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Real Estate Agent Salary: My Income Report

Welcome to my Income Report!  Here I provide full transparency by revealing earnings and expenses related to my real estate business. The goal of these reports is to help agents understand one of the most important aspects of running a real estate business, tracking finances.  Keep in mind that every real estate agent salary is different because our income is dependent upon commissions.

By understanding where you are making money and spending it, you can make observations about the health of your current real estate business.  These observations will also serve as a guide for future decisions on where to focus your time, energy, and money. 

I'm not going to say that my way of tracking finances is the best way to do it, but feel free to use it as a guide for tracking your real estate business finances.  I use Quickbooks to manage all my finances.  I created a post here that acts as a guide if you wish to start tracking your real estate business finances.

I hope that you can learn from my wins and losses.  I've made plenty of both!

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2015 Overview

Kyle Handy GCI*


Handy Team GCI*

+ $57,248.44

Gross Income



- $101,687.26

Net Income


Top Revenue Streams For 2015

*GCI = Gross Commission Income

2015 Monthly Income

























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