Rob Flick eXp Realty Story

Rob Flick is the #1 agent attractor at eXp Realty. This comes after being one of the top profit share earners at Keller Williams for many years. Rob leads a group of over 9000 agents in his revenue share organization at eXp Realty.

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Here is the podcast: 

Rob Flick shares his story of beating cancer and making a commitment to never be dependent upon earned income ever again. It was then that his journey to build as much passive income as he could began.

Since that time, Rob has attracted tens of thousands of agents to Keller Williams and now nearly that many to eXp Realty.

He shares why he believes so passionately in the eXp Realty model for agents. He also shares how ADDING agent attraction to his real estate sales business early on helped him eventually transition into living "full-time".

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last speaker you guys is a big guy

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by the way before we bring last speaker up I want you know this we're switching rooms tomorrow we kind of there's people all the way out there out there. It was crazy. You

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excited? So

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we got a bigger room we're going to do small rectangular tables you all have tables in front of you to put your drinks and whatever that is coffee I'm referencing do not bring beverages in here now. You know I mean adult beverages now. So final speaker when she called me see the first one where's my stand up my sponsor, Sheila FedRAMP stand up to the legendary love you the best. She'll be speaking tomorrow. But when she called me She asked me take a look at this new business model for real estate. I said sure. She's polite professional. And I booked a time three weeks out anybody like why they make me wait I met her wait three weeks and I I knew I would not be interested. But she gets me on the phone and she's there with Rob flick, and Rob flicks on the phone and, and I was late and we just went through it. And I was tracking and I literally got to the last five minutes. I'm like, okay, cool, cool, cool, but I'm not inspired. And then last five minutes, they explained how revenue share works. I'm gonna sock it was not interested at all in the stock. And in this this cartoonish world, whatever, that's weird. Okay, no, like, XP losers now. I'm serious. I'm like, wow, Sheila, that's a humdinger. You know? So, I'm like, No, and then I'm like, I see the rev share thing. I'm like, why do you have to show me that part? You and Rob and I, I literally lean over my computer and we say this and I'm like, I cannot believe I'm going to say this but I am really interested in this. House is coming out my mouth. And and and you're going to hear from again My name is Sean work probably this January he's sitting right over here, but he watched me Can we were we were office mates his office next to mine and keloids I walk out with my hand on my head I'm hunched over scan of an unusual pose, right? Not really for a real estate agent but okay. But I'm pretty happy usually so for me to be doing this He's like, buddy, are you okay? I'm like, No, I am not okay. I was gonna stay at Keller Williams forever and then just hug Gary Keller You know? And and you know for that old fashioned model, it's fine. But um, I was like, I've just seen something as blew my mind I can't believe is it what is it like I'll tell you later night. I kind of brushed him off and put made him wait. And but it was it was Rob flick and Sheila that just blew my mind introduced me to Jean Frederick and it was just the rest is history. It's been amazing. But if you want to know what I did, I copied Sheila Robin Jean. Everything they did. I did Whatever they said to do, we did James and I did we worked passionately not to reinvent the wheel, but to go for it. And and really Rob and Jean were absolute trendsetters. trailblazers, huge businesses. There's so much exciting things coming down the pike help me welcome from Scottsdale Arizona, Mr. Rob flick my hand.

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Well, this is this is a lot faster than I thought it was going to happen. I will tell you this it. I'll start off I've been licensed in real estate since 1983. And I started out with Coldwell Banker in the commercial realm and did quite well ranked in the top 20 and thought I had it made. I was 2930 years old, living in an 8500 square foot house. With the glass ceiling, indoor swimming pool sliding glass walls 2000 square foot master bedroom thousand square foot closet I was trying to get one of those things built at the things went around like this you know thing and like five car garage traveling.

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Some gals like that, don't you? That's it. That's a closet.

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What? What happened?

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What do you do?

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What do you do? Oh,

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that's an old one.

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Don't do that again, by the way.

