January 24


How To Use Facebook Creator Studio For Instagram

In today's Monday Mastermind I share how to post and SCHEDULE Instagram posts natively on your desktop via Facebook Creator Studio.

Below you can either listen to the podcast and watch the full video.

Here is the podcast: 

Ever since I started using Instagram, I've searched high and low for a way to automate posting of my content. There are all sorts of 3rd-party apps and tools that say they can do it but because of Instagram's policies dont' have the functionality I'm looking for.

This was until the other day when I found the Facebook Creator Studio. This tool is native to Facebook and Instagram and doesn't require any paid subscription.

Best of all you can use it on your desktop which makes batch posting content so much easier, in my opinion.

This is a game-changer and will really allow Instagram users and real estate agents like myself the ability to utilize Instagram without having to constantly manage the postings.

Here are a few of the items we discuss in today's video:

      * facebook.com/creatorstudio -) login

* What can you post?

      * Regular posts - Photo, Video, CarouselIGTV

      * NO STORIES

* Publishing a Post

       * Caption

                 * Caption is limited to 2200 characters, 30 @mentions, 30 hashtags

                 * Can ONLY put hashtags in the caption, not 1st comment

        * Content - From Computer OR Facebook Page

                   * *Click multiple posts to create a carousel

         * Location 

         * Share to Facebook

         * Publish 

                    * Now or Schedule          

         * NO EDITING after scheduling, Must delete and recreate and reschedule

         * Must be pre-edited, no filters, etc…

* Video

         * Duration 3-60 Seconds

         * 4:5 or 16:9 or 1:1 ratio


          * Duration - 15 seconds - 60 minutes

          * Title

          * Description

                   * Hashtags (Up to 30)


          * Cover Images

* Multiple Accounts

Here is the full video:


Kyle Handy 0:00
Alright, Hey guys, welcome Kyle here. We're just going to get kicked off with the Monday mastermind. I hope everybody had an amazing weekend this weekend. And we are almost to the holiday season. It's pretty crazy. I know my wife and I, we are getting ready for all sorts of parties that we've got back to back for the next few weeks, it seems like all the way until the New Year's, and I'm sure that's what a lot of people are going to be, you know, dealing with and in working with here over the next, you know, few months. And so, it was kind of cool. I actually came across something over the past week that I thought was probably the perfect timing, at least for me. And, you know, in it, you know, with regards to social media and just kind of getting some of my time back. Because, you know, we all are going to be hectic, it's hard to stay consistent over the holidays. And one of the only ways that I found to be consistent with something is truly when I can, you know, kind of pre schedule It when I can kind of batch all of whatever it is that I'm doing, whether it's like social media or creating content, I've found that for me, for me to stay consistent with something, I've got to kind of like create it ahead of time. And then, you know, put it out there to where it's just going to go out consistently. And, and I haven't been able to do that on Instagram, and some of you guys may, you know, followed me for a while you've probably seen, you know, I spent a whole probably six months in the beginning of this year, you know, focused on Instagram, you know, really getting it going. But it took a ton of time to really to really get, you know, get that up and running. I got a bunch of followers. I think I've got about 10,000 followers on my Instagram. If you're not following me just search real Kyle Handy on Instagram and you kind of check out my posts but you'll see that I was real active in the first six months of the year. These last probably four or five months I've really kind of fallen away from it. Just because There's not really a good way or at least I didn't know of a good way to publish my stuff through a schedule. Instagram was very particular about kind of the programs, the third party applications that would allow publishing to it. And so they're always kind of, you know, finicky they didn't work. Exactly right. And, and so I kind of just stopped posting on there to be honest with you, and, and, you know, focused a lot on YouTube focused a lot on Facebook, focused a lot on my own blog, and really just fell away from Instagram. So all that work that I had done in six months to build it up, I was consistent. I was posting like, every day I was doing stories. I was hash tagging every single thing I could do, I just stopped doing that just because it took too much time. And so now we're going into the holidays, and I'm sure a lot of people you know, if you're active on any social media platform, you know, that it takes a lot of time and effort to stay active to keep it going. And so I came across this new tool and it's actually a direct tool created by the Facebook and Instagram, they're one in the same but created by them that's native. It's not like some work around, it's not a third party. And it's absolutely free. It's called the Facebook Creator Studio. And it's included again, if you have any kind of a business page on Facebook, and it's connected to your account on Instagram, you can use this absolutely free. And so I you know, been started, you know, studying this and researching it. And I'm literally that's after this call today I'm going to start batching all of my content for Instagram and getting it going. I've already bashed all my content for Facebook. And of course, you know, with YouTube is a little bit different. I do have some things scheduled but a lot of what I do on here is live. But at least for Facebook and for Instagram, I've now been able to figure out something that I can use to batch so for Facebook, I do use something a little bit different called Meet Edgar and I can do a whole different training on that later. I love Meet Edgar It's been really awesome. It works for Facebook, LinkedIn, and for Twitter. But for Instagram, it does have kind of a workaround, but it's not completely automated. They basically like send you a text message and you copy and paste it to your Instagram app on your phone, very cumbersome. Most the time I get the text, I'm like, I'm busy, I'm not gonna do it. So it's really not automated. But with what I'm going to show you today with Creator Studio, it is completely automated. You can again, set it up whenever you do have time maybe put, you know, 10 pieces of content on there that you want to go out. And it will be done for you whenever you set it up. And so really, really cool. Let me pull up my notes here. Just make sure I'm not forgetting anything yet.

