How To Present The eXp Realty Business Model with Gene Frederick

Gene Frederick explains how he presents the eXp Realty business model to prospective agents. He compares the traditional brokerage model vs eXp Realty's model through the use of analogies and stories. He shares how he DOESN'T get objections with how he explains the business model.

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"Making Real Estate Fun Again" - Gene Frederick

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We're going to talk about family. They interviewed 90 year olds. Okay. They interviewed 90 year olds. I remember reading this in a book and they said they regret three things. It actually these three things come up to the top for 90 year olds.

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Guess what the first one was?

Unknown Speaker 0:18
I should have celebrated more.

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Write it down. I should celebrate more. I just got back from 10 days in Breckenridge with my family. I got news for you. I'm celebrating as much as I can every single day. Right? What is the same that I've had now for four years at this company? We're going to make what?

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guys, I have attracted more people to this company by saying that start with that. Are you having fun in real estate and watch their reaction? How many minutes In the business longer than five years, raise your hand. A lot of people right 10 years Keep it up. 1520 3035 right. Me and Tucker and Linda. So and Dave 35 years I've been in the business in 1986. My buddies at REMAX told me it would never work. I had the first car phone at REMAX. It wasn't called a cell phone in 1986 was called a car phone because you put it where? In your car. I paid $1,000 a month 1986 and my REMAX buddy says that will never work.

Unknown Speaker 1:45
Guess what?

Unknown Speaker 1:48
Didn't work. How many people in here don't have a cell phone.

Unknown Speaker 1:54
Right? Can we not live without it? Isn't this you guys? What's this reaction

Unknown Speaker 2:10
Isn't it crazy?

Unknown Speaker 2:12
1986 they said it never work. 1978 1978 I'm just out of college Arizona State University. anybody anybody know Arizona State grads? Well, I did graduate. So in 1978 my first job out of college was I wanted to follow my dad into banking. So I was a banker. And I was up in Flagstaff, Arizona. Am I you never heard the stories and but the My my, the guy was probably my age at the time, right? It's late 70s He goes, let me show you this thing. It will never work. He showed me the first ATM.

Unknown Speaker 2:48
In Arizona.

Unknown Speaker 2:51
The first ATM he says it'll never work because everybody wants to go in and see the one Tyler

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You guys are going to hear this over and over again. The major reaction I've had since I started here four years ago, is I need a community. And I need my office.

Unknown Speaker 3:13
I go Excuse me?

Unknown Speaker 3:16
Do you use an ATM? Do you even go into your bank anymore? And they go, No. Can I go? It's coming.

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So that's why people like me new. Have you ever heard read the book from Malcolm Gladwell called blink, write it down blink. And in that book by Malcolm Gladwell, he talks about the fact that if you've been doing something for a long time doesn't matter. I've been doing real estate for 31 years when I found this model. My blink was it's going to work.

Unknown Speaker 3:48
For years ago, at this time, we had 400 agents.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
We were in about 25 states and I didn't know what EXP stood for right? We didn't know. But my blink was, which were four guys. It's hard for women. You guys got it down. It's called women's intuition. You have a gut. You have a gut feeling that something's for guys. It's a long time happening. Right? I grew up with brothers. You know, we don't have the blink very often when I saw it, Glenn goes, we have stock he and he goes, we have stock as it How much is it? It was 12 cents a share. And I said, We'll wait. Is it real? And he goes, yes. And I said, so we all can have it. He goes, everybody's going to have it. You get some on your first closing. You get someone you cap, you get someone you sponsor an agency. So we're all going to have stock and he goes goes, I see Glenn, you change the industry. I said it four and a half years ago when I met Glenn, you've changed in the wind. I said nobody has stock. If Gary Keller would have given me stock in 1994 when I joined KW, I'd still be there. If Dave Lineker would give me stock in 1986 when I joined REMAX, I'd still be there. Don't be What do we do for a living we sell what homes? Is that? Not ownership? If you own Coca Cola stock, how much Pepsi Do you drink? Right? ownership is everything. We're selling ownership for a living. Right? When Susan, I moved to Austin, in 2009, we rented for five years for the first time in our lives. When we rented Susan painted nothing. For five years, she looked at that house as if what? It wasn't hers. We built a brand new home four years ago in Austin, the first thing she did, it was brand new. She picked out all the colors. What's the first thing she did, Carol? she painted the dining room. Right, because it's what hers? ownership is everything I told Glenn at 12 cents a share. You've changed the industry because we all own it together. It's a difference maker. There's not been an article written about us yet by the way. Have any of the periodicals I've had that have talked like me today? Have they? They just don't get it. It's okay. It's okay. Let them stay in their world. Somebody asked me today How do you do an elevator speech? You guys got your elevator speech down. Here it is. Just so you know, I'll give you an elevator speech. Really, really quick.

Unknown Speaker 6:23
Everyone in the industry since I've been in it,

Unknown Speaker 6:27
who makes money off the top?

