Ten Things to Do FIRST After Joining eXp Realty – Get Setup FAST!

In this post, I discuss the first 10 things you NEED to do after joining eXp Realty. When you join eXp Realty, you are given all sorts of tools, training, and resources. 

Here's what I recommend you do FIRST to make sense of it all!

Login to eXp Enterprise Dashboard:

Username and password sent by email

Attend eXp Agent Orientation:

eXpWorld - 4pm CST every Wednesday and 2pm CST every Thursday

Setup kvCORE:

Upload Database list from facebook friends, phone contacts, & old database (if applicable)

Training - Within the kvCORE dashboard, click "Learning Portal" in the bottom left. Take all 5 courses, CORE quick start, kvCORE property boost, A simple social media posting protocol that generates leads & referrals, Inside real estate PPC Advertising Tour, & kvCORE WordPress Plugin.

Facebook Workplace:

Fill out your profile 100%, headshot, short bio, contact info, etc...

Join Private groups (eXp Water Cooler Chat, (Your State) group, kvCORE Discussion, Real Estate 101, eXp Referral Network, The Brent Gove Organization

Follow Key eXp Agents (Tom Truong, Sam Rodriguez, Brad Andersohn, Julie Nelson, Hank Avink, Gabe LeBeau, Brent Gove, Pat Hays, Jay Kinder, Elizabeth Riley, Gene Frederick, Traci Lewis, Scott Lewis, Kirtus Dixon, and myself) SEARCH or ASK questions here FIRST

Request Business Cards & yard signs:

eXpEnterprise Dashboard - "Download Logo, Order Business Cards, & more" - "business cards" - read instructions

Yard signs - google "buildasign exp" - order from there. Better price in my opinion

Change ALL Social Profiles

Update Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn

Install & utilize eXp World

Regularly Attend weekly meetings:

eXpWorld - Friday 10am CST - Leadership Meeting

eXp World - Friday 11am CST - ICONversations

eXpWorld - Sunday 8pm CST - Real Estate 101

Request Regus membership:


Setup Skyslope:

Check the event calendar on eXp Enterprise for the next Skyslope basic and advanced training.

Below you can watch the full video.

Here is the full video:


Unknown Speaker 0:00
What's going on guys, Kyle here and I wanted to go over with you today real quickly the top 10 things that you need to do when you first joined XP Realty. So I'm going to share my screen here because some of these things I want to go step by step with you so you can see how to do it so that way you can get started as quickly as possible with the XP. So, without further ado, let me jump right in and just start off by saying the first thing that I think everybody, every agent that's with the XP needs to do is be able to log into your XP enterprise dashboard. So you should have gotten emailed your username and password for enterprise. You go to XP enterprise calm, and you'll see a screen that looks like this. You click sign into enterprise and then it's going to log put a login form for your username and password. I've already logged in so you can see here this is what it looks like once you first login so make sure you can get into EAX

Unknown Speaker 1:00
The Enterprise as step number one, or as the first thing you need to do as a new agent, once you've done that, and these are in no particular order, necessarily after this point, but one of the first things that I would say you'd want to do is to check the education calendar right here, for when the next XP agent orientation is going to take place. Typically, these take place every Wednesday at four o'clock central time, and every Thursday at two o'clock central time. So if you click on the event calendar, you come over here, you can see here's Wednesday, and sure enough, we've got one today at four o'clock Central. All of these times here are pacific time. So you know, just figure out what time zone you're in. You can actually click it here, make sure where it's going to take place so like the next one here is in the auditorium inside of the XP world and it takes place from two o'clock.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
At three o'clock pacific time, so four o'clock to five o'clock central time. And that's for Wednesday. And then we also got another one on Thursday at 12 o'clock pacific time. So two o'clock central time, same thing ESP agent orientation inside of the auditorium, make sure to take that that's going to explain a lot of the things that you're going to need to do getting set up. Some of them will be what we're talking about today. But it's always good to just make sure that you don't miss any steps. So definitely take the agent orientation. The next thing that you're going to want to do is to set up your kV core. So let's go back over to our enterprise dashboard. And what you're going to see here is on the left hand side, optional services, click on that you're going to see cavey core, I've already requested my access, but if you've not yet done it, they'll be a little button here where you can request your access and set it up that way. It does say that it takes seven to 10 days. I've seen it go a little bit faster than that. But that is again, one of the first things that you're

Unknown Speaker 3:00
Like wanting to get started so that when you get that countdown in motion, you can get your website up as quickly as possible. And just to give you an idea, like when you get that KB core website, it's going to look a lot like this.

