How To Fill Out A Buyer Representation Agreement Texas |

How To Fill Out A Buyer Representation Agreement Texas

Today, I share how to fill out a Buyers Representation Agreement in Texas.

If you are a new agent, one of the first real estate documents you'll likely have a client fill out is a buyer representation agreement.  This document protects both you and the client.  It ensures that the agent is a fiduciary of the client and that the client will work exclusively with the agent for a period of time.

This is my process every time that I start working with a new buyer client.

I will not show homes after the first meeting if they have not signed a buyers representation agreement with me. I've heard of too many instances of agents not receiving compensation or just plain wasting their time by not getting this document signed.

Not only will you be protected as a real estate agent but you will also find out quickly who is serious about buying a home versus who is just looking to take up your time with seeing homes.

Even if you are unable or decide to not have this form be filled upon your first meeting with your new clients, be sure they fill out an Information About Brokerage Services document as this is a Texas Real Estate Commission requirement.

If you'd like more information about representing buyers, check out my full buyer consultation process.

Follow along with me step-by-step as I go through the Buyer's Representation Agreement for Texas in the below video.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions to add to the video.  

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