31 Real Estate Marketing Tools That'll Make Your Life Easier

31 Real Estate Marketing Tools That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at 31 of the most important real estate marketing tools for the modern real estate agent.

As an agent, you’re always looking for an edge. So, what about tech? Altogether there are hundreds upon hundreds of tools available for the tech-savvy Realtor.

From social media management to commercial real estate sales — there’s something for everyone. In fact, I use many of these tools myself on a daily basis for managing my real estate business, leads, website, social media, and more.

Let’s get started.

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Website Management

What it is and why you need it: Where are people finding agents today? On the web. For this reason, every real estate agent needs a web presence. A website management system makes it easier for an agent to maintain their own website without any specialized knowledge.

1. Propertybase

Propertybase is an all-in-one end-to-end real estate platform that helps you both build your web presence and manage your communications. It not only functions as a website and CRM, but also as a lead generation suite in a single package.


  • Advanced features like MLS integration and lead generation.
  • Designed specifically for real estate professionals.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.

2. WordPress

WordPress is a popular CRM solution that is used by millions of websites across all industries. It can be easily customized for real estate lead generation — and is also frequently used by real estate agents looking to maintain a web presence.


  • Can be easily customized with both templates and add-ons.
  • One of the fastest ways to launch a website.
  • Extremely affordable and well-supported.

3. Placester

Create a customized IDX website with Placester. A real estate website platform, Placester provides a WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor that makes it possible for you to design your perfect real estate website without any code.


  • No knowledge of web design is needed.
  • Built-in marketing and lead generation features.
  • Tiered pricing for independent agents, teams, and brokers.
An agent looking at data on a computer. lead generation real estate marketing tools are impornta for running your business

Lead Generation Tools

What it is and why you need it: Realistically, being in the real estate market is all about lead generation. But what marketing software will make it easier for you to find prospective buyers and sellers?

4. PostcardMania

Direct mail marketing is still extremely effective. Target qualified prospects with physical mailers with PostcardMania, which also supports direct integration with Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Realtors can send hundreds or even thousands of postcards across their neighborhoods.


  • Sync your postcard campaign with Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Send out large volumes of mailers at once.
  • Access over 1,120 designs rather than designing them yourself.

5. Promo

Use Promo to develop engaging video ads, whether they’re for your commercial real estate marketing campaign or whether individual listings. Video is proven to be the overall most engaging form of media.


  • Develop high-quality video ads in just a few minutes.
  • Use 3,000 templates to create your ads from scratch.
  • Free to try before committing.

6. Zillow

Though Zillow may not provide the most well-qualified leads, it’s still a tool for extending your reach in your area. Zillow’s Premier Agent service connects you to individuals looking to buy in your area.


  • Access to one of the largest real estate resources in the world.
  • Recognition for agents who perform their best.
  • Calls from Zillow, Trulia, StreetEasy, and Hotpads.
visual marketing on a tablet

Visual Marketing

What it is and why you need it: Who designs your business cards, flyers, and Instagram posts? At a certain point, your marketing plan is going to require a visual designer. But rather than pay for an expensive service, you can either DIY or outsource.

7. Canva

Canva is an all-in-one visual studio that provides templates and resources for flyers, door hangers, business cards, and more. In Canva, you can easily design an advertisement that looks both sleek and professional, often for just a few cents.


  • Puts you in control of your visual media.
  • Provides all the templates and materials you need.
  • Easy to use in addition to being affordable.

8. Fiverr

On Fiverr, you can hire an outsourced professional to create your media — and generally at a very low price. Just pay a few dollars to make a request, and then you’ll have your flyers or ads available to you within 72 hours.


  • Produces work between 24 and 72 hours after purchase.
  • Doesn’t require you to create your own media.
  • An extremely affordable platform.

9. Upwork

Upwork also gives access to outsourced professionals, although with a little more freedom and flexibility. You can establish a relationship with a graphic designer through Upwork and filter all your visual advertising through them.


  • Post jobs and find freelancers willing to work with you.
  • Get your media done without any work on your behalf.
  • Create a relationship with a freelancer.
Someone holding a phone with social media apps

Social Media Management

What it is and why you need it: Most marketing strategies today revolve around social media. But you don’t want to have to do your social media marketing on your own. Instead, an automated service can help.

10. Buffer

Buffer is an all-in-one social media marketing platform. With Buffer, you can reach more people on social media, automate your social media posts, and track your success rates.


  • Schedule your social media posts.
  • Integrate with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • Analyze your engagement with potential clients.

11. HootSuite

HootSuite provides a dashboard through which you can manage all your social media campaigns across multiple platforms. Schedule posts for Twitter and Instagram, reach out to potential buyers and sellers, and also augment your real estate website.


