My First Six Months Blogging & The Numbers & Analytics So Far

Today I share my thoughts and dive into the numbers behind having my blog, for 6 months.

Below you can either listen to the podcast or watch the full video.

Here is the podcast: 

These past 6 months have been some of the most rewarding, yet challenging months of my real estate career.

On one hand, I feel like I'm on top of the world and doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

On the other, I struggle and wonder if all of this work will actually be worthwhile down the road and isn't merely a distraction from my real estate sales business.

It's my growing audience and all the feedback received that keeps me going! I know that coming from contribution never goes unrewarded. I also believe that building a personal brand is the single most important thing any independent contractor can do.

As part of my belief of true transparency, I share the numbers from my first six months as a "blogger".

I share how creating weekly content via YouTube, Podcast, and the written word has helped me attract agents.

Here is the full video:


Unknown Speaker 0:00
Alright guys, a welcome to the Tuesday mastermind, Kyle here and I am coming to you from a cold San Antonio. I know there's probably a lot of you guys watching on here that are way colder than it is here, but it actually was freezing overnight. And so here in San Antonio, that is a cause for concern. Everybody goes crazy. I think our kids even went to school about a half hour late to this morning because they open it up 30 minutes late. And so anyways, it was just a crazy night, super windy last night. But I'm excited today to be here. live with you guys. And sharing something that I think is pretty cool. I love numbers and digging into the numbers. I love watching videos of other people's numbers as far as like what they've done online and creating content, building up an audience. And and so even though I feel like I'm just kind of at the beginning of my journey with all of

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That I think that it can be helpful sometimes just to share, you know where I'm at so far, you know what's possible for those of you guys watching that, you know, want to get into this type of a thing. And so really, I'm starting with, you know, sharing my blog statistics, although, you know, a lot of what I do on YouTube, and you know, now I just created a podcast as well, kind of ties into it. So I'll be sharing a little bit about that as well. But because we're live, and I've got my screen here, and I can share it with you guys, I'm really just going to kind of, you know, share my screen, go into the numbers and let you guys see kind of everything that has been transpiring over the last six months. And so, you know, realistically, I've been doing this a bit longer than six months, like I've had, you know, YouTube videos and stuff like that, but I've never really pushed anything until about six months ago, is when I really started to, you know, make a commitment to this and you know, be consistent

Unknown Speaker 2:00
With everything, and I think that's what's really cool is you'll get to see the numbers and see the difference that that made starting six months ago. And so, at this point, let me I want to give you a little timeline. As far as you know what I've done so far to this point. To give you a little bit of background in case you, you know, haven't followed my channel or followed my content for a while. So I looked back on my first YouTube channel, which is Kyle Handy. It's a little bit I've got two YouTube channels. The one you're watching this right now on is agent attractors. And of course, you know, this is my e XP realty agent attraction focused channel. But my first YouTube channel and the one that I still run today is called Kyle Handy. It's just, you know, my personal brand. And that was my first YouTube channel. I started that one back on February 8. All right, I started it earlier than that, but my first three videos that I published was February 5 2000, and

Unknown Speaker 3:00
18 So, what is that, maybe about a year and a half ago, little over a year and a half ago. And I basically put three videos up there, I didn't really, you know, you know, know what I was doing. And I really, you know, didn't do much after that actually, I kind of just let it sit there. And so, you know, I didn't have any subscribers, I didn't really get any view count all the way until so now fast forward an entire year. And I had, you know, started putting more videos up towards the latter part of 2018. I finally got 100 subscribers to that channel on February 28 2019. So an entire year later just to get to 100 subscribers. That being said, again, I wasn't as consistent as I should have been, you know, I wasn't creating content, you know, routinely at that point. And so, you know, 100 subscribers took me about a year to get to that point. And now let's go a few more months, and I kind of had decided I was like, Well, I'm putting all these things on YouTube.

Unknown Speaker 4:00
I should probably start thinking about creating a blog, like a website of my own, where I can, you know, link to these videos, but I can also, you know, put stuff in the written form and have my own website. I had already had a real estate website for the long as long as I could remember, you know, 567 years, just, you know, with real estate listings on it, it was connected to the MLS, it was an ID x website. And I still have that today. But I wanted to actually create my own website that basically, you know, I could again, write content, I could link to content, and I could start actually like putting work into this thing. And so I actually did that starting in June of 2019. So again, this year, just about six months ago, not even and so that's why I'm titling this, you know, this video, the first six months in blogging and what that has done for me, and because this is an agent attraction kind of XP Realty, focused channel.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
You guys that are watching I'm sure most of you guys are ESP agents. I'm going to tie all of this in and share with you what that has done for me for my agent attraction efforts, and also give some best practices and some tips. If you want to kind of take on this thing, what to expect and how you can maybe get quicker results than even what I've done, you know, over the last I'd say total year and a half right, how you can kind of expedite that. That growth and so anyways, again that's kind of a bit of the timeline at this point. Now I opened up so after I did my blog, and I had Kyle Handy com that is my my main blog. what I ended up doing is because at this point I still had just one YouTube channel just my Kyle Handy YouTube channel and I was putting on their real estate sales information. I was putting XP realty information I was putting agent attraction training all on this one channel. And from one of the what I had researched and looked at and other youtubers