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That's old actually, you know, by like

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think about it. Right. So and, and I thought I hadn't made completely candid I got cancer, very nearly died. Some of you may have heard the story and went into the hospital, the doctor said I had three to six months that I should get my affairs in order. I was 31 years old. That started a vigil have been in and out of hospitals for about four years. During that period of time, I lost everything and went bankrupt.

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two things went through my mind while I was going through that process. One was the people I might not see again, I had faces going by all the time. I never thought of the stuff the stuff, you know, I didn't care. They were showing up to take this stuff. You know, although I didn't know I didn't care. I just thought of the people that I wanted to see again that I might not. And then the second thing was is that I said when I make it through this because I never doubted that I wouldn't. I said I wanted to find something I didn't know what it was. I didn't know the term. I wanted to find a passive income stream. That was 100 bucks a month more than a cost me live just like a live full time. and not have to worry about working for whatever time I had left. And that's what motivated me massively. That's why I'm so interested in residual income. And so I have been able to develop a residual income driven lifestyle for over 20 years. I haven't had to work because of residuals. And it's a really, really wonderful thing and I was retired about 15 years ago. Jean Frederick, good friend of mine when our dinner Keller Williams days. He was a big deal. He owned a region I owned a region. He owned a half a dozen franchises. I own a half a dozen franchises. He had recruited some people I had recruited some people, and I'd heard that he left because when my profit sharing, here's what my idea was. I wanted to recruit two agents a month way back then my goal and Keller in 1997. Keller had 16 or 1700 agents total. And I said I'm going to recruit two agents a month for three years. 636 72 people personally. And the reason I wanted to that was because there was a lady named Althea Osborne, who talked to me about developing residuals and bringing people on some of you may know her at Keller and she was the number one profit sharing earner in Keller after 16 years with a company. And she was making $55,000 a year after 16 years of being and she was the first or second agent ever to join Keller Williams. Okay. And I had wanted to make $100,000 a year. And she had made half that and it took her 16 years, and I didn't The doctors told me I didn't have 30 left. So I wanted to get it done quicker. So I went and I spent several days with her in Austin, Texas, to find out why and how this thing worked. And one of the questions I asked her was how many people she had personally enrolled in the 1516 years in the killer system, and we found out that she had personally enrolled 12. Not even one a year. And I said, Why only 12? And her answer nearly floored me. She said, because I never thought about it. It was never part of my business plan. It just sort of happened haphazardly. So I thought, what if a person were to make it part of their business plan? And actually think about it every day. Because up until then, my business plan in real estate was to buyers and to sellers a month to buyers to sellers a month to buyers and sellers and I would get two listings that would drive to buyers and I get four deals at a two. I worked on getting listings, and I could do 50 deals a year. That was my whole plan as deep as it went. Right. And so you want to sell a house talk to me. Yeah. And so the only thing that I changed when I came back from that meeting with altea was two buyers to sellers and two agents a month to buyers to sellers and two agents a month and I figured if I enrolled two agents a month for the 36 months that it takes to vest with Keller that'd be 72, six times as many as alfia had that surely had to create 100 grand, which is what I wanted to create, to be able to live full time. hundred thousand. And so I joined Keller in July of 1997. On the fourth of July, I joined specifically on that date, because I knew that I was going to retire or plan to retire three years in one day from that day, which would be Fourth of July, three years later on when the entire country celebrating my freedom. And you guys have thrown the party for me every year and I appreciate that very much. So, I started in July, and I enrolled 30 agents between July and Christmas way more than I ever did. Because I heard someone say earlier, it's easier to find realtors than buyers and sellers. How many of you agree with that? Right there everywhere? I mean, Lord, they are everywhere, right? They really are.

