Strategy Implementation Process & Get The Most Out Of Training

Today I want to talk to you about the strategy implementation process I use to get the most out of anything I learn.

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If you use this simple process whenever you learn something new, you are bound to get the most out of it!I want to apologize up front if it comes off as a rant.

It's meant to be more motivational and truly what I think is the most important thing to do with new ideas and training that are learned.So many people learn new things or have great ideas but they never implement them. Why?

Let me know what your thoughts are and what you are implementing right now!

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Alright, Hello and welcome everybody. Today is June 6, Wednesday, June six. And it is a great day so far today, super nice day out here in San Antonio been extra productive today get a little yard work, the sport is 630 before it gets to be 100 degrees out here in San Antonio. And I even fixed that plug right there. I've got a ceiling fan in here that makes a ton of noise. It's because we It was a dimmer switch on it. So I had to just change it out. And so, but what but what that all boils down to I guess what that leads me to talk about is kind of our topic here today. One thing that's been, you know, kind of on my mind a lot lately because I'm getting more and more questions and more and more people asking me kind of, you know, Hey, Kyle, like, you know, how do I do what you're doing or you know, what kind of, you know, how do I how do I generate leads like you are how do i do whatever How do I build a team or whatever? And you know, and it's not so much like how the how is kind of I wouldn't say easy in a way It's really the mindset behind it and kind of the mindset that I've adopted, that's really helped me out. And that's kind of what I wanted to talk about today. So what I wanted to bring up is the thing that I think serves me the most is my ability to implement something. And so just like, you know, you guys are on this call today. Are you watching the replay? You know, you've probably seen some of my other trainings, you know, whether it be about going out and getting more reviews or doing more things on social media, or anything like that. And then what I would ask you, you know, the kind of the follow up question is like, Okay, well, now, what have you done with that? Have you went out? And, you know, gotten reviews? Have you went out and started implementing things on social media? You know, like, what are you doing with what you're learning, you know, and that's kind of where for me like, I'm a constant learner. I'm always, you know, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, talking to other agents on the phone, you know, seeing what's working for them. But then I think what differentiates me is then like, I have immediately take action on whatever I just learned. And I will try it, you know, all the way like, I'll go all in some days, you know, I literally will, you know, not stop, I'll work on it for three, four days, you know, kind of it to a fault sometimes to where like I put everything else kind of off to the side. And I only go and focus in on that for you know, the next little while until, you know, I've kind of gotten it down and and then whatever it is, if I get it down, and if it's working, if it's something that I want to continue to do, then kind of the next step is okay, well now how do I take what I've learned, you know, I've implemented it now how do I make it to where it's automated, right? Like everything that I do if it's worthwhile doing, I find a way to automate it. And and I either automated through systems or some kind of a technology or like a platform that offers the service that you know, allows me to continue doing that. Or I automated through people and you know, that could be somebody on my team. It could be somebody virtually You know what my virtual team, I've employed a lot of people from the Philippines and I have like virtual assistants that, you know, like, I'll pay hourly, to do whatever I need them to do. And of course, I gotta teach them how to do and all that kind of stuff. So that's why when I first do anything, I do it myself. 100% I don't, I don't, you know, have anybody else do it or figure it out for me, I figure it out. And then once I know it, 100% and I can teach and train it, then at that point, if it's still something that I deem that's worth, you know, my time and effort to do, I then figure out a way to, you know, teach it to somebody else to continue doing it. Or like I say, I get a system that, you know, make sure that it's automated, and it's done for me. And so, you know, so I kind of say that just to kind of like, you know, let everybody know that. I mean, I think really, what it boils down to is like, I mean, I can teach you how to go generate, you know, Facebook leads, you know, I can teach you how to, you know, grow a team I could teach you in all these different topics. But at the end of the day, what it boils down to is like, what do You do with them afterwards. And like, that's truly what separates, you know, I think the top people, the ones that, you know, have great success in real estate or really any other business for that matter, from the ones that, you know, continue to kind of just get the same results. You know, it's just the ones that are willing to either take a risk, you know, financially or a time risk or anything like that, you got to be willing to take the risk, to be able to implement what you're doing. And so, and it's, you know, because to I'm passionate about what I'm doing, like, I wouldn't do this, if I didn't like the business that I'm in, like, you know, you have nobody tells me the amount of hours I need to work or anything like that. I mean, you know, but I still do this easily 50 6070 hours a week, some week, you