Unknown Speaker 3:15
show you here, it should just be your first and last name, xp realty.com. Of course, if there's already an agent with your same name, it might be a little bit different. But you'll see here and it is definitely customizable. Once you get access to this, you can kind of change around some things like the background, your profile picture, of course, it's going to link up to your MLS. So of course, you do need to already be a member of the MLS that you're going to be a part of in your area. But then you can see here, it's tied into all the listings. in MLS, you can actually add testimonials, and there's trainings that you can take for cavey core, which I'm actually going to get into here in a little bit that shows you how to edit all of these things. But just realize these are things that you can do.

Unknown Speaker 4:00
You can put a little about section for yourself, you can even do blog posts on them. So all that stuff will kind of cover but you'll see here that is what your website will look like once you request access to that cavey core. So next, as far as cavey core goes, I do want to show you where you can access those trainings at. So again, this is your front end website. But you're also once it's all set up, you're going to get access to this back end website here, which is where all of your leads and your database and all of that stuff is posted. And so what you're going to see here, again, this is my account, it's going to be a login and password that you're going to get once the access is granted for this. But you'll see here down in the very bottom left. I don't know if you can see it because of my picture here. But you look here where it says Learning Portal, you're gonna want to click that

Unknown Speaker 4:55
and let that open. And from in there, you're going to see that we've got many different

Unknown Speaker 5:00
courses for you to take, of course, start with the core Quick Start. But then take Katie core property boost, take the social media posting protocol and then inside real estate pay per click advertising tour, and then the WordPress plugin. If you do all of those courses, you will be a pro at KB core and no time, you don't have to wait to take these you can literally just you know, click on them, and then click here to get started on that course. And it's going to take you through all the different steps that you need to go go through so you can get your cavey core up and running and start generating leads from this website right away. So that is definitely one of the first things I would recommend you do. Make sure to set it up as quickly as possible because there is a turnaround time and then make sure you start taking the classes as quickly as possible as well. So then next, what we're going to have is Facebook workplace and I want to show you kind of how that works and how you get access to that. These are all going to be used

Unknown Speaker 6:00
You're saying enterprise login that you got. So it should be your first and dot last name at the XP realty com, and then whatever password they set you up with. But if you want to get into the Facebook workplace, you're going to come down here, you'll see XP social media, you're going to see workplace login, you click on to that, you can actually bookmark this site, you xp realty.facebook.com, it's probably going to have you login the first time but your username and password, and then it's going to just be a blank slate like I mean, you'll see the feed and everything. But you're not going to have all these groups, you're not going to have you know, probably your profile completely set up. So a couple of the things that I recommend you do to get started is of course to set up your profile you go in, you can come in here, update your profile picture, you can actually update your cover photo, you can click on Edit Profile right here, and just make sure that all of this information is accurate and what you wanted to say you can edit this little about section right here in

Unknown Speaker 7:00
This is all important because these are how other XP agents across the country are going to find you and see if you're an agent that they want to send referrals to all of that good stuff. So, you know, make sure that this information is accurate and in here. So once you've done that, and you've set up your profile, there's a couple of groups that I recommend you join. So I think the XP is already going to set you up with a few groups automatically, like the announcements groups,

Unknown Speaker 7:29
and maybe a few others, but for the most part, there's a couple that I think that you should request access to because they're very helpful for us as XP agents. And so those groups you can see, I'll just go ahead and point them out is the water cooler chat, which is I've got it because I was just in it right here. Water Cooler chat. That's probably one of the most active groups that I see. What's really cool about this group is you can come in here and this is what I always recommend you start with as far as if you have questions come up

Unknown Speaker 8:00
Up here, click on water cooler chat, go into the top right where you see search this group, and whatever question you have just type in a couple of the keywords that are applicable for that search, or for that question, and search the group and see if that questions already been asked before and answered. And if it hasn't, feel free to just ask the question right here. Yes, you have a sponsor? Yes. You might know other agents. But I tell you what, these people in this group, you know, there's thousands of agents in this group, we've got, I think, over 7600 members, so you're going to get a much quicker response, typically asking questions in this water cooler chat. So that's always the first place I recommend you start is by searching to see if the questions already been asked. And then if it hasn't, just posting your question in there, and see where that goes. So of course, the watercooler chat is the first one, always search for your state group. So for instance, I'm in Texas, so I'm part of the Texas State group. And you can of course, join these groups by just typing in a search the very top

