Join eXp Realty & Partner With Me

Join me and my network at eXp to gain access to exclusive support, training, & systems.  This exclusive access is in addition to all the resources and support eXp Realty provides.

Today's Training When You Need It

87% of agents don't make it in real estate past 5 years and the #1 reason is they aren't receiving the training they need.  Between eXp Realty and my network, you'll receive access to on-demand training to start your business and take it to the next level.

You'll gain access to private mastermind sessions, 100-day challenges, and an on-demand library of thousands of hours of training to grow your business!

Regardless of the level of production you are currently at, you'll find exactly what you are looking for to help take your real estate sales business to "best-year-ever" status.

The Systems and Tools To Scale Your Business

Most agents at traditional brokerages are stuck between using outdated and inferior systems and tools their brokerage provides or having to go out and piece together the systems needed to have success in their real estate business.

eXp Realty has partnered and engineered the best suite of systems and tools that help agents generate more leads and sell more homes from day one!

You'll receive one of the top websites & CRM systems, kvCORE. An efficient and easy-to-use transaction management platform, SkySlope. And a marketing system with hundreds of templates, buyer presentations, and flyers.  You get all this and more for a fraction of what you'd pay individually.

Join eXp and Generate Multiple Streams of Income

Maybe you are on the "Realtor Rollercoaster" and your income fluctuates wildly month-to-month.  When you partner with me, I'll show how and support your efforts to generate multiple streams of income with eXp Realty's different compensation plans.

Real Estate Sales

Our training and support will show you how to sell more homes and earn more money!

"Rev Share" Residual Income

Once you're selling real estate to the level you desire, I'll show and help you start building monthly residual income through eXp Realty's Revenue Sharing program.

Stock Ownership in eXp Realty

As you sell more homes and build more revenue share you'll be generating wealth in eXp Realty's stock ownership program.

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here's how you join eXp Realty in just 3 steps:


Fill Out Your Online eXp Realty Application.

Takes only 15-20 minutes to fill out.  This application is completely confidential and doesn't trigger anything that would notify your current broker or change your license.

eXp Applicatoin


e-Sign Your Independent Contractor Agreement.

After, filling out your application you'll immediately receive an email with your ICA. This document lays out eXp's responsibility to you, and vice versa.  Again, no notification or change in your license will take place at this point.  This is where you'll add my name as your sponsor, or whoever you've chosen.

exp independent contractor agreement


Transfer Your State License Over to eXp 

Within 1-3 business days after signing your ICA, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to move your license over to eXp Realty. This is the final step of the process,  This step is different for every state. Your broker and license will be changed at this point.

Real Estate License

Your Other Sponsors

Pat Hays

Pat Hays - Over 2000 Agents

Pat joined eXp Realty after only 2 years of real estate experience.  In 4 years at eXp, Pat has built a network of over 2000 agents across the US and Canada. He hosts presentations and events for our network all over North America. Pat, like myself, is a resource for your recruiting efforts.  He helps agents with 3-way calls and webinars.

Traci Lewis

Traci Lewis - Over 3000 Agents

Traci led the #1 Century 21 team in the nation for 8 years.  She was also recruiter of the year for Keller-Williams in 2012 and the top luxury agent in her office. Today she supports agents in our network by hosting training and events.  She also is a master networker.  She can connect you with the right person, whatever the situation.

Gene Frederick

Gene Frederick - Over 5000 Agents

Gene Frederick is a former Keller-Williams regional owner.  He owned and operated 6 market centers before selling everything and moving to eXp Realty in 2014.  Today Gene supports thousands of agents through leadership events and sitting on eXp Realty's board of directors. He's also one of the nicest guys you'll meet.

What You'll Receive:

When you join eXp Realty and partner with me, you'll receive access to tools like kvCORE, eXp World, Skyslope, and Workplace by Facebook.

Immediate access to thousands of hours of on-demand training within eXp World and Workplace by Facebook.

One-on-one support and mentoring by Kyle Handy.  Receive help building the business YOU want to build with the experience Kyle has established.

Right away we'll setup your one-hour business planning session to get to know each other and build the foundation for your new real estate business with eXp Realty.

Kyle Handy Real Estate Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

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