Kyle Handy 4:44
Okay, yeah. So basically, you know, we'll dive right in you the URL where you go to do this is just facebook.com slash Creator Studio. cr EA t o r st UDI Oh, if you're following along as we do this facebook.com, forward slash Creator Studio. Alright, if you're not already logged into Facebook book, it's going to ask you to log into Facebook. And don't worry if it's not, you know, connected with Instagram just yet, it'll kind of follow you through those steps. it'll prompt you through those steps as you go. And so I'm going to share my screen right now. And show you guys I'm logged in now to Facebook Creator Studio. And you can see it's logged into my business page here. So this is all Facebook stuff right when you log in, but if you actually look at the top, you'll see there's an Instagram icon right here that you can click on, and I'll click on it now. And if you don't already have your Instagram account, which it doesn't need to be a business profile on Instagram, and so you know, you can figure out how to do that. It's not too complicated. Literally. If you have a personal profile on Instagram, you'd have to go into your settings and I'll ask if you You want to create a business profile, you want to turn your personal account into a business profile. So you have a couple options, you know, you can either do that and turn your personal profile into a business profile doesn't cost anything extra doesn't take any extra work, you've literally just, you know, say yes, I'd like to do that. And it turns into a business profile, there's a couple advantages to business profile that I've talked about in the past, you can you know, put a URL in your, about you section that people can click on that you can't do if you have a personal account. And it gives you all sorts of analytics and allows you to see like, Who's seeing your posts, which posts are performing the best, all that kind of stuff. And so you can create that business profile. And then once you've created it as a business profile, you can go back to your Facebook business page that you have created for yourself, and you can link the two. And so you know, you can either do it through Facebook, like if you're actually on your Facebook page in the settings or if you come to Creator Studio and you click on this button and if you haven't created that, that link between the two accounts yet, it'll say link an Instagram account and you literally just link it over. And, and then you'll be able to see what I'm seeing right here, which is all of my posts on Instagram, right? So what's really cool, you know, first and foremost is that you can put you know all of your Instagram posts, you can see all of your Instagram posts, you can even see all of your Instagram stories. Now that is one caveat that you cannot post Instagram Stories automated,

