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The Ultimate Guide to kvCORE / Kunversion

What is kvCORE?

kvCORE (aka Kunversion) is a real estate website and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) System that helps real estate agents market and follow up with their clients.  kvCORE can be purchased as a brokerage for around. It can be purchased for a team and for an individual agent…

kvCORE is created by the team over at

There are really two parts to the kvCORE system.  The front-end website that the consumer sees and the back-end CRM tool that the agent uses.  I’ll break down both further.

There are two platforms available for agents, brokers, and team leaders; the kvCORE platform and K+ Team platform.  kvCORE is for entire brokerages and their agents. K+ Team is a lighter version for team leaders with 2-5 agent teams or high performing single agents.

kvCORE has over 190,000 paid users and is a part of over 470 MLS’s.  They are one of the leading CRM providers for real estate agents all over the US.

My Personal Use

Let me start by saying, I am in no way paid by the makers of kvCORE for this review.  It’s simply my opinion and view of the platform after using it nearly every day for the past 2 years.  I just get tons of questions about my thoughts on it and want to provide this as an information resource and guide for those looking to get into it.

I have been a power user of kvCORE since they made the switch over from Kunversion in 2018.  I have over 9,000 leads being followed up with daily and multiple appointments set each and every week though kvCORE.

I have used both the team and agent version within the kvCORE platform.  I have not used the K+ Team platform.  

Click here to see my personal kvCORE website.

kvCORE Pricing

kvCORE doesn’t publicly display pricing on their website but from speaking with their sales team, a k+ team subscription which is good for around 2-5 agents is around $500/month.  This is a lighter version than the enterprise version which I detail below. The full kvCORE enterprise version for a brokerage of 5+ agents starts at around $1200/month and increases as you increase the agent count.  This does not include any startup costs which I was not able to gather the exact number over the phone. I conclude that this number varies depending on any promotions or the specifics of the version you may be looking to run.

Comparisons to Other CRMs

Firepoint – I used Firepoint for roughly 3 years.  This is a great company with excellent support. Overall, I would put their CRM on the same level as kvCORE.  

Boomtown – This is one of the top CRM systems I’ve ever used.  Their support is second to none, and their website and CRM look extremely polished and are user-friendly.  It does come at a cost, however. Boomtown was around 3x the price (roughly $1500/month) of kvCORE and Firepoint last time I checked.

Follow Up Boss – An excellent CRM. However, this is not an all-in-one solution.  You will need to still set up a website with an IDX feed and connect it to Follow Up Boss.  Tons of integrations so it can be done but just takes more work than an out of the box solution like the above solutions.  

kvCORE Front-End Website

kvCORE Website Main

kvCORE provides real estate agents an amazing consumer-facing website that connects to the agents local MLS and displays all listings an agent would find using their MLS provider.  Better yet, kvCORE compiles the data and creates market reports and flyers that are easy for those using your website to save or print off.

kvCORE Market Report


kvCORE websites are mildly customizable.  I find that the website you receive from kvCORE has a great balance of allowing you to customize aspects that you may want to see changed while still giving a great website out of the box.

Here are some of the things you can choose to customize:

  • Background image
  • Headshot
  • Tagline
  • Social Media Links
  • Testimonials
  • About Section
  • Blog Posts
  • Areas You Cover

Social Media Links

You can add your personal links to any of the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, & Instagram

Chat – Facebook Messanger

Connect your website to your facebook messenger account to give users the ability to chat with you live from your website.

IDX Search

kvCORE Home Search Categories

As mentioned earlier, the major benefit of a kvCORE website is the ability for users to search all the properties that are in your MLS in real-time updated every 15 minutes.  This is called an IDX or short for Internet Data Exchange. IDX websites are not new to real estate. However, every IDX offers unique features and displays properties differently. kvCORE’s IDX is top-notch.  It offers multiple different ways to search for properties in your area including by address, neighborhood, zip code, county, city, and schools.


kvCORE Home Search Filters

In addition to being able to search by the above methods, you can also filter down your results even further.  Filter by type, bedrooms, bathrooms, price, acreage, year built, pool, and many more. kvCORE even has unique filters like “Fixer Upper”, “Open House”, “Adult 55+” and a few others that I see my clients regularly use. 


kvCORE Market Data

kvCORE offers website users statistics when searching different areas like average days on market, average taxes, the average price per square foot, and a few others.  

Similar Properties

kvCORE Similar Listings

When someone hovers over or clicks on a property they like kvCORE can also show your client similar properties based on similar characteristics and what other people have looked at based on similar interests.  

