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The Tuesday Mastermind EXPCON 2019 Recap

Today, we discuss the recent EXPCON event held in Las Vegas from Oct. 2-4, 2019. There were a TON of announcements made during the convention and over 2500 agents in attendance!

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Here is the podcast: 

Here are some of the topics I'm going to cover:


International growth - Open in UK, another 6-8 weeks on Australia

Announced dates for next two shareholders and eXpCon

Shareholder summit - April 20-22 in Orlando

EXpCon2020 - November 9-11 in Vegas

Shareholder summit 2021 - April 11-13

NewStory 2.0 Extend a hand I heart

eXp Xcamp was awesome

Knolly Williams - Listing Success Class

Gene Frederick

Brent Gove

AJ Mida


One eXp

Stacey Onnen - Presidents Award and got thrown in a pool

Express Offers

2 by 20 initiative

Agent count up 70% June 2018 to June 2019

RJ Jones - Executive VP from Zillow

David Acosta - NAHREP President

eXp Realty Birthday at Hakasan

This episode originally aired on my weekly live show, The Tuesday Mastermind. To join in on the next conversation, go to thetuesdaymastermind.com every Tuesday at 9am CST. 

Here is the full video:


Unknown Speaker 0:03
What's going on everybody? Kyle here. I hope you're having a great day so far. Great Tuesday. We're starting a little early. I won't actually go over the recap until about 19. But I just wanted to come to you guys live and just start sharing with you guys a little bit about Hawaii. Everything has been so crazy the last couple of weeks. So I am literally moving. We're moving to a new house, my family and I just about 20 minutes further north, where we currently live here in San Antonio. But now I'm literally sitting outside right now because that is the only calm place that exists in my house right now because we've got movers and my wife and oh my gosh, it's so crazy. So we cannot wait until we're in our new home. I have my new studio kind of being set up there for all of these live streams for Monday and Tuesday so they will be back on track and even better is my expectation. Once we get

Unknown Speaker 1:00
settled in. So we're super excited about that. But before we get started, I just want to see we got a couple people already jumping on. I wanted to ask who made it to XP con last week? Who was there? So if you were at XP con, feel free to, to put it in the comments you were there. Let me know if you missed it. But either way, let me put a comment in there. So I know who was able to make it. So anyways, though, again, we'll get started right about 9am. And about two minutes. And I'm going to be going over a full recap of the events last week. And so it was jam packed. There was so much going on. It was an amazing event. The people the team that put it on just did a fantastic job with everything so professionally done. And it felt very, very polished. And so they've gotten better every single year, and this year was no exception. So hey, Wesley, what's going on? Glad you made it, man. What did you think? Put in the comments what you thought of

Unknown Speaker 2:00
The XP con event this this past week so yeah, we we went out there on Tuesday of last week. So about seven days ago, my family and I took the kiddos went to the Hoover Dam. For the first day that we got there. We arrived at like 6am drove out to the Hoover Dam. It was amazing. If you've ever been at Hoover Dam, that's a quick side note but definitely got to go check it out. It was fantastic. So so much more grand and bigger than what I had ever thought. And so, but yeah, we did that on Tuesday, Tuesday night, we had the welcome reception, kind of get together. Wednesday night, we hung out we did some stuff around the hotel, and and then we had the big grand dinner that night with the awards and everything like that and that was pretty awesome too. So it was just a really, really great event. And I can't wait for the next one which it's funny. We're going to talk about that here on the on the call today. But it was announced

Unknown Speaker 3:00
That we've got literally the next three events already planned and picked out. So let's see here

Unknown Speaker 3:09
there we go.

Unknown Speaker 3:11
All right, can everybody hear me okay? Make sure give me a thumbs up if if you can hear my mic. Okay. I'm again not on my normal mic. I'm using my air pods so hopefully hopefully the audio is coming in loud enough. Let's see if I can turn up at all

Unknown Speaker 3:27

Unknown Speaker 3:30
alright guys well good stuff. Well it's the top of the hour now so 9am we will go ahead and get get kicking off here. Let me go ahead and open up my notes.

Unknown Speaker 3:41
There we go.