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And so that's how that started. And when I saw gene gene is the one that put the thought in my head to do this and I retired when my profit sharing got bigger. So I started developing in Arizona. And then someone in Arizona referred me to someone in Utah first days and everybody here at Keller in Utah timing was everything. I'm telling you this for a reason, then then they refer me to someone in Washington, and then Oregon than Idaho, Alaska, Western Canada, Northern California. First people ever hear of it. And I would just was willing to be there and go chase down those leads to the point that my revenue share. I mean, my profit sharing grew to over 100,000 then it went to 10,000 a month, then 15,000 a month and 20,000 a month and 25,000 a month in the Keller system. And I retired about 15 years ago when it got to 25,000 and I've been living a passive income driven lifestyle ever since traveling a lot. Not as much as we travel now. We just got back from Tennessee. weeks in Europe, and I know it's sad. And during those three pay periods, they dropped almost a million dollars into my account from this revenue share that's underground. And my goal was to become insignificant to my business. My goal is to have so many people that are doing exceptional that I'm not needed anymore. And I think I've seen that today. I'm truly don't need it anymore. It's great.

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I don't know why I'm crying.

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You know, it's like,

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yeah. And it's really, yeah. Well, I will tell you, what's really, really exciting is I looked at this deal and I, you know, I heard so many different things and I'm gonna tell you, just a couple of quick things. And then I've got a run. But when I saw this three years ago, not even Yeah, about three years ago, Jean Frederick showed it to me. It was a trade off. I was showing him something and he wanted to show me something. Show me yours. I'll show you mine kind of thing.

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It was a lot bigger.

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You know, the business opportunity is what I'm talking about. What?

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What I say?

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I'm old, I have those thought lapses. Right. And I have a DD or whatever they call it when you can't remember why you're talking and I just forgot why I'm here. And I normally say tell me what I was talking about. But I'm afraid you're gonna see Yeah, I ok. So anyway, when I saw this, I said, this is the most amazing thing and he's the one that told me that I'm the 14th Highest Paid he said, you know, Rob, you're the 14th Highest Paid person in the history of Keller Williams profit sharing. You haven't been with him for 15 years because of what you did. Because I thought about it worked on it. And I don't say that to brag, I'm just saying that I was there when the opportunity was new, just like you are here now. And the difference we have is I'm seeing these numbers that are spectacular. Because when I first joined ESP 31 months ago, 31 months ago, I joined January 1, my wife and I January 1, of 2016. And my goal was to and we just moved to Texas, so I didn't know anybody. So my whole approach, I heard all kinds of great things. My whole approach was Hi, my name is Rob, new to the area. I really want to talk to somebody about real estate, who do you know that you can refer me to this guy going on? And I said, I could I can, you know, and then Pete they would refer people to me and I would call them and say hey, Fred, Sally said that, you know, I'm new to the area. I'm looking to talk to some about real estate Sally says you've got it really going on? Can we set up a time to get together and talk? Now they thought I wanted to buy a house. I just want to talk about real estate. Right? But when I got together with him, I start interviewing and finding out what they are about their life and their goals and I I was really looking for energy, the right energy. And if they had great energy, then they eventually would ask me what I do. And I said, one of the things I would ask people is on a scale of one to 10. If 10 was awesome, and one wasn't so good, what grade would you give your real estate world today? Most people said six or seven, I would say, Well, if you're a six or seven today, what would make it attend? And most of them would say, sell more houses. And I said, So you're telling me you just want to work more? Because to me selling more houses means you're working more? Oh, no, no, no, I meant making money. I said, Well, then you have to say that. You mean you want to work more and make more money? Oh, no, no, no, I, I want to make more money and not work in right. So as I said, Would you rather work less and make more and they go, Oh, yeah. And so I said, Well tell me what a 10 plus would be. If you plus that they'd say, I'll make a lot more money work a lot less. And eventually they asked me what I do. I said My specialty is working with real estate agents and helping them achieve their 10 plus. And you just told me what yours was. And if you do me the honor, I can teach you how to do that. You follow that? So my goal was to have one of those conversations a week, for a month, I figured I'd get one of them a month to join 12 and a month, I figured three of them would quit. NET nine, I did that for three years at 27. More than 25, less than 40 qualify for first six levels. And I could turn those 27 agents into 500. That was my three year goal. Just like what you said, Scott, that's why we sort of talked about it. And and I figured every agent that I brought on board would be averaged to less than average, maybe only closing a million dollars a year. And if you close a million dollars a year they grow 30,000 and if you make three and a half percent of that which is what's on your first level, you make 1050 per agent If you had 500 of them, it'd be $500,000 a year in three years. That was my whole goal. I had no idea that it would take me six months from when I actually started. because very few people said no, I was shocked. Literally shocked. But my checks, but my first five months, I never passed 100 bucks. I had four people personally enrolled for five months. And when you have four people enrolled, and none of them close a deal, you get this much on the next two levels. Right? You guys know what it is a pimple on a dog's butt amount. Right. And so my checks were like nothing people would say to me, so how's it going in this new deal? I said, Man, you wouldn't believe it if I told you.