Unknown Speaker 6:01
You know, I had to kind of separate the two because they're completely kind of different a niche, if you will, right? You know, there's a lot of real estate agents that don't want to hear XP information. And then there's a lot of the XP agents that you know, maybe they're just focused on agent attraction, or they want to play, you know, just to have the XP information. So I had to kind of separate those two themes. And so I think it was probably around September, I don't have the exact date on this one. But it was around August or September of this year that I created agent attractors, which is the channel you're watching right now. And so it was literally just like maybe two months ago, I think is what it was. And we'll look into the analytics Linux and see exactly when it was, but it was about two months ago. And and since that time, you know, I've now grown I think I've got a little over 200 subscribers on this channel, and I've got about 530 subscribers on my Kyle Handy channel. So that's kind of what you can see there. Now as far as like the block

Unknown Speaker 7:00
You know, my Kyle Handy blog, that is something I'll share with you, you know, kind of the the the monthly viewers, the people that go to my blog each month. It's kind of fascinating actually that those numbers are the ones that surprised me the most.

Unknown Speaker 7:14
And then lastly, like I mentioned, I did just start a podcast here for agent attractors and soon to be my Kyle Handy channel called the Kyle Handy podcast. And then of course, the agent attractors podcast right. Agent attractors podcast is already out, you can search it on iTunes and find it there's already about 30 episodes on there. And basically what it is, is it's taking the content that I put on YouTube and the video format, I just rip the audio from it and you know, add an opening and a closing on it and make it into a podcast. And so that's what I've done for agent tractors. That's what I'll do for Kyle Handy. And basically now I'll kind of cover three different mediums, right I'm going to have

Unknown Speaker 8:00
My written content in the blog and have my YouTube channel for video, and then I'm gonna have podcast for those of you guys that are watching or listening in the cars when you're driving, like, you know, that's kind of again, where I want to be at. I've, you know, followed a lot of different content creators. And you know, again, in the beginning, I wouldn't necessarily say you want to go and do all three of those. It's taken me a year and a half to get this comfortable, where I feel like I can, you know, consistently keep up with those. But in the beginning, you know, I would really, really advise most people to just pick one, right like, if you prefer to write then blog, right, like just write stuff. Don't worry about video, don't worry about podcasts. Just write and get consistent and do that over and over and over until you have 50 or 75 blog posts created and published. If you like to, you know, be on video, then pick YouTube and just, you know, create 5075 videos before you even think about, you know, writing blog posts or

Unknown Speaker 9:00
For you think about making it into a podcast. And if you like to just, you know, maybe you don't like to be on video, but you don't like to write, well then start up a podcast, right? It's actually super, super simple. To start up a podcast, it's very inexpensive, you can, you know, get a lot of the, you know, equipment that you need, like a microphone, for fairly inexpensive, you can upload it and start all that. And again, it doesn't take a whole lot, you know, you could probably search a couple YouTube videos on it and figure it out how to how to actually get the studio kind of setup for you, and how to publish your podcast. And so in the beginning, I would just say start with one medium and stick to it right. And then the other thing that I would advise is pick one theme and stick to that like, like I said, I've got kind of two themes that I'm doing here. And that introduces a whole lot more when you're trying to grow two different kind of channels, two different audiences, two different brands all at the same time, versus just

Unknown Speaker 10:00
One. So whatever that is that you're most passionate about, again, you know, even if it's something niche, right, like you think most people won't like it or you know, appreciate it, that I guarantee you, there is an audience out there that will find you, if you're passionate, you, you know, produce this stuff consistently. And you're going to get people that reach out to you, and thank you that you actually create this stuff, that's probably the coolest thing that I've, you know, gotten from creating all of this and from starting kind of this whole project and kind of this just new way of life. And so it's just the amount of people that when I see them in person, they're so thankful, you know, they come up and they're just like, Man, you know, that that's, you know, that training you did on this was, you know exactly what I needed to hear or you know, I shared this with somebody and you know, it got them to be able to join the company. Just those types of stories is really what it you know, kind of encourages me It motivates me to keep going. And so you know, again, pick what you're passionate about, pick what you want to do, because really if you don't like to do it, you're not

Unknown Speaker 11:00
Not going to be consistent with it, this is a lot of work to create all of this content this consistently, in addition to everything else that you may have going on, right, like I've got a family, you know, I've got a real estate sales business, I actually still sell homes. So you gotta, you know, again, like what you're going to do so that way you will be excited to create this type of content, like when I have Monday and Tuesday, I'm excited to actually create this content and and share it with people and then see the results of it. So Alright, so that being said, Guys, we're going to go ahead and jump right in kind of to the numbers here and do a little screen share there so you can see this here. So the first thing that I want to show you is my my blog post here, and so this is my website, Kyle Handy calm, as you can see, not a whole lot of traffic again, before about July of this year. You know, most of this was I had my real estate website. And you know, there was some traffic