  • Reduce your marketing effort by combining your social media platforms.
  • Explore activity and mentions for new marketing ideas.
  • Grow brand awareness with scheduled and managed posts.

12. Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling utility. It’s particularly important for a real estate agent or real estate broker, as Pinterest and Instagram are highly visual — and great for real estate.


  • Automate your Pinterest and Instagram posts.
  • Analyze the performance of your real estate marketing ideas.
  • Make sure you’re connecting with your target audience.
a staged couch and endtable

Digital Photo Staging

What it is and why you need it: Today’s Realtors are often staging their photos on their own. Digital photo staging utilities make it possible to stage a photo virtually – rather than having to move furniture and design elements yourself.

13. BoxBrownie

In BoxBrownie, you can upload a photo onto the platform, and then a team of digital professionals will edit it into what you need. Use BoxBrownie for staging your most important properties — or even all of them.


  • Erase clutter and restage already taken photographs.
  • Enhance images that may be too dark or too grainy.
  • Create compelling images for residential and commercial real estate.

14. Virtual Staging Solutions

Refurnish and remodel homes to encourage a real estate buyer. With Virtual Staging Solutions, you can make a property look empty and new — without having to do any of the work in person.


  • Perform basic remodeling like removing or adding walls.
  • Use digital furniture to digitally stage a property.
  • Turnaround time of under two days.

15. Visual Stager

Want to do it yourself? Then try Visual Stager. This app makes it possible for you to virtually stage your listings on your own. While Visual Stager may not be an entirely realistic suite, it gives a prospective buyer or real estate investor a pretty good idea of how a property might look.


  • Complete digital staging on your own.
  • Pay only a low fee for all your digital staging needs.
  • Make your listings look crisper and cleaner.
crm concept with a business man in the background

Customer Relationship Management

What it is and why you need it: A customer relationship management suite serves as a consolidated repository of all your leads, your communications with them, and the relationships that you’re building.

16. mondayCRM

Monday is a project management and collaboration suite, but it also provides a clean, streamlined CRM. It is a great choice for real estate professionals who want a fully-featured real estate CRM but don’t want to learn an advanced software platform.


  • Easily sort through and rank your leads.
  • Share information and collaborate with clients.
  • Communicate with clients quickly.

17. Pipedrive

A CRM suite made for the real estate business, Pipedrive is designed to funnel clients directly down your purchasing pipeline. It’s both a CRM suite and a lead generation platform.


  • Communicate easily and track communication history.
  • Integrate directly with 150+ other platforms.
  • Manage both leads and deals.

18. Pipeliner CRM

A “revenue engine,” Pipeliner CRM is dedicated to creating high-value relationships and lead generation. A real estate agency can use Pipeliner CRM to manage its entire client funnel.


  • Easily map relationships within a larger brokerage or agency.
  • Visualize key metrics and lead scoring.
  • Automate your lead management and pipeline management.

19. Freshsales

A real estate CRM that’s driven by artificial intelligence, Freshsales promises to help you improve your business processes. Freshsales can help you improve and automate your sales funnel.


  • Insights are provided through machine learning technology.
  • Automation for your sales funnel.
  • The ability to properly score and prioritize leads.
someone holding a phone with a chatbot


What it is and why you need it: Take a look at real estate websites, and you’ll see how many of them have a chatbot. Chatbots are an excellent lead generation tool and are even more effective when integrated into a more widespread content marketing campaign.

20. Structurely

An AI assistant, Structurely can answer basic questions regarding your services and even schedule meetings and showings with a prospective client. Structurely is designed for mortgage services, real estate, and leasing.


  • Reduce the time you spend managing online communications.
  • Used by over 5,000 representatives in North America.
  • Connects to your CRM or lead management tools.

21. Chatfuel

A world-leading chat system designed primarily for Facebook, Chatfuel makes it possible to automate your marketing through the FB platform and always respond to messages on time.


  • Ensure that you don’t miss leads when you’re away.
  • Improve your Facebook response ratings.
  • Get better engagement.

22. Realty Chatbot

A chatbot designed for busy agents, the Realty Chatbot can be placed on your website to answer basic questions that you might not be able to answer if you aren’t online.


  • Automates your lead generation.
  • Can be integrated with a social media platform like Facebook messenger.
  • Powered by artificial intelligence to provide a more life-like experience.
Someone looking at analytics on a computer.real estate marketing tools can be used for analytics

Analytics Services

What it is and why you need it: How can you know whether your campaign is performing as it should be without looking at your analytics? Marketing analytics tells you whether your real estate marketing strategy is moving in the right direction.