Hot Listings

kvCORE Hot Listings

Hot listings analyzes all of the searches that take place via the IDX feed and displays the hottest properties to you and your clients.  This is great for determining which properties to promote and potentially reach out to the agent to ask to do an open house on.

Save Listings

kvCORE allows users to save listings that stores it in an account for them and notifies you, the agent, which makes setting up showings extremely easy.  Just tell your client to save the listings they want to go see and you’ll have a list to use when setting up the tour.

Details Page

kvCORE Google Streetview

When a user goes to view details on the page they will see all sorts of information related to the home.  They’ll see the information of course like schools and school district, interior and exterior details and all the amenities.  But in addition to that, they’ll see unique data like a comparison of that property vs. the zip code average and a map with google street view of the property and surrounding area.

Request a showing

Leads and clients using your website can even request to schedule a showing on properties they are interested in straight from the details page of any property.

Email Alerts

Based on a particular property, website users can set up email alerts to be notified if/when a similar property is listed.  This notifies them and you as the agent so no property is missed when it first goes live.

Print a Flyer

kvCORE Property Flyer

You or the client can print out professional looking flyers with information about the property, schools, and you as the agent.

Share on Social Media

With one click, a user can quickly share the property to friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  Additionally, you can also share properties on your social media quickly and easily which is a great way for creating consistent engagement since it’s so easy to do.

kvCORE User Registration

kvCORE Registration

Now, what’s the point of having an amazing website with all these features if you don’t have the ability to generate more leads and help more people?  kvCORE has one of the best registrations I’ve seen on an IDX website.  

Not only does it allow a potential lead to input their email manually, but it also allows them the ability to log in through Facebook or Google as well.  The best part is that it uses their phone number as their password so typically your leads information is more accurate.

This is a forced registration that takes place during the first property view.  Your website allows users to see up to 1 listing without registration but to continue looking, they’ll need to register.  Once registered they’ll never see the prompt again.

Some agents don’t like the feature of forcing prospective leads to register and instead prefer to make registration optional.  I’ve done both over the last 6 years and have found forced registration generates exponentially more leads. If leads are what you are looking to generate, you’ll love kvCORE’s set up around this.  It truly is a lead generation magnet!

kvCORE Seller Landing Page

kvCORE Seller Landing Page

Speaking of lead generation, how would you like to generate tons of seller leads.  With kvCORE, you have the ability to capture lead information through seller landing pages with giving automated valuations to clients about particular properties, usually their own that they type in.  

Are the valuations always accurate, no.  In fact, I’ve seen some as far off as over $100,000 on a $450,000 listing.  The point is though that you’ve now received a leads information, typically a home address, email, and phone number.  This gives you, as the professional agent, the ability to reach out to explain how the valuations are processed and offer to do a customized one for them.  

Areas You Cover

With the areas you cover section, website users can quickly click on the different areas you cover and get detailed statistics comparing that area or neighborhood to the county in general.  Also, they can see the health of the market by seeing how many new listings there are vs. reductions, short sales, and foreclosures. It also shows users the most and least expensive homes in that area.

kvCORE Neighborhood Info 2


Testimonials is a section that you can customize in the backend of kvCORE so that your website displays client testimonials giving you more credibility.  This is quick and easy to do and typically I just copy over any testimonials I receive on Facebook, Zillow, or to here. 


kvCORE gives agents the ability to create blog posts and have them posted to their site.  This is great for building up organic search traffic around topics prospective clients might be searching for in your area.  A new restaurant opens up in town? Do a quick write-up and add it to your blog. You’d be surprised how quickly blogging can build your traffic to your website.


The resources page gives users the ability to contact you or quickly download the mobile app version of your kvCORE website for searching on their mobile device.  

Millions Mapped Consumer Mobile App

Millions Mapped App Download

Millions Mapped is kvCORE’s mobile application that allows clients to bring their home search to their mobile devices.  There are tons of great features of using the mobile device that I haven’t ever seen on a different app or even desktop for that matter.  

Of course, it’s going to allow clients to browse and search properties just like they would online.  However, on the app, they can do a map search and add custom heatmaps to show areas that are more highly viewed than others.  In addition, when they download the app using your customized link, it will automatically associate their search to their account so you can see what they are looking at in real-time.

kvCORE Back-End Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

kvCORE offers one of the best CRM systems out there for real estate agents.  Out of the box, kvCORE offers features such as bulk texting and emailing. It allows agents to see exactly when and which properties their clients and leads are looking at.  It offers powerful automation tools. It even helps on the marketing end by allowing agents the ability to create high converting buyer and seller landing pages with a few clicks.  In addition, it even offers excellent analytics into your business both as an individual agent or team. 