Kyle Handy 7:30
right? So it's it this is just for regular posts, which are, you know, image posts, you can post video posts on your actual feed, and you can do carousel posts using this Creator Studio. Also, you can post to igtv, which if you're not already familiar with igtv it's basically Instagrams a way for you to post published videos that are longer than one minute. So like if you put something on your Instagram feed, it can only be between about three to 60 seconds, right? If it's going to be over 60 seconds, you'll publish it to igtv and igtv, you can go up to 60 minutes igtv can have videos anywhere from 15 seconds, all the way up to 60 minutes. And so it allows you to put posts between those two ways, if you just want to put on your feed, or if you want to do igtv the only thing that does not allow is through faces Instagram stories, but you can see your Instagram stories. And you can kind of see it doesn't really show though, I don't know what the point would be because you can't really see all your likes and comments and stuff like that on here. You can see it through the Instagram app, of course. But like for instance, if I just wanted to see my published posts, like the ones that are actually on my newsfeed, I can, you know, click on just published, and then it shows me exactly which ones get the most likes, comments, all that good stuff in here. So it's pretty cool. You can actually click on it and see even more kind of performance details. about it. All right, those individual posts. So really, really cool. You can sort it of course by, you know, video posts, photo carousel. So you can see the most of the ones that I do on Instagram have been photo posts, I've only done one video post, I have done some igtv and click over there, I've got about three published videos on igtv. And then stories, of course, you know, I've got a bunch of stories, it does show you the reach if you click on stories, which I just noticed. So it's kind of cool. But either way again, so that's, you know, kind of your content library for your posts, insights, you know, these are kind of all of your metrics. So if I click on that I can see exactly like, you know, all the different metrics that I've got, again, I was very, you know, far removed from Instagram over the last time so you can see the reach was like nothing, and then I just posted again the other day and it boosts it quite a bit so I need to get back on there. I've got a lot of opportunity that I'm sure I can do. I'm sure there's a lot of you guys watching. That can, you know probably do a little bit better at Instagram. And if you had a tool like this, which now you do, to where you can batch your content and schedule it, I think it makes it a lot easier. So hopefully this will help a lot of you guys. If you liked this video so far, give it a thumbs up. You know if you're I don't know, I'm checking in the seeing who's on so far. It looks like we got quite a bit of people watching this one right now. Yeah, on YouTube on Facebook. So if you're on YouTube, give it a thumbs up. If you're on Facebook, give it a like, write in a comment, tell me where you're coming to watch this from as well. So like if you're on YouTube, put it in the comments where you watching this from beyond Facebook, chime in. And again, if you've got any questions, feel free to put them in there right now as well. I will circle back at the end and get to questions. But we're going to keep moving along here. So Alright, cool. So again, I talked about you know what types of posts, you can schedule you can do you know, regular posts, igtv know stories. And then Alright, so now let's actually go to publish a post and I want to show you what that looks like from here. At the very end, I'll show you to some people I know you might have multiple Instagram accounts. If you do, you can actually use this with multiple Instagram accounts, which is awesome as well. And I'll show you how you do that. Before we do that, let's go ahead and create a post. So I'm going to go create post, right and says post to Instagram. So the things that you're going to need is you're going to need to put in your caption, right, like what you want the caption underneath the photo or the video to say, I like this because this doesn't even do this on the app. But when you're typing in whatever you're typing, it tells you you know how many characters you have remaining, you only are allowed 30 app mentions in 30 hashtags per post that you make on Instagram. So it actually keeps track of that as well. So like if I said you know, at real Kyle Handy, I put that in there. It already tells tells me now that I only have 29 left. Or if I wanted to say you know at hashtag real estate agent. You know, I've got 29 hashtags left now so that's Really cool, that had never seen that before on the app or anything like that, maybe they'll bring it over there. Because a lot of times, you know, I'd start putting hashtags in there, and then I don't remember how many that I have left. And I gotta go back and count all of them, because you don't want to go over that 30 limit. But on here, it makes it very easy to do that. So I love that you're able to do that with this Creator Studio.

