The Best Social Media Hack To Get Attention Today For Agent Attraction

Today I share the BEST social media hack to start getting attention fast. LIVE VIDEO. If you're up on social media news then it should come as no surprise that going live is all the rage right now.

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Here is the podcast: 

As much as I had heard and even believed that live video was effective, I didn't fully understand the real impact going live would have on my reach across the different social media platforms.

I one-hundred-percent believe that if you want to grow fast, moving forward into 2020 and beyond, you should adopt a consistent live video strategy. In today's video, I share HOW and WHY.

* Power of LIVE

        * Shows up in many more feeds than a standard post

        * People will hang out longer

* Still need a Hook and Call-to-action to begin your live video

* Value THEN engagement

* Native Best Practices

       * What is the best framework for each platform?

       * Twitter - Conversational

              * Watercooler of life

      * YouTube - Value

             * What do people expect?

            * Evergreen

      * Facebook / Instagram - Value but really focus on engagement

             * Go longer because it doesn’t live on

             * Save to stories

        * LinkedIn - LIVE just starting

             * Based around networking. Becoming more and more a social media platform but with a business bend.

             * Apply online for Live video broadcasting


Here is the full video:


Unknown Speaker 0:00
Alright, welcome everybody to the Tuesday mastermind, Kyle here and we are going to get things kicked off right away. I am excited to be bringing to you guys today talking all about how to utilize social media not only for agent attraction, but how to like a hack your you know, the number one thing that I think is most impacted my social media, you know, the ability to be able to attract agents through it, if I were only going to do one thing, this is what I would do to get the most attention. And that is what I'm doing right now going live. So today what I'm going to be talking all about is I've got a checklist of kind of what my pre kind of going live, you know, mindset, you know, is going into it, how I prepare for it, actually what I do during it, and so I've kind of built out a little checklist because I truly believe that especially right now With the way social media is, there's just so much out there that your posts you know, your regular videos, your, you know, pictures, your text, it really is not getting seen by the most amount of people, but going live and I've actually tested this pretty extensively over the last, you know, three, four months. And that's why I come to you guys live so much more frequently now is because I mean everybody sees it, you know, whenever you log into your Facebook account or social media, whatever you're watching it from, you know, Instagram, YouTube, whenever you go into your platform, the first thing it's going to show you is whenever somebody is live, and that is so powerful, to be able to see that instantly on your feet, it's going to show to people that wouldn't normally see your post, just because you are alive. And so I've you know experimented in the past I'll upload just like a regular video and look at how many views that it gets on Facebook versus when I go live like right now. going live here, how many views that I get from it? And you know what, let me actually

Unknown Speaker 2:07
change this over here. I'm gonna go live

Unknown Speaker 2:14
there we go send it over to Team disruptor here. So now we're going to go live on Team disruptor. You know, the thing is with live video, you know, I guess what it is, is people like the engagement they like that it's you know, real, it's raw, you're coming to them. And they know that it's, you know, not like a produced thing that you're truly engaging with your audience.