Unknown Speaker 12:00
People on there that were, you know, searching properties or whatever. But for the most part, you can see here that this is when I started creating content and putting it on my blog. So this is starting back in July. This is a weekly number, right? So like for the week of June 30, through July six, I had 43 people come on to my website, 43 users, right. And then as I started to add more and more posts, like the next week was a 189. And then 162. So it was all in the hundreds. Well, now, not only, I mean, it's only been six months. And you look at this, like you know, last week, I had almost 1000 people on my website alone, that's huge. Within six months to have that I've published I checked it out. If we look here, I've published 59 posts on my website. So you know, at this point, I'm at 59 posts. This right here is only the last two days of activity. So it's only at two

Unknown Speaker 13:00
148 so far for this week, but even still, like, I mean, you know, look at these just you can see that where it's trending up and up and up. And from that, you know, you might be thinking, Well, you know, what's so important about getting people to your website? Like, what is even the purpose of all of this? Well, you know, a couple things, one, as far as you know, where it relates to agent attraction. So what I would say that it's helped me the most so far building this personal brand, is it gives me a lot of credibility. And so when I reach out to people, or if, you know, I find them on social media, they may not have found me yet. You know, they're probably not one of these thousand people that come to my website just yet. But then if I say, Hey, you know, you know, I'm a real estate agent, you know, this is some of the stuff that I've done, and then they kind of go scope me out or look me up. I feel like they're a little bit more warm to speaking with me with regards to agent attraction or whatever it might be right because they can see that yes, I'm ready.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
XP realtor, but I also give back to the real estate community in general. And so it kind of opens up that dialogue a little bit easier for me. So that's one big benefit, I would say for myself. The other big benefit is for my organization, right, my team, the agents that I have working in my organization, they can now say, Hey, you know, I'm associated with Kyle, like, he puts out a ton of stuff, you know, this is the type of stuff that you can expect to receive when, you know, when you join the company like this is just kind of the culture and collaboration that we have. And so they share that information, but only they share it but a lot of my agents are also those agents that are watching my content. They're watching these videos right now. And so they're starting to learn things that's helping them in not only their sales business, but also their agent attraction business, which all together again, helps me you know, being at the top of the revenue share for that organization. And so, you know, it's just one of those things like coming from contribution and

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Truly caring about the people, you know, in putting out good content that really will help people, I think that is what is so important. It's like, again, people see what you do. And, you know, in, in this case, you know, they want to, you know, do the same thing, or they want to, they're encouraged to grow more. And because of all that, again, my organization at the XP has grown pretty quickly, it's helped me to also get you know, more personals because of just what I've created, and the people that see that I do give back. And so those are two of the big reasons. But then in addition to that, and this is just kind of starting, is, I have had one agent in Florida that I guess, you know, came across all of my information, you know, went on one of my YouTube videos where I put a link to my join page for ESP and I did have an agent that just signed up without ever having even a conversation beforehand with him. Now I imagine that into the future that'll occur more and more frequently, but it

Unknown Speaker 16:00
It does take a while to build that, I wouldn't say that that is going to be anything that you can expect to reasonably start earning in the first six months to a year unless you just absolutely crush it with content creation and getting your audience up. But literally, I mean, at this point, I've got 1000 people coming to my website, every single week, and I had one person so far join up, and I called him afterwards I said, Hey, you know, Kyle Handy here, what's going on? I want to be here like, why, you know, did he put my name? Was it an accident? Was it a mistake, and ensure enough? No, he said, No, I've just been following your stuff on YouTube. I really like what you're doing. You know, I didn't have anybody else that, you know, has been telling me about the XP so when they asked me who I wanted to join under, I put your name. And so, you know, again, that's just starting, but there's a lot of, I wouldn't say a lot. There's a few agent attractors here at the company that are influencers, public influencers, I'd say you know, via YouTube via social media, whatever their niches and if you look at the like you XP just published a two by

Unknown Speaker 17:00
20 report where it shows all of the agents who've attracted more than two agents this year. And then it shows, you know, between two and nine shows between 10 and 19. And then it shows agents that have personally attracted 20 or more agents to their front line. And the agents that I know that are, you know, YouTube influencers that are on Instagram, they are all over 20 plus personals, and so there's got to be something there, that that makes it so right. And so, again, they're even further ahead of me, as far as how many subscribers they've got on YouTube, how many, you know, followers they've got on Instagram, but heading that way, right. And I would encourage if there's anybody that is watching this that, you know, that is willing to put in the work that's willing to kind of, you know, delay the gratification because again, I you know, you don't see a ton of the, the actual fruits of your labor for a little while, but if this seems like something that you can be consistent with and you'd be passionate about, I can definitely tell you that

Unknown Speaker 18:00
You know, it will pay off two to three to four or five years from now, once you realize that you've now built a personal brand, and there's all sorts of other ways that, you know, eventually, I or anybody else that wants to get into this will be able to monetize it, right? Like right now I'm just looking at it for, you know, potential agent attraction benefits. But eventually, once I build a big enough audience, there's all sorts of things that I can do, right? I could start, you know, selling training courses, I could start you know, putting merchandise out there, right. Like, there's so many different ways that you can monetize it. I'm not even taking advantage of, you know, any kind of ad revenue. My YouTube channel, it's not monetized. My blog is not monetized. I don't have any ads or anything like that. Everything that I do at this point is completely free, right? I don't charge for anything. The only thing I do have is a Patreon Patreon channel that if somebody chooses to want to donate to they can. And so you know, I've got about 25 patrons. Thank you so much to you guys that choose to continue supporting

