January 23


Using Third-Party Tools For Agent Attraction

Attracting agents is hard work! Sometimes it takes a village to help agents see all the benefits eXp realty can provide.

In today's post, I share the ways that I use third-party tools, (some created by me, some created by others) to give me credibility and leverage to spread the eXp message to many.

 Below you can either listen to the podcast or watch the full video.

Here is the podcast:

There's a saying that you don't have to be a good presenter to be a good attractor at eXp. You just need to be a good "inviter". This is especially true when you leverage the tools that have already been created rather than trying to sound like the expert yourself.

There is a reason for this! People see what you do and immediately decide if they think they too can do it or not. If they see you struggling to set a meeting and explain every detail of the eXp business model, they will assume they will not be able to or want to do this themselves.

When you leverage the power of a third-party, they begin to believe they too can do this and the task of attracting that agent becomes instantly easier.

I hope today's video explains and shows the various third-party tools we have at our disposal and how to use them!

Here is the full video:


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Good Tuesday morning everybody. hope everybody's doing well. Welcome to the Tuesday

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mastermind. What's going on Tyler? Don. Hey, Bob. How are you?

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Great bag. Morning. Good to see ya Marie. How are you doing this morning? Got your coffee. Love it.

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Right I

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want to make sure Facebook is working right I had a little issue I had to run it to my my main page and make it private but then share it to a couple different groups so I just don't like to put this stuff you know public to everybody because you know of course don't want the wrong impression or anything like that people think that's all we talk about is recruiting because obviously we do a lot of stuff here we do a lot of sales training and all that kind of stuff but somebody will get this video and be like oh, there's those the XP people again so it's like got to put these private so if you're watching this you know on on zoom right now welcome. And like I say, if you're coming in from the team, disrupt your page, or I've got a private group called the agent mastermind private and you got to get invited to that it's it's not even just I think it's a secret group where you can even search it. So if you want access to that, feel free to you know, put your right in the chat right here, you know, your email address, or actually just just say

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Want it because I think that'll be the easiest way that I can make it part of that group as well. But anyways, guys, you know, what we're going to do is, let me get started, let me get my notes open here. Perfect. So today is, I think, probably the fourth or fifth day and as you guys know, what we've been creating for the last month or so now is I'm coming up with a course that we're going to be able to give to new agents, whether you know, they're in your line or anybody else's line. And it's going to be a course though. So it's going to be set up to where they can take, you know, 20 different small little courses 510 15 minutes each, and be able to get all of the best practices for growing their agent attraction business. So we all know you know, XP does a great job of plugging everybody into the world. A lot of trainings for cavey core and stuff involved with sales. You know, now whether or not the agent goes to it is a whole nother thing.

Unknown Speaker 6:00
But it exists, right. But the one thing that I've noticed as far as for agent attraction is that there's not a real good course or you know, any kind of structured training for somebody to take, you know, that's new with the company that goes over all the basics that they know need to know about agent attraction. And so what we've been doing over the last four weeks is just you know, each of these videos, there's a topic that is really kind of geared towards newer agents looking at, you know, attract agents, or even if you know, you've been with the company a while, but maybe hadn't been using some of these best practices. That's what we've been talking about. And so what I'm going to do today is, you know, even though the training will probably be 30 4050 minutes, I'm taking each one of these chunks, I'm kind of breaking them up into smaller bite size pieces. And so that way, you know, they're not having to sit down and watch a 40 minute training. They can watch you know, something for five or 10 minutes, and then come back and finish up the course. And so, today we're going to be talking about utilizing

Unknown Speaker 7:00
third party tools and resources. And in that I've broken that down a little bit further. And so the different segments that I've broken that down into that we're going to talk about today are one, sharing other people's stories, you know, stories is truly what, you know, gets people to make the move. We all think, you know, I got to tell them, all the features and the benefits. And, you know, of course, that stuff's important, you got to answer questions regarding that stuff. But to really, you know, progress the dialogue further with somebody, I think the stories is really what's powerful. You know, I'll share kind of, you know, early on when I first started attracting agents, you know, I didn't have a whole lot of story myself to tell other than, you know, what I saw, and why I joined which is definitely powerful, and I definitely share that, but then for more of like, you know, showing what could be possible, I would share a lot of other people's stories, you know, this was two years ago, and so I got really comfortable, you know, I will

Unknown Speaker 8:00
watched probably the ROB flick video 100 times, I watched the Jean Frederick video 100 times, I had been in multiple lunch and learns and webinars from Pat Hayes. So I got real comfortable with their story, Scott Lewis was another story that I had. And I put all these stories in my back pocket. So that way, whenever I did speak to somebody that, you know, maybe my story wouldn't resonate with them, but somebody else's would, I could actually, you know, use that story to help attract that agent. And so, so having the knowledge first off of all of the other people's stories at E XP, I think is super valuable. And then having a way that not only can you access them, but you can remember them and you know, use that in your story, and then eventually maybe even use that for like a three way phone call, or something along those lines. That's super powerful. And so

Unknown Speaker 8:50
what I've done actually is I've compiled all of the stories that I think are pretty powerful, and they're presented well and I put them in a huge

Unknown Speaker 9:00
YouTube playlist that I'm going to make available to everybody on this call and everybody watching this training. And basically, you know, it starts with a Glenn Sanford story. It was something he did recently. It's about 30 minutes long, he did it the Las Vegas event. And it's really interesting. I think that's almost one of the most powerful stories, at least for me, you know, you're just kind of hearing it, it may not speak to everybody, but it goes into like why XP was even started, you know, 10 years ago, like what Glenn saw, he even, you know, talks about the challenges he had going into debt and you know, just being like, you know, it's really cool. It's really intimate and to know really where the company was started with and so, if you don't know that story yourself, you need to learn it. And then you need to be able to share it with the person that you think you know, would benefit from hearing it. And so, so I've got Glenn Sanford story in there. I even got Jean Frederick story in there, which again that this was the video I probably watched 100 times when I first joined. I even listened back to it, you know, audio in my car as I was driving.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Just because I wanted to hear how he explained it, how he saw the XP and this was, I mean, this video is probably created to two and a half years ago.

Unknown Speaker 10:08
And it's maybe not super relevant. As far as like all of the numbers and figures, I'm sure there's things in there that aren't even accurate today. But I think it's more important to find out like the story behind it, which is in the video, I think it's like 40 minutes long, but you need to listen to it and hear what gene story was, you know, I mean, he was a kW, you know, region owner, he had multiple market centers, I think, get sick, he sold all of them to basically come and, you know, join XP. And so I mean, again, that story is super powerful in the right, you know, for the right person that might make a big impact. If they're a brand new agent in the business. They don't, you know, that's probably not the most beneficial story for them. That's why we've got others. I've got Rob flick story in here and it's like 26 minutes long. He talks, you know, some of the stuff they have their story, but then they also talk about some agents

Unknown Speaker 11:00
attraction best practices. So both of them are super powerful, but Rob flick story, you know, talking about, you know, when he had cancer and basically afraid that he's going to leave his family, you know, with nothing if he was to pass and so that he wanted to build a business that could sustain, you know, any kind of illnesses, all that kind of stuff and that's why he went down the path of, you know, residual income. He talks about, you know, being at Keller Williams and growing profit share, and then what he saw Eddie XP, so I've got that in there. I've got patent Angel Hayes's story in there from recently when they were just at

Unknown Speaker 11:32
the XP event in Las Vegas. I've got all of these different stories. I think that's like 20 minutes long, Jay and Ashley Nelson. I've got my story in there about having my brokerage and why I rolled that into the XP. I've got Tom strong story Brent Gove story, Elizabeth Riley story, guys. I mean, you know, there's some super, super powerful stories that are out there. And all I did is I just kind of compiled them all. I put them on my YouTube channel and

Unknown Speaker 12:00
And then now they are a playlist and so I'm going to put that link here, just in a second. AJ mighta, I think is another powerful story from being a Keller Williams, Team Leader. And you know, joining XP Sheila Fisher on is an awesome story she gave her testimonial at Las Vegas here recently. And, you know, and so again, I encourage all you to watch these videos yourself. That way you know what to pull from if you're talking to the right person. And so, let me type in the chat for all you guys here. The playlist. So that's that's the playlist here.