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know, it's because it doesn't feel like work. I just continue to learn and grow and try new things because this is what I like to do. And so that's kind of where I think it's you know, you gotta you gotta figure it out. Like if that's, you know, not what you're you know, wanting to do with your you know, if you have free time if you know, if you're not spending your free time doing work or trying out different techniques or systems or things like that, or pouring more into you know what you're learning already, then you got to really, really look and see, like, do you want it bad enough? And so and it's okay, if you don't, you know, there's a lot of people that, you know, if you sell 10 1520 homes a year, where you're having whatever level of business success that you're having in your business, and you're, you know, satisfied, it's providing a good lifestyle, then hey, you know, no worries, you know, but just then be content with it. And don't always think like, Hey, you know, I wish that I could, you know, do better because, you know, don't hold that against yourself. Because otherwise, you're just going to get stressed out and think like, you know, I don't know what I'm doing or whatever, you know, because you can be very good. I know, lots of real estate agents that, you know, like us, they sell 1520 homes a year, but they're completely content with it. They asked me how I'm doing and I tell them, you know, what I'm up to, and they're thinking, you know, cool, great, you know, that that's all good and well, you know, but at no point Do they ever, you know, try and say, oh, man, I want to do more, you know, but if you're saying that you You want to do more, but then your actions don't back that up, then you got to really just kind of take a, you know, a look at, you know, do you truly want it? Or what do you want and figure that out first. And so, with that being said, you know, hopefully, you get some value out of some of these calls. And, you know, they can make an impact in your lives. But, you know, I guess the biggest thing is when you're going to be watching any of these videos is to implement implement right away is really my thing. I know, we all got a million things that we're doing. Like I say, I'm a real estate agent just like you I run a team just like you, you know, I'm with the XP Realty. So there's a lot of extra things that I do there. But also, you know, mean, I've got a family, two kids, I mean, if anybody's busy, I mean, I'm busy, of course, but, but I think what it boils down to is, like I say, I have the ability to kind of, you know, it might take two, three days where like, I literally just go kind of like in a cave and I just, you know, focus on whatever it is that I'm trying to implement, and everything kind of gets pushed to the side or maybe I put 10 20% Part of that just to stay afloat,