Unknown Speaker 9:00
Water Cooler chat, you're going to see here e XP water cooler jet, if you're not already a part of it, it's going to say join group. And that's how you would join that same thing for your state group. So if I was a, you know, in, let's just say, Atlanta, right, I could search Atlanta state group,

Unknown Speaker 9:18
not not the state, Georgia,

Unknown Speaker 9:22
Georgia State group, there we go. And you'd search for Georgia State group, click on that, click on join group. Typically, the brokers of that state will make sure that you're a member of that state before accepting you in there, but just takes you know, usually a day or two, and then you should be able to join in. So definitely join your state group. Those are good for like state specific questions that you might have that aren't necessarily XP specific. And then a couple of the other groups that I recommend are the Katie core discussion group. That's where you can go and ask any types of cavey core questions. We also are apart

Unknown Speaker 10:00
The real estate one on one group that's really helpful group, especially for newer agents, Jonathan Dupree hosts this group. And you can see there, it's really good stuff, you know, books that people are reading, affirmations, trainings, I mean, just everything you can imagine in here. It's a really, really good group to join. I think he's got 4400 members and Joe and growing. So that's a really good community of agents. And then, of course, one of the most important ones, the XP referral network, so make sure you join this group. I think we've got Yeah, 9400 members in this one. And you'll see here there's constantly referrals being posted up. So you just kind of monitor this group and see if there's any referrals in your area that are being posted. You can see here I mean, usually there's four or five referrals posted every hour is what I see. So it's, it's a pretty happening spot. So just monitor that and and check that out. So one of the last ones that I want to point out too is the Brent Gove organization. This is a

Unknown Speaker 11:00
Great One, this Brent, always helping agents across the country doing presentations and lunch and learns and things like that. If you monitor this group, you'll see here that there's always posts in there about where his next presentations at and where other people's presentations are going to be at. So there's just always helpful information in there. So definitely recommend those groups. Then also, there's a few people that I would recommend that you follow. So it's just like Facebook, where you can send friend requests, except with workplace it's a little bit different. In here, you're going to follow people. So for instance, Tom drones, a good, good buddy of mine, and in here, he's a great person on on Facebook workplace to follow, you'd come in here and you can follow him. That way. Whenever he makes a post, you're going to see his posts on your newsfeed and so you can click in here and you can actually see you know, he just had a great post about lunch and learns and get for that. Great Great posts there. But a few of the other people that are

Unknown Speaker 12:00
I recommend is Sam Rodriguez, Brad Anderson, Julie Nelson Hank of ink, Gabe lebeau, Brent Gove, Pat Hayes, Jake kender, Elizabeth Riley, Jean Frederick Tracy Lewis, Scott Lewis, Curtis Dixon and myself. That way, you know, if you just follow us, you should start to see, you know, more and more posts on your newsfeed that are applicable and of course, you know, follow anybody else that you see Dave connard Dave connard is also a good person to follow as well. So, anyways, let's see moving on the next part of this. The next thing and this is number five is request your business cards and yard signs. So again, with ESP, you're going to get your first thousand business cards included absolutely free. Now you're going to go to again your XP enterprise dashboard, come on down to where it says XP brand and

Unknown Speaker 13:00
And marketing resources and where you see the XP cloud click on order business cards. So if you click on that, it's going to open this up and you can see business cards right here.

Unknown Speaker 13:11
Click on that it's going to give you instructions on how to order those first thousand business cards. So of course it's at House of magnets calm, says market centers expe logo. And then just again, use the template that you want use your unique voucher code which is in that email the welcome email that you XP sent to you. So that way you get those for free. And that's how you do your business cards. And then as far as your yard signs XP has a vendor Oakley signs and graphic shops. I actually use somebody different found there were a little bit less expensive. I just google if you google build a sign space XP, you're going to see right here, you click on this one says XP realty slash build a sign.

