup to WIN
  • Promote LIFESTYLE not business
  • Book appointments in a more professional way
  • Peak curiosity and frame what you have as something that can help them or give them something they really want (i.e. freedom)


  • Put links in profile
  • Send links in messages (unless prospect requests them)
  • Copy/Paste messages when your messaging people
  • Share any business information in the first message

Your Profile - Best Practices

Make sure your face actually shows up on your social media profile picture.

Remove your boring “about me” description. Be a real person on social media and make it easy for people to identify with you.

Get rid of "salesy" promotional posts. Post value or stories. Share your story without mentioning eXp Realty. Create curiosity and have a call to action for them to reach out to you to learn more. Remove negativity, sarcasm, or anything weird from your profile. (i.e. - negative political posts, marriage, religion, etc.)

3 Message Formula (Scripts)

Goal for EACH message

Message #1 - Strike up the conversation

Message #2 - See if the agent is OPEN

Message #3 - Book an appointment via the PHONE or Zoom

*Disclaimer - These only work if you throw salesperson hat out the window! Be authentic. I encourage you to edit these scripts to make them sound like YOU. Use words that you normally use and keep it real.

Message #1 - Strike Up the Conversation (Cold Lead)

“Hey Sara, I saw your comment in lab coat agents here on Facebook about how you use to send your past clients and sphere of influence birthday cards and gifts. I really loved how you not only showed that you care for your clients but also the real estate community by your willingness to share. It really resonated with me because I’ve been an agent for 11 years and really focus my marketing efforts on my sphere of influence. So how long have you been in the business for and what are your goals for this year if you don’t mind me asking? Super great to meet you and looking forward to hearing back!”

Message #1 - Strike up the Conversation (Warm Lead)

“Hey Sam, what’s up? I noticed we’re friends here on Facebook and we haven’t chatted for a while. I noticed that your profile says that you’re living up in New York. Is that correct? You up in NY?”

This is for someone I haven’t built a relationship with yet. If I were talking to a friend that I know a little more, I might ask them what’s been keeping them busy these days to start the conversation.

DO NOT send Message #2 until they respond back. What if they never respond back? Still DO NOT send Message #2. Wait a month or so and try a different version of Message #1.

Message #2 - See if the Agent is OPEN

“That’s awesome Sam. I visited New York for the first time last July and I loved it. I was actually hoping you said you were still there because I have been looking to expand my business there. I’m doing some networking in your neck of the woods… Would you at all be open to connecting more regarding an additional income opportunity related to real estate, if it didn’t interfere with what you are already doing?”

Message #3 - Book the Appointment

“That’s great. Shoot me a few times that you’re free this week for about 15 minutes and can have access to the internet. Tuesday and Thursday are the best for me if you can make something work either of those days.”

“Okay, let’s schedule Tuesday at 4pm EST. Here’s my number so you know who’s calling: (333) 333-3333. What’s the best number to reach you at?”

“Great. I’ve got you in my calendar for Tuesday at 4pm EST. Pop me in your phone and set a reminder. I’ve got a busy day that day, so I’ll assume you’re punctual with your appointments 🙂 Looking forward to connecting more. Chat Tuesday!”

What if they ask what is it?

I never get into too many details EVER. You lose control over the process if you deliver too much in a message. Here’s what I say instead:

“I’d love to get into the details over chat here, but it would be like giving a haircut over chat. I wish I could, but it’s impossible. I like to keep business a little more professional than a Social Media chat. Do you have 15 minutes to connect more this week?”

Scripts I use To Invite Agents to a Presentation

There isn’t just one way to do it. Every person is different.

Also, every prospector is different. Some people like to start with people close to them while others like to start with random people. Just start with whoever is most comfortable to YOU!

No matter what, stay brief

Should I lead with the brokerage or the business opportunity?

Pick means of communication that you are most frequently using with that person.

Get EXCITED without sounding WEIRD! Feel confident!

Use these scripts in your most authentic voice. Just a foundational guide.

"Business" Script Example

Hey Susan, the reason why I’m calling is something came across my path that got me immediately thinking of you. I know you’re super smart and savvy when it comes to people and business and I think this is something you would definitely want to see. I have no idea if you’re gonna get as interested or as excited as me but I think you just might. How soon can you carve out fifteen or twenty minutes? You’ve got to see this!

  1. Get to the point
  2. Use curiosity
  3. Give a genuine compliment
  4. Speak with confidence and certainty
  5. Make room for a way out 
  6. Ask for the next step

"Brokerage" Script Example

Hey John, the reason why I want to reach out is because as you know I recently joined a new brokerage that I’m really excited about. I think you might really love it as much as me or you might know some people that might love it. I’d love to share it with you. How soon could you carve out 10 or 15 minutes to check it out? I think you’re definitely going to want to see the power of what this brokerage is doing for people and if you see the value I want to share my story on how it has specifically helped me so far.

Invite to a Presentation

Hey Joe, this is Kyle. I only have a quick minute, I’m about to head into a meeting but do you have 30 seconds to talk with me? Joe, I’ve got something really, really important to share with you. How soon can you be in front of your computer and carve out like 15 to 20 minutes? Would 7pm tonight work for you?

What is it, Kyle?

Hey Joe, great question and I’d love to get into it but I gotta get into this meeting right now and wouldn’t be able to get into enough with you right now. If you’re good for 7pm, I’ll share everything with you then.

If they press you again for it:

You know Joe, it doesn’t sound like right now is maybe the best time for you. Let’s connect again later when we both have a bit more time to talk about this.

People want to join things that are BIG and FAST moving. If you don’t act AS IF then they likely won’t take interest in it.


Be in a hurry - Don’t give Joe the time to ask you a bunch of questions Reiterate the time 2 times so they know it’s important and don't stand you up.

If you do this, you’ll fill your calendar with appointments and that’s where the money’s at!

Be sure to use specific examples if you know the person better.


I remember you just telling me how you were looking for a CRM system, I’ve been using the one my brokerage gives me and have already generated over 10 leads in one month!

Didn’t you just say you weren’t sure about what to do for healthcare? My brokerage just rolled out a healthcare option that takes advantage of the buying power of over 20,000 agents and lowers individual costs while increasing the coverage. 

My Agent Attraction Tracking Spreadsheet

I use this spreadsheet to track my revenue share team size and profitability on a monthly basis.  

I've added a video that explains the spreadsheet and a download link for the spreadsheet.

Download your free spreadsheet below.

The Best Social Media Hack to Gain Attention Today

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