Join the “Agent Obsessed” Real Estate Brokerage

You take care of your clients every day, let eXp Realty take care of you!  Industry-leading support, tools, training, and compensation will have you earning more and paying less!

Generate more leads and sell more homes

kvCORE, Making It Rain, Workplace Referrals, Express Offers, and many more  tools at your disposal for massive lead generation success!

Collaborate and learn from top agents all over the world

Access the collective brainpower of over 35,000 agents via our Workplace community and eXp World.  Learn from top agents who share exactly what's working in their areas.

Create financial freedom through stock ownership and revenue sharing

Close deals, acquire stock. Share eXp with others, build residual income.  It's as easy as that!  And you can do as much or as little as you desire!

Keep more of your commission with low split and monthly fees

Whether your part-time or full-time... newly licensed or a seasoned agent, team leader, or broker... eXp's compensation and competitive fee structure is for you!

Free weekly access to me and all of my training and private courses

You'll never be on your own!  Join my "Rev It Up" team within eXp and receive special access to training, courses, and webinars not available elsewhere.

Real-time support ensures you'll always have what you need, when you need it

When you join eXp Realty, you're joining a community of agents, brokers, and support staff that are here to serve.  24/7/365 support is available anywhere you are!


Real-Time Support Team


Hours Live Training Weekly


Agents Call eXp Home


RealTrends Top Independent

About Kyle Handy

Kyle Handy is ranked as one of San Antonio’s Top 15 Real Estate Agents by The San Antonio Business Journal.  At eXp Realty, he leads an expansion team of real estate agents across the US and Canada. Kyle helps train thousands of agents, team leaders, and brokers on how to build a better business and create the lifestyle they desire.  He does this through his weekly YouTube videos, blog posts, private zoom meetings, and courses. Agents looking to join eXp Realty can join Kyle's "Rev It Up" team and gain access to all his private sales and team-building training and support at no additional cost!

How eXp Realty is Different

eXp Realty is not just another real estate brokerage.  eXp Realty is the first cloud-based, technology-driven real estate brokerage that gives back ownership and revenue to it's agents.  eXp Realty is not built on the traditional franchise brokerage model and therefore is able to eliminate overhead and reinvest the savings back into it's agents, team leaders, and brokers.

kvCORE Lead Generation Website and CRM

Put your lead-generation and follow-up on steroids!

At eXp Realty, agents receive one of the top real estate CRM and Website packages, kvCORE.  This tool normally costs upwards of $1,000 per month but at eXp Realty, it's included!  kvCORE links up to your local MLS to provide you and your clients the very best home-search website available. Built-in lead capture ensures website traffic turns into leads. No matter your experience with tech, kvCORE has everything you need to generate leads on-demand from day one. 

Real-time Support and Collaboration

Never drive to an office again for support or training!

At eXp Realty, you receive live, on-demand support from over 550 salaried support staff ranging from transaction management, brokerage operations, accounting, legal, and more!  All available to you 11 hours per day, 5 days per week within eXp World and 24/7/365 via our private Workplace by Facebook community.

Revenue Sharing & Equity Opportunities

We tell clients every day that it's better to buy than rent.  So why is it any different for us as agents choosing our real estate brokerage.

At eXp Realty, agents receive ownership in the company as they close real estate transactions.  Additionally, eXp Realty doesn't hire corporate paid recruiters or sell franchises.  eXp Realty is built through word-of-mouth.  As you share the eXp Realty opportunity with agents, you receive a percentage of their commission (paid from eXp's side of the split) for as long as you and that agent are with the company.

What Agents Say About eXp Realty and Kyle Handy


"Kyle has been great with anything from basic business questions to marketing, I get a lot out of the weekly meetings and he is always pushing his organization to learn and grow all while having fun!"

Amber Castonguay - eXp Realty Broker Associate


"Last year I began exploring new ways to grow my real estate business. I was introduced to Kyle along the way and am very thankful for that introduction. His willingness to be transparent about his business, both the highs and lows, have proven to be invaluable. His partnership approach to those that he works with creates a positive culture and provides a good basis to grow your business and invest in others. I’m very fortunate to be partnered with him in this journey. It has definitely been life changing. Thank you, Kyle!"

Daniel Correa - eXp Realty Agent

john reinhardt

"eXp Realty is changing the game for real estate agents, team leaders, and brokers.  I couldn’t be more happy in my decision to join Kyle Handy here at eXp Realty."

John Reinhardt - eXp Realty Agent

Why You Should Join Kyle Handy at eXp Realty

On top of the amazing benefits you receive at eXp Realty, when you partner with Kyle Handy you receive private training and support not found anywhere else!

Weekly Access to My Private Group Coaching Call

Every Wednesday morning I host a call to my "Rev It Up" team where we discuss lead generation, funnel building, social media, content creation, branding, and so much more.  Ask questions, hear from other agents around the world, and find out what's creating success in real estate today!