Unknown Speaker 6:30
The broker, the owner, I tell them doesn't matter what company I was with. I was with a small company in the beginning. Then I went to REMAX and I went to realty executives and I went to KW. All of those models had money coming off the top and they gave it to who? The owners, there's owner models, even if you're with a big independent, who makes money off the top on every deal, the owner. I said I've been dealing with that model forever. When I met Glenn, the blink was he goes gene, it's not going to be owner driven. It's going to be agent driven. There's your There's your elevator speech. So when I meet anybody in they go, what's the difference? I said, the difference is all the models I've ever been within the industry have been owner driven. And now I'm in a model where it's agent driven. We get money off the top. Which one do you all like as an agent? owner driven? Say, yes. Agent driven screen. Okay, that's my elevator speech. And then I go into and I said, where the first ever it because, you know, I run into people all the time, that have never heard about the XP on on. I'm traveling all the time. Now, you know, on airplanes, who are you? And I said, Oh, it's really cool. We're the first national broker with no bricks and mortar. I said, it's kind of like Netflix. And they go cool. That's my elevator speech. They go tell me about it. And I said, we have a disruptive technology, write it down, disruptive technology. If you've ever watched What is that one where Mark Cuban's on all the time? Shark Tank? If you ever watch Shark Tank, they talk about disruptive technology. It's a word it was invented in the late 90s. Because if there's a disruptive technology is a technology that totally destroys another industry. Really, I was here almost a year and a half before I found out the word disruptive technology and then I started using I go, because they'll say is it a disruptive technology? What destroyed blockbuster? Tell me what was the What was it? That's the company but what was the disrupted? streaming video? streaming video? There's your There's your There's your script. With streaming video, all of a sudden, everybody could sit around in their PJs and what? eight bucks a month dudes. You know, whoa, binge watching. I thought binge will only had to do with drinking but now it's binge watching. I go over to my kids And they go let's watch Game of Thrones for eight hours. I go Boy, you guys are awesome. How do you do this? I think I've been watched once. Because to me and with my personality wouldn't be good, right? I'd be stuck in there all weekend. So here's what I want you to understand. What's our disruptive technology? verb ela write it down verb Bella. Verb Ella. Right? You have to give them basics nobody understands us because we're Bella gave us the opportunity. By the way we've had like three different for Bella's before for Abella. But what Glenn understood is he says Jean somehow I've got to get rid of this all these bricks and mortars but still have a community. Right? I look really good as an avatar. Dang, I'm good looking. I look like my son again. I look I looked at my son The other day I said you need to get a new avatar dude cuz I you know hey, I'm 30 years old again, as awesome. So again, let's do basics. See, because what you guys don't know, is you can you can be the expert of our whole industry by just what I gave you today. All right, broker driven, Agent driven. It's real simple. I start from the basics because they go, and if they start doing all the objections that Bob did with you, just so you know, I don't have objections.

Unknown Speaker 10:34
Because I explain it right the first time.

Unknown Speaker 10:38
I'm serious about this. I don't get objections because I'm just like, Bob, I shut up and ask a lot of questions. But I don't have objections because I'm actually explained it in a way. I think I've been doing this for four years. I took me three years to get my presentation down by the way, what before I joined the XP four years ago? How am I going Going to explain this to people that have been in a top down model all their lives as anybody been an agent model besides us. I'm looking, you know why none of you have because you've come from owner driven models doesn't really matter if it's a franchise or not, because if they're an independent, they still get money off the top and they tell you what to do. And where are you in the in the in the chain? Right. There's the owner, the manager, another manager, the broker and you're down here at the bottom making the money for who? The owner when Glenn showed me this, George and I, he said, we're going to build this company with agents. I went, I didn't understand it. I went What are you talking about agents. They don't know how to attract people. He goes, we're just going to do it. Jane Glenn's right. I'm wrong. But I was in this other model for so long, Tracy Thought he doesn't understand what he's talking about. We need leaders. I was a manager for Keller Williams. I was a regional director. He doesn't understand we need to get these people I got my notes from four years ago. He doesn't understand Glenn's the genius, right? You let agents in the game in and they'll do a better job than anybody else. Right?

Unknown Speaker 12:24
You guys we get in the game, because not awesome. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:29
Here's what we're going to talk about. Anybody got a clean x or some I do this every time. If you guys ever seen me speak I've always asking for clean access. Okay. Once you're all Hawes from what I just talked about, I've only been talking for a few minutes. Give me some blood. disruptive technology, write it down. You can seem like an expert. When you use that word, it's amazing. I you know we have a disruptive technology. Well, what is that? Well, you guys, you guys can go in and get your answers right away, can't you? And you ask him you would No, no, no, I got to get in the car. I got drive to the office. I gotta meet the broker. I gotta make sure they're there. Right? But in ours, boom, you're in, get your questions answered. Don't you think that's the way things are going now? How many people like to wait?

Unknown Speaker 13:20
Raise your hand for anything.

Unknown Speaker 13:26
Just a couple things.

Unknown Speaker 13:28
Okay. disruptive technology good. What else? ownership is everything write it down. ownership in life is everything to me. It really is because it gives you By the way, I didn't even say the 90 year olds what they what they regret. Did I give you one? Most of the women are screaming at me by now. What's the next two? What's the next to the guys are going I don't care. All right here. You gave me one. I'm good. Celebrate everything. The same The thing they regret is that they didn't risk more. Risk more. When you're 90, you went up that opportunity that I missed. Oh, you know, I've talked to people that literally I took one of our agents in Austin, his dad true story in 1980, got a phone call. His dad was working for IBM was a vice president for IBM. And he got a call from Bill, Paul and Steve. And they said, We want to meet with you and we want you to take over our company and they met in New Mexico, and they said, Bill Gates, Paul Allen. Steve, what's his name? Not Steve Jobs. Steve, the guy that owns the Los Angeles Clippers? No, no, the one that owns he was the president of Yeah. So but basically, these three young kids called him in 1980. He said we'd like you to take over our company was Microsoft.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
And his dad's alive now and his dad's No, I'm a VP at IBM. I got what I want

Unknown Speaker 15:08
risks we didn't take, right?

Unknown Speaker 15:12
The third one.