Unknown Speaker 3:43
All right. It was awesome second, it's all perfect. Alright Wesley great the year awesome. It was my second e XP con great seeing everyone and learning so much from all the top agents. There was a lot of that going on a lot of learning for sure. It was pretty amazing. All the talent

Unknown Speaker 4:00
We now have at these events, the top agents, the big agents. So it's really really cool to just be bumping shoulders with them and hearing kind of what they're up to. And you know, just picking up a nugget or two whenever you can. So, absolutely. Alright guys. Well, very cool. So first off, one of the first things that I wanted to cover today, on the recap, they did talk about neighborly, I don't know if anybody had visited that they even had a booth there inside of the expo area of the convention. But neighborly spelled na BERL, why it's kind of it's like a KV core platform. But from what I understand it's kind of you know, takes it to the next level. It's not I don't think it's official launch yet with XP. It might be in a couple of test markets already. But I don't think it's been rolled out completely and it's not going to replace cavey core kV core is still going to be around but from what I understand is is going to be an hour

Unknown Speaker 5:00
For new agents after 2022 either go with neighborly or cavey core. And I would imagine if you're with cavey core and want to make a switch, you could certainly do that as well. But you may want to check it out already, I think you can go to just, if you go to the workplace, Facebook workplace, and you just type in neighborly, there's a link where you can go and they've got it open in a couple test markets. You can see what the website actually looks like. And they did a little bit of a demo for me. It looked amazing, super polished, the front end website, the what I could most related to is that it actually looked like Boomtown which I don't know if anybody's familiar with Boomtown, but it's a great, great platform. It's probably the next step above cavey core. And, and so to have something that looks similar to that I think is pretty cool. But the biggest thing about it is they wanted one, I guess platform where we hold all of the listings instead of having individual micro sites which is kind of like what kV core is, you know, we have each individual agent has another

Unknown Speaker 6:00
Micro site with, you know, just their MLS data in there whereas I believe neighborly The idea behind it is that because we're in all of these MLS is we can feed our websites and almost make it like our own little Zillow, our own little realtor.com for each agent and I still understand that they're going to have like individual agent sites. So that's not going away. But it's going to be able to now utilize data from multiple MLS is which I thought was pretty cool. So very cool. The next thing that I was going to talk about is international growth. So for those of you that were at the last expe shareholders, he knew that we had expanded into UK and Australia. Obviously they were working on things they hadn't opened up they just had announced it will now they announced that we are officially open for business in the UK. I believe we've got I don't know how many agents but we've already got a few deals pending some listings already active within the UK.

Unknown Speaker 7:00
Now they didn't talk about the actual reporting on your dashboards is not quite there yet. So like you don't see any agents yet that have come over on your dashboard. You also don't see rev share yet. They are working on that. But it is coming. So that's the UK now Australia is about six to eight weeks behind UK. So they are open for business yet in Australia, but they are getting very, very close. Obviously the goal was October for both they hit October for UK. But again, it's looking like either November or December to be fully launched in Australia.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
They announced the next three events, which are going to be the next shareholder summit, which is April 20, through the 22nd in Orlando. That's the shareholder summit 2020 and then XP con 2020. They've already announced that is going to be November 9 through the 11th

Unknown Speaker 8:00
event in Vegas again in Las Vegas. So next year expe con, it's gonna be a little later than usual. So normally it's, you know, brown October, but this next year in 2020 is going to be November. And then they even announced the following shareholder Summit 2021, which is going to be April 11, through the 13th. in Orlando, so it's going to go, we're Orlando Vegas, Orlando, personally, you know, I wish they would pick some different places, it would be kind of nice if, you know, we could do some different different things. I know that obviously, the options are limited because of our group size. But that being said, I mean, I know there's all plenty of places that people do conventions that that have, you know, thousands of people, but I know the reasoning obviously, too, is they want to keep the prices pretty low, versus going to somewhere like New York City or San Diego, places like that. Obviously it's more expensive, but even still be nice to see it switched up a bit. But that being said, I wouldn't miss an event for anything so it doesn't matter where they hold

Unknown Speaker 9:00
I'm going to be there. I hope you guys feel the same way. And now you got plenty of time to make arrangements. You know, for the next three events, the next big three events that are going to be at the XP So, so that's cool. So they announced those. And I would definitely recommend, I don't think they've put the actual like hotels they're going to be at or anything like that yet, but you can at least mark your calendars to kind of reserve those dates. Alright, so the next thing they talked about was this thing called news story. 2.0. And it's a pretty cool program. Let me grab my notes here on it. But essentially what it is, it's a kind of like a humanitarian kind of program that ESP is partnered with. And let's see here.