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And now, close it in on.

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I would say to them, you wouldn't believe it if I told you. It's been the same answer. And what I learned I want to tell you what I learned from these speakers and I'll tell you sort of What we're doing, we've recently filed and applied to develop a, a personal Foundation, a 513. c, that we're working on that we're going to be allowed to be able to donate up to 60% of the income that we bring in into a foundation that will provide housing for seniors. Because we don't need the money. So you will hear me talk about that as we go on, but it takes about six to nine months to get approved. It's a big deal. And I'm really, really excited about that because next year, I believe our revenue share will be in excess of a million a month. And my goal then is I can be able to donate $6 million to that foundation, we can start creating housing for seniors because we got 10,000 people a day, turning 65 and 75 and 85. And I didn't realize the shortness of that product out there until I started trying to find a house for A dad, who's now 93. And he'd be able to put away $900,000 over life. And 450,000 of it was from his house sale. And they wanted to charge eight and $9,000 a month. He'd be he'd run out of money in like, eight years. And there was just no way. And we went to, I went to like 10 or 15 of them. And it, it just, it's just very, very difficult out there. So that's a major, major deal that we have. And you'll hear us talking more about that. So I want to tell you, when I when I heard a couple of things, I want to say, this is what I like, this is really great. The speakers that were here, Keeley said that she does and these are my little tidbits I learned from these people. And if you take this and do it, it'll it'll happen for you. There's no question about it. When I developed the wealth chart, the one biggest thing you can tip my opinion that you can take away as you go home and you build that wealth chart, you draw that wealth chart out, you put that on your office wall, or your bedroom wall or on your refrigerator, whichever You go to more, right? So that you see it. Not a bad idea for some of you, right? Anyway, yeah, you want it, you want to have that wealth chart there, because that'll tell you, that'll be exact. All you gotta do is fill in the blank. So when I show that to an agent, we went over that actually, I was in your house, Scott, when I designed that, and I showed it to the two of you. And we really got it. We understood it. I was drawing it. So I said, How can we write something out? That would physically put it on paper that would make it like, crystal clear how this deal worked? Remember? How can we make a half a million dollars a year and change real estate agents lives? And that's why we designed that chart and put it together. If you haven't got it, then you ask Brent and James. For that I made a 26 minute video about a year and a half ago on the wealth chart. You should get that and do it and I'm telling you, your team, it explodes when you start seeing that it makes you do more when you see it. It really does. Okay, so that's a powerful thing. So then When I found out was here's the key, Lisa said she sends text invites. I think that's really great because then you get fewer questions. Right take my takeaways. Kelly said text invites. David golden said his biggest thing was the wealth chart. Draw the wealth chart, make sure that that's that's their shareen said, compliment realtors on everything they do. I think that's brilliant. People love to be complimented. They love to be saying, Wow, you look really great or you know that those are I like to say to people, those shoes look really comfortable. Do you take them with you when you travel? Because I want to see if they travel because I say we travel a lot. I'm looking for some really comfortable shoes. And I remember when I was a realtor like you having to work every day doing all that and now we travel six to 10 months a year and my goal in life is to teach other realtors how to be able to do that and those shoes look like to make me help. That's how I contact people. I mean, you know, it's I you know, I it's so easy when you've got something they want, you know, compliment real I think that's a really great Washington tyranny. Oh my God. That is a couple.

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I remember when I met you in Mexico, where are you?

