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Tom Truong is a fireball of energy. When he enters the room, the people in it are instantly happier! Tom's purpose in life and business is to help others. He comes from the most humble background and has accomplished tremendous feats in his career as a real estate agent and owner.

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Tom Truong shares his story of how his family originally came to the United States and the struggles he has overcome to be where he is at today. Tom is the most generous person with his time and energy. I'm proud to know Tom and call him my friend.

Here's Tom's personal bio: Tom has a passion for real estate and entrepreneurship but also understands the importance of giving back to his community. Leveraging his passions has helped him build successful real estate businesses. He continues to help clients achieve their real estate buying and selling goals. He thrives on mentoring, training and coaching real estate professionals realize their own successes.

Here is the full video:


Unknown Speaker 0:04
I'm just an ordinary guy

Unknown Speaker 0:07
here to help folks become

Unknown Speaker 0:10
extra ordinary. That is why my mom left Vietnam in 1975.

Unknown Speaker 0:17
It wasn't the first book was the second boat, like Jean said.

Unknown Speaker 0:22
And this is a third try to get out of the country. Right?

Unknown Speaker 0:26
We didn't come from riches.

Unknown Speaker 0:28
And we were all fighting for position on the boats. So we it was getting full on the boat. And she goes, I was seven years old. She goes, we're going to send you up first. If you can envision a boat with ropes and everyone's climbing up the boats and goes Tom, climb up that boat.

Unknown Speaker 0:50
You get there

Unknown Speaker 0:52
and you scream for your family.

Unknown Speaker 0:56
So then my younger brother climbed up and then my younger sister time up eight kids, by the way, single mom.

Unknown Speaker 1:05
Okay, I

Unknown Speaker 1:06
got up there and I screamed for my mom and my brothers and sisters, and we got on the boat we get out to come to a land of opportunity to come to America to be whatever you want to be. And there's no limits.

Unknown Speaker 1:32
Nothing can hold us back. The only

Unknown Speaker 1:34
thing that's holding us back that my mom told me

Unknown Speaker 1:37
is me.

Unknown Speaker 1:40
Right where she wanted to come here because she wanted to give us the best education. And like most Asian parents, she wanted me to be a doctor. I wasn't a doctor. She wanted to be an attorney. It wasn't attorneys, you want to be

Unknown Speaker 1:52
engineer and, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:54
all these things. My brothers, my sisters, my siblings became engineers, doctors So on and so forth. This kid went into real estate.

Unknown Speaker 2:04
So I'm just ordinary like you. All

Unknown Speaker 2:08
right. But when I graduated from college, by the way, we all know the kids paid for their own way to college who there was no college fund. When I graduated from college, I went to work for an organization in the insurance business was young kid. And it took me basically nine years to get to a level where I was the area Chief Financial Officer for publicly traded company, one to five area CFOs. And basically, from the day that I started, we were the 13th largest brokerage firm in the United States. By the time I ended with my career in insurance business, we were the third largest in the world. That company is still there today. Arthur J. Gallagher. They gave me what I need to do. There's a reason I'm sharing sharing with you the story is because my last name is strong as me That company was in this great company, they gave me the path to freedom.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
But I wasn't

Unknown Speaker 3:06
as connected as I needed to be, I got to the second corner office, never the first corner office. I was the CFO, not the CEO, there was that ceiling that it could never break through. And one of my mentors is Tom, you're not going to be the top dog there. And I want to be top dog my said, my mom wanted me to be successful.

Unknown Speaker 3:26
So that's when I left that business.

Unknown Speaker 3:30
And cashed in all of my stocks left a lot of stock options on the table, but I wanted to chase the dream. Now the reason I left that company was that was the first reason but the real reason was the last three years I did mergers and acquisitions. Okay, and my job as the CFO was to crunch the numbers.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
And then,

Unknown Speaker 3:53
as soon as we roll these agencies in, we my job was to downsize was right size was to lay off, folks, the charge was to get rid of 20% no matter what, because we don't need to CFOs we don't need to treasuries we don't need to receptionist so on and so forth. And I remember sitting across from the desk with this gentleman, 56 years old, three kids in college. His wife never worked because he gave his entire life to building this insurance agency. But he had zero

Unknown Speaker 4:33

Unknown Speaker 4:36
And I slid across severance plan that gave him two months and his tears

Unknown Speaker 4:43
started wetting his shirt.

Unknown Speaker 4:47
And then it started hitting the teak wood desk that he sat behind and says Tom, what am I going to do? This is my only career. got three kids in college you give me 60 days to find another job. That night I went home and I said to my wife, honey, I am not working for the man ever again. I'm going out and working for myself when I found the XP Thank you, Scott Lewis. Thank you, Tracy Lewis, Rob, Jean Glenn Sanford, and all of these leaders here. When I found that it was the ownership piece that I really loved, right, it was the ability to control my future. And to help all of those other real estate professionals out there, take back the future. Every day I sell houses, and we teach people to own real estate. Right? Then why do about 1.3 million realtors rent the real estate agency?

Unknown Speaker 5:58
You guys own this thing. You know that

Unknown Speaker 6:02

Unknown Speaker 6:05
Life was not always good as an immigrant kid.