Unknown Speaker 12:38
Okay, and, and then in there is all of the different videos that you'll find. And so I think here actually and then if you need the individual ones, because they are unlisted right now, I still need to go in and kind of put some

Unknown Speaker 12:53
featured images and I need to put the descriptions in there and all that stuff. So right now, they're just unlisted. They're not actually public on my YouTube channel.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
But I'm pretty sure that if you have the playlist, you'll be able to watch all of those videos. But if not, you can definitely get to them by clicking the individual links right there that I typed in. So those are all of the stories and I'm sure there's plenty more stories, guys that, you know, are important for you to know. You know, I mean, I even think, you know, like Jay kyndra story is super powerful to know, I just couldn't find a good one that he's done. And he's got all sorts of zoom videos, where he's interviewing other agents and stuff, but I've never found like 20 minute video of you know why I joined the XP except for like a little Facebook video he did, but it wasn't high quality. So I just put in there the ones that I thought were the highest quality that you know, I think will resonate with different people. And so that is what you'll find there. And, and we're going to have this as part of the training so if you're watching this as a training, obviously, I'll put in links to where you can get that as well. So, so yeah, so stories, guys. I mean, that's truly what it is. We've always said facts tell stories sell. It's so true. So you need to know that

Unknown Speaker 14:00
The stories yourself and you need to be able to share those stories. And you need to network with these people, right? Like everybody that I just put in here, you know, reach out to them reach out to them on workplace, find them at the next event that you go to try and you know, associate yourself with them, I'll tell you I mean that's so powerful because even if they're not in your sponsorship line or anything like that, a lot of these people they're willing to give back and to help you and so you know, if you have a relationship with them, and if you stay in contact if you do need to make that one off phone call to them, it's gonna be a lot easier if you've talked to them or seen them before, in some way so So anyways, there's a good stuff there. Now the next thing too as far as stories go, is you need to first you need to first off find out who all is in your sponsorship line, right? Like most everybody, of course knows who their sponsor is, but do you know the six people above them? You know, and if you don't, you need to find that out. You know, start with Who is your sponsor, right? Go to that person say, well, who is your sponsor?

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Alright, and find out because the thing is, is, you know, everybody that's in your sponsorship line, they're going to benefit from your success. And so you want to make sure that you know, you go high enough up that you know, maybe you can't reach your sponsor, because they're busy sometime Well, now you got another contact, you got another contact, if you go high enough up, you're going to have, you know, six or seven different people that you can rely on, or that can maybe plug you into something else. So it's important that you have their phone numbers, their names, their email address, friend them on workplace friend, one regular Facebook, you know, get to be associated with them. Because I tell you, if you go high enough up, there's going to be people that are probably doing pretty well in this revenue, share business, and will be an asset to your business when you need it. So just make sure that you've done that you can use workplace to do that. So like, you know, if you know who your sponsor is, which I'm sure you do, you start there and say, well, who's your sponsor? And you know, can you put me in touch with them if they can't or whatever, then go and just

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Going workplace and shoot that person a message going regular Facebook, see if you can find them, shoot them a message, right start that way. And then if you want you to get in contact with them say like who's your sponsor, you know and go higher and higher and higher. So you find out who your seven levels are above you. I think that's super, super important. And who knows, you might just ask your sponsor and your sponsorship, you know, maybe they'll know all the people above them. And so they're in one fell swoop, you can get everybody that you've got in your line. So cool. All right. So that's important to know. So you got the stories you've got finding out who your upline is. Now, the other third party tool that I want to talk about today is three way phone calls. Guys. These are so important, you know, and again, now at this point, you know, I still use three way phone calls as a major part of my business when I'm attracting agents. And it's so funny because the times that I don't use them you know, I can all I can tell I look back at it. I'm like, man, I Why didn't I do that?

Unknown Speaker 17:00
You know I can usually tell myself like the times that I that I use a three way phone call you know those people join and then the times that don't is when I'm in my own head I'm just like I can do this myself and and then it doesn't work out and so so yeah anyways every you know big agent that I've ever brought on has an association with one of my sponsors because of a three way phone call because of a meeting that I said because of a zoom call a private zoom call that I said that they always have some relationship you know to somebody in my upline and so, you know, make sure you're using three way phone calls. I got a couple best practices on what a three way phone call is how to do it all and so we're going to get into that right now. So here's first off what a three way phone call is a three way phone call, just to be super clear, is not is not you calling your sponsor or somebody in your sponsorship line to have them explain what he XP is a three way phone call is not an exposure to the model. All right.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
So that's first and foremost an exposure to the models you get somebody to the webinar you get somebody to a local event a lunch and learn you get somebody at you know worst case scenario to watch the video and make sure that they watched it so they need to be exposed to the XP realty business model before you start to get them on a three way phone call with the sponsor the three way phone call with the sponsor or you know with somebody that's in your upline is to one answer any questions and overcome any maybe objections that they still have some areas of concern that they still have. And it's also to just share their story. That's basically it right? It should last no more than five to 10 maybe 15 minutes if they got a lot of questions. This isn't like I'm going to call my three way sponsor and have them be on an hour phone call to explain all the business model over the telephone. Like that is not what it is.

Unknown Speaker 18:55
So because we already know that you know, this model is very visual. So that alone you

Unknown Speaker 19:00
They're trying to explain all of the features and benefits of the XP is not the right time and place to do it over the telephone so they've got to see it they got to watch the webinar and I'll have you know links and all that kind of stuff for all those webinars and videos here later on, but just know what a three way phone call is. It's just again, you've exposed them. So you know you have to look at it like they need to qualify for a three way phone call the person you are getting on a three way phone call needs to qualify for that three way phone call and the way they qualify is they are exposed to the XP realty business model through a video a lunch and learn a webinar.

Unknown Speaker 19:36
And then you know, and the thing is, most people may not be ready for a three way phone call right away right after they're exposed. We all know that fortune is in the follow up. And so sometimes you know they might be exposed to it and then you use the three way phone call to get them reengaged right like you know, ideally you want to you know get it set up within about 48 hours of them being a

Unknown Speaker 20:00
exposed to the model. But on, you know, other occasions, maybe that's like your way of trying to rebuild that, that that excitement or you know what initially got them to be exposed. And so, so you're going to use that through a phone calls like, Hey, you know, john, you know, I know that you you watch the video a little while back or you know, you watch the video yesterday, tell me you know, on a scale of one to 10 where do you stand from from what you saw, and and use that one to 10 script and say, you know, okay, if you're a seven or eight well what would get you to attend? Like, that's how you find out what people's concerns are, you don't say, you know, like, well, what are your objections? Right? Like, I would never say that. I'd say like, well, what are your areas of concern? You know, what would you what would get you to attend? And pretty quickly you'll find out, like what still hold up and then when they tell you? Well, you know, it's just that you know, I'm, I'm part time You know, I've still got my full time job and I don't know if the XP is right for me. I want to be able to have an office or whatever. Well then at that point

Unknown Speaker 21:00
point, you know, in your mind, you got to be thinking, all right, well, who can I connect this guy with? And a lot of times it's going to be just be whoever you're most comfortable with. Maybe it's your sponsor, or maybe it's, you know, their sponsor or whoever. But then what you do is you start to say, Well, hey, I tell you what, you know, I've already kind of, you know, shared my story with you, and you know, me, but one thing that I'd like to do is I'd like to get, you know, somebody that I really look up to, here at XP, he, you know, he shared with me his story. And you know, he had those same concerns as you. And I think he'd be a great person for you to speak with, because, you know, he can share what has transpired, you know, in the time that he's been with XP, he or she right has been with ESP. And, you know, if I could get that person on the call, would you be willing to take 510 minutes out of your day, to be on that phone call with me and him or me and her or whatever, right? And that's how you set that up. And, and so you want to edify the person, right? Like, edify the person, you're going to get on the phone call, and then use that if I would use script. If I could get the

Unknown Speaker 22:00
person on the phone, would you be willing to take that phone call, right?