Unknown Speaker 9:46
Yeah, here we go. So they are a non international nonprofit organization. They build homes and communities in the developing world. So they're so basically each piece partner with them. They're trying to help fund and each

Unknown Speaker 10:00
home community and I don't even know how you say this someplace in Mexico, a sweet Tuco a sweet hueco, Mexico, it's an at home community. And so they're asking for donations from XP. And they're also talking about at some point potentially being able to go over there and you know, either help physically or at least see the place, that kind of stuff. But you can make donate donations on Facebook workplace, you can also start a campaign to raise money within your group, which I thought was really cool. I think they said each home It costs about $7,000 to be able to build and so you know, with at homes are asking for, you know, looking to, you know, generate over, I guess, a half a million dollars to build that community. But there's a really great video on there. That talks kind of it shows about, you know, the actual nonprofit organization news story, and what they've done what they currently do. We got to hear from the one of the girls that I guess kind of heads it, and it just it was a pretty amazing

Unknown Speaker 11:00
thing to see XP Finally, you know, getting to be a part of something like that. So that was cool. See, the next thing was to extend a hand in iheart xp. So these were kind of cool. They're actually having a raffle for extend a hand which what the extended hand is, is a program for XP agents and staff and brokers and leaders, anybody basically within the company and culture of the XP that might be going through some hardships. Like, you know, if they went through a hurricane, if they, you know, had some kind of disaster happened to them, or to their, you know, their hometown or whatever, extend a hand is a program whereby XP is raising money to be able to give to those people who've suffered those losses, and just basically help out one another within XP. And so they're offering a $25 donation right now, to where it's a raffle. And it's kind of a cool raffle, I guess. I don't know if you guys remember

Unknown Speaker 12:00
Back when the XP went live on NASDAQ, Glen Sanford got to go and ring the bell for the NASDAQ stock exchange, I think was the closing bell. At the time they were doing it. And this was probably back earlier this year 2019. And what they're doing now is they're doing a raffle for $25. You know, you donate to extend a hand and then they're going to pick one winner that's going to get to go and I think the XP is opening the bell, they're going to hit the bell again, either, I think early next year, is sometime early next year. And one winner is going to get to go with the XP and actually hit the opening bell for EAX piece that was a kind of a cool little deal that they talked about at the convention. So the other thing too, that I thought was cool was they now have an I heart XP day, which is like a day where all of the XP agents that want to participate are able to like go find some work that they can do within their communities.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
Have a community day. And obviously this this one just passed, they announced it before. This took place. But, but at the time of this recording, we actually just had it yesterday was October 7. And it's going to be that same day, every single year. So October 7 is now the new kind of ESP community day. And it's kind of cool too, because that's actually the XP exact 10 year birthday. So they're going to be doing on the birthday of the XP, I heart XP day, which is always going to be kind of like a community day where people can give back. So all right, let's see, we've got Oh, I just wanted to talk about like kind of the format. We had x camp, which was amazing. This year. There was some great, great speakers there. I went and checked out nolley Williams, I think he was kind of the talk of the entire deal. He had a listing class that he did and it was fantastic was, you know, fully packed.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
Lots of people. And he had a lot of Giveaways there. And I just thought that it was fantastic. If you guys went to x camp and you're watching this, put in the comments what you liked most, which was your favorite class, but I know that nolley Williams was one of my favorites. But also on the agent attraction side, there was Jean Frederick, Brent go, and Aj mighta, who all had given a class as well. And I kind of saw bits and pieces of those as I was just going through different ones. And they were all fantastic. I mean, some of them are, you know, giving, of course, motivation. Some of them were giving actual nuggets and kind of, you know, scripts of what they talk about. So that was fantastic. x camp was amazing. And just so you guys know, I know a lot of times people don't maybe go to these events because maybe the ticket price is so expensive. I think this last the XP con was like five or 600 bucks.