23. Google Analytics

Google Analytics can tell you about the traffic to your website, what people are doing on your website, and how your paid advertisements (on Google) are performing.


  • Completely free and easy to use.
  • Shows you how your website traffic is growing.
  • Can help you build your Google Ads.

24. Facebook Insights

Many within the real estate industry have a presence on Facebook. Not only do houses sell on Facebook Marketplace, but a Facebook Page is an easy way to build business awareness. Facebook Insights can tell you how your business is faring on the Facebook platform.


  • See how many of your followers are engaging with your brand.
  • Run Facebook ads targeted to specific, niche demographics.
  • Perform extensive lead generation guided by demographic analytics.

25. HubSpot

HubSpot provides marketing analytics, dashboards, and reporting, so you can see everything that’s going on regarding your digital marketing campaign. The platform makes it easier to see how individual pages on your website are performing, such as landing pages.


  • Determine how successful your content marketing campaign is.
  • Performs split-testing to fine-tune and improve your real estate marketing plan.
  • Easily view your social media referrals.
a group of people looking at data on a tablet

Collaboration and Document Management Tools

What it is and why you need it: Your clients are, essentially, your partners. You need to be able to connect with and collaborate with them with ease, even if you have a busy schedule.

26. DocuSign

Get documents signed quickly, whether they’re offers or leases. DocuSign makes it possible for people to legally sign contracts from anywhere in the world.


  • Well-known and well-supported document management software.
  • Keeps copies of signed documents, in case they’re needed later.
  • Easy to use on many platforms.

27. Zoom

What’s the easiest way to perform a digital showing? How do you meet with clients if you have fifteen minutes and you’re across town? Zoom makes it possible to connect with clients from anywhere in the world, as though you’re in the same room.


  • Many people already use and understand Zoom.
  • Video calling provides a more personalized feel.
  • Zoom’s stability and security features make meetings easier.

28. Google Suite

Spreadsheets, documents, and more: Google Sheets and Google Docs can be used to easily send documents and track data. The Google Suite is one of the best all-around real estate marketing tools for anyone managing data at home.


  • Perform most of the functions of Microsoft Office 365 on the cloud.
  • Easily share and send documents to other people while retaining control over them.
  • Create attractive and shareable marketing documents.
A man looking at documents on a desk

Project Management Systems

What it is and why you need it: Many real estate agents are running a one-person show. They may not want a complex CRM suite just yet, but they do need a project management system to keep them on task.

29. Trello

One of the most popular board-style project management systems, Trello makes it possible to track tasks easily. You can move tasks from “pending” to “working” and finally to “completed.”


  • Easily track tasks and share with other professionals.
  • Make sure you remain on task on all your projects.
  • Access your task management from anywhere.

30. Asana

Asana can be used for project management, to-do lists, and general organization — either as an individual or as a team. Much like Trello, it’s possible to create a “board” system, or list of things that need to be completed.


  • Assign tasks to yourself and others.
  • Track and prioritize tasks based on necessity.
  • Get updates and notifications in your inbox when tasks need to be done.

31. Monday – For Project Management

Monday doesn’t just make a customer relationship management suite. It also offers a simple, streamlined project management tool. Functions include marketing, task management, and operation management.


  • A versatile solution that can be many platforms at once.
  • Supports both simple and complex projects.
  • Offers many ways to visualize a project.
real estate marketing tools concept with laptop in the background

Finding the Right Real Estate Marketing Tools for You

As can be seen, there are many tools out there for different tasks. At one point or another, you’ll likely need at least one app from all these categories. 

Over time, you’ll find the real estate marketing tools that work best for your workflow. But your first step will be to create your marketing plan and develop your marketing strategies. From there, you can find the utilities that support your goals on this list.

A solid marketing checklist might include:

  • Creating a website with WordPress.
  • Integrating Google Analytics with your WordPress site.
  • Using HootSuite or Buffer to manage your social media.
  • Installing a chatbot on both your WordPress site and Facebook platform.
  • Using PostCardMania to send out physical mailers.

FAQs on Real Estate Marketing Tools

What are real estate marketing tools?

Real estate marketing tools vary. For example, they may include digital marketing platforms, task and project management, lead generation, social media management, visual marketing, chatbots, and much more.

What platform is best for real estate marketing?

Zillow, Facebook, and NextDoor are among some of the most popular platforms for real estate marketing. With the right real estate marketing tools, you can track multiple platforms as well as automate your interactions with them.

How do I market my real estate business?

A new real estate agent will use many avenues to market their real estate business. For instance, they may market through mailers, door knocking, social media, word-of-mouth, business cards, flyers, and even billboards.

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