Unknown Speaker 22:04
The other thing, the other way that you can do it too, is you can compliment the prospect, right? Like, you want to give a compliment to that prospect to set up the phone call, you might say like, you know, man, john, you know, you're so well qualified, you know, for it for this opportunity. You know, I know that one of my sponsors would be excited to talk to you to hear that everything that you've got going on. And I think that it'd be awesome for us to kind of network all three of us together, just to see where this opportunity goes. And see if you have any more excitement after kind of talking to my team and seeing, you know, if you like, you know, what could be possible. And so at that point, you just basically, you know, compliment them, let them know that hey, you know, they're, they're, you know, well qualified, or that you know, you like something about what they've told you and, and share how you know, maybe this person you're gonna get on the other end is going to be excited to talk with them too. Because that way, it's not like a intimidating thing. It's more of like, Hey, we're just team building. We're just networking and

Unknown Speaker 23:00
You go from there. And then you also want to let them know that the experts not going to sell the prospect. Just say like, you know, hey, you know, Pat, you know, he's not going to sell you on XP, he's well off, you know, he's doing very good. You know, he doesn't have to sell people on how to join all he does at this point is just kind of share his story, you know, he'll answer some questions, he'll take maybe some of your concerns, and maybe try and see if they you know, if they can be overcome, or you know, if they are valid or or whatever you want to say in that, that that instance, but just basically he's going to kind of, you know, talk to you about your concerns, and see if, you know, if there's anything you might not be thinking about, or anything that he's dealt with that is, you know, that speaks to that, right. And, and from that, you just say like, they're not going to sell you like if you don't want to join like, hey, that's still fine. But I just think that it'd be important that you talk to this person, right. So you just are going to, again, those are some tips if they're not initially receptive to the three way phone call, how to get them to do that, right.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
So, now once you get them on a call at once they've agreed to it, here's what you you know, kind of do the process of setting up the three way phone call, you're going to call the prospect First, get them on the line first, right? So I'm going to call whoever the agent is that I'm going to set this three way phone call up with, get them on the line, make sure that they are back. Okay, now I'm going to get our sponsor, you know, the expert on the call, call the expert up with your phone, you can set up a third call, before you merge those calls. Make sure you know, you tell the expert like you know, hey, you know, remind them again of who this person is on the line with them. Right, like what their areas of concern are. That's another big one is don't just tell them who they are, but what their concerns that they've expressed with you are so that way in the experts mind, they kind of know, you know, at least where they're going to go with this conversation. And even if you've told them like a text two days ago to set this thing up, like you know who the person is, remind them when you get them on the phone because a lot of times like I know myself, I know

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Pat, sometimes we're doing 678, you know, three way phone calls a day. And you know, you don't remember everything that you know you talked about two days ago. So again, just get them on there. And then when you merge those calls together, like once you're ready with the expert, you're ready and he says, Okay, cool. Let's merge the calls. Now you merge the calls with your prospect and the expert. And then at that point, you get on the phone call you as the agent, right? Like the agent trying to be the middleman here, and you edify the person, the upline sponsor, you tell them you know what's so great about them, you know, share a little story about them, and again, don't over edify don't like, you know, make this five minutes of just edification. It's literally 15 2030 seconds max, of why this person's an expert. Right? Then you want to explain who your prospect is. Right? And you might talk them up a little bit, but don't over edify the prospect because then you almost think like now that persons in the past

Unknown Speaker 26:00
Right, if you over edify the prospect more than you do the the expert coming on the phone call.

Unknown Speaker 26:07
And then at that point, once you've done that, and you've explained what their areas of concern are, you actually say it again, as now they're all together. Like, you know, this is Joe, you know, and he's really excited. But you know, one of the biggest things he's, he's got a, you know, one of the biggest hurdles he's got, as far as what he's thinking is just not having an office, you know, and then boom, you just say that and say, you know, Kyle, you know, if you can, you know, maybe share your story, and then, you know, talk speak to him about his concern. I love it, right, and then mute your phone, and that's it, and then you're silent. You don't come chime back in, you know, you just let the expert you know, speak to the prospect. And, you know, listen, and that's it. Right. So that's how you kind of do it. And then at the end, if, you know, once the experts done and they want to say all right, you know, john, you know, take it from here, you know, and you

Unknown Speaker 27:00
You can wrap up the phone call with the person and then the expert jumps off the line that's typically how it happens and then it's all follow up from their follow up follow up follow up you know if they didn't join right away Now typically like when I'm on a three way phone call with somebody, I try to close that person for the prospect there I at least I mean not like closing like hey, fill out your application right this minute but I do ask them the question like alright, cool. So now based off of you know, what we talked about? Are there any other you know things that would stop you from from wanting to join the XP today? Right and I just again, you know, it's the same thing that the the prospect or the the agent should have done with the prospect before they get on the three way phone call. But now that we've done the three way phone call, I just still want to uncover is there still anything deeper that we need to work on or figure out? And so that's how I usually do mine after I you know, answer. Talk about my story and who I am. And then that's it right. That's the three way phone call. Now, worst case scenario if you can't get them on a three way phone call. The other thing that I've done and I've had good success

Unknown Speaker 28:00
With his I get on Facebook and his fun friends with my person, right the person I'm trying to sponsor and then I'm friends with my upline sponsor or, or whoever it is that I think is a good fit for that person. Also, okay, fine, you know, you don't want to do a phone call. But let me start a group Facebook message with the three of us, right and I'll get them into Facebook Messenger first. And I'll set up a little group chat between the three of us and I'll just, you know, do the same thing that I would have done on the phone, but I'll do it on Facebook like hey, you know, Pat, this is you know, this is john smith. You know, we just had a great you know, meeting he watched you know, the video for ESP, you know, his major concern was not having an office, but I wanted to connect them with you because I know you kind of had that same concern early on, but I'd love for you to kind of share your story about you know, what you thought about that now being two years into the XP right and you do the same thing but just do message that's kind of like the soft way of doing it if you cannot absolutely cannot get them on that three way phone call. So cool. Alright, so that's three o'clock.