Unknown Speaker 14:52
We actually get into x camp for free. You don't have to be registered. At least you didn't have to be this time to get into x camp.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Yeah, and so that was kind of a cool deal. So if you go and you don't have a ticket or something like that, you can still get into some of the events and some of the things plus all the networking that goes on in the hallways, and just doing all that kind of stuff is fantastic. So, but anyways, x camp was great. They also have, they announced kind of a new program called our new group called one XP. And it's kind of our diversity group here at XP. And so they are basically announcing a lot of different groups that you can be a part of, they've got a black, the XP group, they've got a Hispanic, they've got LGBT q group as well. So like, basically it's the XP you know, saying, Hey, you know, we want everybody to feel included in this company. There's a home for you, no matter you know, what you know where you want to be. And the other thing too is they said is, hey, if you don't if there's not a group that, you know, fits who you are or what you want to you know, associate yourself with

Unknown Speaker 16:00
with different people, then start it yourself. I think one of the speakers got up on the stage and they talked about a veteran, you know, there's not any kind of veteran group at the XP or at least there well, there is, there's five of them, but not one of them has really stepped up and really, like, made a big kind of effort to combine everything and make one group, you know, have something where, you know, people are consistent with it. And so that kind of thing, you know, just trying to get these communities of people together, not only just for, you know, networking and talking but I mean for referrals and things like that, I think are amazing. So they talked about one XP, which is really cool. interlined they did talk a little bit more of an update about intro end, and you know, that's going to be XPS, kind of mortgage arm, if you will, and talking about how there's going to be a couple pieces in play there. Obviously, the cool thing is you can still use your mortgage lender that you currently use. They do have to sign up with the interline program and there's a couple things

Unknown Speaker 17:00
You can look up, there's actually a group on workplace as all the details, but you can still use your lender, they can go through intro and you get the same great service that your lender would normally give. But then also XP benefits from it as well and so does your client, there's actually a way that your client receives better rates and better charges than they normally would. So going through interline Plus, there's also going to be like an investment piece that agents are going to be able to participate in outside of just, you know, having it help the company. If you want to invest in the interlinear branch of XP, kind of like the better interline does, the more benefit the agent gets, and so they talked a little bit about that. But more details will be coming as that everything kind of gets fleshed out. They actually had a small breakaway group that talked just about interlined awesome. Brandon Melvin says the addiction agent traction as came classes were priceless. Love it. Glad you were there.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
read his book, Tammy nolley. Williams Yeah, he's got a great book. All right.

Unknown Speaker 18:06
The other cool thing is Stacy Onan. If you've never had a chance to meet her, she is amazing. She was awarded the President's Award by Glenn Sanford, which is basically the highest level award you can get any XP and and she is just she's so deserving of it. You know Stacy only does so much for this company. She is very deep in the transaction processing game. That is what her in complete, not complete job. She does a lot of things, but that's obviously one of her biggest priorities. You know, she is co president with Dave canard. And but you know, Dave kind of focuses on growth. Stacy focuses on getting all of the agents paid on time. So both very, very important things. And so she was awarded that award and very deserving of it and then she got thrown in a pool. So for anybody that wasn't out at the Poolside Chat on Thursday. Yeah, no Friday. At the end of the event, it was Friday Poolside Chat. She got thrown in the pool.