Unknown Speaker 19:00
My efforts and my channel and it really does mean a lot. But again, you know, the biggest thing right now is really just kind of getting my audience to a level that you know, I can start to kind of do those things with and to do that you have to do it almost free, right? Like, I mean, you can't really, you know, start putting it behind a paywall and all that stuff in the beginning because then nobody knows who you are they're not going to pay and you're not going to grow at the level that you want to grow to so Alright guys, real quick. We're about 20 minutes in Hutch want to make sure do a little check and see. Awesome. We got Yeah, we got good stuff going on in the chat on YouTube. going for a swim. I love it. Chris Mario, Rockstar, man, you're a rock star yourself. I love it. I can't tell I got Yeah, I can tell that Facebook's going I can't tell what chat is going across on a on Facebook though. So hopefully, if there's any chat maybe I'll catch it at the end of at the end of the video here. But anyways,

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Alright, so let me see here. Let's go back to Alright, so back to the numbers here so that you can kind of see here where the numbers have gone here recently. So, you know, I've got just in, you know, pretty much since I've done it, I've had about 9300 users come across my website, all right, 13,000 sessions, meaning that those 9300 users have been to the site 1300 times. So couple, you know, sessions that people come to twice, three times, whatever. But then the other thing, so that's, you know, kind of what you can see there that I wanted to show you is, here's a Google search console, this is what I use to kind of show. This shows me my organic search rankings on Google for the content that I'm putting out there. And so you can see here, this is the last three months, let's go back last six months.

Unknown Speaker 20:56
So you can see here what traffic has done and so you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:00
It's starting to spike. Now at this point, I'm getting some traction. And at this, you know, like you as of just a few days ago, Thursday, November 7, I had 1700 impressions.

Unknown Speaker 21:13
Meaning that you know, from organic searches, and you can see what the majority of my impressions are coming from.

Unknown Speaker 21:19
That's what you know, I'm showing up for on search results. And then you can see how many of those people are clicking to my website. And this is one of the big ones guys like one of the ones that I've really tried to go after is the search term XP Realty. Because as you guys may know, you know, when we used to be able to do advertisements, one of the big advertisements that I would run was for on Google, it was for ESP realty will, you know, now they took that away where we can't run any advertisements, on you know, search platforms on social media. And so, you know, I that was basically the commitment at that point. This was, you know, mid last year, late last year, that hey,

Unknown Speaker 22:00
If I, you know, we can't run ads for it, I gotta get exposed for that search term, somehow, some way. And so that's when I started putting a lot of the XP realty content out there. And just trying to grow that and now it's finally starting to come to fruition now, you know, 176 clicks, that's pretty awesome. Because out of that, you know, that's literally just, you know, in the last, what, six months right now, I can't say that it's turned into anything like outside of maybe that one person I don't know if he originally came through, you know, this, or he saw me on youtube first, but either way, it's all kind of connected. But, but as that starts to grow, you know, I will see probably a lot more people that will want to sign up because the reason why I know that is because back when I used to be able to, you know, do ads for that search term. There was a lot of people that would search that term come across my landing page or my website, they would register and I would, you know, collect information and follow up with those people and eventually they would sign up for the XP realty

Unknown Speaker 23:00
me as their sponsor, and that's how I was able to grow early on. At this point. Now, I've got to do it organically, but I do know because early on it worked that it worked now, but I just have to do it a different way. And so I can kind of start to see the benefits of that I can see these are all the search terms that people come across to come to my website now at this point. So you can see, you know, some people that just search my name, you know, different articles that I've put up, right like that XP realty versus Keller Williams article that I did, probably a few months back, that starting to get some some pretty good traffic there. So anyways, you can just see how that's starting to, you know, starting to go up there, which is pretty encouraging. I mean, you know, even back you know, six months ago, I'd maybe get 16 clicks to my website every single day, which is still pretty good right in the beginning, but now to be getting, you know, close to 100. It's a it's a good spot to be in and this is again, all organic. I mean, there's no advertising I haven't paid to promote any posts. This is literally just for

Unknown Speaker 24:00
putting out content alright so now before we jump into the YouTube's Justice Statistics, let me share with you guys so this is showing you all of the search terms that I rank for on my website Kyle Handy calm it breaks it up desktop versus mobile. So literally if you go and you search XP realty pyramid scheme right I did an article on that a while back I'm literally the number one ranked search result for that that term which is huge. I get an estimated 147 visits from that search term every single month out of 430 people that search that search term every single month.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
My name of course I'm number one for that one. What does he XP realty stand for did an article on that long time ago. I'm number one for that 38 visits per month hundred and 10. So here's the thing is like I didn't just go after the search term XP realty because even further