Kyle Handy 12:20
All that out, you can add your location, obviously, from here, you know, so if I want to put you know, San Antonio, that just click it, there we go, I've got my location. And of course, you can add content. And when you add content, this is a cool little feature as well. So you can upload a file right from your computer, like if it's a video or if it's a picture, you can upload it from your computer, or you can actually add it from your Facebook page. So if you just put something to your Facebook page, and now you want to put that on Instagram, I can literally click over, right like here's everything that I've published on my Facebook business page. Right now if I wanted to take let's just say you know, my ultimate guide to KB core, I would just click that Right here, which actually, I think this is a video. So some of these are eligible, like, here we go, I could click this one here, this one's an image post, right? And I could say continue with selected posts. And now it's going to allow me to use that post in Instagram. So it's going to take that picture and put it in Instagram. So if I said continuous selected post, let's see what happens Oh, something didn't work. Let's try that again. do that click that continuous selected posts. Hmm, doesn't show the ad content. So I don't know what's going on. Usually it worked out if it's because I'm live or what. But I did just do one of these earlier and it worked. But either way if you wanted to the one thing I was going to make note of is if you try and do a file upload, the big difference with you know, using Instagram on your phone versus using it on creator studio on your computer, is you have to make sure they're all pre pre formatted Pre filtered on your computer before you upload it. Because you know on the app, you can add filters, you can add text, you can do all that kind of stuff on your phone. But obviously on the computer, it's going to take whatever you upload and it is what it is there's you can't add filters, you can't add text to it once you've uploaded it here. So that's basically what you do there. You can also, if you want to go the other way with it, like maybe you're uploading content for the first time and it's not on your Facebook business page, you can check the box here to publish that to your Facebook business page at the same time that it publishes it to Instagram, as well. So again, you got your caption, you've got your location, you'll add your content in here. And if you want to add multiple pieces of content, like for instance, if I came over here and say, you know, I wanted to add this one, and I wanted to add this one, and I wanted to add that one, right it's going to make a carousel post out of it. There we go. So I don't know what I'm came up. But you can see how that works. Right. So Really cool. And then you just add your description down here. And once you once you do that, it'll allow you to either publish it, or if you click this little down arrow, that's when you can schedule it, right. So you can schedule it for whenever you want to schedule it to go out. Or, of course, you can save it as a draft if you want to come back to it later. And so really, really cool there. I'm going to close that out. Yep, we're gonna do that. And so anyways, you can see there, once you've done that, and you schedule the post, and you can schedule as many posts as you want, and have them go out every single day, you know, certain time of the day or switch it up or whatever. And I think that's going to be so, so helpful. And also the other reason why I think it's helpful is it's just a lot easier to do things on a computer than it is on a phone sometimes. So like, you know, copy pasting hashtags, you can do that a lot easier on your computer than you can on a phone and so anyways, that's that's kind of how you would do the post side of it. Let me check my notes and make sure I didn't miss anything there. Yeah, captions are limited to 2200 characters 30 at mentioned 30 hashtags, the one caveat to to kind of point this out is some people for hashtags, they don't like to put all of their hashtags in the caption of the actual piece of content. A lot of times, like even myself, I would publish the content with no hashtags. And then I would put my 30 hashtags. In the first comment, I would comment on my own post with the relevant hashtags for it. And, and you are not allowed to do that, or you're not able to do that, using the content library, you're not able to publish a first comment. So you'd have to either do it manually. If you wanted to do that, like once the post post was published, you'd go to it, you could comment,