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but then the bulk of my energy goes towards whatever it is I want to figure out. And, and then I do that until it's done, you know, because I think there's, there's no other, you know, there's no greater thing to stop somebody from succeeding, then when you get a million things that you do halfway, so like if you start something, and then you you know, you do it a little bit, and you don't really have you know, too much success or whatever with it, because then you try something else. And then you go to go back to all the other stuff that's, you know, kind of a whirlwind in your life, and you don't give it the full shape, you know, whatever it is that you learned or whatever it is you're trying to implement, then it's just kind of, you know, it's just a detriment to your business, because you can have a million things open, you're not going to think anything works can feel lost. So Truly, I really feel like you know, I'm going to go back to it, you got to implement and implement to it's, you know, till it's done. And then like I say, That way, you have some clear understanding what if whatever it is that you're trying to implement, if it's worthwhile, you know, to continue You doing. And if it's worthwhile to continue doing, then, you know, like I say, the next step is then you got to figure out how you get it back off your plate. So that way you can either go out and figure out something else that you can implement, or, you know, catch up with that work that you've missed. And so, that's kind of what I've always done. You know, I think that's really the key to kind of my success in and I hope that, you know, maybe some of you guys can kind of take that to heart and, you know, maybe that makes an impact on you. But, but if you have any troubles with that, or if, you know, you're just wondering how, you know, how else that I do that. I mean, that's, that's really it. It's just, you know, solid focus, you can ask anybody on my team, you know, they know when I'm trying something out or doing something different because, you know, they hear from me less or, or they just, you know, I'll be, you know, just in the zone, kind of, you know, and then when I resurface they know that too, so, so I don't know, I don't know if maybe all leaders are all like people that, you know, are, you know, team leaders or whatever or that way, I'm sure maybe not all are to have success, but that Just what works for me So, so anyways, that's a little bit, one of the things that I wanted to kind of show just to kind of, you know, prove and go out, you know, to tell you that this is working is I all of you know that I talked with the dollar ad strategy, probably about I don't know, I guess maybe three weeks ago, four weeks ago, something like that. And it was really talking about Instagram and Facebook and all that kind of stuff. Well, one of the things was I put a real big focus on Instagram and and so I think at that time, I might have had 1200 1300 followers and, and I was really trying to grow my follower base on my Instagram profile to help me out with you know, my business. And because I kind of identified that there's an opportunity here, I knew that this was another direction another pillar that I wanted to build on my business. And the only way that I was going to do that is if I could implement some strategy that was going to increase my followers, which would then Give me more conversations with people that are, you know, either ready or willing to buy a home or sell a home. Or somebody that knows somebody that wants to buy or sell a home. And I can tell you that in three weeks, using that dollar ad strategy that I've got a different video on, where you know, what I'm doing is going out liking other people's posts, commenting on people's posts, sending them a follow request, having them follow me back. One thing you'll notice is that I've increased almost 1700 followers in about three weeks. Time. So I mean, that's quite a bit. If you look at even just, you know, my, my profile here, and I'll show it here, but here, but the amount of people that are who don't follow me now, I've got people following me just out of the blue, you know, just in the last hour, you can see following you following you. Following you follow I mean, you know, I mean I'm getting you know, five, six people following me every single hour now, just because I'm, you know, going out and following a lot of people and providing that value. Which I talked about in the dollar ad strategy. And guys, this is turning into some gold for me. I mean, I'm getting people here that are, you know, asking me about, you know, what our services cost, you know, what do we charge for a listing, you know, how much does it cost to buy a home, you know, what do they need for down payments, you know, these types of questions. They're, they're bringing that up to me, and only get more as I get more and more followers as I continue to consistently do this business. But just as identified after the first week of doing this myself, it took a ton of time. I mean, it was taking me probably three, four hours a day. Well, now I don't do it, just like I talked about, you know, implementing it, and then figuring out how a way to systematized it and get it off my plate. I went out and I got my virtual assistant from the Philippines. She now does all of this stuff on my behalf. I gave her my login to Instagram, you know, she knows the types of posts that I'm that I'm trying to comment on and you know, like and follow people from, you know, San Antonio and these kinds of things. So then she going out there and doing that on my behalf. And then of course, you know, I've set the rules, right. So like, you know, once somebody, you know, comments back to me, you know, at that point, I tell her, Hey, you know, I don't I don't want to respond to that, I think, you know, at that point that's worth my while. And of course, I want people to, you know, feel like they're getting a connection with me and so definitely no respond back to them. Or I'll send them a message or if they send me a message, I you know, of course, respond back to that. But she's just kind of doing that initial like, hey, liking their post, commenting on a post, you know, with something a little bit more generic, or, you know, whatever it might be. But yeah, but I mean, it's been working out really great. So you know, what I would say, guys, if you're not already implementing the dollar 80 strategy, I would highly recommend that first off you watch that video again, just so you know exactly what to do. And then, you know, check back and, and, you know, and let me know how it's working for you. You know, I'm happy to help like, once you start, you know, going down this process, you know, then you know, you'll have specific questions. And that's where I love to answer. I was on the phone her about 1030 this morning with the fellow agent here at EXP with me. And he was just asking me, you know, specific questions. And I was giving him specific answers. And I love those kinds of conversations where we can actually go deep and talk about, you know, the actual meat and potatoes of something versus just, you know, generalized overviews, which is the majority of what the videos that I provide are, they're kind of, you know, generalize topics. But then it's going to take you kind of implementing and figuring out and trying some stuff out and maybe with your, your little flair on it or whatever. And then you know, when you have a result, good or bad, you bring it and say, Hey, you know, this isn't working for me or this is working great for me, but how do I systematized it? How do I automate it or whatever, those are great questions. And so like I say, guys, you know, the biggest thing when you learn whether it's from you know, any of my videos or any of the videos that are out there, you know, any of the trainers that are out there, you know, I just recommend for sure that you got to be always learning and then take one You learn and actually implement do something about it right away. Don't wait. You know, and I think you know, honestly, you'll get so far ahead. Even my coach, you know, my business partner, or my business mentor,

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Josh Sigmund, he's my lender here in San Antonio, Texas. He runs one of the biggest lending teams here in town. And you know, he's coached a whole lot of agencies go to agencies, Coach lenders, he's a core coach, I think level three, which is like the highest core coach that you can get. So I mean, he talks to agents and lenders all the time. And one of the things that he's fascinated by by me and why what our team does is how quickly we implement stuff. You know, most people will have a training will teach them and he'll, you know, follow up a month later because it's on a monthly schedule, and they haven't really done anything different. They will make an excuse or say they're busy or whatever. But when we come in the next month for coaching or training, not only we've done what he's done, but then we have specific questions, we get the maximum amount of benefit out of our coaching sessions and he's always You know, super impressed by it. And he says that that's like nobody else that he's coached. And so if that's the only thing I can convey to us, you know, I think what helps me the most I don't say that to brag or anything like that, you know, I'm just telling you that the reason that I think that, you know, I'm able to do what I do and our team is able to do what they do is because we all implement what we learned very quickly, when we establish whether it's something that we're going to continue doing or not do pretty quickly. So anyways, guys, I hope that's a help and if you have any questions, certainly reach out to me. Look forward to talking to you about implementation and hearing what you're implementing in your business. Talk to you later. Bye.



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