Unknown Speaker 21:10
to you guys are going to be some of the biggest in this company. No question about it. I am so fired up to see and meet you guys. Wow. 30 people in I took this 30 people in 30 days. They enrolled 30 people in 30 days. That's huge. Why just stop. I want to hear someone say 100 people in 100 days. That's a really cool thing. Bill price said Be your own end game. What is your end game? That was powerful. What is your end game? Do you have any game? One of the things I asked realtors all the time when I'm talking and chatting with them? Is I say you've been in real estate for 15 years. 16 years 17 years. I said what happens when you stop selling? What happens your income going forward if you stop today never sold another house called Turkey, what would your income be? And almost all of them say zero ever saw one says $250.

Unknown Speaker 22:08
Because they have a rental

Unknown Speaker 22:11
one when it's rented, and it's not raining, and there wasn't a teddy bear at one o'clock being pulled out of the toilet. I've gotten a few of those. So I don't manage them anymore. That was awesome. What is the end game? Sean strock said warm referrals. How cool was that? Oh my gosh, oh, hey, that's the best thing. I was one of the really, I really liked that. Because that's what I did. And he said to people that he knows in different areas around the country that are friends of his that are connectors. He said, hope you listen to that. He said Who do you know in real estate in your area that it's really going on? I want to talk to a realtor in your area. And he would have a warm referral. That's brilliant. That really that was powerful.

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And then Curtis Johnson, I really like this. This is a really good recruit recruiters because you're that we have, you know, I'm ambitiously lazy. Do you understand what that means? I'll work for short periods of time or they pay me a boatload forever. And that's what you that's what happens with this company and you work for a little bit really hard two and a half years is nothing. Really. Recruit recruiters is brilliant because you know, who told me that Althea Osborne 20 something years ago, she said, recruit recruiters recruit, she said recruit people with a recruiting mindset. And then she said, Oh, by the way, I'd recommend you recruit younger ones, because they'll do it longer. She says don't recruit recruiters your own age, because then everything stops when you retire because they're all retiring. She says recruit young ones. They're gonna go for another 20 years. I've never forgot that. That was good. And Jeff Williams, William Williams.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
Like it says, What is your plan?

Unknown Speaker 24:03
What is your What a great question to ask people? What is your plan for that? I like to say what is your exit? What is your realtor retirement plan? What is your exit plan? What is your endgame in your real estate career when I'm going and talking to realtors anyway, tell me what your endgame is. I'm always looking for a better one. You know, I've got an endgame in place on what is what is yours? What is your endgame? What is your plan? Most of them will give you a blank stare. And you go man, my mentor has developed an incredible one for me. Would you mind if I shared it with you one day? I would write that down. That's that was brilliant. Yeah. Then the last thing here is Scott and Tracy. This is very true. This is a true statement not set not you know, I mean? It's just time and effort. And you're going to be at 2500 you're going to be at 2500 This number here is already behind. I'm at 6500 as of this morning, and that was just a couple days ago. It's unbelievable what's happening. Now. It's just time and effort and you're going to be at 6500. That's, that's truly unbelievable. And so when I have this goal when I got to talk when I saw Tony Jiri, and then I closed because he has impacted my life dramatically, massively. He's one of the best trainers and coaches worldwide. He's closed most of the Fortune 500 CEOs, CFOs and CEOs around the world. He's got several billionaires, he coaches and trains and I was given his book when I was speaking for Brent in Sacramento. And one of his leaders came up and gave me a book. And I, my wife and I were just on our way to Russia, to take another one of our vacations on the river cruise. And I said, I'll probably be any of these. He gave me this book and Tony Written called results faster. And while I was over, I said, I'll be able to read it when I'm in Russia. And so I did I read it four times, I was so fired up and excited. And when I told my wife about it, she said, How cool is that? If we, this is really great. She gets excited when I'm excited, and about doing things in life. Right. And she said, wouldn't be great if you could, Tony could be your coach. She said that to me and rushes in some nowhere place. Well, so we're on our way back from that thing flying from St. Petersburg, to Frankfurt, Germany to New York to Dallas because we were living in Dallas now. We now live in Scottsdale, Arizona. And we're going to invite you to our house warming party next year, where we have this new house that we're pretty fired up about. And we're in New York, we've been up for over 24 hours. We haven't been asleep. You know how you're sort of around me looking around, little drool