Kyle Handy 16:39
put your 30 hashtags, or you're just gonna have to get in the habit of now putting them in the actual content piece itself. Either way, it doesn't change anything with Instagram as far as who they're going to show your content to. And if you guys don't know, maybe you're just getting into Instagram. hashtags are the way that you actually get your content in front of other authors. audiences, you know, of course, you know the people that are following you, they're going to see your content on their feed. But to be discovered and forget people that maybe don't know you already, if you want your content to show up in front of them, you're going to put hashtags on there. And then just again, depending on how many likes and all that kind of stuff, and when people are searching for that hashtag, they will come across your things. And so you can use up to 30, I recommend to use all 30 of them, because it just gives you more opportunities to be discovered. So anyways, again, that's just if you see here, put hashtags in your caption, you can't do your first comment. You can do the different types of posts that I shared carousel, you can do image, you can do video, you can put your location, you can share it to Facebook, and then you can publish it either now or schedule. So one of the thing to note is that I didn't show it here. So these are all published posts. But if you schedule a post, like let's say I scheduled a post for tomorrow, the one thing that you're Not able to do is once you've scheduled it, you'll see it on your dashboard here will say schedule don't have the date, you can't go back in and edit that scheduled post once it's created. So if you had like a spelling error, or maybe you wanted to change up a hashtag, you actually have to delete that entire scheduled post, and then republish it for scheduled into the future. So that's just one other thing to note. And if you've already published the post, like let's say a scheduled post was actually got published, you cannot edit it from here either, you'd have to actually go to Instagram on your phone and edit that post via the Instagram app, which you can still do that you've always been able to do that. So just you know, if you do get them make a mistake or something like that, just realize you're gonna have to recreate it. So you can either just copy you know the text that you made, and just you know, change out that one thing and then paste it to a new scheduled post and then delete the old one. That's probably the best way to do it. But you are not able to edit a scheduled post. Once it's on Here. Okay, cool. So I talked about the differences between putting a creating a post for, you know, your Instagram feed, if you want to do video on there versus the video that you can put on igtv. Again, igtv is typically going to be longer videos, where it because you can only put up the 60 seconds of a video on your Instagram feed. But on igtv, you can go up to 60 minutes, which is kind of cool. I'm going to click on igtv so you can see what it looks like here. So first off, you know, you're going to upload your content in here and it can be let's see, there is a file upload, there is a couple requirements that get can go up to 60 minutes and I think it can be two gigabytes in size, maybe less than that. You can't go over that two gigabyte file limits. Let's see. Here we go. Let's be the igtv it will tell you right here, video upload requirements. Oh, here we go. maximum file size is 3.6 gigabytes, so It's actually kind of nice. So it's if they are 10 minutes or less at 650 megabytes, if they are up to 60 minutes, it's 3.6 gigabytes, you're going to want to use either for four to five aspect ratio 16 by nine, which is widescreen for four by five is tall and slender 16 by nine is going to be kind of more widescreen. Or you can do the square one by one ratio, video. So those are the ones that you typically can see on igtv. So you'd upload your video there, you'd put a title for your video, you describe what your video is talking about. Now, here's something that I don't think a lot of people know that this is like a huge bonus tip if you're watching this right now. So most of the time, you've probably seen on stories, where people will say like, swipe up, you know, to go check out my thing, like whatever that is right, my blog, my video, and people can swipe up and it links them to somewhere that that person wants them to go to. If you don't have 10,000 followers On Instagram, you're not able to do the swipe up function, you're not able to put links for that piece of content in there, the only link you can have is on your bio in your main profile. But with igtv, something that's really cool about that is even if you're under 10,000 followers, you can actually put a link

Kyle Handy 21:21
in your igtv description that's clickable by anybody. So if you're publishing to igtv, regularly, maybe you don't have 10,000 followers, but you want to like you know, send people to your blog, you want to send people to your page to go like, you know, whatever it is that you're doing, or maybe it's a, you know, a sales program that you're selling, or whatever it is, and you don't have 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can still put that link in igtv. So it's a super cool kind of little bonus tip for you. You still can put you know your hashtags, your mentions and up to 2200 characters in that description for igtv. So super helpful there and then make sure that you put a vertical custom image as well for that video, because that's what's going to show up on igtv. So again, you're gonna want to use probably the four by five aspect ratio on that custom image. So it just means it's gonna be taller than it is wide. And that just means, you know, the reason why I think that's important is if you think about when you're scrolling your Instagram feed, it just takes up more real estate, you know, if you do a 16 by nine image, it's widescreen. So people scroll through it a lot quicker. Whereas if it's four by five, it kind of takes up pretty close to that whole phone, you know, size when they're scrolling through it because it's tall and narrow. And so it's going to take more real estate while they're scrolling through. So they do say that either using four by five or one by one is typically better, but definitely for your igtv images, you want to use four by five. And then one of the definitely the best things I think about igtv that people need to take advantage of is being able to share the preview to their feed and so Basically what that does is let's say you put a 60 minute video, like, after I record this, it'll be 30 minutes, right, I can put this video on igtv I can check the box right here to share preview to feed. And what that's going to do now is it's going to take about a minute clip from my video from the full 30 minute video. And it's going to publish that one minute clip to my newsfeed, right so that way when people are scrolling up and down the newsfeed, they're going to see that video. And then I'm sure people that are on Instagram have seen this when they're scrolling on the feed, they watched the first minute preview, and then it'll say after the minutes done, it'll say Click here to watch the full igtv video, right you just click there and then take to the igtv video and you can watch the whole thing. Well, that's what this allows you to do right here. So once you put a video in there, you can say share preview to feed and then it's going to put that on your newsfeed. link to the full igtv video. So really cool there. And of course again, you can still publish it to your Facebook business page. And so you can go publish it right now. You can schedule it, you can save it as a draft, all of that good stuff. So cool. So I think that is pretty much the majority of it. The last thing that I want to talk about here is creating multiple if you've got multiple Instagram accounts, literally the way that it works again, it's it's got to be a one to one link from a Facebook business page to an Instagram business account. You cannot link like, you know, to Facebook business pages to a, you know, to a single Instagram account or you can't link you know, to Instagram accounts to a single Facebook page. But what you can do is let's say you have two Facebook business pages, and two Instagram business accounts. Right? And, and let's just say you have one personal Facebook account, right? Like whatever it is that you use to login to Facebook with, you can become an admin for both of the Facebook business account. right and then you can have both of those Instagram accounts and link one Instagram account to the one business page link one Instagram account to the other Facebook business page that you're an admin of both of them on and when you do that now when you go to add Instagram account you can add that other Instagram account and manage both of them inside of the Creator Studio. And you can do that for as many accounts as you want. So you know, maybe you're a social media person you actually manage other people's social media accounts, well now you can use this to be able to do that right as long as you are an admin on that Facebook business account for that other person and you're given access to you know, the the login and the password for their Instagram account. You can add that Instagram account on here and you can have multiple Instagram accounts that you can access straight from the Creator Studio. So really cool kind of bonus tip tip there. The The other thing like I said, I didn't get into Facebook, but literally everything that I just showed you that you can do with Instagram, you can do the same thing with Facebook as well. So again, you can schedule posts, videos, all that kind of stuff. If you got multiple business pages, you can cross post, you know, content between the different pages. So lots of great stuff in here gives you all the insights gives you your inbox.