Unknown Speaker 2:34
You can ask

Unknown Speaker 2:35
questions, you can get people's feedback and comments in real time. And for some reason, that is just so powerful, plus the algorithms and all the social media platforms push this type of content over anything else. And so you know, and it doesn't have to be hard as far as going live and oh, maybe some people think that you know, it's a little intimidating or they just don't know what to do. And honestly, I was there myself. You know, not even maybe six months ago, nine months ago, I hardly ever went live, I really didn't want to know to do it, until I started seeing the benefits of what it could do when you, you know, go that route. And so, you know, basically what I had to tell myself was the reason I didn't like going live was because I didn't know what to say, most of the time, you know, and I think we've all been there. We go live, and you know, you're out there, you know, at an event or something. And like, you go live, you hit the live button, and then you're like, Well, what do I say now? Or, you know, it's just, and that was what I felt the whole time. And I just, I guess what it took was me being more prepared for a live video, just because it's live, doesn't mean that it's like, you know, can be just, you know, whatever you want. I mean, it can you can do whatever you want, but at the end of the day for it to be effective. I feel that being prepared and combining that with going live is kind of a match made in heaven, so to speak for social media, and so I'm going to talk about The different platforms, and I stream live obviously to YouTube, I stream live to Facebook as well. But, and I'll talk about kind of the differences between the different platforms. And I even got a little nugget in here that I'm going to share with you guys about a platform that is just starting out with live that, you know, I don't even think anybody's doing it yet. And, and I think a lot of us, especially with agent attraction, need to be on this platform doing live. And so I'm going to start experimenting with it as soon as I get my approval on it. And I'm going to share with you guys a little bit today about what that platform is. So that being said, let me jump into my notes real quick. I'm going to look here. Alright, so we talked about the power of live video. The other cool thing about live video that I've noticed is people will hang out longer, they'll watch more of your content when it's live, versus when it's recorded. I don't know why that is. But you know, for some reason, maybe it's the engagement. Maybe somebody thinks something's going to happen, you know, crazy in the background all of a sudden, you know, and I can't edit it out. And so they just stick around, right? Like, you know, it for whatever reason I've noticed the watch time on my live videos is much, much longer,

Unknown Speaker 5:10
almost double or triple

Unknown Speaker 5:12
that of my regular you know, just

Unknown Speaker 5:14
regularly, you know,

Unknown Speaker 5:15
edited videos that I put out there. So it's pretty, pretty interesting about that. I think, you know, as far as the format goes, you know, as far as a live video goes, I know a lot of people there used to just live videos like, Hey, I'm at my son's soccer game, and they're, you know, doing the live thing of their son's soccer game, and hey, that's great, if that's what you want to share. Maybe it's your personal profile, but for business purposes, and that's what I'm talking about today, as far as doing live video for business purposes. You know, I think there's definitely a format that you know, you should follow and it starts within the beginning you want to do a hook. This is no different than what you would want to do if you're doing like an edited or a published video, but you always want to have some kind of a hook in make sure here. I can't tell if we're going into for live On Facebook or not, if we're not on Facebook, I'm sorry, guys, I know that we're good on on YouTube, I'm actually watching it, I got my iPad right here shows that we're good on on YouTube. But if we're having troubles, hopefully, you're if you're on Facebook, You've switched over, you're now watching it on YouTube. But anyways, what I was gonna say, as far as you know, going live, you want to have a format to it. So you know, you want to start with a hook, which is basically the first 15 2030 seconds of the video, you want to share what you're going to be talking about in the rest of the video, right? Like you don't want people just to like be hanging around and not knowing what they're going to be staying around for. So that's called the hook, you want to give them a hook in the first part, then you want to also have a call to action. So right now I'm actually going to give you my call to action. If you have not already subscribed to my channel, Agent attractors, where you're watching this on right now on YouTube, be sure to subscribe. Also, I really would appreciate it if you leave a comment. You know, let me know what you think of this. If you like this format have actually changed it up today. So you could probably tell my backgrounds a bit different. I'm using my my better camera. So just trying to bring the best content that I can to you guys. So if you're watching this, if you like it, hit the like button and and leave a comment down below, let me know what you think. And but anyways always going to be trying to improve this. But that being said, you want to give a clear call to action. And then typically you'll follow up that call to action at the very end of the video as well. Right? So once you've given the hook, you've given the call to action. Now you want to give value. So you know, there's two kind of things that you really want to provide your audience on a live video for business purposes. One, you want to be able to provide value, and you want to provide that up front. The other one is engagement. You want to be able to engage with your audience, you want to respond to comments, you want to you know, read things you want to acknowledge people let them know you're, you know, you're seeing them that you know, they're seeing you you're seeing them, but you want to give that value first, right so let them know that You've given the hook, you've asked for something of them, then you add, you provide the value, whatever that is.