Seller Landing Pages

Offer sellers the ability to quickly and easily find out the value of their home.  kvCORE pulls recent similar sales, historic sales, and current listings to predict the estimated market value of the seller’s home.  

I’ve used it multiple times with varying degrees of accuracy.  I recently pulled my own home, a non-standard neighborhood with acreage and all different ages and price ranges of properties and it was around $50k low.  To its credit, I’ve also completely renovated the interior of my home which kvCORE would have no way of knowing.  

Also, I recently pulled it up on a seller of mines home and it was spot on for a $350,000 listing in a fairly standard type neighborhood.

Overall, simply having the ability to generate automated valuations opens up all sorts of marketing opportunities.  It also provides great value to clients that are just looking to get a ballpark figure of what their home could be worth without having to “bother” the agent all the time.

Buyer Landing Pages

kvCORE Buyer Landing Page

I’ve generated the bulk of my 9,000+ leads through the use of paid advertising and landing pages.  With kvCORE, creating landing pages is extremely simple! With kvCORE’s landing page builder, you can use their templates and customize for the exact audience you’re looking to target.

kvCORE offers video landing pages, individual listing landing pages, and even area or neighborhood landing pages.  Bottom line if you want to create a particular advertisement and send it to a landing page to capture lead you can do it quickly and easily with kvCORE.  No other tools are needed.

Activity Stream Tab

Easily see what your leads are searching for, how many times they’ve looked at a property and which ones they marked as their favorites.  Because I log in to kvCORE daily, I can easily see if someone may have visited my site that I haven’t spoken to in a while. This allows me to reach out and see if I can be of help.  It’s almost like the feeling you get when you’re having a conversation and all of sudden you start seeing ads for it later that day. Clients are surprised by my timing whenever I reach out!


If you are using any other systems or tools to either generate leads or follow up, kvCORE makes it easy to integrate with them.  Through the use of a tool called Zapier, you can do just about anything you are looking to do by connecting the third party tool to Zapier and Zapier to kvCORE.  For instance, I run Facebook lead ads where the ad and form are all done on Facebook. Through Zapier, I can send that lead generated on Facebook over to kvCORE immediately.

Automated Calls

Did you know that your conversion rate drops over 400% if you wait longer than 10 minutes to respond to a new lead inquiry?

You can set up for kvCORE to automatically call your cell phone whenever a new lead is generated and connect you to that leads phone number as soon as the lead is generated.  This ensures that speed to lead is monitored and increases conversion ratios exponentially!


Hashtags give agents the ability to segment their lists and quickly send the right message to the right people.  I have hashtags set up for clients based around zip codes, pool, schools, and all sorts of other things. I use this so that when I see a new listing that I want to promote, either my own or another agent, I can quickly grab the people who it might interest and blast a text or email out to them.



The CMA tool is similar to the seller landing page with one main difference.  The CMA Tool is on the back-end of kvCORE and is available to the agent to use to send CMA’s to clients and leads.  The seller landing page is the form a client or lead uses to receive a CMA on their own. Both generate the market analysis using the same technology, instantaneously.

Google & Microsoft Email Account Integration

kvCORE allows agents to sync their Google and Microsoft email inboxes.  This allows for emails that take place outside of kvCORE to still be synced with the contacts record within kvCORE on their email history.

Additionally, you can sync tasks and reminders with your google task list.  This is great for setting reminders to call a particular lead or contact that day.  

Finally, you can even sync your google calendar to your kvCORE dashboard so your entire day is at a glance all within the kvCORE platform.

kvCORE Dashboard

Your dashboard is the first thing that shows up when you log in to kvCORE.  It shows the calls and tasks that are due that day along with company announcements and kvCORE training that is upcoming.  Most importantly it shows your Activity Stream that we talked about earlier.  

kvCORE Smart CRM

Smart CRM is where all the magic happens.  This is where all your leads are stored. You can click into individual contacts to see their activity, contact details, and send emails and text messages.  Also, you can view it as a list of all your contacts and filter and sort by the ones you need to connect with.

I like to sort leads by the ones that have visited my website most recently so that I can be sure I’m contacting those as often as possible.  Next, I’ll sort my CRM by the ones I haven’t spoken to in the longest amount of time so I can always be connecting with everyone in my database.