Kyle Handy 26:18
So you can reply to, you know, comments and messages straight from inside here with Facebook, but amazingly, I just wanted to talk about Instagram today. Because, again, that's been the one that's been the hardest to be able to kind of publish from your desktop, and to be able to schedule and basically this tool does both absolutely free. So anyways, I hope that was helpful. I'm going to jump real quick. I want to kind of check out the comments here and see what I've got as far as comments. Do something real quick here. Go on to Facebook. Go into YouTube. All right. Good stuff. Good morning. Is there a phone app that works similar to the PC version? Or Hey, no, there's not. This is specifically for desktop, I don't know. I mean, you may be able to log in, you know, go to that URL on your phone, you know, facebook.com slash Creator Studio. And check it out just in your web browser on your phone. I don't know how well it will work. But again, I'm just doing it on my computer here. You might want to try that out. So, but there's not like an app that I can definitely tell you that it's just a browser, you have to go through your chrome or whatever. Alright, let's see here. I'm going to go to the video on Facebook. And let's see if we've got any comments on there. What do you guys think of this guy's like this? This training was this helpful? Hopefully, like I say it going to be changing my world on Instagram, at least over the holidays because it'll allow me to, you know, can keep up with a schedule without having to dedicate every single day to posting something so Here we go live. Let's see, what do we got here? All right, cool. Yep. No, I don't think we've got any questions. They're awesome. Glad you guys are getting value out of it. Really glad that, you know, this is helpful to you guys. Here we go. Let's see. Perfect. Hey, what's up? latrice? Good to see you. Well, cool, guys. Well, that's about it. That wraps up kind of what we're going to talk about today. If you're watching the replay of this afterwards, and you've got questions, feel free to put a comment in there. I do. definitely keep up with the comments, and will reply to your comment once you know once I see it, so I hope everyone has an amazing week. I hope now this gives you a little inspiration maybe to step up your social media if, if you've got the desire to. I know that social media has absolutely changed my business here in real estate for probably the last two to three years has been a huge, huge part of what I do. Um, so I hope that maybe this will get you there as well. Awesome Daniel, trying to make a presence on Instagram and this info is very helpful. Awesome. Glad to hear it. Well, very good guys will again, thanks for watching. We'll be back on next Monday. And in the meantime, if there's anything I can help you with, definitely send me a message through any of the social media channels. comment on the video that you're watching. I again get most of my my topics from you guys. So feel free if there's anything you're struggling with. You've got questions on, put them in the comments and I will get back to you guys. I maybe even do a video on it. So thanks again. We'll talk to you later.


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