Unknown Speaker 8:06
And this is where you have to prepare, you have to plan for it. Right? Like, it doesn't take me a ton of time to plan or prepare for some things. Other things, it takes me, you know, a week to prepare for it just depends, right? Not every single live video has to be, you know, completely scripted out and planned out. I just usually come up with a few bullet points that I want to talk about. I research you know, and I look back into my statistics and what I've done and and then at that point, you know, I come to the video and I just talk about it, right. So it might be an hour's worth of preparing it might be like I say days or weeks worth of preparing. It just depends. And so you know, but that is the things you do want to prepare and plan for this. Now talking about the different platforms, right because I think it's pretty important to talk about this is when you're there's definitely best practices for each one, Twitter, which you know, if you're using like Paris Hope that's what feeds out to Twitter. I'm not on that one. I don't know many people in my sphere that are on it. I know a lot of people do do it. But the thing that I would say about Twitter is that it's very conversational. Twitter is almost like, kind of like the water cooler of the internet, right? Like, everybody just goes there to talk with one another to converse, to share ideas, you know, to put their two cents in. And that's kind of what Twitter is for. And so when you're talking about going live, it's kind of that same thing, you're going to want to put more engagement involved on Periscope or on Twitter than you would maybe any other platform. It's more about, Hey, I'm reading the comments live, I'm responding to them live, you know, kind of this back and forth engagement with people on there. That's kind of what that platform is mostly about. Now, you can do the same video and share it live to all of them. But I'm telling you that there is a different framework, you know, a different purpose for each one of these social media channels. And so it does behoove you to kind of format your video, depending on which platform you're choosing to go live on. The other one, of course, is YouTube. This is the one that I'm most familiar with. This one's more of a value, kind of a platform where you want to bring value. It's a search engine. So people are going to go to YouTube, they're going to search for content, they're going to come up with your stuff, whether it's edited and not live, or whether it's live. whenever you've created it, like this live video, whenever I'm done, it's going to be on the internet forever, right? Know for as long as YouTube's around and you know, and so basically what you're looking for on YouTube is evergreen content. You want to find a problem, something that people are having questions about, right? Like they don't know the answer to it. It could be something you know, like I say, for XP Realty, you could go live, and maybe, you know, explain how teams work like what I did last week, right? Talk about, you know, how the cap works. Talk about how the icon agent program works, talk about how KB core has changed your business, right? And then the cool thing about that is that it's a value platform, it's evergreen. So not only will people see your videos right away live, but they'll also see it over time. And the great thing that will the one thing that I have noticed now that I've been going live consistently on YouTube for a while,

Unknown Speaker 11:16

Unknown Speaker 11:17
now that I'm doing them live on on YouTube, is that they get this big push as far as views go right in the beginning. And that tells the YouTube algorithm that, hey, people are interested in this video, you know, and then it pushes it out to other people that don't already know me. So that way, you know, my content is getting attention by people that you know, wouldn't have normally come across my stuff. And I noticed that I can look into the analytics of the videos on YouTube. And it definitely shows a huge difference from whenever I've gone live now on YouTube, which I've only been doing that for maybe about five, six weeks now. Versus whenever I used to just publish my videos, and then try and promote them after the fact to get people to watch them. You know, and that's just like, like I said, There's a big clear difference going live, my channel has spiked. I'm almost at 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel. And I think just a few weeks ago was at 400 few weeks before that I was at like 300 it has climbed so quickly now every 30 days I'm adding about 100 subscribers where it used to it probably took me six months to get my first hundred subscribers you know, and that was me going out, posting it all over you know, social media asked my friends, my family to Hey, subscribe to me. But now it's getting noticed. I'm actually looking at where my Jordi of my subscribers are coming from. And it's from the discovery feed where basically, it's you know, people that are already engaged with me that my stuff comes up on their feed. And then you know, they choose to click the video and now they like it, they subscribe, and they can see future content. And so that is something that I'm telling you live video no matter what the platform is, it is definitely the way to go to get noticed. And then