You can sort contacts by status (sphere, prospect, new lead, active lead, client, contract, closed, and archived) and then even further rate by star rating.  For instance, I might have 100 active leads at any given time but only 5-10 that are 5 star active leads. This makes it easy to keep up with the leads you need to be in contact with. 


kvCORE Property Boost 2

“Listings” is a kvCORE version of your MLS.  Instead of having to log in and look up properties on the MLS you can now use kvCORE to search properties and send to clients within just a couple clicks.  

Additionally, you can sort by company listings (which filters just the listings withing your brokerage) and easily co-market the property on any of your social media channels and even Craigslist with just a couple clicks.  This makes sending traffic to your website and lead generation simple.

Finally, if you wish to have kvCORE setup and run advertisements to help generate more buzz around a listing of yours, you can “Boost” a listing through kvCORE.  This service creates targeted Facebook and other social media ads to push your listing in front of thousands of potential leads. In addition, it can help you generate more leads through your listings.  Lastly, “Boost” sends you and your seller daily reports showing the effectiveness of your campaigns. This starts at around $60/wk per property or $200/month.

kvCORE Property Boost

kvCORE Marketing Autopilot

kvCORE Behavior Automation

Marketing Autopilot is an email and text autoresponder that is based on a client’s website activity.  If they revisit your site after 14 days, kvCORE will automatically reach out via text or email on your behalf to see if you can be of any help.  

There are triggers for the lead visiting your site 5 times in the last week, viewing 5 properties in the last day, viewing 10 properties in the last week, viewing the same property 3 times, and favoriting a property.  

These triggers can be turned on or off based on which type the contact is (i.e. sphere, prospect, new lead, etc…)

This functionality has been critical in making sure that I don’t drop the ball with such a high volume of leads in my CRM.  Without it, I would surely miss opportunities to reach out at the right time to set up a showing or be helpful to answer a question.

I receive multiple texts and emails weekly from leads requesting a showing or asking a question all because kvCORE had sent out a message to the lead based on the lead’s activity on my site.

kvCORE Lead Engine

The lead engine is kvCORE’s suite of tools that focus on the #1 thing a real estate agent needs to do, and that generates leads.  It is here that you’ll find the link to create landing and squeeze pages, sync leads from another service into kvCORE, use a call capture number to automatically add callers to that number into your database and much more.


“Transactions” are where all your transactional data is stored for a property if your broker chooses to use kvCORE for its transaction management.  It’s here that you can see details like Client, address, commission, closing date, tasks list, and all your files.

My brokerage uses a separate tool for transaction management so my usage of this feature is limited.

Web & IDX

“Web & IDX” is where you go to customize the “Front-end” of your kvCORE website.  It’s here that you can add testimonials, service areas, blog posts, and social media links.  

You can also add tracking to your website like Facebook pixels and google analytics here.  This is great for use in retargeting campaigns.


The Marketplace is kvCORE’s add-on tools that you can purchase to use for lead generation or additional marketing and branding.  I don’t subscribe to any add-ons as the base system is powerful as-is and I handle all my paid advertising. 

However, if you don’t have the know-how or don’t’ have the time to do it, kvCORE’s Marketplace is a great resource.  

You can sign up for products like the team upgrade.  With this upgrade, it basically allows a team leader to assign team agents within kvCORE and assign and monitor leads given to their team.  There is also additional analytics that goes with the team add-on.  

You can also set your website up for additional MLS’s for $12/month/MLS.  This means that if you are an agent or broker and are licensed in multiple states and only want one website to manage, you can do that with this add-on!

Finally, you can also have kvCORE setup paid buyer lead generation campaigns for you through Facebook or Google.  These are a monthly recurring cost that you can choose in increments of $250 starting at $250 for Facebook and $500 for Google.  kvCORE sets up the advertisements, monitors performance, and all you as the agent need to do is follow up and convert the lead after it’s sent to your CRM.

Business Analytics

kvCORE Analytics Pipeline

Business Analytics is a great tool to see how your real estate business is performing on a lead conversion basis.  kvCORE offers a pipeline view that starts with total contacts and funnels down to closed deals. It shows how many leads are in each stage along the way.  

You can also view performance by source and kvCORE activity.  kvCORE activity is a cool one because it shows how much of your business is being automated.  I can see that in the last 90 days 3703 search alerts have gone out, 11 behavior alerts, 3823 emails have been sent, and over 729 properties have been viewed!

kvCORE Support Portal

The Support Portal is where you go when you need to search kvCORE’s vast library of knowledge and articles.  I have been VERY impressed with the ability to look up anything I have a question about and find that it’s already been answered in the Support Portal.  