Unknown Speaker 13:58
You click on that and now you can see

Unknown Speaker 14:00
Shop your signs you can shop ryders directionals, anything you need. But if you just click on shop signs, there's a couple different templates that you can use. And just to go to upload, you know, your headshot, if that's what you want on there, or just a generic here with your name and your phone number, your website, and all of that good stuff. Now, the one thing that's important to that I will say, if you do want like your website, on your signs or on your business cards, is you're going to want to wait till you get that cavey core access. So you know what your URL is for your cavey core website, like I was telling you, mine is Kyle Handy. XP realty com, you're should be that. But in case there's already an agent with that name, they're going to change it. So you might not want to go out and start you know, ordering your business cards in your yard signs and all that information, unless you know that that's what your URL is. The other thing you can do is there is a training that teaches you how to create a custom URL and have that point

Unknown Speaker 15:00
To your kV core website. So for instance, if I had Kyle Handy com, that was my website, I could actually point that to whatever URL XP realty assigns me that way. As long as I already own that URL, I can create my business cards in my yard signs and put whatever URL I want on there. And then just whenever I get my cavey core website I can for I could set up the forward to go to that KB core website, no matter whatever it is. So that would be another option. If you already own a domain, or you want to go purchase a domain at like GoDaddy. com, just make sure it's available, and go buy it. And then once you get your cavey core website, you can just point that domain to that cavey core website. So when people go to Kyle handy.com, or whatever it is that you set up, they're going to get pointed and forwarded to your cavey core website. So that would be another option. So let's see. Moving on, we've got the next one and this is number six. I would rather

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Can you change all of your social media profiles, so go to Facebook, go to LinkedIn, go to Twitter, go to your Instagram, make sure that any old brokerage or any old information on there is updated. Now's a great time to you know, go in and make sure all your BIOS are what they need to be all your contact information is what it needs to be. But just make sure all your social media profiles are updated to reflect that the XP realty is now your broker. Now you'd be so surprised at how many agents I look up either on LinkedIn or on Facebook or whatever it is still, you know, I know there any XP agent but their their profile still says another brokerage on it. So just make sure that you update those. And then also it's a good time. I mean, that's a great time to make an announcement that you are now with the XP Realty. That's you know, one of the best things you can do when you first sign up is just talk about how excited you are to be joining this company and put it out there for all of your friends on Facebook and social media sites to see

Unknown Speaker 17:00
So next number seven, I want to make sure that everybody can install and utilize the XP world. So basically up in your enterprise dashboard, if you click on XP world, you're going to get transported to this page. Depending on if your Mac or PC, you're going to download it, install it on your computer, and make sure you can log in it has instructions down below on how to do it. And there are some people that have had troubles depending on what updates and stuff that their computer has. If you do run into questions, definitely go and send a message to support. It can take a little while they do have a lot of tickets in there already. But I would do that and then I would go into the XP world, or I'm sorry, the XP Facebook workplace and go into the again, water cooler chat and just post up what questions you're having or search and see if somebody already had that.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
That issue and can help fix it right then in there, because if you have to wait for support and might be a little bit longer, but if you can post it up, get an answer right back, it might go a little bit faster for you. So make sure you can get into the cloud office, because again, that's how you're going to get into that agent orientation, which again, is one of the first things that I said you need to do. So make sure you can have access to the XP world. So you can go to that agent orientation. And then it's also going to be important for you to do this next step, which is step number, earn this next thing which is a number eight, and that is to regularly attend weekly meetings. And there's a bunch of weekly things that you can do at the XP but I'm going to sum it up to the three that I think are the most important for you to attend. And that would be go over here to the education calendar so I can point them out. But on Fridays at 10 o'clock central standard time in the morning today. We have our leadership meeting.

Unknown Speaker 19:00
every single Friday, and even though it says leadership meeting, that's for all agents, even brand new agents at the XP, that just means that the leadership of our company goes up on the stage in the XP world auditorium. Every week, they talk about new things, new developments that are happening within XP, they have best practices, they have testimonials from agents that have recently moved over. There's

Unknown Speaker 19:23
that leadership meeting. And again, it's every Friday morning at 8am Pacific 10am Central time, it lasts for about one hour. And then what I recommend is you just stay in the auditorium because the next training is number two, the second one that I want to point out, that is one that I think you should attend. And that's the AI conversations. Again, this one lasts about one hour. It's in the auditorium right after the leadership meeting. But what it is, is basically every week, the XP identifies three icon agents that they want up on stage to go in and talk about their business, talk about what they're using as far as tools and technology. You know,