Unknown Speaker 12:55

Unknown Speaker 12:57
is Facebook and Instagram. So I think this is again, this is more of the ones most people are familiar with, you know, you just are going live because maybe you're at an event, you want to share a particular moment with people. And I definitely think that that can be important. Especially, you know, just for, you know, sharing your story with people letting people know you're a real person, you know, but the thing is,

Unknown Speaker 13:20
that I see the mistake so often is you'll go live for like,

Unknown Speaker 13:23
a couple minutes or something like that. And it's not long enough on Facebook, you should really target about 20 minutes or so if you can. Because the thing is, is that the, that power of that live, you know, it takes people to like see it, and then click on and go into it. And if you're only in there for a few, you know, minutes, then it's ending by the time people are really starting to see it when it's really getting that traction. And so the cool thing about to Facebook and Instagram is that you can save them to your stories, so people will notice it not only in their feed, but you can also go live in your stories. And so when you go live in your stories, people see it in two different places and Depending on where they want to watch it at, you know, they can click on it, they'll either see it in their timeline, or they'll see it at the top on their stories. And I'm telling you, when you go live on Facebook, people see it like I mean, you know, that's definitely no question there. People will see your live stream on on social media Instagrams, the same thing. But same thing there, you want to still do value. I find like, that's why I stream this not only just to YouTube, but also to Facebook is you want to still provide value for people. But I would say there's more of a focus on engagement on like Facebook and Instagram than it is purely value on YouTube. But that being said, you still want to make sure that it's not just all engagement, you have something to provide a value to people. Now the thing with Facebook and Instagram, and that's that's the whole reason why I think going longer on those platforms is so important, because those videos don't live on forever, right? Like they're on somebody's feed, you know, and then in a day or two days, maybe two days, they'll still be seen, but usually, you know, six months down the road, nobody's going to ever find that video again. So you want to get the most value as you can, right at the time that you're going live with it. And the really, the only way to do that is to go 20 minutes or longer, in my opinion on those platforms, YouTube again, I mean, it's great, you know, the longer you can go the better, you know, if you can do 20 minutes perfect. You know, you can go longer than that even go 45 minutes an hour, that's how long these usually are. But you know, 20 minutes from all my research is kind of what I've found to be the optimal time that people shoot for for YouTube videos. So anyways, now the platform that I want to share with you guys that if you don't know about this yet that you definitely need to look into this. You have to apply for it right now. It's not like open to everybody. But but there is an application process where you can just fill out a quick form and apply to go live to be able to be like one of their beta testers, beta beta testers for their live and that is linked in. So for us as agent attraction For us, you know, looking at talk and network with like minded business individuals. LinkedIn is is an amazing platform and it is becoming more and more widely used. Now. LinkedIn, it used to be completely business strictly business, you'll see if you're following anything about LinkedIn, it is turning more into a social media platform for business minded individuals, right? So it's almost taking the best of both worlds. What we know works as far as you know, the social media aspect and the engagement around kind of just, you know, this, this, this kind of networking and knowing you know, other people, but then combining it with business and really having that bend on it. And now being able to go live on that platform is going to be a game changer. And it's also not something that's open to everybody. So right now if you apply and you get accepted, and you go live, I'm telling you, you're going to get a lot of engagement right off the get go from that. So I put in my application just the other day I'm still waiting to hear back, but as soon as that goes And gets approved, I'm certainly going to start going live there. And again, same thing I think for there, it's you know, you want to provide value, you want to have it to be a business kind of bend to it. But that's going to be a huge, huge opportunity. I think for a lot of us as agent attractors, especially if you've already connected with so many people, like I know, I've got, I don't know, 5000 plus connections on there. And so, you know, being able to be seen by all of those people is is a no brainer. So now there's obviously not all 5000 people using the platform like you know, Facebook and Instagram, a lot more users are on those platforms. But if you have a big audience, I guarantee you there is a percentage that is using it, and they will see your live video once you apply and you get approved for that. So