Unknown Speaker 15:16
Thank you, Julie. The third one is I when you get to be 90, you want to leave something behind. You want to leave a legacy. And there's nothing better in life than 100 years from now. And that your great great grandkids are going to repeat your name to say he changed our lives forever. Okay, I'm in this business for the legacy. I'm in this for my family. We went to anybody tell me they haven't seen me speak before. What's this? Close. What is it from where? Disney and what is it? It's a Fast Pass. Okay, I got 20 bucks for both of you. Come on up here. Come on up here. I like giving money away. There we go give 22 the guy behind you there. There we go. Okay, now.

Unknown Speaker 16:13
This is a fast one.

Unknown Speaker 16:17
I love you guys.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
So, so we, Susan, I have five kids and five grandkids. We have five kids and five grandkids. One of our kids couldn't make the trip. But we had four of our kids and all of our grandkids at Disney about three weeks ago, four weeks ago. And the reason I'm so pumped up, is you notice the picture. In fact, one of our kids was in the restroom at the time of the picture. So we have one not in there. It's like what we're taking it anyway. But do you notice there's two people that have the same outfit on? They're called VIP people at Disney World. Has anybody in here ever had a VIP at Disney World in Orlando. You have talked about I think we talked about this. You've had it awesome. Oh, there's Brian. Brian's in the picture. It's my son in law. So anyway, I got to tell you.

Unknown Speaker 17:12
It's not cheap.

Unknown Speaker 17:14

Unknown Speaker 17:16
But instead of having a fast pass, which again, you get to go in another line, right?

Unknown Speaker 17:23
But when you have the VIP, you get to go in the exit.

Unknown Speaker 17:29
And in front of the Fastpass line.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
Brian was it not cool, dude. I mean, after a while, you went. This is what I want to have my whole life like.

Unknown Speaker 17:49
And here's the coolest part about I want to tell you that's Todd's Todd kneeling down. Todd had been a VIP for nine years in Orlando. That's Kristen Kristen from San Antonio. Bye The way she graduated from the college here, in turned in there, she's been a VIP for four years. They intense I want you to listen this. They anticipated everything. Within the first half an hour. They knew all of our names. They knew the kids names. They knew the parents names. They said now we had to have two of them because we had 13 of us. And you can only have one pretend people. So we had to which was awesome, wasn't it? Because that way they could take the little kids and go to one Park and take the bigger kids and go on the roller coaster right. And they in one day, we saw 19 events in four different parks.

Unknown Speaker 18:41
If you guys ever been to Orlando

Unknown Speaker 18:45
we went in and out we went in and out of the employee entrances. We had two cars that drove us all around. Now here's here's my big takeaway. When you're selling real estate

Unknown Speaker 18:58
do people think of you as The VIP person.

Unknown Speaker 19:04
Think about it. Are you giving that VIP service? That's so doggone good? That they're telling everybody in fact, they're standing up here talking about you. Think about that. That's how I want you to run your real estate in industry with us. Is that OK with me? I want us to be known as, Oh my gosh, when I did a transaction with her, it was unbelievable. She anticipated what was going to happen wrong, right. She looked ahead. Now I got news for you, Todd and Kristen. True story. I'm glad Brian's in the room. We wanted to take them home with us. Two days, two days, and it was well worth it. And when you look up the cost of it, you will still do it, won't you Tucker, you will do it because you'll go it was worth it because the stress the stress By the way, I'll be honest Brian, Susan I we're not looking forward to spending you know, here grandparents we're going Wait, we're going to be in Orlando what a stressful it. You know, when you think about it, it's like, oh, all the meltdowns, the five year old and the three year old and the boom, boom, boom. At one time the three year old had a dress on, right? Because it was really cool. In fact, let me show you this. So awesome. Check them out. They could assign anybody knows what that means. Check them out a good design. In Japanese. That means wait a minute place. And you go find somebody who can speak Japanese.

Unknown Speaker 20:37

Unknown Speaker 20:39
this is Alice. She's three years old. And Asher, who's five but Ali, look at the pose. Look at the pose. Oh my gosh. You know, I never thought it would be so cool to meet these princesses and stuff. It was the highlight wasn't it? It was the highlight because she went oh you know When she and the parents bought her a dress, and so she was doing this frozen dance all through the park and people would stop and watch her and she's just dancing, posing. Well, after a couple hours on the way to one of the other parks, she had an accident in it.

Unknown Speaker 21:17
So cute.

Unknown Speaker 21:18
She had an accident and it just took it off and walked in the next partner underwear.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
Awesome. It was awesome.

Unknown Speaker 21:27
It was so funny. Was it not cute?

Unknown Speaker 21:32
Those memories will be with me forever.

Unknown Speaker 21:36
Brian, thank you. And his little son Lincoln. Apollo is just I don't have but it's just, it's what you want to do in life is you want to have memories that you remember forever. You want to celebrate every day you want to risk more. You want to leave a legacy. That's why we're here. They're not going to remember how much rev share you got. They really won't. They'll just know they can go anywhere in the world on grandma and grandpa Frederick

Unknown Speaker 22:11
prions okay with that.

Unknown Speaker 22:16
Here's the thing.

Unknown Speaker 22:22
I was a REMAX in the mid 80s. I thought I was at a special place because that's when REMAX was growing. I was at KW in 1994 for 21 years thought I was at a special place. This is the next special place. Okay. And if you don't understand that, you don't understand the industry. We've always been broker driven. Now we're one agent driven, not been an article written written about it yet. Haven't seen one. They keep comparing us to the old model. every article I've read for the last two years, they keep going well, yeah, they're doing as good as blah, blah, blah, as good as this and I'm going, they haven't figured out that we have a disruptive technology and we're changing the universe. Okay, there's your elevator speech. Get it down quick. By the way, if I didn't believe this, four years ago, this month, I was not joined yet. I joined at the end of April 2015. People asked me back then, I sold six offices in a region. I sold everything I built up. Try having that conversation with your wife guys. Spent 21 years building it up. We have we retired and say honey, we got to sell everything. The look I got was not good. Susan will tell you it was not a pretty situation. I said honey, I just found the thing that agents will want.