Unknown Speaker 25:00
One I mean, at this point, you know, if you look at that, it's so competitive that I'm still only 51st. Right? So you'd have to go through like page five on Google before you'd see my website show up for that. There's 44,000 search results every month. And I get none from that, which, again, this is just, it's

Unknown Speaker 25:19
it's estimating most of the stuff because this isn't a Google tool. This is a separate tool. I'm actually getting some search results that people are searching that and coming across my website now, it just doesn't, you know, link those two up. But the main ones that I go after you start with what they call long tail keywords, and these long tail keywords are ones that still have search volume, they're probably not as high right? They're not thousands of search volume, they're smaller, but you go after those because they're not as competitive to rank for it. And so if you do an article specifically about what you know, what does he XP realty stand for and you make your keywords be those exact words, there's gonna be a lot easier for you to rank and then once you start ranking

Unknown Speaker 26:00
On enough of these longtail keywords, it's going to allow you to be able to rank for bigger keywords. And so, you know, there's a tool that I use, it's called kW finder, which is basically stands for keyword Finder. And you basically can just type in whatever you want to type in. And like for instance, you know, if I just typed in XP Realty, it's going to give me like in here, right? The search volume for the difficulty, like 38 is pretty hard. I mean, it's possible, but it's still pretty hard, right? But like a search term, like real estate books, right, you can see here, there's a lot of volume for that, and 26. It's not as hard to, you know, to get ranked for that one. And so a tool like this, and we've talked about this in the past is something that is very helpful, especially if you want to start growing quickly, if you just put out good content, but it's not targeted to anything that people are searching for. I hate to say it, nobody's going to find that good content. And so you really have to, you know, first of all, pick the keywords that you want to

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Target and go for, that people are actually interested in searching for and then start, you know, doing your videos or doing your blogging or doing your podcast on those types of terms. That way you'll get discovered in search. And then once you have an audience and there's already people that you know, follow you, then you can start just doing things that you know, maybe people aren't searching for, but are just interesting, because you're going to already have such a big audience that they're going to watch your content no matter what. And when YouTube or when Google sees, you know, people watching stuff, they're going to push it and promote it to people. Without even you having to target a certain keyword, you're going to start showing up on people's you know, home feeds on YouTube, or you know, you're going to show up in the Apple iTunes, you know, the podcast store on the homepage, if there's enough people that are watching your stuff and so, but in the beginning, again, you got to think smaller and go after these smaller keywords. So that when you can start to you know, rank for those which will then help you rank for the bigger

Unknown Speaker 28:00
stuff later on. And so you can see here, here's, you know, Kyle Handy calm. This is they, what they rank your website is that using domain authority and page authority. It's basically like you know how many websites are linking back to your website, you know, all these kind of internal linking structures, all this type of stuff. And you can see I've been trying to build that up a couple months ago, I hired somebody to start doing backlinks for me, which has been a huge help. And backlinks are basically where they go out to other website owners and other you know, places that typically link to different websites like real estate, websites, directories, anything like that. And they start, you know, sending emails out to try and get people to link to my website because the more websites other domains that link back to my website or link back to my articles, my blog posts, the better in Google's eyes, they see as you know, me as kind of the authority. And so you can see here I mean, for the longest time I wasn't really doing much for backlinks

Unknown Speaker 29:00
I had a few but and then since I've hired somebody that does them for me pretty routinely consistently, I've got now over 100 backlinks going back to my website, which is awesome. You can see here, you know, backlinks, one backlinks lost most of the days, I'm gaining backlinks. And so it's really really helping me out. It tells me here you know, like which websites are backlinking and you can see here like, you know, YouTube is one right like that's a directory or it's like a search console and because I put my videos on YouTube, I link them back to my website, my blog, that's one of the biggest ones but all sorts of different ones right so like all these are different blogs and websites that that link back to my to my different to my actual Kyle Handy. com website. So anyways, that's kind of an overview of all of the web stuff. Now real quick, I'm going to jump in to YouTube just because again, this kind of thing helps kind of show the story because mine is a blog and mostly video. The

Unknown Speaker 30:00
podcast is just starting to really go into the numbers on that just yet. There's not many, many numbers to show for. But if you see here, so like back in, here we go. So this is Oh, alright, so this is my agent attractors video. And the reason why I'm going to show you this one is I can't switch accounts right now because I'm live on this channel. If I switch accounts, I'm afraid to like break the live feed. And I don't want to do that. But you can see my analytics for this channel here. So again, I started this channel, right around September 1.

Unknown Speaker 30:33
And so you can see that you know, I published now even though I started in September, what I did was I already had a bunch of videos like I said, they were all on my Kyle Handy channel. So what I did is I unpublished, the videos on my Kyle Handy channel, I took them down, and then I, you know, uploaded all of those videos, that content that I created from that channel on to my agent attractors channel. So you can see here I literally published 20 videos.