Unknown Speaker 17:44
Alright, cool. If you want to get the application I'll go ahead and put the link into my description once I'm done with the video. But if you want to go to it right now, you just can Google live video broadcasting LinkedIn and it's going to be like the first link up top there. Alright, so now let's talk about actually my checklist of Facebook Live and what I look for, for Facebook Live. And actually just make sure to I'm going to check the comments here. Make sure everybody's able to see this here. Yeah, so that's not there. All right, perfect. Yeah, we got about 15 people perfect on YouTube. Thanks, everybody for checking it out. Make sure again, give us a thumbs up put a comment let me know what you think down below. And, you know, as far as this new format here, we're, I've got my, my setup, I'm still kind of tweaking some stuff, I gotta change the background there got some paint like, you know how to point down that way that is a little scuffed up. So I'm going to repaint this whole office here pretty soon. But anyways, using what I got, right, so, Alright, so let's talk about going live on Facebook. So first off before you ever even go live, I think you know, what you need to think about is what is your goal, right? Like, what's your main goal of all of this like, you know, What do you want to do? Who do you want to reach? And what type of value do you want to bring to people? Right? Because, again, everybody's got niches within what we do, right? Like, it's not just about recruiting agents, like, you know, there's something that you know, that you bring to the table, that even if it's not necessarily real estate related, let's say it's financial advice, right? And, and that's something that you just have a passion for you enjoy it, go live with that, bring value to that. And because you're connected to real estate agents, I'm sure there's a group of real estate agents that are the same kind of, you know, passion for that as you do, or you know, whatever it might be, right. Maybe it's cooking, you like cooking and you just want to, you know, do do live videos, talk about cooking, or recipes or whatever it could be right? And go live and bring value for what makes you comfortable and create kind of that niche within your niche, right. Like maybe you're the cooking realtor who knows, right? Like whatever it is, maybe you're the tech realtor, and you want to just talk about tech all day, there's all sorts of ways that you can provide value to people. So think about that of what your goal is. And then when you go live, make sure that you actually have what your goal of that particular video is that you're going to go live for. Right. So like I could tell you, you know, my goal here is to let everybody know how powerful you know going live is and how to do it. That's what I want to accomplish on this video. Have a relevant place to use your call to action, right? So it's the same thing here, right? Like my, my call to action. What I hope that people do from this is that they're getting enough value from these videos that they subscribe, I'm really just building my audience right now. That's all that I'm looking to do. I'm not trying to sell any products. You know, I don't have any courses or you know, blueprints or books or anything like that, to sell to people. Literally, I just want to grow my audience provide as much value as I can. Once you build an audience. At that point, then we can talk about you know, other ways that you can monetize it and do things like that, but right now My only call to action is simply Hey, if you like this, you know, subscribe to my channel help me promote my own channel, you know, share it with your friends, comment on the video, like the video, that's really all that I asked for right now like that's all my call to action is yours may be different but just at least have a clear idea before you get into the live video what your call to action is. Alright, map out what you're going to talk about. So you can see here these are my notes you can't really see them very well. Anyways, that is me mapping out my my video right like I know exactly what points that I want to make. It's not scripted, right but I've at least got bullet points and can go from there. Have good lighting and audio. So all I'm using I'm using little ring light right now. Got my de SLR camera. I've got you know this this microphone, sure microphone, but honestly, you can go and do lives with a iPhone, right or you know something, just what I would say if you're doing that try and figure out a way That you get good audio into your iPhone, which sometimes you know, if you're, if you're just you know, that's all you got is your iPhone, Hey, you got to do it with what you got, but there's some cheap microphones that you can hook into your iPhone. And that will step the game up quite a bit. It's actually I've got this one here underneath my deal and this plugs into a iPhone camera right there. So I think I bought that for like 25 bucks. So if you're, you know, using an iPhone, you know, have some things you can plug into the iPhone, put it on a tripod, so that way the video is not shaky the whole time. You know, get some good lighting, whether it's