Unknown Speaker 23:57

Unknown Speaker 23:58
and it's been proven Right, a lot of people asked me Did you know what was going to work? I said, Yes. I didn't know how fast but I knew our industry had never had a change since I've been in it.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
Just different colors, different logos.

Unknown Speaker 24:16
If somebody goes from one of the broker driven models to another broken driven model, because somebody pays them just just a payment, see, even see what's happening in our industry. They go from one broker driven model to another broken driven model, the only way you will change your life as you come to us. Period. How many people have stock in here? Raise your hand.

Unknown Speaker 24:38
We're all owners. Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker 24:41
That's the difference maker. If you do nothing but take 5% of your commissions every month push the button, push the button 5% of your commissions every month and get 20% discount How much did you make on your money 20%

Unknown Speaker 24:57
get over looking at the stock price every day you just made 20%

Unknown Speaker 25:01
Alright, they haven't figured this out yet. Okay. It's not the cutest little picture. All right, here's what I want to do because I've got so many things I could tell you about Oliver, buddy. They don't understand by the way I do this. Show them out there could decide Give me your Give me your paper there. Give me your whole thing yet you bring it up here. Just bring it up here. Give me your pen to come on,

Unknown Speaker 25:22
dude. Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 25:26
Here's what I want you to do. Here's what I want you to do. Okay? How do you guys do your presentations? PowerPoint, scratch it. No PowerPoints.

Unknown Speaker 25:40
You do it on a piece of paper from now on.

Unknown Speaker 25:43

Unknown Speaker 25:45
All right. Here's what I want you to do. Linda and Dave are back there. They know they've got all my screen scribbling notes from way back when. As I said there's an owner driven model and I right owner up here. I wish I had a presentation but you can see it I right owner and I put a line Now the owner model, what do they do? They hire managers or in the franchise business, they hire regions who hire managers who hire staff. And down at the bottom is what you guys call agents. Now, I didn't really quick, but this is really, really important. If you've ever read books on how to do presentations on a napkin, there's books in the bookstore, you can get them, go get them. I put squares. The reason I put squares for everything is what's that mean? You're in a box and not an actual square. These are rectangles because he's going that's not a square that's

Unknown Speaker 26:43
a rectangle.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
But But you need to do this and I do it every time and I said every every real estate company I've been with has been tops down. And the agents on the bottom and the owners on the top and what do they get on every single deal if there was a franchise, they get a royalty or a franchise fee off the top and who does it go to? And I asked him who's it go to? And they go, Well, it goes to the owner, the region. I go, yeah, in that cool. So they take money off the top before any expenses are paid, and they give it to who? These guys. By the way, I did this to somebody, I do this to brokers all the time, because brokers love to tell you, you know, when you have brokers, they love to say, Well, you know, you don't know the business and I go, well, the second model, there's three models. The second model is not an owner driven model, guess what it is? It's client driven. And I said, Now the client driven model takes money off the top, some companies like Redfin lyst homes at 1%. Or the table buyer, we will give you money back if you work with us. So it's client driven. How long have we had those models? Forever, for 14 years, I had them in the 70s. I had them in the 80s. They were called help you sell why USA now. They're called Redfin, and they go, we're going to give money to the client first off the top two Who? The client. Cool. I said, That's not us. We're the only national company with a disruptive technology. See how quick it goes. We've gotten rid of all the bricks and mortar and we take money off the top

Unknown Speaker 28:21
and we give it to who?

Unknown Speaker 28:28
You can pick it up now you can pick it up. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:33
Okay. Is everybody

Unknown Speaker 28:34
okay with that? All right. I'm not gonna do that yet. Chuck demotic. Oops, I'm going the wrong way.

Unknown Speaker 28:41
Oh, gosh Chilton. Marty.

Unknown Speaker 28:44
Can't go backwards. Now. How do you go backwards?

Unknown Speaker 28:50
Okay, okay, we're right there.

Unknown Speaker 28:52
Okay. Where do you find Sophia lighter. Here's what I'm going to tell you.

Unknown Speaker 28:57
I try to make it simple for people. Because what they don't understand is they think we're just crazy. Because we have no bricks and mortar. Right? That's, that's how they they all of a sudden have that barrier. You don't have what we've always had. I said, Yes, we do. We have a, we have an office. I don't call it virtual. I said we have an office. Because when they tell you we don't have an office, tell them Yes, we do. You've been misinformed. Let me take you in there right now. Then you open up your and you go, I'm going to go in and show you our office right now. By the way, if I had to go see your office, where do I have to go? And they go, Well, we have to drive 20 minutes this way through San Antonio traffic. On 14. Right. And I go No, no, let me show you the office. It's the biggest misnomer I've had since I've been here in four years. They keep saying we don't have offices. I said Yes, we do. Let me show you the office. Does that help you guys? So I tell them you're either owner driven. I can do it so fast now. I mean, literally one You get this down. But what you want to do is you want to get it really good. And do it for them and hand it to them. And say, this is my outline to talk to you. This is my I have to tell you the basics of the industry, because you think we're going to, you know, if you're going to compare us to any of the franchise models, just so you know, none of them have a disruptive technology like us. Oh, yeah. My owner says that were were the most tech savvy people on earth. And I said, Well, that's good. So show me your disruptive technology. Can I go into your office right now? See, I want to use my disruptive technology, right? I don't care what else they have. Does that help everybody? I think the problem is, is nobody's taught you how to show the model. You're always worried about objections. I don't have any. By the way, if they don't want our disruptive technology or the cool things, we have ISIS, okay. Here's the three things you're going to have to have to become a really good attractor. Number one, patience. Write it down.