Unknown Speaker 20:00
resources, things like that, to grow their business. And so there's always a host or a moderator that's asking the questions. And then the three icon agents are answering those questions. And again, an icon agent is somebody around the country with the XP, that's doing production at a very, very high level. So you're gonna want to pay attention to what they have to say and what they're doing in their business. So that's really cool there. And then one of the other ones that I just want to point out is every Sunday night at six o'clock Pacific, eight o'clock Central, we've got real estate one on one and auditorium. Jonathan Dupree always puts on a great training, I recommend highly that you attend those. It's kind of a different day, you know, Sunday night. So if you don't have anything going on that evening, it's always a great time to just go jump into the auditorium on your computer and get some great great training. And even though it says one on one, Jonathan actually goes over some pretty advanced stuff in there as well. A lot of it geared towards lead generation and growing your real estate sales business. So definitely check that one out. Number nine, you want to request

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Your religious information, you read this membership and I've got a link here. And I'll just show you guys what it is right here. It's HTTP s,

Unknown Speaker 21:12
e x p cloud.com. forward slash rejas.

Unknown Speaker 21:20

Unknown Speaker 21:22
locations. And you'll see here just like that, you go here.

Unknown Speaker 21:31
It's going to give you instructions on how to request your free access to the Regis business lounges worldwide. And so one of the things that you're going to need to do is complete the rejas participation form. This is an online esign form that you do you just click on it here. I've already done it, so I don't know if they're gonna let me do again, it looks like it will. Not going to go through the whole thing. But you can see here you're just going to type in your name.

Unknown Speaker 21:55
You're gonna type in your ESP email.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
And then down here, typing your name again.

Unknown Speaker 22:05
Down here, you got the sign, you click on here, draw your signature, however you want to do it. Right.

Unknown Speaker 22:13
Apply, put your phone number in, put your mailing address, city, state and zip code and then you can say submit signature, you're going to verify, they're going to send you an email that you'll click on. Once you get that email, it's usually takes a couple seconds to get it, click on the email just to verify as a second step, and then it's done. It's submitted. And it does say that it takes roughly three to five business days for Regis to process your membership. So again, it's a good one to just get started right away so that what you have access gives you they call a white card, I think is what it is. Yeah, you get your white card, which is going to give you that access to those regional business locations across the world. So whether you know you have them in your location, or maybe you're traveling and you want to go to an office, you can use those free shared workspaces at no additional

Unknown Speaker 23:00
Cost with this white card. You can also book like private conferences, private meeting rooms for a little bit extra. I think I just rented one the other day for an hour and a half and it ran me about 40 bucks, very nice office, you know, with a window and a TV you can hook your laptop into. So that is a great, great benefit at XP. So lastly, we're on finally number 10. And then we're going to wrap this up, you're going to want to set up your sky slope. So to set up sky slope, this is where you're gonna do all of your transactions. So you want to have it set up in the beginning so that way when you actually get a transaction, it might not have to take quite as long setting everything up. You don't have any hiccups. But if you look on your enterprise dashboard for sky slope, you just click on it.

Unknown Speaker 23:45
And then you're going to see a login and password. Same thing as your enterprise. login and password click Sign In.

Unknown Speaker 23:57
All right, here we go.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
Now, you can see I'm logged in, you can of course, you know, start putting in a new file inside of here, I'm not going to go into the details about how to create transactions. What I'm going to do instead is tell you that what you're going to want to do is first off, make sure you can log into it. But the next you're going to want to see when the next sky slope, basic, and sky slope advanced classes are typically like, let me look on here. Yep, we've got a sky slope basic training on Wednesday at 11am. Pacific, one at 1pm. central time. And then I think on Tuesdays, let's go down here to Tuesday's Yeah, every time it's not Tuesday,

Unknown Speaker 24:44
here we go. It's every Monday. So every Monday at 8am Pacific, we also have a sky slope basic. But then also on a Monday is if you've already taken the basic training, you can take the advanced training as well which is right afterwards. 9am Pacific 11am

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Central. So I highly recommend you getting through both of those that so that way you're very familiar with sky slope. It is any XP University conference hall. So just keep that in mind. It is not in the XP auditorium. So when you go into the XP world, you're going to go to the university conference hall, not the auditorium. It looks like both of these are in there. And then on Wednesday, let's just make sure it's the same thing. Yep, same thing. So there you go. So that's your top 10 things to do once you get started with the XP. I know that seems like a lot. But I promise you if you get those things knocked out right away, you will feel much more in charge once you get going with XP. So hope that helps if you need anything you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me. You know with anything that you got. I love to help you and love to get you going with the XP Take care. Bye

Kyle Handy

Kyle Handy is a real estate agent, team leader, coach, & mentor to real estate agents all over the country. Kyle focuses on social media, tech tools, and system automation to help agents scale their business and create consistency of closings.

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