Unknown Speaker 31:00
In that one day to my agent attractor, so I had a big push right at the beginning. Plus, you know, I already had some kind of a built in audience at this point, because, you know, I just told people like, Hey, this is what I'm doing. You know, I used to put everything to this Kyle Handy channel, but now if you want to be you know, seeing the agent tractor stuff, you need to go over to this new channel. And so I you know, I already kind of had a an audience, but it still wasn't big, right? I've been building it as I go, doing basically a video a week. And so you can see what that's transpired to, for YouTube. Like, you know, now I'm averaging about, you know, anywhere from I'd say, like 80, but it's going up, right, like back here is a lot smaller. And this is only two months later, it's already starting to significantly go up. There's always a spike on Tuesday, which is of course, the day we do the live stream. I do have intentions to start adding additional content out here onto this channel outside of just what I'm doing live. That's really my my goal moving forward. Now that I kind of have more of my systems.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
That up is to do one live video a week and one published video per week where it's like edited outside of, of doing it live on youtube, but already, you know 200 subscribers you know, that's a lot quicker than it took me that it took me to get to 200 subscribers on my Kyle Handy channel. But that being said, I did pull a screenshot because I knew that I wouldn't be able to show you the analytics for Kyle Handy. And so I've got my screenshot here, this is my Kyle Handy

Unknown Speaker 32:31
channel as far as the analytics here. So you can see here what's kind of been interesting is this was back when I put my three videos right in February. And you know, it really you know, I didn't really grow much over the time I added quite a few more videos towards the end of the year. But then remember, I didn't get 100 subscribers all the way until like later you know, in February of 2019. And so you can see there just kind of how my traffic is gone and then it was going up. I was getting a lot of

Unknown Speaker 33:00
Good stuff coming in, then that's when I basically decided to separate my channel out here. And so I took all of my agent attraction content down and made it just sales. And I moved everything over to agent tractors for ESP stuff. And so then obviously, it was like that that momentum kind of died off, it went down. And then no now because now I know what my channel is, it's all sales focused. It's really starting to kind of build back up and so but I feel like even though it kind of took a step back, I'm glad I did it then, you know, earlier on, versus, you know, waiting and kind of doing it the wrong way. Because from everything that I've seen, again, you want to keep your YouTube channel as focused as possible. It's a little bit different than a blog, like a blog, I can create different categories of content. So you know, that might you know, my blog can be a hub for all sorts of different types of content, whereas a YouTube channel

Unknown Speaker 34:00
Because there's not really, you know, an easy way to kind of distinguish your content, it's going to hurt you if you have different themes within your one channel just because, I mean, imagine it like you know, if you're doing ESP information, you have agents that just care about their sale, you know, your sales training. And so whenever you do an XP one, you know, YouTube promotes it says it puts it on the homepage, like, hey, Kyle published a new video, but then they see that the topic is, you know, XP, Realty, Agent attraction, I'm not going to watch that. Well, that signals to YouTube that oh, well, maybe that video is not that good, right? Like, they're not even clicking on it, that click through rate goes down. Whereas if you have the same content, whenever it goes to that person, you know, and they're a subscriber to you, and then they click on it because they liked that content, you know that that's why they subscribe to your channel. It signals due to the Hey, this, this content is good, you know, we're serving it to the subscribers, the subscribers are clicking on it, they're watching it. And so anyways, that's why again, you want to keep that as

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Consistent two is a similar theme as possible. Oh, and that that also goes to speak with you know, I also took all my blog content down, I used to put, like my family vlog stuff on the same channel, man, I literally had it all in one. And I've now separated that out as well because same thing, right? Like, you put a vlog up there and it doesn't do well or you know, it's just a different audience doesn't make sense. So those would be my best practices as far as making sure to keep your channel as consistent as possible with blogs, you know, outside of YouTube, if you're just creating content again, you can be a little bit more putting, you know, a couple different types of themes in there as long as you have it categorized properly.

Unknown Speaker 35:40
But and then even st Same thing with my podcast as I have two different ones. I'm not going to lump those together. So I'm not going to make that same mistake again. But at this point, guys, I'm telling you, it's just encouraging to see these numbers to really start to see them grow. I continue to plant you know, I plan to continue just doing you know free content, at least for the foreseeable future. At least under the

Unknown Speaker 36:00
Six months to maybe a year, I might try and come out with some kind of, you know, like a course, maybe that that I could put out there and charge for if I wanted to. But you know, consistently doing free content is something that I think you have to do, at least for the first couple of years, to be quite honest, from what I see from, you know, other people that are doing this type of work. And then again, if you want to come up with a course or something like that, you can monetize that. But or, you know, you can also try and figure out a way that you start to monetize it other ways. And so for me, like I say, it just gets me into relationship and gets me into dialogue with people and so I'm able to monetize it through the revenue share opportunity and the XP and, and that's enough for me right now, you know, I think I feel like that's a huge opportunity. It's something that you know, there's even if I could charge $300 for a course and you know, get a few people to sign up for it. Like that type of money is not as powerful as the money that we have the opportunity to obtain at the XP through revenue share. So

Unknown Speaker 37:00
I just share those numbers again, I'll continue to kind of maybe come back, do another revisit of the numbers as I'm going maybe a year in, so you can kind of see like, what the progress is. But if you're just considering kind of starting out and getting into this, I definitely encourage it, but you really got to make sure and you ask yourself, like, Can I be consistent? You know, am I passionate about it? You know, in really do I have the time to do it, right, because that's the other big thing is it does take a lot of time, I would say that, you know, it probably between, you know, creating the content, and most of the content I created this time is live. So this stuff doesn't even take that long to create, but just the organization of it, kind of you know, the promotion of it, everything all together at this point probably takes me 15 or so hours per week.