Unknown Speaker 6:08
I got picked on when I was little.

Unknown Speaker 6:12
I remember being in sixth grade, being one of the shortest kids in the class.

Unknown Speaker 6:18
Not understanding English. You get picked on

Unknown Speaker 6:21
and I learned if I really good,

Unknown Speaker 6:24
but you know what my mom My mom said, Tom, it doesn't matter whether you're four feet, one inches in your mind. You are seven foot tall everyday son. Right? You guys have been presented

Unknown Speaker 6:45
with this opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 6:47
I can't believe it's only $149

Unknown Speaker 6:50
to get started.

Unknown Speaker 6:52
How ridiculous is that?

Unknown Speaker 6:56

Unknown Speaker 7:00
You can open up this box. And inside this box or gifts, there's more leads you can handle if you put the time in to generate them through cavey core. This more training support systems, tools that you're going to ever go through. There's amazing leaders, state brokers and marketing folks and trainers and icons, more than we can will ever be able to tap into their knowledge. To give you every single thing you need

Unknown Speaker 7:37
to chase your wildest dreams.

Unknown Speaker 7:40
And then you've got that ownership thing

Unknown Speaker 7:42
and then you've got this revenue share thing,

Unknown Speaker 7:44
man, I don't know how I get picked to come on here. Thank you, Brent. Thank you, James for inviting me. I'm just a regular kid.

Unknown Speaker 7:53
Wanting to help people doing extraordinary things.

Unknown Speaker 7:57
My mom on her

Unknown Speaker 8:00

Unknown Speaker 8:03
said to me, Tom,

Unknown Speaker 8:06
when you pass

Unknown Speaker 8:08
Can you promise me one thing?

Unknown Speaker 8:11
Can you please go out and help 100 other people change their lives to become better and if in on their deathbed

Unknown Speaker 8:22
they say, Tom, that guy helped me get

Unknown Speaker 8:24
better and help my family get better. That's my mission.

Unknown Speaker 8:29
Right? I do, okay. But with this opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 8:36
All of us can go out and change lives. Do you agree?

Unknown Speaker 8:47
At some point,

Unknown Speaker 8:49
it's not going to be about you when you guys figure that out. At some point when you feel like you know what, I am going to Help, Susanna, and I'm going to help build and I'm going to help Larry and we're going to help Susie achieve their wildest dreams. I'm going to help them take those dreams

Unknown Speaker 9:15
that have been swept away under the rug.

Unknown Speaker 9:21
I'm gonna help them brush off the dust and then dream big, massive bodacious dreams.

Unknown Speaker 9:33
And then we're going to get there but it's not easy.

Unknown Speaker 9:37
Is it easy to build this revenue share business? Yes or no?

Unknown Speaker 9:42
No, Yes. No. Yes. That's up to you.

Unknown Speaker 9:46
If it's not easy, you are right.

Unknown Speaker 9:49
If it's easy, you are also right.

Unknown Speaker 9:52
What do you want it to be?

Unknown Speaker 9:55
There is a whole system that Jacob does so eloquently delivered If you just follow that got that system guys, that's part of the box, this gift that you have in that you have is just going to open up and follow the system. For me, it's pretty simple. I don't know if you guys know I lead an organization called the Asian Real Estate Association of America. Okay. I had it's a nonprofit organization to promote sustainable homeownership in the AAPI community and to close that homeownership gap. Okay. I don't get paid a dime for it. Okay, not a dime. Okay. on a weekly basis, I invest about 30 hours a week without travel for this organization.

Unknown Speaker 10:43

Unknown Speaker 10:46
I was elected more than two years ago and you work your way into the presidency. When I ran my wife, Marissa says, Tom, you really want to do this. Are you sure we can Are you sure you cannot sell houses? Are you sure we can do this as honey? I don't. We will figure it out. That was before Scott and Tracy reached out to me.

Unknown Speaker 11:15
At first, I was not interested.

Unknown Speaker 11:19
Right. I said no, I'm not interested. I've seen it all. I built a brokerage. I sold the brokerage. I went back to, you know, selling houses. I did. All right. As a sales guy and I had a good lifestyle. And Scott and Tracy said Tom, before you say no, do you know what you're saying? No to say they knew I was a CFO I had to understand. So I watched that video. And then I stayed up for three days, two nights and three days he XP insomnia. I grilled them on a Saturday morning. It was like 7am 6am in San Antonio, and I'm hitting this phone Column texted him. And Scott picks up the phone. Scott goes Tom, can I just get a cup of coffee first? And I'll answer all your questions.

Unknown Speaker 12:08
Right? So

Unknown Speaker 12:13
then Tracy asked me another question.

Unknown Speaker 12:17
Tracy goes Tom, doing what you're doing now? It seems like you're doing very well just she stopped me on LinkedIn and Facebook and stuff, right? Seems like you're doing well now. But what vehicle Do you have to help 100 other people become successful. So ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you an ordinary guy, but we, with this program can do extra ordinary things and help people

Unknown Speaker 12:48
achieve their dreams wildly. Thank

Unknown Speaker 12:51
you very much. I love you guys. You are my family here. You're my business partners. And let's take this organization from 20 On 1000 to 200,000

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