Unknown Speaker 31:08
It's the hardest thing. I get it all the time.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
There's no high DS in the room are there.

Unknown Speaker 31:15
There's no high drivers are there. You know, people call me all the time. I mean, hey, hey, why don't we get that person in? I want to fly Jason over to see him there. They're a big producer. And we'll fly Glenn in and then we'll fly so and so and, and they start doing all this high D stuff to me, is it Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, did they even like us? So what I want you to do is be patient. I have people that have joined us after three and a half years. So it's really hard for you guys. I know. But it's okay. If you contact somebody today, they're not going to jump tomorrow most than likely. So be patient. The second thing is, this is the big persistence. Write it down.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
If you're not persistent,

Unknown Speaker 32:04
I'll be really honest, I've been doing this for so long, so hard with Tracy and everybody and so many good times we've had here coming down and with Pat, and working our tail off. I've lost track of some of the people I talked to my first year. I'll be really blunt. And they're now with us. And I didn't follow up.

Unknown Speaker 32:26
Big ones, big ones.

Unknown Speaker 32:31
So you need to be persistent. You need to write their name down and look at it every single week. And everybody says, Well, how often should I text them all the time? Don't there is no number. You just keep texting them, Facebook in them. LinkedIn in them. Social media is the way to go. Nowadays, right? I like texting because I just like texting. Because I get back to if you send me mail and it's called through the internet it's called what? It's still mail. I haven't looked at my mail in 20 years I've not opened up an envelope in 20 years true story as Susan I do not pay the bills I don't open up mail so if you send me an email Guess what?

Unknown Speaker 33:16
I don't know but it up.

Unknown Speaker 33:19
Text me get in the real world social media. What's the big thing on social media now to go get people? Instagram, but by video, right? video is the new thing. will get what they get with the program. Everybody goes well, I don't know. I don't like what I look. I don't know what I look like. Who cares? They don't know what you look like anyway because you're not sending them anything.

Unknown Speaker 33:45
I said get a little puppet. Hello.

Unknown Speaker 33:50
You guys don't do anything. When you don't do anything. How's the results? It's guaranteed isn't it? When you don't do anything, the results are guaranteed.

Unknown Speaker 34:00
Come on guys. I don't know what I look like, oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 34:04
Look at me. I'm the best looking dude on Earth. Okay. I've always said that, you know, you guys didn't sell real estate in the 80s like David I did. I used to have to pick up people at the airport, Dave, remember? And I go and pick them up the airport. I sold in Dallas Fort Worth, they go, what do you look like? And I said, it's a cross between Richard Gere and john travolta. I said, I don't know my wife gets me confused. Sometimes he calls me john. She calls me Richard. And they and then I get the airport. I'd hold up their picture and they look at me. Okay. Your own version of reality, right? guys come across and by the way, be the VIP. I'll tell you what if I was selling real estate now, I'm not kidding you. I give them this. I'd say hi, here you go. And they go What's that and I said it's a fast pass at at Orlando in Disney World, and you're going to Feel like this this is good on the surface I'm going to give you it's just like a Fast Pass I would make up things to make them there go nobody ever did that to me

Unknown Speaker 35:09
I go You don't understand you haven't you haven't

Unknown Speaker 35:13
sold real estate through gene and Susan guys be different

Unknown Speaker 35:18
What are you guys doing? same ol same ol

Unknown Speaker 35:21
Come on.

Unknown Speaker 35:22
Have fun with it right?

Unknown Speaker 35:25
Making sense to anybody in here.

Unknown Speaker 35:30
I like it. I like it.

Unknown Speaker 35:31
I like it when I'm making sense. What's the third thing? The third thing What would I say?

Unknown Speaker 35:40
There's women in the room George there's women. Women George's said can we fight? Did you see him on TV? He was fighting for he XP. Here's my thing Number Number 33 third isn't a ask for help.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
What you're doing today?

Unknown Speaker 36:02
You know, a lot of people call me I know Brian called and said, Hey, should I go down to San Antonio? Yes. David Linda called Should I go down to San Antonio? People from out? Yes, I go, Why? Because you're asking for help. You're coming. Every single one of these events you should show up, because what are you doing? How do I do this? Please help me. And then you funneling people in the room that you can do three way calls with. Right? Guys, this is how we did it. This is how we've done it from the beginning. When I came down here for three years ago, and it wasn't it fun, Pat, remember, we're having fun, nearly boom. 20 people in the room. We didn't know what we were doing. We don't know. It doesn't matter. Right. George was with us from the beginning. It's exciting, but the thing is asked for help. Because the hardest thing we have as human beings, as we think we you know, at a certain age, we know it all right? Christmas Eve, December, Christmas Eve. He came in early December 2015. And I'll never forget he calls me says well Scott and Tracy you're out of town. He goes, can you do me a favor? I've got six or five, eight interviews. It's gotten bigger. Because it's Pat, because it's Pat. But he goes, I got eight interviews lined up literally eight in the morning at eight in the morning and nine than 1011 He goes, can you come December 24 2015. Now I live in Austin. It's about an hour and a half, two hour drive for me. And I said sure. So I take off early in the morning I get there by eight o'clock we have our first one we meet everybody. Everybody shows up. Now here's what I told him by the way. The reason I know this is a true story is on December 24. On the way home I bought Susan her Christmas present.