For that reason, I hardly ever have to use the support chat.  But if I need additional support, kvCORE does have live support chat Monday – Friday from 7am-5pm PST that is very helpful.  

kvCORE Learning Portal

kvCORE Growth Strategies Training

The Learning Portal is kvCORE’s training portal for agents, team leaders, and brokers to get the most out of the platform.  All their courses are free and they have some really advanced training in there.  

I always recommend the Quick Start to new agents getting started with kvCORE.  Also, within the “Growth Strategies” section is tons of training related to generating TONS of leads.  Leads through Facebook, retargeting, seller leads, and Google PPC.

Your Profile

In the “My Profile” section you can edit all the details about you that you want displayed on your public facing website.  This includes your headshot, phone numbers, email addresses, preferred lenders, and much more.

You can add in all your social media profile links including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

In addition to this, you can add designations, an about me section, change your email signature, add your credentials, background, education, experience, community involvement, and achievements.  


Add your preferred lenders to this section so they can be selected in your profile to link them to your website preferred lenders.  This is great especially if your lender has an online loan application form. You can put this link into the lenders profile so that when a buyer is looking on your website, they can get pre-qualified online quickly and easily.


If you sign up for the team package add-on of kvCORE, you will be able to add agents that are within your brokerage to your team so that it links their accounts to your account.  This will allow you the ability to see team generated leads and monitor their follow up.

If the team agent generates the lead or manually adds them into their account, that lead will show up to the team leader but not with all of the information.


This section is to add additional MLS’s that you might be apart of.  Most agents will only see one office listed here which is the primary MLS they are apart of.  However, if the agent pays for the “templated website” add-on through the kvCORE Marketplace (discussed above) then they will have the ability to add multiple MLS’s to their kvCORE website.


Phone is the section where you can see any virtual numbers that you’ve signed up for.  Again these virtual numbers either forward to your phone or get routed round robin to agents on your team or in the brokerage.

If you sign up for your own “Smart number” through kvCORE ($25/month) you can use this number on all your marketing, signs, and website to automatically track when a lead calls in on it.

The number and lead will get recorded into your kvCORE CRM so that you don’t forget to follow up on it if and when you are on the go.

Lead Routing

Lead routing is for when you have the team add-on you can create rules that filter leads from different sources to different agents or groups of agents.  kvCORE makes it easy to make sure the right lead gets to the right agent.

kvCORE Agent Mobile App

kvCORE App Download

The kvCORE mobile app is extremely simple, clean and easy to use.  It houses all your leads and their contact info in a quick and easy to use app.



kvCORE App Activity

The inbox is where kvCORE displays a centralized communication record.  This is where you can keep up with all the messaging that takes place with leads in your database.  I use this to make sure that I don’t drop the ball with all the emails and texts that are happening. 


kvCORE App Lead Information

This is where all the leads in your database are stored.  You can quickly and easily search for one lead in particular or filter a segment of leads.  You can even see leads by status or save search filters that you run often.


kvCORE App Listings

Listings gives you the ability to see all the listings that are in your MLS and easily send a listing via email, text, or post to social all from your phone app.  You can see all the photos for the listing and even pull up the full listing via your web browser via a link on the listing page with the kvCORE app. 


Use kvCORE’s dialer to quickly dial a list of pre-filtered leads including today’s calls, new leads, activity stream, and inactive leads.  Or filter by a hashtag and dial all the leads in that hashtag back to back all through kvCORE. All the calls are automatically logged by the system.


If you’re setting up follow up tasks for yourself within kvCORE, you’ll see them all listed here.   You can check off your tasks once they are complete to make sure you never forget to do something you said you would.

kvCORE & eXp Realty

kvCORE is an amazing tool and resource to real estate agents.  I’ve used it nearly EVERY day for the past two years and it’s easily doubled the amount of transactions I do each year!

One of the best parts of being an eXp Realty agent is the fact that I receive kvCORE absolutely at no cost.  This was one of the top 3 reasons I decided to make the switch back in 2017.  

As I mentioned earlier, kvCORE costs brokers and mega-agents over $5000 annually.  At eXp Realty our total monthly fees are $85 which is easily justified by kvCORE alone.  If you’d like to hear more about what’s included with eXp Realty, sign up for my next webinar here.


In conclusion, kvCORE is a great value for everything that you can do with the platform.  As with any tool, it will only help your business if you truly learn and decide to use it to its full potential.

kvCORE makes it extremely simple to learn about their platform via their online training portals and regularly scheduled webinars. 

There are many options to choose from in the CRM space but I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go all-in on my real estate business with the kvCORE platform.  


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