Unknown Speaker 37:48
And so now I do have a plan to that'll probably get a little bit more efficient as I'm starting to get you know, more proficient with it. And in being able to, you know, do the same thing consistently over and over, you start to get really

Unknown Speaker 38:00
good at it and it doesn't take quite as long but definitely in the beginning I'd say you know you need to account for maybe if you're not doing two channels maybe you know 10 hours, seven hours, eight hours a week something like that. And if you don't have that then you know I would say probably you don't want to even start getting into it because if you just start it and then don't keep it going, it's not going to be effective. So anyways guys, well cool. Let me I'm going to jump real quick into the chat here. Let me see if I've missed anything. And

Unknown Speaker 38:30
we'll switch back to here to this There we go.

Unknown Speaker 38:34
All right. Let's look in the streaming chat. So Kyle, love the layout of your site if you're willing to share, is it just a WordPress site? If not, where did you create it? Yeah, Ryan, great question. So it is a WordPress site. I use a theme called Thrive Themes, th ri ve themes. I was able to set it up myself basically just went out got GoDaddy hosting, and, you know in you know, upload

Unknown Speaker 39:00
The thrive theme to it. And I've just been, you know, putting content on it ever since, you know, and that's the biggest thing is like, I will say that I got caught up in the weeds big time early on trying to get my formatting of the website and all that kind of stuff, right. And I will admit, I mean, it is important, right? People come to the website, and they see the, the layout and they like it, and it's important, but I'll tell you, it's not nearly as important as creating the content, keyword rich, you know, long tail keywords, key phrases, like that type of stuff is the most important. You can have the prettiest looking website. But if you don't have you know, good keyword rich content that you know, is something that people search for and you can rank for, then it won't matter. And so, you know, I like Thrive Themes just because it allows me the opportunity to put

Unknown Speaker 39:48
kind of like, you know, pop ups and ways to you know, get email subscribers to my list. I do like that, which actually reminds me as far as email subscribers

Unknown Speaker 40:00
You know, at this point I'm getting about anywhere from six to 10 email subscribers on my website every day. So again, out of that hundred or so people that visit my website every single day, I'm getting about six to 10 that sign up for my email list, which I think is extremely important as well. I'm not capitalizing yet as much on my email list as I probably should or could. But I do have people that are signing up, right, I've got a couple different calls to actions, you know, they want the XP information, I can send them a guide about it, but they want you know, real estate sales information, I got a guide I can send on that. I've got a couple different giveaway things that people sign up on my email list for and so from that, you know, I'm just building up kind of people that are willing to subscribe to me on email, which truly at the end of the day, that's what this is really all about. And what's really important about it because YouTube, Apple podcasts, you know, all this type of stuff. I mean, they could change their policies, they could change the algorithm and

Unknown Speaker 41:00
You kind of could lose all the traction you've built up. Whereas an email list again, these are people that are subscribing to your audience, you own that email list, right? That's something that you have. And when you have thousands of people on that list, you know, it's powerful. And so at this point, again, six to 10 per day, that starts to add up pretty quickly. And so you know, eventually, when I come across things that maybe I want to sell or monetize, or whatever I can do that I can send it out to my email list. And typically, those people are a little bit more interested in what I had to offer. And, and so it's just a good way to kind of safeguard against anything else. And it's also just a good way to kind of diversify and have multiple different ways that you can reach people. Even though a lot of people think like, oh, email is a dying source, I promise you it's not I still get routinely about 30% of people to open, whatever I send, and I get about 6% of people to click on whatever link that I'm sending. And so, you know, if I send it to 2000 people, which is kind of about where my email list size is right now, you know

Unknown Speaker 42:00
That's over 100 people that click on the link and go and do whatever it is that I'm asking of that email and and I get even more than that, that actually open the email and read it. So anyways, I just wanted to throw that out there, Ryan, I hope that helps you get Thrive Themes, it's about maybe 200 bucks, I think, to buy that theme for WordPress. And then of course, we're, you know, hosting is pretty cheap, 10 bucks a month or something like that. So, hope that helps. That would be a good video, or that's probably a pretty long one, I might even have to make that one of my first courses on how to set it all up. Because again, I mean, that does take quite a while.

