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I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You Double Your Leads & Triple Your Income In The Next 12 Months! All While Building Multiple, Consistent Streams Of Income.

Please Read This Before Going ANY Further

Hi Friend!

My name is Kyle Handy, and I’m committed to helping real estate agents WIN!

As a Realtor, Team Leader, and Broker/Owner for the last decade, it’s been my passion and mission to help real estate agents sell more properties while building a life they love!

I believe there is a better way to generate consistent leads and create scalable systems so that you don’t necessarily have to work more to earn more.  

Is it easy? Heck no! But with the right strategy, tactics, and accountability, you can get there much faster than I ever did.

When you partner with me at The Dream Team at eXp Realty, you get all access to myself and my partners, who hold nothing back.  

I’ll teach you how to create content and rank it #1 on Google and YouTube so you can have organic leads flowing to you 24/7. Because as Warren Buffet says, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”  

Whether you’re a brand new agent looking to get your first deal or a seasoned vet looking to scale your business while working less, I’m here for you.

Keep reading to see everything you get when you partner with me at eXp Realty!

Take A Sneak Peek Inside…

  • Kyle Handy Academy: FREE access to all my current AND future paid courses.
  • Private Dream Team Facebook Group: Collaborate, share referrals, and learn from other agents worldwide.
  • Agent Attraction Website: You’ll receive your eXp & Dream Team landing page (similar to this one) to share with agents you know.
  • One-On-One Coaching: Quarterly Private Zoom Meetings, plus you’ll have a direct line to me for “unstuck” calls.
  • Weekly Group Coaching:  Access to 4 private mastermind calls per week.
  • Modern Listing Presentation and Marketing Plan: Canva templates to many resources, including my listing presentation and seller marketing plan.
  • Access to over 100+ hours of recorded training: On-demand sales and agent attraction training library.
  • Monthly Competitions: Win trips and prizes for both sales and attraction contests.
  • Private Mastermind Events: Join The Dream Team as we host exclusive training events around the country.


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

Betsy Voegtlin


“The more I began researching eXp, the more I realized that’s where I want to be. 

 The Dream Team is a warm, welcoming group of people. 

Such a fantastic community filled with like-minded individuals who are serious about taking their business to the next level.”

Dom McShan


“I’ve been able to come in as a new agent and just take off!

Joining eXp Realty and The Dream Team has been a phenomenal experience because of the training and support. 

The mindset of abundance is truly what makes The Dream Team such a team. We all want to see each other succeed!”

Jamie Tulak


“Aligning with eXp Realty has completely changed my business.

If you’re considering joining eXp Realty, you definitely need to join with The Dream Team. 

We’ve got an amazing group of agents that are just continuing to grow!”

Let Me Show You What You Get


1. Access To All My Courses

Once you’ve onboarded with eXp Realty, you’ll receive a coupon code to discount my entire training academy to FREE.

It doesn’t get much better than that.  You’ll have access to the same courses that agents pay hundreds of dollars for just by joining me at the Dream Team.

I’m constantly updating and creating new courses, which you’ll continue to have access to for as long as you’re with eXp Realty.

2. eXp Realty Agent Landing Page

Every agent joining the Dream Team gets their custom-branded eXp Realty agent landing page.

I have agents every day asking to pay me to create a site like the one you receive for FREE. Use this highly-optimized landing page to share the eXp Realty model with potential recruits.

3. Private Dream Team Community

Join over 500 entrepreneurial agents across the globe who share similar interests and motivations to excel.  

We share referrals, compete in healthy competitions, and collaborate daily.

Here, you’ll also have full access to myself and other leaders within the Dream Team. 


Meet Kyle,


  • Leads team of over 500+ agents in 34 States + International
  • San Antonio Business Journal Top 25 Realtor
  • 20,000+ Subscribers on YouTube
  • 3x eXp Realty ICON Agent
  • Owner of the #1 Agent-Owned Real Estate Blog,
  • ​Public speaker and host for several digital and in-person events

How Does It Work?

Working with me at The Dream Team and eXp Realty is like having the cheat codes for a video game but for real estate.  I’m an open book and share everything I’ve learned over my career, personally selling over 500+ homes and leading for 1,000s of others.  I firmly believe in showing the tactics and not just talking strategy.  

I also believe there is a more sustainable, consistent approach to building a real estate sales business.  I provide the steps needed to grow organically through content and boost those results through targeted ads (once you’re ready to reinvest in your business).

Every strategy I teach builds on each other.  This means that once you’ve mastered your first strategy, the next one you tackle amplifies the results of all your previous ones.  

I firmly believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Your real estate business plan is the first thing you’ll complete when you join The Dream Team.  You’d be surprised how many agents have been in the business for years or even decades and have never completed a business plan.

There is no ONE specific plan.  Everyone has different goals, skill sets, and time to invest in their real estate business.

