Pat Hays eXp Realty Story

Pat Hays is an eXp Realty real estate agent in San Antonio Texas. He has been a real estate agent and built a team of agents of over 1900 agents all across North America.

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Prior to eXp Realty Pat Hays was relatively new to real estate. He had worked at a small boutique brokerage firm in San Antonio for two years. He got a life-changing phone call in 2015 that led him to eXp Realty and his life hasn't been the same since!

Pat and his wife Angel still actively sell real estate along with supporting their expansion team. In August 2019, Pat was recognized as joining the "two-comma" club for earning over $1,000,000 in revenue share from eXp Realty since joining.

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Unknown Speaker 0:13

Unknown Speaker 0:17
and I was asked to there we were asked today to kind of share our story and share our journey about how VHP royalty is truly, truly truly come into our lives. It changed our lives. And I love to have

Unknown Speaker 0:36
this opportunity this company is absolutely life changing. And real quick, show hands, how many special guests

Unknown Speaker 0:46
that are not with get speak.

Unknown Speaker 0:56
truly listen to my story. But first I want to give a big

Unknown Speaker 1:00
Shout out to Glen Sanford. I know he's not here. But without Glenn, none of us will be here.

Unknown Speaker 1:12
And I also want to give a big shout out to Scott was. Scott, thank you so much for giving me that life takes the phone call 45 months ago. I love it. Thank you. Also Rob flick. I'll never forget that day that I met you, Scott in gene at that coffee shop and learned your stories. Truly, truly, you guys all changed our lives. And also Tracy loose, I'm not sure where you are. But thank you so much for your leadership support.

Unknown Speaker 1:45
Thank you for developing me into a leader that I have before this company is not only changing lives this company is is getting people to the next level. And whenever I talk to agents about hey, this company is

Unknown Speaker 2:00
changed my life. Those are some big words. Life Changing changed my life.

Unknown Speaker 2:07
It's only the beginning. This is only the beginning.

Unknown Speaker 2:11
And I also want to give a big shout out to Brent and James. Thanks so much for coming

Unknown Speaker 2:23
together. They've been working on this for months. And let me tell you this guys.

Unknown Speaker 2:29
It was so hard for us to even make it here. We had a family vacation plans six months before this event was plans to take our kiddos to Branson, Missouri. And I'll never forget

Unknown Speaker 2:46
branko calling me and this is phone call, got his voicemail, a three minute voicemail. And he goes I am absolutely shot. I'm sitting here at James's house on the couch looking

Unknown Speaker 3:00
My speaker list and you're not on it. And I heard that you're camping in the woods with your family and attended Montana

Unknown Speaker 3:08
woods. And so whenever you get a phone call from Franco asking you to be here,

Unknown Speaker 3:15
you love and sacrifice to be here. Because if it wasn't for

Unknown Speaker 3:25
that we have that we have it so let me just kind of

Unknown Speaker 3:30
take you back

Unknown Speaker 3:35
right there.

Unknown Speaker 3:38
I love you so much.

Unknown Speaker 3:43
share my story

Unknown Speaker 3:46
all the way back whenever I first started college, and yes, it was in college. So I did the whole traditional thing. Go to college, go get that degree don't make mom and dad happy.

Unknown Speaker 4:00
That took about six years. But I got through it.

Unknown Speaker 4:06
And then afterwards, you go get that j. o b, went, got that job, did medical sales and see Antonia for about six years, making great money

Unknown Speaker 4:19
building something that wasn't

Unknown Speaker 4:22
it wasn't working 60 7080 hours a week.

Unknown Speaker 4:26
And I went to a summer day and I said, Hey, listen, I'm ready to quit corporate America.

Unknown Speaker 4:32
invite us to your franchise. She looked at me like, What are you thinking?

Unknown Speaker 4:39
Yeah, when you go

Unknown Speaker 4:43
and whenever I talked about

Unknown Speaker 4:46
roller coaster.

Unknown Speaker 4:49
My journey was the biggest roller coaster and I'm so blessed to share this story with you guys. And so I didn't know traditionally going to go to that job and go there for six years and

Unknown Speaker 5:00
I told a 24 America about this evoker franchise

Unknown Speaker 5:05
took about $250,000 in ad revenue about $1.3 billion in three years, ended up selling it, but he ended up selling it and coming back to see you until you

Unknown Speaker 5:17
getting back into real estate. I've been licensed since about 2000. And I did farm and ranch to part time while I was doing medical sales. And I sold that company.

Unknown Speaker 5:28
I had an opportunity to be a private investor for digital media marketing startup company. Within six months I lost $300,000 I did not want to go back to corporate America

Unknown Speaker 5:42
to make this little state work.