Unknown Speaker 29:00
Calls guys. The next one we're going to talk about is local XP events. And just so you guys, you know, watching it on this, we are going to open up the call here, right at about probably 935 or so. And we'll do you know, kind of some QA or you know, talk about other things that I missed. But the reason why I want to keep these lines muted for now is just because again, I'm using this video to be the be the training. So I'm going to chop these up, I'm going to separate three way phone calls into its own section, I'm going to separate you know, ESP events into its own section, going to separate the stories into its own section. So that's why we're kind of doing this format a little bit differently these last few calls. But at this point, now we're going to be talking about our local XP events. And so a lot of times this might be a lunch and learn. Other times it might be trainings that agents are hosting in the area, XP agents and so you want to attend as many

Unknown Speaker 30:00
local events as you possibly can, and and if you're, you know somewhere that the XP events aren't taking place all the time, then you might want to consider trying to set up some yourself and and let me just share with you first on how do you even find you know if these events take place in your area is if you go into workplace and you know, Facebook workplace for the XP search for a group called agent attraction lunch and learns, there's over 2500 members in that group. And even if you're in small areas, you can find out what events are taking place a lot of times their lunch and learns sometimes their trainings doesn't matter, but you know, get plugged into that group. And then if you you know, don't see anything posted just ask right like say, Hey, you know, I'm in Wichita, Kansas area, you know, what events do we have in this area, or maybe it's 50 miles away or hundred miles away, but just find what events that you have that take place regularly, maybe their weekly, maybe their monthly, maybe there's

Unknown Speaker 31:00
sporadically but even if they're sporadically find out who hosts these right and see like you know, maybe I can network with this person or or get in touch with this person we can kind of start you know making some events together you know midway maybe we'll do an event here in my area than an event in their area but get plugged in for events you know, local events it's so so important and if there's already like a consistent event taking place in your area, plug into it be there as much as you can whether you have guests or don't have guests it's so so important that you're there and because the thing is is you know, I always say this like I go to every single one of my lunch and learns whether I have guests or not, it doesn't matter to me it's more about just one getting that belief built up every single week right like you know, that's the one time that I can go to something physically and see other ESP agents talk to people about their success stories, network with people hear other stories from people that I don't even know yet. Because that's the thing is all of us. You know, we know a lot of

Unknown Speaker 32:00
People that have, you know, huge success stories, people that have done like, you know, five, they've got 5000 agents at XP or they've got 500 agents at XP. But sometimes those stories aren't even the most important ones, right? Like if you're trying to attract a prospect, you might just want to talk to the person that's been in the XP for two or three months. And you know, they've closed their first two homes, they attracted their first agent, right and they just love the company right? They plugged into cavey core like that person may be your testimonial that might be your three way phone call doesn't always have to be somebody in your upline doesn't always have to be somebody that has huge success at E XP because sometimes their successes and even believable, right you just want to find people that you can network with. And if you get a good you know, relationship, just ask them like, hey, would it be okay if you know from time to time I needed, you know you to talk to a prospect of mine for five minutes about your story. That's all I'm going to ask just you know, share your story. You don't have to sell them on anything, but just tell them

Unknown Speaker 33:00
what your experience has been thus far the XP, that's all it is. That's all three way phone call is. That's why you go to these events. So you can meet people like that. And these are your local events, right? So find out training events, find out all of the lunch and learn events that you can do. And then again, if you don't already have those events in your area, find people through workplace through going to the big, you know, big events, the corporate events, find people that are in your area that you can team up with and start creating these events. And if you need help creating these events, like if you're just not even sure where to start, start with your sponsorship line, right? Like maybe the sponsor in your area, like who sponsored you. Maybe they'd like to do it with you. If your sponsors not in your area locally, find out maybe they can plug you just into, you know people that will tell you what they did to get their events started. Pat Hayes is a great example of somebody who explains how to get events started. He's run a very successful lunch and learn here in San Antonio for the last four years.

Unknown Speaker 34:00
Now, you know, Scott Lewis started it and and pat Hayes is kind of taken over it. And, and now at this point, you know, he helps other people do events in their areas, I think he actually just flew out to Florida and he's there today to do an event out there with them. And so anyways, you know, that's the thing is just, you know, really you have to start with realizing how powerful events are. Even if it's, you know, a local event, they're super powerful. Once you believe that you will get plugged into the people that will help you start those events up, you know, reach out to me right, reach out to pat reach out to Scott Lewis, all these people can share with you, you know, what you need to do to have a successful event, and it's not something that you're going to, you know, go out and do right away necessarily. You might take some it might take some planning, it might take some, you know, getting with the right people. I'll just tell you guys that, you know, like in San Antonio, our events are 50 to 60 people now at stone works and so something that Curtis Dixon myself, another

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Agent Mark lemons and a couple others we've talked about setting up a another event, a second event that's going to be on a different day on Thursdays, in a different area of town, it's about 30 minutes from where we do our current ones. And this isn't an idea that's been taking place for probably two or three months now. But just last week, we kind of finalized the major details. And once we finalize those details, it was super simple, right? Like we had to find a place, we had to pick a day that we were going to do it, we came up with about four speakers that we're going to be able to present twice per month, right? So that way, we're not having to be there every single week. We can be there every other week, because we're still going to be probably going to the Friday one pretty frequently as well. And so we just wanted to make sure that it wasn't just like myself, you know, because then if I'm going to be gone, you know, what do we do for that week or something that I'm not going to be there so you need to make sure your backups something you know as far as to backup your

Unknown Speaker 35:55
you know, in your absence and so and then you got to figure out what your your schedule is right are you doing every week

Unknown Speaker 36:00
Doing every other week, you doing every month, I would say try and get it as frequently as possible, you know, a weekly thing or bi weekly thing, once a month, it's hard to build traction around that. And don't be worried if you start something and you only have you know, if you have zero people show up, one person show up, two people show up. Don't worry about that. It's okay. It will grow. The ones in San Antonio that are 5060 people, there used to be times where there was nobody. When I joined two years ago, there's probably 10 to 15 people, we had a very small room. And we could fit everybody in at that time. Now we got a big room, right? So it just grows. As you know, as you start to get the word out there as more agents grow in your area. That's how it grows, right? Like we've got about 600 agents in San Antonio XP agents, and we get 50 to 60 to show up. So if you've only got 30 agents in your area, right, don't expect for a ton of agents to come right away. It took a long time to build that but you got to get consistent doing it and it also gives you an outlet.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
Once you start to grow your organization, it gives them a place to be able to bring prospects to. So just think about events, make sure that you're going to them if you can, even if you don't have a guests, make sure that you're attending them. So there we go. That's enough about local events, webinars. So the next thing I want to talk about is how you can if you you know, you don't have a local event, how you can plug into events that are through the internet, right? Like you can do them wherever you're at. We've got a lot of different webinars that you can attend, and you can invite guests to. And the same thing that I say about local events. I say this about webinars, even if you don't have a guest, go to the webinars, right, you need to plug in, in some form or fashion weekly, right? Like you got to get that dose of ESP agent attraction in your life, right, like you just have to do it some way. And so if you can't do it at a look, local event, go to the webinar every single week, right, we've got a Tuesday executive overview that you can attend myself and Curtis Dixon.

Unknown Speaker 38:00
Do the webinar, you just got to go to Tuesday, executive overview.com and you can sign up, right? It's every Tuesday at five o'clock Central Standard Time. That's the easiest way to get on there. And again, if you have a guest that you want to bring some of my best practices that I that I talked about is don't send the link to your guests right like don't say, okay, hey, you know, here's here's how you sign up at the Tuesday executive overview go to this you know, link and sign up here. If you know that you have a guest that's not with the XP that wants to attend or that may be interested you say look, you want to make them feel like it's exclusive right? Say Hey, I just want you to know we are doing a webinar that explains all of the benefits of the XP realty this Tuesday at five o'clock it's gonna be a real special event. We're going to have you know, probably agents tuning in from all over the country to this event. I'd love for you to be able to join me on it right that's the other thing is like don't just say like, Hey, you need to go to it. Tell them to join you on it, right? Like you're going to be there. They want to join you

Unknown Speaker 39:00
Is it okay, can I register you for this event? It's very, you know, make them feel exclusive. Like it's important, right? You just send the link to Tuesday executive overview calm, they're gonna see all this thing happens every Tuesday. Right? And they may sign up they may not. But if you say, Alright, well hey, what's your email address you want me to sign you up for, and then you put their email address, just sign them up for them, right? Like you go to the Tuesday executive overview, sign yourself up, sign them up, they're going to get an email with instructions on how to join at that time. So you've now signed them up, right? And then you want to make sure you follow up because if you sign them up on a Friday, and the next one that they agreed to go to is Tuesday, they might forget between now and then right. So make sure you're texting them the next few days. Make sure you call them Tuesday morning, and you just say hey, just want to remind you Hey, tonight's you know the deal at five o'clock, I just really want to make sure that you're going to be there. I think it's so important to be a great, great event and just really talk up the webinar. Alright, so we've got that. Make sure again, that you send them a calendar invite. I found that that's pretty helpful.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Even though zoom will send them an email, and it has a calendar, invite in the email most of them, don't click on it. So it doesn't add it to their calendar, make sure you create a calendar invite in yours and send it to their email address. So that way they can then accept that calendar invite and it shows up on their calendar. They should have no reason why, you know, that doesn't come out and make sure you're just double checking, triple checking that they you know that they understand that this is the time they put in their calendar, you get, you know, that extra confirmation that they're going to show up, right? That's so important. Don't just assume that they say yeah, I'll be there. One time that that means they're going to be there. double triple check with them. Alright, so that's kind of how that works. And then yeah, so we got the Tuesday executive overview. We've got the Sunday executive overview. Right and that's Sunday executive overview. Calm, Tom Truong and pat Hayes. Host that one. And that is every Sunday night at 7pm. Central Standard Time. Same thing. Very good.