Unknown Speaker 37:53
Walmart was open.

Unknown Speaker 37:58
Susan loves me. She loves

Unknown Speaker 37:59
me. She loves me now.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
And then how many have joined Pat?

Unknown Speaker 38:05
Every single one? That's Pat Hayes is the reason.

Unknown Speaker 38:10
He's the reason. He asked for help. He asked for help. Right? I came down. And to this day, I don't know of a manager, recruiter, whatever you want to call them regional directors at any other company that's had eight interviews on Christmas Eve. Right? So we're different. Where you guys, here's the last thing I will say when I say not last thing, but you have to be urgent. Right? Write it down. There's got to be some type of urgency in your body. And I heard a few of the speakers and Christine was great when she mentioned my name, I like that. But no, but I was here for a couple hours and they were all they were all like, you just got to do it. But there has to be an urgency. You know, it's hard to wake up two hours early and leave at six in the morning to fly to To drive down to have an eight o'clock and then have eight in there and drive back and everybody goes, did you do that for a long time? I said not just for a couple years. Now I'm on the phone all day long. I don't do as much. I fly all around, right and do these kind of things I got in late last night from Breckenridge right. And came down today. I told him I can't miss it, but I can't be there till probably 10 or 11. He says that's okay. All right. This I'm on an urgency. here's here's the other thing I want us to do. Can we all agree for one thing? This is Team EXP. All right. It's not my my rev share team and yours yours. It's Timi XP, can we agree on that? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
The second thing I want you to do?

Unknown Speaker 39:45
Yeah. The second thing I want you to do if you read the who sent me tribal leadership was EU Bob. Did you send me tribal leadership? Your meeting with him next year, co he wrote, he wrote tribal leadership get the book. It's about 10 years old, but it's funny. them in their tribal leadership shows here Kara. hold that for me. I can't Can you know what I don't know what tribal leadership is this? Basically, when he studied businesses and employees, some people really hate it. You know, there's about three or 4% of the people that you're going to watch out for it, you're wherever you work because they might bring a gun. Okay? Then there's about 25% of the people that hate going to work. Right? There's 25% of the people and you might know some in your family, that every time you meet with them, and every day they complain about what they're doing. Okay, this is real, then there's about 30% of the people.

Unknown Speaker 40:45
Okay, well, that actually.

Unknown Speaker 40:50
They, they they know that the company is a good place and they talk about we, we are going to do that. We talked about it this week, right? It's a wee thing with us. Well, here's what I want to do. Do I want to go to the very top? There's only 4% of the companies, they found out the United States did this? What's your mission? In other words, 4% of the companies they are, we're doing it TXB. But there's a higher vision, here's my higher vision. We're going to change agents lives forever. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 41:23
Let's start it now.

Unknown Speaker 41:26
change agents lives forever. I'm in the changes. I everybody in this room, I want you to make two to three to $4,000 a month for the rest of your life and the rest of your kids lives and the rest of your kids lives. would that change? Would they remember you? Would that be a legacy?

Unknown Speaker 41:41
That's what what I'm doing.

Unknown Speaker 41:46
And they don't get it yet. Now, there's not gonna be an article written about that changing lives. If we all agree that that should be the higher purpose. Right. We're doing it together, but it's a high higher purpose. You'll never steal somebody from somebody else would you? Because you wouldn't care. Because as long as they come DXP

Unknown Speaker 42:11
we're changing their lives.

Unknown Speaker 42:15
Is that OK with you guys? Let's start it today.

Unknown Speaker 42:22
making real estate

Unknown Speaker 42:23
fun again, changing lives forever. making real estate fun again, changing lives forever. If it's a mantra,

Unknown Speaker 42:32
we're going to talk different than everybody else.

Unknown Speaker 42:36
We're just going to talk different.

Unknown Speaker 42:38
I really and here's the other thing. What what am i three things? patients? What's the second one? What's the third thing? Very simple. Make your triangle whatever. You've got to be patient. Because here's what happens. I have some of my best friends in the industry. I've been in the business 31 years when I started here. I've been in the business 35 years now that I still see it. Other companies that I want them to be with us? I love them. They're some of my best friends. They're still at the other company. Do you know how hard that hurts? But yeah, because you go, Whoa, how can I scream? What I've done is an attractor for over 30 years in real estate as I've realized it's got to be on their time write it down. It's got to be on their time. Even Brynn Goldman, I were talking about this the other day, Brent said, Gene, he's recruited like 80 people. But his first level, he says, Gene, the ones that I forced it. Remember when he was talking about this? So the ones that I forced it that I went, Oh, I really want I really want her here. So I'm gonna,

Unknown Speaker 43:39
Oh, I can't do Can I do Brent?

Unknown Speaker 43:44
You know, and he goes, I wanted him here he goes, I've had the worst problems with

Unknown Speaker 43:50
because if you force it,

Unknown Speaker 43:54
get out of your way.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
Right? If you guys are working on brokers, here's what I want you to Do you guys know a lot of brokers that have 10? agents? 15 agents, 30 agents, 40 agents, hundred days. I hear this all the time it gets gene, the brokers, my friend, I'm telling you, I think we can get him or her. And I tell you what, here's what I'm going to tell you get their top two producers first. The brokers are stubborn as all get out. I've been working on them for four years. And they will make so many excuses. But you get the hat. Sorry about that. I'm looking your way. Sorry, Pat Hayes. But you know what I mean, you get the top producer and what's the owner do right? All of a sudden, now let's talk. Just just giving you a little tips. I've been doing this for four years. I've actually been attracting real estate agents since 1989. Just you know, to give you any credibility, I was the number one attractor for my previous company six out of my last nine years I was there. When I say that, I just tell you to give that credibility. The fact is, everything you've heard today is correct. Bob's and the gal after Bob was you know, shut up, ask questions and shut up and don't try to force it.