Unknown Speaker 22:41
you know, if you're doing it near a window window can actually provide really good lighting today. It's a little overcast behind me. So there's not a whole lot of light coming through. So that's why I'm using this here. But if you you know got a clear day, it's you know, lots of light out. Just make sure that you know the light is on your face and it's not like in this situation where it's behind you and us What you got right? Go live with that. That's definitely a worthy thing. Like, it's not saying like, you have to have a D SLR camera in order to go live. Feel free to use an iPhone, that's I'm sure what most people will probably do. All right, promote your life. You know, I sent a email out, I don't know if you guys got the email, you know, maybe you're watching it because you got that email. But if you're on my email list already, then you probably received an email this morning and said, Hey, I'm going live in 30 minutes. You want to promote your lives before they happen, right? So give people a heads up that, hey, tomorrow, I'm going live 30 minutes, I'm going live, you know, let them know, you know, don't pester him. And you know, tell them every single you know, three days, two days one day just you know, one email beforehand, put something on social media and promote your own live stream. And then when it's done, you're going to want to promote the recording of it, right. Like that's kind of what I've realized is that creating the content is about 20% of usually my efforts when it comes to content Creation 80% of it is the promotion of it before and afterwards right. So 20% is the actual like this Mian Mian video, the majority of it is all the prep work and all of the post work you know promoting the video and preparing for the video. Alright, let's see, you can try broadcasting at different times. Of course mine's the same time every single morning that I've just found works with my schedule. But you know when you're testing it to see what you get the most engagement on like maybe Thursday's works better than Tuesdays, maybe you know, nighttime works better than the morning time. And you might want to experiment with different times that you can go live. Alright, so let's see here. So that was everything before when we talk about during Facebook Live then what you want to do. Alright, so you want to tell people what they're going to get and get to it. Don't just like, you know, let this thing drag on for you know, minutes and minutes. You know in the beginning because people will drop off you want to get to the meat and potatoes start The video as quickly as you can, because again, you know, once you're done, this becomes a recording and people can watch it back later, right? They can fast forward and do all that kind of stuff. But when they're live and in the moment, you nobody wants to just watch me, you know, sitting here looking at my watch or you know, playing with my phone. So be prepared, be ready to just go and go. Alright, introduce yourself and what your specialty is right? Like, you know, let people know, Hey, my name is Kyle Handy. I'm a real estate agent, you know, tell people in the beginning of your video because again, the great thing with a live is you're going to get noticed by people that don't already know you. That's the whole goal of this. And so when you're doing that, you want to make sure that you invite people it'd be like, you know, meeting somebody at a party and like not even introducing yourself and just like starting to talk to them about random stuff. People like who is this person? So make sure that you introduce yourself, let people know you know what it is that you do, and then go ahead and get started. Tell people to share and tag their friends in the comments. So I think I've hit that one quite a bit of times. I didn't say to share it with your friends in the comments. But if you so inclined, please feel free to share with your friends in the comments. Share your life for more exposure I've done that. You want to acknowledge your viewers again, that's where I talked about like saying, Hey, you know, really appreciate you guys for you know for jumping in onto this, it again it's a dialogue you want people to feel like you're talking to them, maybe not directly but like you're aware that people are watching you doing this. So encourage conversation. That's where you want to ask for people to you know, share things in the comments, ask questions, you're going to be able to answer it. Bank on 20 minutes or more for your live already talked about that. So share stories or experiences, right. So that's where I talked about, you know, using examples from my life like what I'm focused on, to just give ideas out to people, how it relates to them. Again, this is like you want people to feel like you're talking to them. And you do that by sharing stories, not just going through the facts all the time to

Unknown Speaker 26:55
make sure you have some stories to share.