Unknown Speaker 5:45
She says Yes, you are.

Unknown Speaker 5:47
Yes, you are.

Unknown Speaker 5:49
So a friend of mine introduced me to some boutique growers in San Antonio. I didn't want to go to

Unknown Speaker 5:57
century 21

Unknown Speaker 6:00
So I joined this boutique brokerage firm seated. Tony was our first agents. My first year, I did $3.2 million in production. As a single agent really found my passion. I finally found it.

Unknown Speaker 6:14
Second year, I wanted to leverage myself start a team. I sweated the old the old way. So started to become

Unknown Speaker 6:22
secondary about $12.5 million production 61 transactions.

Unknown Speaker 6:28
A lot of fun

Unknown Speaker 6:30
making a lot of great money.

Unknown Speaker 6:32
Yes, working a lot.

Unknown Speaker 6:34
It's not that happened with my boutique brokerage brokers and I needed to find another brokerage for fast is Scott Lewis gave me a life changing phone call that day that I had to make a 45 months ago. He called me up for Hey, I want to talk to you about a new business model that's changing the way that agents get compensated and also disrupting the low stage industry. Do you have a golden

Unknown Speaker 7:01
at four o'clock I did not Two hours later I did.

Unknown Speaker 7:09
Oh my gosh, I need to talk to you something really happened with my business and my brokers and these amazing

Unknown Speaker 7:17
people let's talk. He said when can you get together? Let's get together tomorrow. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 7:24
I've been at a coffee shop at 10 o'clock.

Unknown Speaker 7:27
There's two other gentlemen there. Rob flick in G Frederick

Unknown Speaker 7:35

Unknown Speaker 7:39
that 45 minute meeting turned into four hours.

Unknown Speaker 7:44
I still have my notes from G forever. So I everything. numbers and napkins and everything. So

Unknown Speaker 7:52
I was absolutely blown away.

Unknown Speaker 7:56
was when they told me

Unknown Speaker 7:58
guys you can go so close to the

Unknown Speaker 8:00
Where were you to continue to build an exit strategy for yourself and for your family? Some of those things. I remember Scott asked me this question happened, what is your exit strategy? willsez just lost $300,000 letting you get out of this business for years.

Unknown Speaker 8:19
He said, Well, if you have one, one exit strategy, what would it be? So really, I would love to get my business in my team's production to do about 75 to $100 million a year in production. So I can go and maintain that for revenue five to seven years and maybe I can slow down, stop, retire eventually. He said that if you follow our lead, I can show you how to do that in three years or less.

Unknown Speaker 8:41
He's right.

Unknown Speaker 8:43
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Both you guys.

Unknown Speaker 8:52
Was I scared a little bit. Whenever I join me there's five agents and see Antonio okay.

Unknown Speaker 9:00
Now there's over 600. Whenever I join, nationwide, it gives me it was 805 agents are actually agent to 6000 20,000 plus agents.

Unknown Speaker 9:10
The next phone call I got was from a huge Data Broker in San Antonio

Unknown Speaker 9:16
found out that I was looking to make a move. He said that let's talk. Finally we get to do business together. I said, Oh, man, I just met with all the leaders. At ESP. I'm looking to make a move. There. He goes, give me one hour tomorrow. I want to talk about what I can offer you to give you for yourself and for your family for your team. I said, You know what, I respect you. I'll do that. So that's it. Just one of our I said, I can't get your office never knows I'm really looking to make a move. He said why don't you come to my backyard million dollar house on the golf course. Let's talk to Cheryl either.

Unknown Speaker 9:56
My dad is not here with us, but

Unknown Speaker 9:59
he's my CFO. For

Unknown Speaker 10:00
business and people go there with me that day.

Unknown Speaker 10:04
That one hour meeting, they can turn in four hours. At the end of that meeting, I said, Listen, I've got to go, what do you have to offer?

Unknown Speaker 10:13
He goes, I want to give you 100% commission for one full year for your team. I want to give you free office for one full year. I want to give you marketing, branding, lead generation, I want to keep you up and running fast and making more money than you did last year. So sounds good. Okay. I said, I got three questions for you.

