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SendOutCards For Realtors – 25 Tips For Maximum Success


by Kyle Handy       Updated February 12, 2021

SendOutCards For Realtors | How I Doubled My Referral Business

The Backstory

Today we are going to talk about SendOutCards for Realtors. I'm going to share how SendOutCards has saved me time, money, and grown my real estate business.

Let me take you back a little way. It was 2018; I was downsizing my real estate team and helping my assistant of three years start her own transaction management business.

The entire time she was with me, she was vital in helping me stay connected with my sphere of influence. Among other things, she would send birthday cards with scratch-off tickets in them to all my past clients, friends, and family. The card would always say "I hope you have "a lotto" fun on your Birthday.

I would get phone calls and texts from recipients thanking me and letting me know if they had won or lost with their tickets. It worked great so long as I had the extra help.

But then when I decided to downsize, there were many things that I had to get creative with. Personalized cards were one of them.

Finding SendOutCards

It was around november that I stumbled upon SendOutCards. I set up a free account and tried it out for myself. I sent a card to my wife, my mother, and a close friend.

I was impressed at the quality and ease of creating the order. This test drive led me to look further into SendOutCards. I still needed to fill the void that remained for my sphere of influence mailing plan.

I spent the next few days researching more and more about SendOutCards and the different pricing tiers. I ultimately decided on the "Unlimited tier" as it would be the most cost-effective plan for my mailing needs.

Setting Up SendOutCards

I uploaded my sphere of influence database (a few times) and messed with campaigns. The relationship manager is a bit finicky, especially when setting up multiple different campaigns. All said it took about a week to get everything figured out and set up.

Most of this time was spent, organizing my database and ensuring that I had all the correct addresses, birthdays, closing dates, etc.

Once the upload was complete and campaigns added to my different groups, I was off to the races! Read my other post on SendOutCards to learn how I use it for client birthday cards and more.

How Much I Pay for SendOutCards

By december of 2018, I had over 400 clients set up on a five touch campaign that would last throughout 2019. Most included brownies for client birthdays and confetti cupcakes for "home birthdays."

It cost me a little over $6,000 that would be spread out over 2019 as the mailings sent out. That's a bit over $3/touch.

My Return on Investment

This investment has been the highest return in my real estate business for 2019. I have increased my sphere of influence and referral business from 25 transactions in 2018 to 30 closed and pending at the time of writing this in september 2019.

I should finish this year closer to 40 closed referral deals this year. That's nearly double what I did last year! I attribute this greatly to SendOutCards and being able to offer great touches to my clients.

SendOutCards Testimonials

Sign Up For SendOutCards

As I mentioned during the call, I recently became an affiliate of SendOutCards. I did so because I genuinely believe this service is a massive benefit to Realtors, and I want to share my experience with them. I would never promote anything that I don't use personally or isn't a benefit to my audience.

That said, if you're not already a member and would like to check out SendOutCards, please consider using my affiliate link to sign up:

Questions Regarding SendOutCards

If you have any questions about getting started with SendOutCards for Realtors, feel free to put them in the comments down below. And if you're looking for unqiue gifts for other realtors, check out this list of the 20 best Gifts for Realtors.

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