Unknown Speaker 26:59
Have a call to action asked someone to share the link in the comments. Again talked about that. acknowledge your replay viewers. So like letting people know hey, you know, you may be you maybe you missed the live right but you're you're watching this on a replay, you know, really appreciate it definitely, you know, feel free to leave a comment down below. And, and I'll get back to your comments. You know, even if this isn't live when you're making the comments, I do reread my comments on my videos, and I respond to them. So you know, if you're watching this back weeks later, still feel free to comment and I'd be happy to respond. I get most of my ideas from comments and from people that send questions to me asked me Hey, you know, what do you do here? What do you do here? And I'm like, Oh, do I already have a video on that? If I do I send it to them if I don't I make a video on it. That's pretty much what I do. Right? All right. Let's see tell people to go like your Facebook page, entertain people just as much as you're educating them. We talked about that. If you're funny, then you know be funny, right? Like that's for me. I don't know like I guess I don't feel I'm too funny, I'm pretty directed to the point but maybe that's you know, everybody's got their own style. Hopefully people that are watching this that are getting value out of it like that, but be you right like be who you are. Don't be somebody you're not. If you're funny, don't be afraid to you know bring that into the video Don't be afraid to shake things up and make things interesting. That's you know all your creativity all your style that's why people really come into watch this every single day so all right, let's see after your Facebook Live Alright, so I got a short video or short checklist on this one, edit your video which is optional most of my times I just leave these how they are all right, I might trim off the front little you know minutes words showing the countdown for you know, until it's ready. But that's pretty much all that I do. And then on YouTube, I add some in screens, which is like you know, just showing like what video that people should watch next. And that's really it. I don't like go in and actually edit out everything. I just leave it kind of the way it is. Check your stats, see like you know People like what you're talking about, are they staying, you know longer for each video progressively, right? Like, hopefully, your stats increase over the time that you're doing it. I've looked at my stats, and yes, you know, every single week these live videos get more and more views, they get more and more engagement. And so that's encouraging me that's like letting me know you're on the right path, right? You know, Peter McKinnon, I don't have you know, 4 million subscribers on YouTube. But you are, you know, starting to grow, which is encouraging. It's what keeps me going doing this. And so definitely look at your stats, don't obsess about them, though. Again, I just kind of look to make sure that they're increasing. And that's really it because at this point until you have like, 100 videos or more, it's going to be really hard to figure out. You know, like, what's really good and what's not good yet. You don't have a whole lot to base it off of so and you can't really base it off of other people's success. I've started to realize that I used to say like, Oh, I want to be like this. And you know, my channel should grow that fast. But It's not like that I've kind of realized you just gotta do your thing, you know, look into this stats, you know, early on, and you know, get just kind of some encouragement that you're doing the right thing, but then don't obsess about them. But then over time, once you start to get more familiar, you know, maybe a lot of videos at this point, you can start to use your statistics to kind of really see like, Well, you know, this one that I did, you know, four weeks ago that we did really good, you know, what did I do differently on that one, you know, and kind of improve that way. Alright, post any link in the comments that you've mentioned, in the live? So yeah, that's again, like for the YouTube link. If I said, Hey, I'm going to, you know, share this link with you guys. Make sure that you share that link afterwards with people, right. Don't leave them hanging. In bed, you're live on the blog website for more content. So that's, again, if you're doing all this stuff on social media, and you're providing a ton of value for people on social media, I really, really feel that you need to have a blog, at least so whatever that stuff is that you're spending this time on to create can live On, right, because on Facebook, they die. Like those videos, they die. And most people don't see them, you know, long term, they don't see them organically through search. But if you create a blog and say let's you know, because you can record the live video as well, you don't just, it will give you an option when you're done, you know, do you want to save this video and you can say yes, save it and then upload it as a video on your blog. So that way again, you can you know, write a description, but then down the road, people will be able to find it. So all that work that you did was not wasted.