Unknown Speaker 41:00
good presentation guys. I would encourage all of you to go to both right Tuesdays go to Sundays, at least once yourself. So you know, like, what the format is what the kind of style is, and then you can promote it better. Rich Thomas seanie. He does a webinars Well, it's not like a branded one. He doesn't have like a very easy to remember URL. So I'll just type that into the chat here. It's a zoom link. But he does his every Tuesday night at six o'clock Central Standard Time. And rich Thomas. He's a great presenter. If you've never watched one of his I highly encourage you to go on his I'm going to copy this. Put this in here.

Unknown Speaker 41:39
You're all the links, guys. So you got Tuesday, executive overview. You got the Sunday executive overview. And you've got rich Thomas Sienese and then worst case scenario, guys, if you can't get them on a live one because the time just doesn't work out or whatever. You've got this

Unknown Speaker 41:56
link that you can send them this is my webinar link that I've given them. It's basically

Unknown Speaker 42:00
A recording of the Tuesday executive overview that Curtis and I did, I think two three weeks ago, and I usually updated about every month, you know, if there's something new that comes out, I'll update it. And I'll change out which video it's using. But if you go to Kyle Handy com forward slash XP, dash realty dash webinar, forward slash, it's going to send you to a sign up where you can go and it looks like it's almost like a live webinar, but it's taking place 24 seven, like if they go there, it shows that it's like, the next one is going to be an hour from now. Right? So it gets that, that excitement, they'll be able to go into the room, it looks just like a webinar. And because it's a recording of our webinar, it sounds like a webinar. And if they've got questions, they can type them into the chat. If they type them into the chat, then basically that goes as an email to myself, and I can help email them or I can help answer their questions. Just again, if that's something that you do, you know, trying to link everybody up, right, like send a message out to me, send a message out to them and let them know like

Unknown Speaker 43:00
After they've watched it like, Hey, you know, here's the people that did that webinar, we can all connect one another. So that is my webinar that you're welcome to do if you want to, if you're really wanting them to go to the live one, which is what I recommend, make sure they get on Tuesday executive overview. Alright, cool. So that is webinars.

Unknown Speaker 43:18
The next one we've got are the big XP events, right. So this is, again, one of the most powerful third party resources and tools that we have, when we talked about this in setting up your business plan. But you need to budget for these events, you need to make sure that you were there. If you wait until two weeks before they're taking place or a month before they take place. You won't go. It's just not going to happen. But if you plan to go when you first joined the company, and you set it up in your business plan that you've allocated funds, to be able to go to these events, you'll go like I sign up, I booked my tickets as soon as that they announced them, right because I know without a doubt in my mind that I'm gonna be there.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
I heard a story today I was in church on Sunday or Yeah, not ending here today. I heard it on Sunday. And, and basically they were talking about a navy seal. And I didn't know this, but I guess they go to this training called, I think it's called buds. I'm sure a lot of people will be the chime in and if I if I say something incorrect, you can correct me, but it's called buds. And it's like a four week thing. And they have to make it through the whole thing to be able to, you know, get, you know, to be a navy seal. I guess it's Navy. I think it's navy seal. It might be Marines, I don't know, but he was talking about it. And he basically said the first three weeks there, you know, swimming more than you could ever swim tons of miles running, you know, doing the whole nine right, and just like a grueling experience. And then the last week, the fourth week, it's called hell week. And, and that's even worse, right? Like you have to do all the same stuff, if not more, but on like four or five hours of sleep for the whole week. And they've got a bell in the middle of, you know, wherever they're doing all of this and basically if you go and ring the bell

Unknown Speaker 45:00
You know, you can leave, right? Like, you can excuse yourself, you're out of the program, but they'll get you a bus back and whatnot. And they, you know, basically, two thirds of the people that you know, that go through this training through buds, they get out of the program, right? They ring the bell, they're done. And one of the people they were interviewing and they said, you know, he made it all the way through, they said, Well, why, you know, why didn't you ring the bell? That was their question to him. And he basically said, in his mind, the bell didn't even exist, right? Like he that wasn't even an option to ring the bell. Right? And when you think of events, and when you think of just ESP in general, you have to think of giving up as it's not even an option, right? Like so for me, as far as the events goes, not attending the events is not even an option, right? Like I don't even think of that in my mind. It comes before everything else. You know, I get my family involved, if I've got it, you know if I want to bring them with me or whatever, but that is a big part of this company for me, and I made that

Unknown Speaker 46:00
decision after I attended my first event being with the XP You know, my first event was XP con in Florida and and I'll never forget my entire experience at the XP changed after that point. I had been at the XP probably about four or five months already to this point when the XP con to place and I had not attracted a single agent like I wasn't focused on it, I was really just still selling real estate, kind of doing my own thing. And, and I wasn't plugged in at all to anything. And then I went to XP con and just something changed. You know, I just now felt more connected to the company. I met a lot of people. Everything just changed at that point. And then since then I've never missed a single event. I've went to every single thing. And just to give you a heads up about what those things are, you know, we've got I would say about five major events that you need to be aware of every single year. We've got XP con and XP shareholders. Those are the two XP corporate, you know, events that we do each year. One of them usually takes place in April.

Unknown Speaker 47:00
The other one takes place around October. At the time that we're recording this, we actually got in two weeks XP con coming up. And, you know, they're great, great events, they're huge, like they're getting bigger each year, I think we're gonna have about like two to 3000 agents, XP agents at the XP con this year. And they just get bigger and bigger every single year. But you got to plan for of course, those two events like you don't want to miss those two events. So you know, whatever you got to do, like they'll announce basically when shareholders is going to be at the XP con. So like in October, they'll talk about when the April event is, I'm going to go in and October after you speak on I'm going to book all my stuff for shareholders that way, I'm not thinking about it. Typically, you get early bird pricing, so it's cheaper. So you just need to just do it right away. Because if you wait and you like let it drag on, you know, I've seen it too often people just then they make excuses. something comes up, they don't end up going. Worst case scenario. Buy your tickets, right like at least that's like a small commitment. Buy your plane tickets.