Unknown Speaker 42:38
But, but it's not anything too difficult where you know, somebody who doesn't have, you know, computer, you know, coding kind of knowledge can't do like you don't have to know all that to be able to use WordPress and install a theme. Literally if you have any kind of computer skills, you know at all like you're used to using a computer, you can probably create your own website. They make it

Unknown Speaker 43:00
Pretty simple today. So anyways, let me check here, I'm going to go to Facebook real quick. And see if I've missed any chat there. I usually got more chat on facebook, so I'm gonna jump in there. But if you're watching on YouTube and you got any things that you want to ask, feel free to put it into the chat. If you're watching this video later, and you've got a question after you've seen all this, definitely put into the comments. I will ask if you're watching this on YouTube, if you're watching on Facebook, put the thumbs up button hit that if you're getting value out of this, it definitely helps the YouTube algorithm pick kind of you know, my videos and share those with other people. And so that really would help me out if you're getting any kind of value out of it. Commenting actually helps out as well. So if you get you know anything, even if it's not a question, if you're just happy to be watching this stuff, you know, please You know, put that in a comment. And then if you're not already subscribed to my channel, make sure that you go subscribe. So if you're on you, if you're on Facebook watching this and you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel because that's where again, I have all of my friends

Unknown Speaker 44:00
Past content uploaded to just go to agent attractors and and you can, you know, get my channel there. You can also search the podcast I Apple podcasts. It's also on Spotify podcasts for agent attractors and you'll be able to see my podcast as well. So that's kind of a new thing. But let's see here as I'm going to.

Unknown Speaker 44:22
Let's see, I'll pull up

Unknown Speaker 44:25
my Kyle Handy page here.

Unknown Speaker 44:31
All right.

Unknown Speaker 44:36
Okay, cool. We do have some comments. Great. Mark Longoria. Excellent info As always, thank you. You're welcome, man. Glad to see you always on here. Alfonso? Congrats on 200. Yeah, that was a huge milestone, guys. I just hit 200 agents in my organization here at XP. And so I'll tell you guys I'm super blessed. You know, I would have never expected to be at this point this quickly. It took me four years to get to 15 agents.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
When I had my independent brokerage so literally in you know two and a half years to be at 200 agents at the XP that you know I earn kind of a residual income from it is just mind blowing so really thank you guys for all that the play beer pong on that table behind you you know it Philip but only when you're over here man only when you're over here I wouldn't play without you. Let's see alright so I don't see anything else as a comment but I don't see for so maybe I'm missing something here but anyways guys good morning Tim power Good to see you on here. Let's see there's gotta be a way that I can move I gotta click on this video here. There we go. Let's turn that off.

Unknown Speaker 45:38
All right now I still don't see it. So anyways, well guys that that's going to wrap it up. I don't have much more. But again, if you got any more comments or questions, you know, please put them in the chat. I'm happy to check them out there and, and respond to you at that point. But, but again, thanks for everything that you guys are doing. You know you guys kind of give me the inspiration to keep this going. I'm not

Unknown Speaker 46:00
Usually a consistent person, like where I can literally just, you know, keep something going routinely without missing. And because of, you know, the audience because of the comments and the feedback I get. It's truly why I keep this stuff going. And so, really, thank you so much. I'll see you guys tonight. Hopefully, we do a XP overview every Tuesday night at five o'clock, Central Standard Time, you can go register at Tuesday, executive overview, calm, myself and Curtis Dixon do the presentation. If you've never been to it, we spend about half the time about 30 minutes doing a live demo of all of the XP, tools and systems that we give out as far as like KB core, the world, all that good stuff. And then the other half is explaining the business model, how it works, revenue, share stock, splits, the you know, all that kind of stuff we go over takes about an hour so it's from five to six Central Standard Time, and then we stay on for about another 2030 minutes. We do test

Unknown Speaker 47:00
ammonius we answer questions live there on the spot, it takes place on zoom. And so literally, if you just go to Tuesday, executive overview calm, if you sign up, you put your name your email in there, it's going to email you a link that you can join at five o'clock this evening and you'll be able to come in and see the presentation, you can either you know, you don't have to be any XP agent. Most of the time, there's a lot of non XP agents there, that's what we put the the deal on for. But if you're an XP agent, even if you don't have a guest that you're inviting, just come on there, you know, support it be there, you'll probably learn a thing or two, you'll hear how to present and then maybe you'll know what you can invite people to for the next time. So anyways, guys just encourage you to start trying to attend those because again, we get a lot of people that watch these Monday and Tuesday masterminds that I don't see on Tuesday executive overview, so make sure trying to attend those as much as you can. I think it's a really encouraging thing to be to hear a lot of different testimonials each night. And so it's just good.

Unknown Speaker 48:00
stuff to be a part of every single week so alright, well I think that's going to end it guys I appreciate everybody for jumping on here. Oh let me see here I'm missing more stuff Aj mighta You the man, man we got to get back there to Puerto Rico man I keep seeing you guys looking like having a good time out there. Awesome. I'm a little behind on the video but WordPress site thrive theme top notch content. Awesome. Amber, good to see you. I hope you're staying warm up there. I know it's probably snowing where you're at. Which it's actually kind of funny. I kind of want to see some some snow here but they said we might get some early this week but I haven't seen it this so far. Christopher t arena, shave your face. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 48:41
Back from our island days, and we weren't allowed to have any kind of facial hair there. So good stuff there, my man. All right, guys. Good stuff. guys. I hope you all have a wonderful week is good seeing everybody on the call this morning. And we'll talk to you next week. Bye.

Kyle Handy

Kyle Handy is a real estate agent, team leader, coach, & mentor to real estate agents all over the country. Kyle focuses on social media, tech tools, and system automation to help agents scale their business and create consistency of closings.

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