Unknown Speaker 45:11
I talk a lot when I'm up here because I'm supposed to talk.

Unknown Speaker 45:15
Right? And you guys think right you know, it's like, you know, I'm streaming video you you go get through it, Jane, you're not talking fast enough. But when I meet you What do I say the first question I asked. I just did it a couple times today. TMA. Tell me about yourself.

Unknown Speaker 45:33
I do it every time. Every time I meet my buddies, I don't talk about me. I talk about what? Tell me about yourself. What's going on dude.

Unknown Speaker 45:45
I learned it.

Unknown Speaker 45:49
I let them talk 90% of the time diverting this. Julie I've ever told you this story. 2006 Susan and who else was a cancer survivor in here? Oh, yeah, it's my darling. Oh, Christie, Christie and my wife

Unknown Speaker 46:04
both hadn't remember the Christianity. My wife had was diagnosed breast cancer in 2006. When I was at Augusta, I was at Augusta watching the masters were phone call my life. But anyway, I come home. And I gotta tell you,

Unknown Speaker 46:20
she made with you know, Susan, it was 2006. Baby. We're doing this. My mom

Unknown Speaker 46:27
had her operation shaved her head. And she was a blonde Christy. She was a blonde for it was awesome.

Unknown Speaker 46:34
To apply for like six months

Unknown Speaker 46:38
to tell the story I was interviewing, I was the team leader, KW, and a recruit comes in and she was sitting or of course, she was taking time off. She was going through chemotherapy. And she was sitting right here at a computer and I had a very small office and the guy says And I said, Well tell me about yourself. And he says, Well, my wife's got breast cancer.

Unknown Speaker 46:58
He talks for 45 minutes. tells me all about. He leaves. He signs up. Susan turns and looks at me. She goes, honey, you never mentioned me. I said, Honey, it's not about us.

Unknown Speaker 47:15
Do you have that discipline?

Unknown Speaker 47:18
I do.

Unknown Speaker 47:21
She was you never even mentioned me. He's talking about his wife going through chemo. She's going through chemo. How often do you read a sales book where it says, well just relate to them and say, Oh, my wife's going through chemo. You're going through chemo? Do you read those books? Throw them away.

Unknown Speaker 47:37
Throw them away.

Unknown Speaker 47:40
Because I'm just telling you. It's all about who.

Unknown Speaker 47:45
Once you get used to this guy's over, I've attracted agents all my life that don't know how many years I've been in real estate. How much I've sold. They don't know the doggone thing.

Unknown Speaker 47:58
I know everything about Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:02
Does that help? Remember that story forever. And by the way, she's a cancer survivor. It's been 13 years.

Unknown Speaker 48:16
Any questions for me because I'm excited to date you why this is a good

Unknown Speaker 48:31
question for me. What have you gotten out of this so far?

Unknown Speaker 48:34
You're going to take home with you when I say that, because I don't want people to say, Oh, that was a great, that was really inspirational. But I want you to take something back and implement it into your life. Technologies disruptive technology, thank

Unknown Speaker 48:50
the three models. Yes, three models, somebody stand up and do the three models for who wants to do it. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 49:20

Unknown Speaker 49:37
what was that?

Unknown Speaker 49:45
Okay. Thank you can't

Unknown Speaker 49:56
you know give you that cloth from that table over there. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 50:05
Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 50:12
Johnny 20 bucks. He lived with me for a while.

Unknown Speaker 50:35
Right? There's a great question. Because right now, four years later, right, we've got this thing where people know about it. So I got a call two months ago from an agent and said, Gee, thank you. And I said, What? Well, nobody asked me about what they know. He asked me. In other words, it's not hidden anymore. But that's a good thing, because it's easier now. So your question was, the urgency part has to come from one Then

Unknown Speaker 51:01
I just don't know how else to say it. I had an urgency if you sell six offices in a region

Unknown Speaker 51:10
and I was literally pulling in pretty close to a million dollars a year passive income.

Unknown Speaker 51:16
And you tell your spouse will unit that you want to get rid of that passive income. What's the book I'm going to get?

Unknown Speaker 51:28
That was the last. She's given it to me.

Unknown Speaker 51:31
So my urgency was I have to replace that.

Unknown Speaker 51:37
Right? A year and a half later, I'll give you an example. I joined may 1 2015. A year and a half later was Thanksgiving. And we have a big family and I don't know about you but Thanksgiving, my favorite. sit around the table. We have the three year old tell us what they're thankful for. We have the 10 year old we have every single kid in our family has to say it came all the way around. It's a great meal and it gets to see And yes, once you said

Unknown Speaker 52:09
it was real, it was real because that first year and a half, little tense little tunes little Genie. You were retired for a year. I don't want to see you in the house anymore. Or you're not driving down.

Unknown Speaker 52:26
Go somewhere cuz got news for you, dude.

Unknown Speaker 52:30
We don't have that enough in our life. We don't have enough of I gotta do it. I gotta do I'm alive. I've always had that feeling. If I ever don't have that feeling to perform for my family, for my kids and my grandkids I don't

Unknown Speaker 52:48
know. George, what do you think we've talked about your kids? They're everything to you. Right? I don't quite understand when people say what are you going to retire? I said I'm retired now.