Unknown Speaker 10:35
Say Can you give me revenue share, and nonprofits here? He said note that as our business model, I said second, can you give the equity ownership to kw, there's no path so in our business model, not publicly traded, I can give it to you. I said, Okay, dirt, can you give me kinky flow for free to help generate massive amounts of buyers so this is not student scripts. If we don't do that, sort of a just helping the decision. I'm going to speak

Unknown Speaker 11:09
Deep down inside, that I was making the right decision

Unknown Speaker 11:13
for myself and for my family. And what I've been able to do, the last 45 months is truly truly the able to

Unknown Speaker 11:23
let us have time freedom, money, freedom, financial freedom. I've been able to personally sponsor 38 agents in the organization. Out of those 38 agents they've grown into 1900 agents at 42 states

Unknown Speaker 11:45
over $67,000 today, last month was 92,000

Unknown Speaker 12:01
In last January, we set a goal. She came to me.

Unknown Speaker 12:07
She came to me last year I said, I now want to leave corporate America. I said let's set a goal.

Unknown Speaker 12:14
Once my revenue certificates $50,000 for one month and I'll let you give your 60 day notice to corporate America in league, we hit that last July 50,000. For my first month in rev share last July.

Unknown Speaker 12:30
She gave her a 60 day notice.

Unknown Speaker 12:34
Now she has a real estate license now.

Unknown Speaker 12:50
change our lives.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
I couldn't have done it better.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
central to

Unknown Speaker 12:59
all great

Unknown Speaker 13:00
Companies I could not have done what I have done. And he speak over there. If it wasn't for the gentleman right here, Jean Frederick, Tracy and most all of you guys, this is a movement. We're having so much fun. But yet this is just the beginning. I was there in Mexico whenever there was 15 agents there. And I'll never forget chief Robert stood up and said, trust me, this will be the smallest party that we ever throw there's gonna be a room full of thousands of agents. Right? It is so right. Every single thing that she says is always the right

Unknown Speaker 13:45
guys for children ages lives.

Unknown Speaker 13:48
It if you're a part of his fee, and you're not sharing this amazing opportunity with other like minded individuals, you need to

Unknown Speaker 13:57
an extra $500 a month Protection Agency

Unknown Speaker 14:00
An extra $2,000 a month to change people's lives. Guys I do last presentation

Unknown Speaker 14:07
every single Friday in San Antonio.

Unknown Speaker 14:10
Last Friday was our biggest thing is 77 total agents there was 25 guests.

Unknown Speaker 14:18
It literally individ This is a guys if you guys don't believe in this, you don't see it. You don't think it's sustainable, or you think there's something better out there. That'd be PSP ranked team. Join you guys two guys are still here sharing the XP.

Unknown Speaker 14:37
That being said, I knew 45 months ago and as I was sitting at that table, I made that decision frame the best decision that you make, to be a part of the best brokers for which is PNC

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Stand up, but I just wanted to put this slide up here.

Unknown Speaker 15:04
I've got, we got three beautiful kids.

Unknown Speaker 15:08
My youngest one

Unknown Speaker 15:11
wants to get us the realtor.

Unknown Speaker 15:17
And I promised her I would let her speak.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
And I want to share a quick testimonial of how he changed our lives.

Unknown Speaker 15:38
So he's given us the story in a nutshell, the wife's perspective.

Unknown Speaker 15:45
I think he could be right off the bat. I started speaking in when we were at that event record, May of 2017

Unknown Speaker 15:57
actually bought me and go to be Angel.

Unknown Speaker 16:00
doing just switch job and

Unknown Speaker 16:06
yes all I don't need to be out of your mind. All of you.

Unknown Speaker 16:14
You told me to just

Unknown Speaker 16:17
you, you told me, Tony on how you made me

Unknown Speaker 16:22

Unknown Speaker 16:24
I did it. And I've never looked back. I had a career. You just go therapist by trade, managed a bunch of physical therapy clinics and therapist and all the things

Unknown Speaker 16:37
and let that go for my family

Unknown Speaker 16:40
for us

Unknown Speaker 16:43
change our life completely. And we do have that opportunity if it wasn't for you.

Unknown Speaker 16:51
And I just feel like you guys and now again I want to go

Unknown Speaker 17:01
All of you, you're sitting there holding this ticket, you just have to cash it

Unknown Speaker 17:07
and everybody doesn't want to

Unknown Speaker 17:19
actually just celebrated

Unknown Speaker 17:22
getting the XP to call club.

Unknown Speaker 17:37
Two years of real estate sales experience. Two years.

Unknown Speaker 17:42
Two years of real estate sales experience, guys, I can tweet, you can do no excuses. I didn't have all these agents all across the country. So guys, I'm gonna leave that

Unknown Speaker 17:54
you guys aren't sharing this model with other agents do not have their own way.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
Go to

Unknown Speaker 18:02
go talk to agents. Scott gave me that life changing for 25 months ago now I'm able to reciprocate that and get other life changing to other agents. Thank you guys so much

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