Personalized Monthly One-on-One Coaching

Once you've named Kyle Handy as your sponsor and are onboarded with eXp Realty, we'll setup your orientation call where we'll create your business plan and break down your first 30 days at eXp.  From there we will meet once per month, or as-needed to make sure you are on track to hit the goals you set out.

How To Build a 1000 Agent Team Without Presenting System

Agents joining my "Rev It Up" team receive FREE access to my eXp Realty Agent Attraction Bootcamp and are able to invite prospective agents to my private demos and webinars hosted by me every week!

No Desk, Royalty, or Franchise Fees

Compare eXp Realty's commission split and fees to your current brokerage and calculate how much you'd save.  

commission & cap

80/20 Commission Split

$16,000 Cap

After that earn 100% commission for the remainder of anniversary year.*

* $250 capped transaction fee. Once capped transaction fees total $5,000 then the capped transaction fee is reduced to $75.

Follow These Steps to Get Started Today

Step 1.

Click the "Join eXp Today" button and fill out the form.  Select a time on the calendar to meet with Kyle via Zoom to answer any questions and assist with the application and onboarding process.

Step 2.

Kyle will help guide you through the application and independent contractor agreement documents.  Once all documents are electronically signed you'll await an email from your state broker.   This email will have state-specific instruction on how to transfer your license over to eXp Realty. 

Step 3.

Once your license is officially active with eXp Realty, you'll receive multiple emails with your login and setup instructions for eXp Enterprise, eXp World, kvCORE, Workplace, and much more.  Additionally, you'll be able to setup your first business planning Zoom call with Kyle.

Let's start something new

But Kyle, you aren't in my local market...?

Your sponsor at eXp doesn't need to be local or even in your same state or country. Your sponsor and your broker are two separate people (in most cases). All states and provinces have their own broker whom you'll be licensed under to do business. Your sponsor is who most influenced your decision to join eXp Realty and who you believe will align with your goals and support your efforts the most.

What does it cost to join eXp Realty?

US agents pay $149 to start-up and $85/month thereafter. All agents are on an 80/20 split until they cap at $16,000.  Then you go to 100% for the remainder of your anniversary year minus a $250 transaction fee.  After $5000 in capped transaction fees, you'll go to $75 / transaction.  There is a $25 broker review fee on every transaction and a $40 risk management fee on each transaction until it caps at $500 for the year.

Canadian agents pay $199 to start-up and $139/month thereafter.  All agents are on an 80/20 split until they cap at $16,000.  Then you go to 100% for the remainder of your anniversary year minus a $285 transaction fee.  After $5700 in capped transaction fees, you'll go to $75 / transaction.  There is a $29 broker review fee on every transaction and a $17 risk management fee on each transaction until it caps at $200 for the year.

*Note - If you are a new agent or haven't closed at least 3 transactions in the previous 12 months, you'll need to join the eXpand Mentoring program.  For your first three transactions with eXp Realty, you'll receive additional support and guidance from a certified mentor near your market and pay an additional 20% for these first three transactions (60/40 split total).  After these three transactions you graduate and go to the normal 80/20 split.

Where is my office?

All eXp agents receive access to over 1000 Regus office locations around the world. Additionally, your office is anywhere you have a computer or mobile device and internet access.  Through eXp World and Workplace by Facebook you'll be able to access eXp's 500+ staff members.  The staff ranges from transaction coordinators, tech support, team services, brokerage operations, legal, and accounting.  All support is given in real-time, anywhere in the world, with over 55 hours per week.

Is eXp Realty good for new agents?

In my opinion, based on what I've seen eXp do for other new agents, I would say absolutely YES!  It's not so much a question of if eXp is good for new agents or not.  It's more about if the new agent is the type of person to dive in and utilize all the tools and training offered by eXp Realty.  

eXp offers over 50 hours of live training EVERY week and gives agents all the tools necessary to generate leads and sell homes.  Whether the agent digs in, without waiting for someone to tell them every step of the way, separates those that do well in eXp's model and those that do not.  

That's not to say you won't have help along the way.  Quite the opposite, actually.  But you do need to be able to take initiative, while asking questions and seeking advice along the way, versus waiting to be told what to do next.

What if I have pending transactions with my current brokerage?

You'll need to refer to your current independent contractor agreement to see how pending transactions and listings are handled upon departure from your brokerage.  Every brokerage has different policies on this.  

Obviously, there is never a perfect time to make a move, especially when you have deals pending.  I've seen agents get caught in the cycle of waiting for a deal to close before moving but then have another deal that they write-up waiting for the closing.  

At some point, you have to weight the cost of your pending transactions against missing out on all the benefits you'll receive at eXp, including, the stock, ICON program, revenue sharing, kvCORE, training, split, etc...

I have a team and/or other agents that will joining eXp with me. How should we structure our move?

This is a question best answered via a private Zoom video conference with me. Setup a time on my calendar.

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