Unknown Speaker 53:01
retired now I'm doing what I want to do what I want to do it made money to do it.

Unknown Speaker 53:18
Okay, here's what I want you guys. I think you guys got to get a lot out of this.

Unknown Speaker 53:23
I think it is. The urgency thing is something I've never understood. Because all my life I think I've had that urgency. I started buying real estate company when I was 33 years old. And I know Tracy did too. I mean, we started real estate companies because we thought we had to get ownership to get what? residual income

Unknown Speaker 53:42
and I started that. Most of my offices were in California on the east coast. I had to get on a plane and fly somewhere. Susan, I put our hands and I said I'll be away from the kids because we can get this residual income.

Unknown Speaker 53:55
mean I work that game go try it. Good luck. Isn't Tracy so now everybody goes well how can I get the residual? I said it's awesome. You don't have to buy a franchise start an office sign your name to lease or nothing. Go talk to people.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
Just do this right. Now. Does it take commitment? Yes. Does it take persistence, patience, ask for help. Yes, we got news for you.

Unknown Speaker 54:23
How hard you work with so on.

Unknown Speaker 54:27
Netflix was never created to destroy blockbuster. Uber was never created to destroy yellow cab. Areas air Airbnb was never created to destroy the reservation business. You go on Amazon was not created to destroy

Unknown Speaker 54:49
the retailers.

Unknown Speaker 54:53
EXP was not created to destroy any other real estate company. And that's why we show so much class when we are being interviewed, when that when people are asking is how do you compare with this? It's a whole new category. Just like Uber, just like, just like Amazon, and people can understand that we responded to the destructive. We didn't concentrate on a video of the ever Blue Ocean Strategy. But we're in the blue ocean. We're not in the red ocean.

Unknown Speaker 55:41
Good to see Carol.

Unknown Speaker 55:49
Carol and I were parties together at another company.

Unknown Speaker 55:53
And she was phenomenal. It's amazing the talent we have with this company.

Unknown Speaker 55:58
Tap into it. happened to us another thing I think is wrong. Everybody goes well, I'm gonna do it myself. Gene, those were good. You know, I like that owner client, Agent one, but I'm gonna do my own.

Unknown Speaker 56:11

Unknown Speaker 56:13
Why? Just take her script and redo it was amazing. Just copy it because it works. Here's what I'm going to tell you I'm gonna end with us always like doing this.

Unknown Speaker 56:25
My flying Sophia story. Now this is my oldest granddaughter. I just was with her in Breckenridge, Colorado. Her name is Sophia, and she's now 15 and a half, but when she was two years old, I'll never forget it was in the summer, two years old, so you guys do the math. Now, how many people have two year olds? Raise your hand? Haha. Don't you love it? They don't like to wear clothes.

Unknown Speaker 56:50
Right? She was living with us. My daughter and my first granddaughter were living with us. And she comes in as a Saturday morning. I don't know about you guys, but you women. Were making them bed and there's 2000 pillows on the bed. What's the deal with the bill?

Unknown Speaker 57:04
Give me something. It's just the pillow thing right

Unknown Speaker 57:09
now I grew up with four brothers. I have four brothers. My sister is the youngest. She's really a guy. There's five guys in the household. My sister is the first male to ever give birth.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
She's really a diamond.

Unknown Speaker 57:22
So my daughter knew how rough I was with her as a kid because I love throwing people in pools Do you guys not like that? I love from so here's my little granddaughter, Sophia, two years old walks in and goes, Grandpa, grandpa.

Unknown Speaker 57:37
I can fly. And my daughter looks at me. She goes, Oh, no. I said yes, you could fly. as well. I picked her up. And Sophia. We used to call her baby with hair. She looked like Darth Vader. She had a helmet. So here's little flying Sofia.

Unknown Speaker 57:56
grandpa's going Don't worry Sophie, it's okay. You can follow Don't worry, there's a ton of pillows below her.

Unknown Speaker 58:04
But here she goes.

Unknown Speaker 58:07
Maybe with helmet. She was the cutest thing you've ever seen. I mean, really, there's one of those days I'll never never ever forget about it. And she hits the ground.

Unknown Speaker 58:20
starts laughing what she says the two year olds again bring on.

Unknown Speaker 58:27
Three hours later.

Unknown Speaker 58:31
I kid you not go three hours later. And my daughter was taken pictures so new because this is like, you know, very early. We didn't have cell phones in right? We didn't have or what do you call them smartphones? Right. We didn't have that filming. So we're just taking pictures. got news for you? For a while she goes can grandpa fly

Unknown Speaker 58:58
did my best

Unknown Speaker 59:03
Here's what I want to leave with you today.

Unknown Speaker 59:06
The cost of

Unknown Speaker 59:08
genius, right? said every single person is a genius. They have to find the inner child.

Unknown Speaker 59:20
When did you think you could fly?

Unknown Speaker 59:23
When did you actually tell yourself you can't fly?

Unknown Speaker 59:28
And why?

Unknown Speaker 59:31
I want you all to live here today and go, I can attract as many people as I want. When I want to win, I want to, I can fly. You're going to go back and your spouse or unit or somebody next year says Oh, it's hard. Don't do it. Oh, you understand? I'm not Pat Hayes. I'm heading to spite chip.

Unknown Speaker 59:53
I'm not ready. You don't understand. I'm not. Goal, dude. Don't let people bring you down. Everybody can be a genius. Everybody in here can be a genius. Everybody can fly.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
I really believe this.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
I'm guys, we're gonna make real estate fun again, and we're going to do what? change lives. Thank you all very much.



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