Unknown Speaker 48:00
To the event, right? Because then you're like, Okay, I'm kind of committed, it's going to be harder for you to not go, you can still not go if like something, you know, really bad came up and you just couldn't go. But if you at least take that commitment, as soon as you hear that an event has announced you do that, now you're going to, you know, be a little bit more committed than if you haven't done anything. So, that's the, you know, the two major corporate events, but then Brent Gove, you know, he also has been hosting Now recently and I think he plans to do so, two non XP sanctioned events which are turning into being you know, pretty large events themselves. We just got back from one called the Las Vegas leadership event and it was about 1000 agents probably over I think 1300 xp agents at this event expeed in sponsor it or do anything like that. Now we had the XP leadership there, Glenn was there speaking, you know, Stacy Onan and Dave canard were there the presidents of XP and but you know, ESP didn't do it. Brent Gove was the one that organized this whole event. So you need to be plugged

Unknown Speaker 49:00
into those two events that he does. And he's basically doing two events per year is what his plan is. And so those are two amazing events that you need to make sure that you're aware of that you're plugged into, I would highly recommend that you put that as part of your business plan to be at those as well. And then the last one is a Rob flick. He actually has one that he does down in Mexico, usually around the beginning of the year, January, February. This year, it's February 4, I think through the eighth and, and it's in Puerto Vallarta, it's all inclusive resort. But then we also have training that takes place there, you know, it's work and play, right. But it's a lot of networking. It's meeting people and and so those are the five events that I definitely will not miss. You know, I don't know if they start coming out with more events, 678 events, I might have to start missing some because travel is kind of crazy. But But I mean, I put those events above pretty much any other travel in my life. And so at least you know in the beginning especially, I mean while you're less than 234 or 500 agents, you need to

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Be there, like, it's so powerful for you to go to the events. So that is kind of my my deal. And then also, you know, not only is important that you go to the events, but then once you've made the commitment that you're going to make sure that you're trying to reach out to agents that you think would go with you, whether they're with the XP or not yet, maybe there you already got agents in your downline, make it a priority that they that you bring somebody that you get them to join with you. If it's an agent now with the XP, you know, see if you can get them to come right. Like if it's a XP con, maybe you know, it's taking place and it's only a state over from you or a couple states away, like figure out a way that you can get both of y'all there. Alright, like Dr. Together, offer to you know, get their plane ticket if you're, you know, able to write if you're not no big deal. You're not you're not that you have to, but just you know, find a way that you can try and bring somebody with you. Every time I go to an event. I always think the same thing. I wish I had more people here, whether there are people in my organization or people outside of the XP, I always have that say I'm like man if he was here, right

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Now, he'll be joining the company, I guarantee it, right. That's how I always feel at every single event that I go to. So, again, that's so important as well. So anyways, guys, I'm not going to go any further. We're going to call it right now, we've got a lot for today, we're almost done guys with the entire lesson that that we're creating for our agents. And so I think we've got maybe about two more calls. And then I should be able to put all this together and have something that we can all give out. So I'm excited about that. At this point, I'm going to open up the lines, and we've got a lot of stuff in the chat here. So if there's anything that I missed, feel free to to chime in guys unmute yourselves and make sure here I got the unmute button. Possible. Let's see.

Unknown Speaker 51:43
Allow participants Yep. So everybody can unmute themselves. Or if you want feel free to type in the chat anything that I missed so we've got you XP con so here's a recap of the events from Dr. One, nine. Thank you shareholders. brink of events, Rob flick, there you go. Yep, you got it all.

Unknown Speaker 52:02
Call I have a question. Hey, Elizabeth. Yeah. Hey. So all these videos are of yfc agents who've done well in recruiting? Are there any videos for the you know, the new agents or the agents who are just trying to build their business and how EFC helps them just increase their sales volume? So yeah, the great question is, but there are, I didn't have a chance to like go through all of them. I do plan to add, that's why I made that playlist because I can add videos to it as I go. A lot of these ones that I did, I was just trying to compile the ones that I knew of that I've used myself personally. But what I did come across as I was doing this research, is if you just go to YouTube right now, and you just, I think when we here go back here so I can search it myself. I put why I if you just search why I joined XP Realty. Now it's going to take a little bit of legwork for you because you're going to go and watch some of these videos. But there's def I mean, there's a

Unknown Speaker 53:00
Let's see how many videos there are probably hundreds of videos here and some of these agents I don't know of who they are right like they're not anybody that I could say is you know probably crushed it with recruiting right away but it's their story right like that you know why they joined the company you can definitely go through some of these I would definitely take some help if you come across one that you think is you know that they convey the message properly and you know the audio and the video is crisp and clean and it's not you know, crazy looking you know, share those with us so we can add them to the library but there's a lot of them you know, I got some here this guy I'm just I mean again I don't know no these people not saying anything because this video might be terrible but I'm just when I did that quick search I've got you know like Alex real I don't know who this is my first week at XP realty pros vs cons right like I mean there's why I left Keller Williams for XP realty Kayla Lindsay never heard of her but I mean, you can definitely come across stuff and then

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Try and you know, add that to your arsenal, just like what I've done, I just came across the people that I know. But I totally agree with you that having stories from the newer agents is super powerful. I just don't, you know, some of the times those newer agents, they're maybe not as comfortable sharing their stories, you have to kind of either, you know, create that that video yourself, like, you know, try and talk to them about doing it and make them kind of do that for you or for them. And or you got to go find something that exists. So yeah, great suggestion. And yeah, please, if you have videos that you come across a new agent, super, super powerful, if not more powerful than some of the ones that we talked about today. The second question is for lunch, lunch, there are none in my area. So to start a lunch and learn what other like best places to have, if you haven't had a restaurant, always reserve a room and a screen and a PowerPoint presentation. Or because those obviously are expensive when you set it aside. So if you're jumping, what do you recommend? I would recommend, so

Unknown Speaker 55:00
When you're getting started, I mean definitely want to be budget, you know, conscious, right? And kind of think about, like, how can I do something for the best bang for my buck? And so sometimes that might be doing it at like your, you know lender's office or title company, something like that, where, you know, you can have people come you can get, you know, sandwiches or whatever, and, you know, keep it kind of inexpensive. Now, you know, so that works, for sure. I know, still, you know, there's agents that do it and, you know, can invite to it. Now for the atmosphere. Sometimes that feels a little stuffier, right, like somebody might not want to come to that might feel like not as fun or whatever that would be as if you were having it at a restaurant. The one thing that I'll say so that way budget kind of isn't as much of a concern is try and find sponsors. We've had sponsors at ours. At the ESP ones that we do here in San Antonio, for the entire time, we've done it we've get we get a mortgage sponsor, and he sponsors the lunches, so basically pays for all of the lunch for guests that are not only

Unknown Speaker 56:00
With the XP yet, so like if you, you know, like, if you're an XP agent, you're gonna pay for your own lunch. But if you're a guest, like if you know, you or I brought somebody, and they're an agent, but they're just not with XP, our mortgage sponsor picks up their lunch. So now you can tell people like invite and say, Hey, your lunch is covered, you know, you know, you don't have to pay for their lunch, but then basically all of the food that is covered, so you, as the host of the event don't need to worry about, you know, paying for the food, you know, but I would definitely, you know, get a private room at that restaurant, you don't want to just be sitting at a random table. So you want to get a room. So just look for a room that offers their room with like, you don't have to pay for it. You know, they sometimes will require a minimum food purchase or something like that. But if that's the case, you just need to find somewhere maybe a little bit smaller. That doesn't, right, like if you can just find, hey, Thursdays at lunch, you know, they don't have any use of their room anyways. So they're places that you know, if you think you can get a few

Unknown Speaker 57:00
They're, they're willing to do that for you. And even if people don't show up, you just, you know, kind of, just keep it going, right like, and you got to build it up to when they do. And even with your your sponsors, like, you know, you, they might come and be willing to sponsor lunch and you'll get still nobody that shows up. That's okay. Like, you have to just set this stuff up early, and try and you know, get it coordinated. And then if you know, it doesn't pan out the first week you do it, or the second week you do it, just keep it going. It's that consistency that will do it. And if you're not on the hook for anything financially, you know, you don't have to go to the most expensive steakhouse, you know, just pick somewhere, like where we go, it's like a bar and grill kind of place. You know, the average meal is probably 10 to $15. And, and so you know, it's it's not too expensive. And then what we also do is so you don't have to start by doing this. You know, I would say the most important one is having the food sponsor, but then afterwards we have a drink sponsor, because we do have like at the back of the room, there's a bar. And so since now we have so many people coming up