Unknown Speaker 26:53
and we're waiting in the in the

Unknown Speaker 26:57
get the gate. Then what about 1231 One o'clock in the morning and in walks the guy that looks a lot like Tony jury. It's like both of us looked and I think that's Tony Jerry, I'm gonna go get him to sign my book. And so I went over about 10, you know, four or five feet away. I said, Hey, Tony. And he turned around, and I have the book and I said, you recognize this guy? And he laughed. He said, yeah. And I said, I've read your book. It's unbelievable fact, I read it four times. I marked it up in different colors, different things, inks, and everything is so awesome and great. Would you sign my book for me? He said, Sure. He said, Tell me about yourself a little bit. And I said, Well, I'm in the real estate world. And he said, and he said, Well, I've coached coach, some people in real estate. He mentioned these people's names. And I said, I caught I taught them. In fact, they were with Keller Williams, and Gary Keller assign them to me to learn how to do what they do. I said, in fact, I'm still the 14th Highest Paid person in that company. I've been here for 15 years, but I got it. I'm in with this new deal. That now as they tell me, I'm the top person in there. I've already created over over $5,000 a day in residual income and my goal Is $100,000 a day in residual income?

Unknown Speaker 28:05
And he looked at me and and he signed my book and I went and sat down.

Unknown Speaker 28:11
Two minutes later, maybe three he comes over and he says,

Unknown Speaker 28:16
Are you guys in first class on this trip? And we said, No, no, we were just going to sleep we were going to you know, relax a bit. He says, Give me your boarding passes. I'm really hoping this is really Tony Jerry, right.

Unknown Speaker 28:25
So anyway, so

Unknown Speaker 28:28
he just not a look alike. You know, it's like some guy from Vegas, you know? No.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
I'm still looking for him, I'll find anyway, so he takes him He says, Let me see what I can do. He goes up to the desk, and I can see him talking to the to the gal at the desk and I can see your head go like this. Then like this and then and next thing she hands it back he comes over he says no guarantee but there's like 60% chance here you go. And you're probably gonna upgrade and he was sat down, no kid, and two minutes later a name show up one and two on the first class list. And then they call our name we go up and we sure enough we're in first place. Right. Well, they don't know that American Airlines is paying him has been paying him. He said, just looking at him on the computer. I know it's not great, but just see if you can just why don't you just see, he's trying to be cool and utter. I said, How did you do that? And he said, Well, they don't know. But American Airlines has been paying him a million dollars a year for 18 years to coach their executives. And he knows them all personally, but his name comes up. It's like whatever he wants, whatever he wants. I want one of those, whatever he wants, I My name is whatever he wants whenever. Yeah, I like that. I said, I could I'll pay to learn how to do that. Right. So anyway, halfway through the flight, he comes up to us and he says, Are you serious about that? That hundred thousand dollars a day. He said, That's 36 million a year. And I said, I think it's very, very doable. He says, really tell me about it. I said, Well, right now, I've got over 500 agents a month joining my team, over 500 agents a month and if you average $1,000 For agent, that's a half a million dollars a month, a year, every month increase. Right? Well, right now I'm just telling you this because this is your future, there's going to be several people like that we've only got about 14,000 agents, we're going to have a million or more agents, I believe, around the world maybe you know, in this United States, we're gonna have several hundred thousand agents just in the US alone. We're going to end this year about 8500 agents, we our first year went from zero to 702nd year 700 to 3004 times as much and this year is my third January. First we had 3000. Today we got 60 507 months, six and a half months later, we're gonna have about 8500 at the end of the year 3080 500. That's about two and a half almost three times, right. Well, that means next year, if we do three times that's 24,000. Let's say 20,000 back down, and only gets like 2000 20,000 the following year if it just doubles 2020 that's 40,000 agents. That's for $30 million a year. Think of the housing we're going to be able to build and develop. That's what turns me on. And I will tell you, there are people in this room, many of you, you saw speaking today that are building it faster than we ever did you think it's happening fast for us, what you guys are going to do is off the chart. And I'm so pumped about what you're doing, how you're coming along, that the last thing I'm going to leave you with, is think 140 is good. Think 100 because we're going to have some parties around the world.