Once I know where you’d like to take your business and how quickly you’d like to get there, I can help direct you to the resources you’ll need.

Even though it’s up to you to take action on the plan, I’ll be there right next to you to answer any questions and provide insight along the way! 

  1. Fill Out The Form Below: Immediately after submitting the form, you’ll be able to either set up a call with me and/or one of my team leaders OR start the eXp join process.
  2. Setup A Call: If you wish to set up a call before joining eXp Realty, you’ll be able to schedule a time to meet via Zoom or Phone.  You can ask questions about eXp Realty and/or The Dream Team.
  3. Initiate Your License Transfer: Once you’re ready to join, allow our specially trained onboarding team to help complete your eXp Realty license transfer.
  4. ​Onboarding: Our onboarding team will set up two additional Zoom calls with you to assist you with setting up your new systems.  This includes your email, business cards, kvCORE, and Skyslope, and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • But Kyle, you aren’t in my local market?

Your sponsor at eXp doesn’t need to be local or even in your same state or country. Your sponsor and your broker are two separate people (in most cases). 

All states and provinces have their broker whom you’ll be licensed under to do business. Your sponsor is who most influenced your decision to join eXp Realty and who you believe will align with your goals and support your efforts the most.

  •  What does it cost to join eXp Realty?

US agents pay $149 to start up and $85 monthly. All agents are on an 80/20 split until they cap at $16,000.  Then you go to 100% for the remainder of your anniversary year minus a $250 transaction fee.  After $5000 in capped transaction fees, you’ll go to $75 / transaction.  There is a $25 broker review fee on every transaction and a $40 risk management fee on each transaction until it caps at $500 for the year.

Canadian agents pay $199 to start up and $139 monthly.  All agents are on an 80/20 split until they cap at $16,000.  Then you go to 100% for the remainder of your anniversary year minus a $285 transaction fee.  After $5700 in capped transaction fees, you’ll go to $75 / transaction.  There is a $29 broker review fee on every transaction and a $17 risk management fee on each transaction until it caps at $200 for the year.

*Note – If you are a new agent or haven’t closed at least three transactions in the previous 12 months, you’ll need to join the eXpand Mentoring program.  For your first three transactions with eXp Realty, you’ll receive additional support and guidance from a certified mentor near your market and pay an additional 20% for these first three transactions (60/40 split total).  After these three transactions, you graduate to the standard 80/20 split.

  •  I just capped at my current brokerage, will eXp honor my cap?

This is on a case-by-case basis.  Fill out your application on this page, and I can get you the “cap deferment” paperwork required to process this exception.

  •  Where is my office?

All eXp agents receive access to over 1000 Regus office locations worldwide. Additionally, your office is anywhere you have a computer or mobile device and internet access.  Through eXp World and Workplace by Facebook, you’ll be able to access eXp’s 500+ staff members.  

The staff ranges from transaction coordinators, tech support, team services, brokerage operations, legal, and accounting.  All support is given in real-time, anywhere in the world, with over 55 hours per week.

  •  Is eXp Realty good for new agents?

Based on what I’ve seen eXp do for other new agents, I would say YES!  It’s not so much a question of whether eXp is good for new agents.  It’s more about if the new agent is the type of person to dive in and utilize all the tools and training offered by eXp Realty.  

eXp offers over 50 hours of live training EVERY week and gives agents all the tools necessary to generate leads and sell homes.  Whether the agent digs in without waiting for someone to tell them every step of the way separates those that do well in eXp’s model and those that do not.  

That’s not to say you won’t have help along the way.  Quite the opposite.  But you need to be able to take the initiative while asking questions and seeking advice along the way versus waiting to be told what to do next.

  •  What if I have pending transactions with my current brokerage?

You’ll need to refer to your current independent contractor agreement to see how pending transactions and listings are handled upon departure from your brokerage.  Every brokerage has different policies on this.  

There is never a perfect time to move, especially when you have pending deals.  I’ve seen agents get caught in the cycle of waiting for a deal to close before moving but then have another deal they write up waiting for the closing.  

At some point, you have to weigh the cost of your pending transactions against missing out on all the benefits you’ll receive at eXp, including the stock, ICON program, revenue sharing, kvCORE, training, split, etc…

  •  I have a team and/or other agents joining eXp with me. How should we structure our move?

This is a question best answered via a private Zoom video conference with me.  Fill out the application on this page, and you’ll be able to set up a time to meet one-on-one with me where we can discuss the best way to move your team or brokerage over with you to eXp.



I can’t even begin to express what this opportunity has meant to my family and me.  It’s taken my business (along with thousands of others) to an entirely new level and helped me build a life I could only dream about before.  

I consider it my privilege to share this model and partner with other like-minded real estate agents.

Don’t let this moment pass you by!  How much longer are you going to wait until you try something new?  Fill out the application, and let’s figure out how together we’ll take your business to the next level!