Unknown Speaker 58:00
Usually open the bar at the end. And we just network, right like we, you know, network as amongst the XP agents, we also stay there afterwards. And for the guests, you know, a lot of times they're getting to, you know, get questions answered that they might have had that come up during the presentation. And so we just stick around for another hour, two hours, and we have a drink sponsor, but in the beginning, you know, just you know, I would mainly focus on getting a food sponsor. And that's it and then get somebody that can do the presentation. You know, if you can do the presentation, great. If you can't, then you know, there's always a way that you can just do the press play presentation, where you get like the Brent go video where he's explaining the model. And you can just go to the model, explain calm for that video. And you can just, you know, have people there, sit him down, press play on the video, right, put it on a projector or TV or whatever is in that room. And then at the end is when you would get up and just answer questions at that point. There's always that way if you don't have somebody that's comfortable doing the presentation. So does that answer most of your questions? You

Unknown Speaker 59:00
You still have other questions I didn't cover. Thank you. Perfect. Yep. Cool. What else guys? Let's see we got would you just an HP explained at every event workshop or make the XP explain separate events?

Unknown Speaker 59:13
So yeah, that's a good question for now we've always had our XP explained be a separate event. I know people that do like the, I don't even call it like bait and switch where it's almost like they invite them to a training and then they throw in like an XP explain when people really aren't expecting it. I definitely don't advise that like you know, I want people to come because they want to know information about XP. Now if you want to throw in there like an invite to that separate you XP explained, I definitely would encourage you to do that. You know, make it a separate event, maybe put five to 10 minutes where you're just promoting it during that event, but don't make any XP explain event and the training all at the same time. For one I just think that's too much. You know, usually if you're giving them a good training, it's going to last an hour or more. And then if you really want to do the XP explain

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Justice, that's going to be an hour as well. So I mean, having somebody sit down for two, three hours, you know, is a big commitment. So I don't know, I've never had success doing that, I always then just, you know, use, you know, still do other events, like if you want to provide value back to the real estate community and do like, you know, training on, you know, lead generation or whatever, do that. And then because now you've provided value, you have the opportunity, with that goodwill that you've created to invite somebody to another event, especially if you have a sponsor, you're like, Hey, you know, if you like this event, you know, the one thing that I'll ask guys is, is we're, you know, hosting a great XP explained event, you know, that's going to explain to you why, you know, so many agents are moving over to this model, I would encourage you guys to come check it out. Even if you're not going to join, there's no pressure, we're not going to hard sell you. We're just gonna explain to you how the model works. That way. You can know if maybe it's the right fit or not for you. And lunches covered. You know, one of our amazing partners is covering all the lunches. So come out, grab a free lunch, you know, bring a friend with you. It's going to be a fun

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Time, you know, always you want to promote that it's going to be fun. You know, people don't want to come if, if there's no value there and a lot of times you know if the value is an XP right away because most people don't necessarily see the value in the XP right away. The value can be the fun, right? The networking, learning a little bit more, that kind of thing. So hopefully that works there. Let's see, how do we get how do we get to copy the information in this chat? Yes, there you go. Yep, the three dots to the right where you enter the message, save chat, perfect. Don Miller Patreon for replays or YouTube YouTube now. So I made announced probably two weeks ago that at this point, I've what I did, instead of having Patreon is I just created a separate YouTube channel. And so if you guys are already subscribed to my agent, attractors YouTube channel, that is where you can go for all of the past recordings of the Tuesday mastermind, these calls that we're on right now. And they're all free. You don't have to subscribe or anything like that they're publicly facing so you can get in them. You can watch them, you can share them with your team.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
And so I just needed to separate them from my Kyle Handy brand just because you know, I do a lot of real estate agent trainings, we do the Monday mastermind and I put them on there on my Kyle Handy page and I just didn't want you know, they're being kind of that mixed thing you know, people that come there for real estate training and then all of a sudden they keep you know, getting stuff about the XP. So I created a separate channel. I also you know, the Patreon thing I just didn't like that it was it was paid right I didn't like that people had to pay for it. You know, people in my own downline, you know, people in you know, that I've personally sponsored, I'm like, I felt terrible that like in order to give them access to this, they had have to pay for it. So now it's absolutely free. Don, just go subscribe to my YouTube channel agent attractors and hit the bell notification. So that way you get a notification whenever we post new trainings. And so I put up obviously, one at least one every single week. You know, I put the recording of this up there every week, but then usually I'm putting about two videos a week. I also create separate videos, you know, kind of off the cuff that I put up there as well or at

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
Like event videos, you know, recordings from people that you know, spoken in an event that I thought was powerful that you should know about. So those are up there as well. I love it. infilling again, burn the boats. I love that the bell doesn't even exist. Yep, no option. That's right, guys. Cool. Let's see. Let's see, Did I miss anything here? We're good. What's up? Amen. So when you've got someone that's kind of already seen the live been to an event, or maybe they've had a three way,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:31
they didn't work closed, but they're looking pretty positive about it. What do you suggest is the best way to follow up with that person if they just need time, maybe for closings or just the timing isn't right. Maybe a month or two or whatever. How would you How would you follow up with that person? So the lead doesn't get cold? Yeah. So I mean, yeah, first off, get very clear on like, what stopped them and if it is truly just a timing thing like they've got to close

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
or whatever, then that's fine, right? Like I've got agents that I have actually got an agent right now that has been like that for probably the last month. But she is now at this point probably a week away from switching over like her last closing is this week. And so she's getting pretty close to switching over. And all I've done with her is I've plugged her in, right like I started a group message with me and Pat and her. So that way she can feel a part of a sense of community it kind of like reinforces that decision. Like I even spoke about her as though she's already made that commitment, right? Because if that was her commitment, like hey, I am ready to join but I just need to close these deals out well then cool I take you at your word. And then I like reiterate your word with somebody else just so that way it's like you're not only just going to be you know lying to me if you change your mind, but now it's like somebody else is aware of your decision now and obviously get permission to do that before like I'll say Oh, perfect. Well here's what I want to do next. Since you know you are about a month away or whatever is I want to introduce you to my sponsor because he's been very, you know, vital to my success. I just want you to be plugged in right from the get

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
Go. And so I'm going to set up a group message with three of us. So that way too, if any questions come up over the next month, you can ask those in this group. And then also, you know, once I do that, then of course, you know, Pat will say like, Oh, so great, I'm excited to work with you, you know, we're excited, you know, for you to be here. And, and he kind of reiterate that or whatever. And then I just, you know, stay in touch, like, every week, like, Hey, how's it going? You know, how are those closings look in, you know, you still good like everything, go with the XP, hey, we're doing you know, this webinar Tuesday, I know that you already know everything, but you know, would you want to join and just, you know, hear it again, or, or whatever, right? Like, just stay plugged in with that person. And, you know, reiterate their decision reinforce that decision. And then if, but, but if that's not the case, like maybe they're just saying, Oh, I need time, like it's not like a closing based thing, then I think what it is, is you they're kind of trying to put up a stone wall there. They haven't told you what their objection is. So you really have to kind of dig a little bit further. Hey, you know, I totally get it, you know, you know what, at this point, or maybe some of your areas of concern, you know, like if you're, you know, not ready to commit to