Unknown Speaker 19:00
By Hank event which was pretty funny, pretty good to see she was course was a good sport about it. And it was just a great time. So they did announce that our agent count is up 70% June from from June 2018 to June 2019, which they had a cool little graphic a cool slide that showed our growth compared to the growth of the other large brokerages. They didn't put the names of the brokerages on him but they put the colors so you can kind of figure out where you know which ones doing what. But each of those were about three to 4% growth, the other brokerages and then you see XP on they're at 70% growth, which is pretty amazing. pretty remarkable. So it was really cool. And then also they showed our transaction volume up about the same about about 70% as well. So really cool that our transactions are continuing to increase. Our agents are continuing to increase. And then they announced our the new executive VP

Unknown Speaker 20:00
So I guess this will be the person underneath Stacey and Dave, who they actually hadn't named them there. What do they call it like celebrity name is Daisy. So if you hear that, that's Dave and Stacey yet, but that we've named an executive VP from Zillow, he came over from Zillow, his name's RJ Jones. And he's going to basically be, you know, helping out on all sorts of aspects of the business affiliated services, you know, growth also are kind of investor relations, and everything like that. So, executive VP, RJ Jones, is with the company now, we made a big announcement and for anyone who's a part of not a rep or an a rep, I don't know how you said nh RTP, the National Association of Hispanic realtors. We actually have now had david Acosta who is the president of nowrap join XP Realty. So now we actually have if anyone remembers, you know, Aria, which

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Is the Asian Real Estate Association. It Tom Truong who's the president of that? Who is part of the XP and we have Dinara Nyrup President David Acosta with ESP. So remember those names? I'm sure that'll be important. Whenever you guys are out there attracting agents to say, this is who we have that are, that's within XP now. So I don't know what other kind of big groups are out there. But hopefully we get all the Presidents from them, because that's going to be saying something pretty large for XP. And then, of course, you know, kind of the last thing was the XP we had a huge birthday bash at hackathon, which is a big nightclub within the MGM Grand where we were staying on Friday night, and it was out of this world. It was so amazing, I cannot believe I mean, I know how much it costs first of all for them to put this thing on because it's like the nicest best nightclub in all Vegas. And they rented out the whole place for like three and a half hours and they had an open bar.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
They had, you know, a DJ, they had lights and you know, all of the screens that he XP con. And it was amazing Glenn got up there and said a few words. And it was just really, really cool way to end the event. And it felt there was seriously I've been to a lot of the event. And at this point, it was almost like that. You just you just kind of have this feeling of like, man, like, this is something really, really big, you know, or it's going to be even bigger. Like, you know, you just had this kind of crazy feeling that, you know, this is much larger thing that we all are fortunate to be a part of. And so, anyways, that was kind of a big recap, there was so much I'm sure I missed a bunch of it. If I missed something, and you thought it was significant.

Unknown Speaker 22:44
Obviously, I couldn't even be at everything because there's just so many events going on at the same time that you kind of had to pick and choose what you would go to, but, but if you went to something that was awesome, link to it in the comments, guys. I'd love to hear what you liked about it. And then also if you know the

Unknown Speaker 23:00
There was something improved on I know that you XP sends out a survey to everybody who attended I think it's all workplace or maybe through email and you can leave your your feedback for them on how they can improve for the next event the next year. All that good stuff so anyways just a quick little update I've got to get back to packing I can literally see a movers all in my house just going crazy in there that is again why I'm outside just because this is the only calm insane place right now. But we will be all officially moved after today and be setting up the new office and getting everything off for next Tuesday. It should be a lot better setup again a lot better than just using my air pods and sitting outside so But anyways, I really appreciate you guys for tuning in and for watching this next week. Again I'll be be here the regular way with you know the whole presentation I'll probably have some good Nuggets to bring with you after I've been able to kind of think about all the stuff that I learned

Unknown Speaker 24:00
In this past XP con so anyways guys, I'll talk to you later. Hope you'll have a wonderful week. And just as a reminder, Curtis Dixon tonight will be hosting the Tuesday executive overview. He's got a special guests on there tonight. So it will be an amazing XP webinar. So be sure to invite people. It's at 5pm Central Standard Time. And you still just go to Tuesday, executive overview.com to register. It's at 5pm Central Standard Time, Curtis Dixon will be hosting and he'll have a special guest as a co host. So definitely don't miss out on that. But guys, please again, give it a like give this stream of like I really appreciate you jumping on it. Make sure if you haven't subscribed to my channel already that hit the bell notification so that way you can get notified whenever the next time I go live is and then leave comments leave likes on any useful ones for you. I really appreciate all that you guys are doing. And it's fun building this with you guys so well.


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