Unknown Speaker 31:30
And if you don't know how to create a blog, I can

Unknown Speaker 31:33
definitely share with you some tips and tricks and all that. Put in the comments if you already have a blog. And if you don't if you think that would be helpful to you, let me know because that is something that I've been asked a couple times now if you think that would be helpful on how I set up my blog and you know what I use to build and manage it. I'd be happy to share that with you guys. And then lastly, consider boosting the video with a with an ad. Now if It's purely EXP agent attraction, we all know that you cannot advertise for that. But if it's you know, again, like your whatever your niches, maybe you're just providing value for real estate agents in the tech sphere or whatever sphere you want to, you want to provide value, you can boost that as much as you want, right and start to get exposure and get noticed from it. And, and truly, that is a great opportunity for you to get seen by people that wouldn't normally see you. I've built what I've been building currently, all organically, I haven't ventured into the ad spend yet. Just because again, I was so heavy into it, and then, you know, they shut down the ads for agent traction. And then that just kind of lost my traction from all of that and I haven't really ventured to jump back into it. But eventually I do know that that is kind of that ignite or to be able to grow a lot faster. If you've got the budget, do it. If you don't have the budget, do it or you don't want to spend ads, you know, or do you want to grow organically, then by all means, I mean, you definitely can do it. You just gotta provide really good good content, and just be consistent about it. So anyways, that was that's pretty much it. The other thing I would say to this wasn't on there, this is on my other list, but is to be consistent with your live streams, these streams when you just go live willy nilly all throughout the week, it's hard to gain traction, I'm not saying don't do it, you definitely can do those, but do a consistent one as well, that provide that value consistently because people will start to pick up on the times. I mean, you don't know how many people messaged me when I changed from going from zoom to YouTube, you know, because they were so used to going to the other way that I had, they had to, like learn something new, of how to you know how to do the new thing, right? Like, go to YouTube and see the live video. And you know, now at this point, so, you know, it really made me realize that I'm creating this cadence for people, right. And so then people jump on board, then the next week, you know, more people jump on board then the next week, and so that consistent effort not only just being consistent posting videos weekly, but Consistent time aspect of it as well is something that I think is a really good thing to do for live video especially so anyways guys that's all I got for you today as far as live goes if you got any more questions about how to do a live you know maybe you're already doing live you're not having success that you wanted or just whatever kind of questions you got Make sure to put them in the comments guys and I will be right on those comments. I'll be making sure that I respond to them as quickly as possible. So that being said, I'm going to call it today. I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. Don't forget tonight Tuesday executive five o'clock central standard time we are going to be doing the demo again for XP Realty. So if you have any guests that you want to see the actual back office of EXP you want to see you know the the world you want them to see everything you know KV core sky slope, you know the training the world everything then make sure they get on to the call tonight at five o'clock Central Standard Time. You Invite invite invite, you know, I usually have to invite about 10 people to get one to show up, right? So don't just think, oh, if I invite three people today, like I did my job, go out there, invite as many people as you can just let them know, Hey, you know one of my friends here at EXP is doing a special presentation tonight where you know, he and his partner are going to talk all about the XP realty business model, and then actually show how it works. You know, physically show it, they're going to share their screen, they're going to talk about it. It's all live, you can ask questions,

Unknown Speaker 35:30
we stick around afterwards. So at about six o'clock,

Unknown Speaker 35:33
we wrap up, but then we stay around and we answer questions for as long as it takes. So make sure that you're promoting it. Tuesday, executive overview calm, and we'll see you there at five o'clock tonight. I hope everyone has a great week. Talk to you later. Bye bye.

Kyle Handy

Kyle Handy is a real estate agent, team leader, coach, & mentor to real estate agents all over the country. Kyle focuses on social media, tech tools, and system automation to help agents scale their business and create consistency of closings.

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