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
Today, I totally get it. It took me probably a month before I was ready to join. But, you know, what would you say are the biggest things that are, you know, vital to, to why you're not ready to join at this point and find that out. And then at the, you know, if you've got a follow up, the follow up should be trying to figure out how you can overcome that objection, whether it's getting somebody else, like a third party testimonial that can speak to that objection. You know, clearly, or maybe it's an article that comes out or something that you can do, but you just want to kind of keep chipping away at it through follow up, right, we all know that follow up is the key to this business. And so, you know, yeah, most people aren't ready right away. So if they've seen the model, they kind of get it, they're 70% of the way there 80% of the way there, but then they say they need more time. You know, it's not just a time thing. Anytime that somebody tells me that it's just time, unless there truly is like a commission thing or whatever. It's not just time, it's usually something else that you haven't uncovered. So you got to find out what that is, and chip away at it.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
You can still, you know, you got to keep chipping away at it. So does that. Does that kind of answer your question there? Yeah. Perfect. Thank you so much. Yep. Perfect. Alright guys, cool. Let me see if I go to Facebook and go to see if we missed anything here on Facebook Live team disruptor.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19
All right. And anybody still on the zoom call? If you've got questions, feel feel what you got. Oh, Dave. Dave, you can't see what I posted. I'll type everything on Facebook. If you're watching on Facebook. I'll put it in the comments here below once we're done. Let's see. We got that there. Cool. All right. Well, guys, I don't see anything else that that I'm missing. So if anything, like I said, we're one step closer to getting this training going. I hope that you know, everybody has a great week. And remember tonight is the Tuesday executive overview. So if you haven't put it on your calendar, make sure it's there every week repeating right five o'clock Central Standard Time. Go to Tuesday executive overview to register. We had I think 53 people on last time last week. We had about 50 for the week, but

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
we're averaging over 50 people on that call every single week. And we need that to continue guys, the the energy is electric. We get like people afterwards after we're done presenting that stay for QA, and they're fired up right? We got great testimonials. We get good questions. And so guys, if you get people to those calls, I don't know how the Sunday one went because we just started that back up. And so I don't know how that went this past Sunday. I think it went well.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
But I know that the Tuesday ones are for sure fire. So just get people on that call. Make sure you're on that call. And we'll go from there. Also, guys, just so you guys know the format. I mentioned this on Monday for our Monday masterminds. We are going to be switching up the format here pretty soon for these Monday and Tuesday masterminds. I don't know if it'll be next week or not yet, but just so you guys know we are going to take everything off of zoom and we're going to be going to Facebook and YouTube Live. So if you have not subscribed to my channel, yes, the link will stay the same. So if you still just go to the Monday mastermind or the Tuesday master

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
Mine like what you're used to doing, instead of it pointing you to zoom, it's going to point you to my YouTube channel where the live video will be taking place. So you'll still be able to come in. And the reason for that is just a couple things, it's you know, distribution be a lot easier for me, the quality will be a little bit higher zoom kind of lowers the quality quite a bit, but, but it's more so that way I can just get that message out there quicker. There's a lot of processing that has to take place. After I do these videos to get them out there. It will just be so much easier once I'm hosting them on YouTube and on Facebook, which are the two platforms that I'm choosing to do this. So I just want to give you the heads up. It'll still be a live video. It'll still be you know, interactive, you can type in the chat like which is what most people do anyways, their questions. And so that's just how we're going to be doing a moving forward. I don't know if it'll be next week. I've got a couple things I've got to test out to make sure that it's going to work smoothly. You know, before I do that, and but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up and if it is I'll probably put just a Facebook message out

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
They're to give you a heads up. But either way, even if you're used to just going to the link Tuesday, mastermind calm the Tuesday mastermind.com you're still going to get in, right? It's going to just send you the YouTube is going to send you somewhere different. The other reason why too is I get a lot of people that say that they can't, you know, get zoom to work on their, you know, mobile while they're in the car or whatever. So I just think that you know, YouTube's going to be a good platform for that same as Facebook, so you can stream it wherever you're at a lot easier. So cool. Will you be sending it by email? Like

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
because I usually just access to

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
what do you mean sending sending what by email like the link? I don't visit the Tuesday mastermind.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:41
Okay, we need an email and like I need to send it to my downline as well. Yeah. Well, then all you need to do yeah, drunk. Good question. All you got to do then at that point is just get in the habit of instead of going into zoom and putting in like the nine digit code, it's going to be even easier than that now. So like if you're going to email your people, just email them a K.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
Join me on the Tuesday mastermind.com call this morning. All you need to do is type in the Tuesday mastermind calm wherever you're at whether you're on a mobile device, whether you're on your computer, and if they type that into their browser, it's even easier to remember now, it's going to send them to the live feed of the Tuesday mastermind. So that way they don't need to know any kind of zoom. You know, links, they don't need to know the zoom ID code like the 395664043. They just need to know the link. Yeah, St. Santos cool. We just we just, I just suggest that we update that link because that's all Yeah, okay. Yeah, I see what you're saying. So the link that is out there. See, I'm just confused. You're talking about like when they go to the Tuesday mastermind right now, it sets them up the link for zoom. Right? Is that what you're talking about? Yeah. And like our emails, like in essence, an email will get an email just on the zoom link. So

Unknown Speaker 1:11:56
gotcha. So I wasn't aware of an email. Yeah, that he ensigns but I'll make sure that he ends up

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
aware of it and if anybody else has like links or whatever for zoom, then yeah, like I say, just, you know, try and make me aware so that way I can get to the source of those.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:10
Yeah, I don't send out any emails right now myself to anybody that has zoom links. The only thing that I send to people are the actual like the Monday mastermind calm the Tuesday, mastermind com links. And if they still go to those, then they're still going to get to the right place. I don't know of anything that goes out through zoom. So if you're getting that, then let me know. I'll talk to Ian about the one you're getting. But if anybody else is getting something different, let me know so I can let them know to update it. Yeah, even Chris posted work, you know, so we just got to make sure we update some things because I think Chris Sangay posts in the workplace and I think just assume it's just a zoom link and links. Okay, cool. Thanks for letting me know that drum now I appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:49
Well, perfect guys. Well, I think and somebody else had. Let's see here. Oh, here we go. There's a lot of links in here who posted all this was this?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
hosted by Connor cyberghost.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:00
Cool. So you got we've got a lot of links in here guys of other zoom deal. So if you're that one of the 18 people that stayed on zoom, you actually get a little bonus here. But we've got Connor Stein Brooks webinar here. It's his zoom link there. Ian Flanagan's, we've got mine, Connor steinbruck and in another time, that is awesome. Cancelled till further notice. I don't know the Sunday executive over I I it was cancelled up until about two weeks ago. But now so i think i think this text came from the email that I'm talking about regarding in if it didn't, it probably came from workplace by Chris. Okay, well, cool. Yeah, this one doesn't mention anything about the Tuesday mastermind. This one's just all webinars for XP. So like it has the Tuesday executive overview, but like, that's not changing. That's still going out, you know, through zoom. All I'm talking about is the Monday and Tuesday masterminds that are going to go out through YouTube and through Facebook. So that's the only difference but yeah, I'll make sure either way that it's updated. But yeah, in the chat, the only thing that I see if you guys are reading that

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
chat is the Sunday executive overview says cancel till further notice that actually is incorrect that that is live now. It's been live for two weeks. So just make sure that if you're copying that, that you can go to the Sunday executive overview. It's at 7pm. Eastern Standard Central Standard Time. And yeah, we had a question about my hat. I get that from a local embroidery shop here in San Antonio called lucky threads. I don't know how if you're not from here that you can get one. But that's where I get that from. And then let's see, well, Monday, Matt, all the times are going to stay the same. The Monday mastermind will still be at 9am. Central Standard Time. 10am. Eastern time, so yep. Cool, guys. Well, hey, thanks so much. I know it's this ran late. everybody's gotta go. Thank y'all so much for tuning in. If you got anything else, just let me know. connect with me on facebook workflow or Facebook Messenger or send me an email Kyle at the end team. com. Alright guys, we'll talk to you later. Bye.


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