Unknown Speaker 31:35
For the hundred

Unknown Speaker 31:38
the people that have 100 or more, we're going to do parties around the world. And we're going to find out what your passion is, and we're going to help you finance that. Whatever that is in the world. Do you understand that? Because we are going to have some excess income that we can do good with and my head Off to Brett and James, for putting this together. And all the leaders. Thank you all very much.

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Rob flick everybody.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
Love it. Give it up. Rob flick. Well,

Unknown Speaker 32:21
real quick, let me just

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tell you what's happening tonight and tomorrow. So but before I do that, I just cracks me up, send me you're thinking, Oh my gosh, I'm too late. Right. I'm too late. Rob flicks got them. All right. Let me make a point. Would you agree not every agent in North America is in this room right now. Right? This is a core group of of Tomahawk killers, right? You guys are going to go do it. But there's 2 million agents out there in North America. There are 14,000 xp agents and yes, we're going to 20 to 40 and 80 and 100,000. But you at the beginning of a movement, you're at the right time. I'm at the right place. So I just want to share this with you. We will have and within the next few years, I think within five years 200,000 xp agents, it's going to happen. Y'all know that? I mean, if Keller Williams can get to 180,000 agents without making any of them agent owners and without sharing revenue with any of them, what are we going to do? Can we get to 200,000? Absolutely. Now, the other thing I want to say this, best estimates are there are 25 million agents and brokers worldwide 25,000,203 countries, there are 2 million just in two of those 203 countries, USA and Canada. And so I envision in the next 15 years there being 2 million XP agents worldwide. Can you guys see that? Absolutely. I mean, REMAX and Coldwell Banker have gone global, and they're just doing it the hard way and the old fashioned way. We're just gonna kill it. You're at the right time at the right place. And and for those of you that are saying, well, geez, I don't know how to recruit. And Kelly was a team leader, and Brent was a team leader and David golden was a team and not everybody up here was a team leader, number one. And number two, none of us knew how to do anything till we figure out okay, I'm gonna learn how to be a real estate agent, right? And then I'm going to work, learn how to work with buyers, he do that minimum, I'm going to be a listing agent, you get a list class and you learn how to do that. You will learn how to do this and the best way to do it. And if you're in this room, and you have not watched the ROB flick training video, raise your hand if you've seen the ROB flick training video about half the room the rest of you. I give you permission to email James right there James at Brent Gove calm, you can email me Brandon brink of dumb dumb dumb, but it's still him. If you ever have a nice email conversation with me. It's him. So Brent ebrake of the kommer James that same thing, because I will let me text me now. What request I want to see the 28 minute Rob flick training video with the wealth building chart we have I've watched it 789 10 times. I've had people to my office I've gotten popcorn and coffee and we have movie nights watching the ROB flick training video or you have a movie nights. It's the best it's better than Walt Disney folks come on. So watch the ROB flick training video. So tonight dinner all over the hotel, wonderful restaurants around, grab someone bring them with you have a great time tonight. Tomorrow morning breakfast sleeping, go to the spa brunch. We start bright and early at 3pm in the afternoon. Okay, we're serious about this. This is the XP we have a good time. We love on each other. You can go snorkeling the pool, whatever your deal is, the spots and I there's all kinds of fun. We're going golfing in the morning. If you videotape today. It's for your personal use please do not post it on social media. We don't have income claims we don't like Well, that was a fact I get it, but the company will say goodbye to you. They don't want to see like big promises of income which is shown the model. We don't have to do that. But here amongst leaders, we share a few things but please do not post anything inappropriate on social media. And let's just make it about them.

Kyle Handy

Kyle Handy is a real estate agent, team leader, coach, & mentor to real estate agents all over the country. Kyle focuses on social media, tech tools, and system automation to help agents scale their business and create consistency of closings.

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