Top 17 Real Estate Blogs_ For Agents, Investors, & Homeowners

Top 17 Real Estate Blogs: For Agents, Investors, & Homeowners

Whether you’re a real estate agent, investor, or homeowner, staying up-to-date on the latest news and trends is essential for success.

Luckily, there are plenty of great blogs out there that can help. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best real estate blogs for agents, investors, and homeowners.

So whether you’re looking to learn more about the industry or just stay informed on the latest happenings, these blogs are a great place to start.

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Real Estate Agent Blogs

1. Kyle Handy – Helping Agents Win

Of course, I have to include the Kyle Handy blog on this list! 

I have been in real estate for over a decade, and am honored to be ranked as one of San Antonio’s Top 15 Real Estate Agents by The San Antonio Business Journal. 

I’d like to say that with experience comes wisdom; I know a thing or two about what it takes to be a successful agent. 

On my blog, I share my top tips for real estate sales, from social media marketing, lead generation, how to grow a successful business, and tips on blogging and filming videos for real estate.

2. Tom Ferry – Real Estate Coaching Tips

Tom Ferry is another real estate coaching company, whose blog aims to help realtors get in the right mindset to be successful. 

Posts center around business planning and motivation to help agents set goals and create habits to achieve success.

3. McKissock Learning

McKissock is a sister brand to the Real Estate Express online school, functioning as a leader in professional development and continuing education for licensed professionals such as realtors, inspectors, appraisers, and surveyors. 

The blog’s content is conveniently filtered by appraisal and real estate-related content, as well as a general tab to include industry news and market highlights. 

A few topics include real estate technology, real estate investment, home-staging, appraisal insights, and managing your appraisal business.

4. Inman

Inman is one of the most informative real estate blogs. The site claims to be the leading source of information for the latest news and trends in the real estate industry. 

You’ll find everything from the latest in real estate technology, to opinion and journalistic pieces, business growth strategies, real estate how-tos for a myriad of situations. They also cover how the real estate industry is impacted by what is going on in the world today.

5.’s blog offers two dedicated blog platforms, one for real estate professionals and the other with a focus on homebuyers and sellers

The main blog is geared toward realtors, with topics ranging from the hottest housing markets to economic trends and news, along with local market insights and a special tab for the luxury housing market.

On the other hand,’s “Home Made” blog is tailored more toward homebuyers and sellers. Posts are aimed at helping people navigate the dizzying world of real estate, with topics like how to stage a home and what to do if you are in a bidding war. 

6. The Close   

The Close is one of the best real estate blogs with one goal in mind: to help agents take their business to the next level.

The blog offers agents the latest information and tips on marketing, lead generation, and technology. In addition, you’ll find more general topics such as the best website builders, how to be a better team leader, and the best real estate schools.

And, for $35 per month, you can upgrade your account to The Close Pro, which gives you access to exclusive weekly group coaching calls, special courses, and a library of content available only to members.

7. Realtors Property Resource

The RPR blog is an invaluable resource when it comes to obtaining the data necessary for your real estate transaction, whether you are an agent, broker, or appraiser. 

The RPR blog is available online or by app and covers topics like lead generation, marketing tactics, advertising, and how to get the most from the RPR platform.

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8. The National Association of Realtors – Economist’s Outlook

The main National Association of Realtor’s website also features its own real estate-focused blog, called the Economist’s Outlook.

The Economist’s Outlook offers housing statistics and analysis from NAR’s own research experts. Realtors will find this information useful for understanding the trends in their industry. 

Topics include unemployment, housing affordability, housing sales, and mortgage rates.

Real Estate Investor Blogs

9. BiggerPockets

Are you interested in real estate investing? Do you want to learn more about how to get started? Check out the BiggerPockets blog!

They offer tips and advice from experienced investors, plus information on market trends and news. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we’ve got something for you. Come explore the world of real estate with us!

10.  Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing With Jason Hartman

You’re a real estate investor, and you want to get rich. But how? Jason Hartman knows the answer, and he’s here to show you how with his new blog on real estate investing.

With advice from the pros, tips for market analysis, and ways to make money in any economy, this blog will help you create wealth through property. So what are you waiting for? Start learning from Jason Hartman today!

11. Learn Real Estate Investing | Lifestyles Unlimited

Real estate investing can be a great way to build wealth and achieve financial independence. But it’s not easy to get started on your own. That’s where Learn Real Estate Investing by Lifestyles Unlimited comes in.

Their education and mentoring group provide everything you need to get started in the world of real estate investing. With our help, you can learn from top investors and expert wealth educators how to make money in this exciting field. So don’t wait any longer – join us today!

12. REtipster

REtipster is your one-stop shop for all things investing. From beginner tips to advanced guidance, we’ll show you how it’s done – and help you make money in the process! So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our resources today!

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Real Estate Homeowner Blogs

13. Young House Love

You’re not done with your home until you’ve checked out Young House Love. They’ve got nearly 3000 free projects and updates to help make your house a home. Whether you’re painting, decorating, or crafting, Young House Love can help!

14. The Inspired Room

Melissa Michaels, the creator of The Inspired Room blog, understands that finding contentment at home is about much more than just having a beautifully decorated space.

It’s about embracing the seasons to putter and nest, finding peace and comfort in rhythms and routines, getting inspired to gather and welcome others into our home, and caring for our well-being by keeping our life and home clean and simple.

This philosophy is what drives her design approach – creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional, with an emphasis on simplicity. With over 10 years of experience in the interior design industry, Melissa has authored several bestselling books on the topic. Her latest book – also titled “The Inspired Room” – offers readers a wealth of tips and advice on how to create a comfortable

15. Redfin Blog

The Redfin blog is your go-to source for the latest real estate news and analysis. They cover everything from the latest housing data to celebrity design tips, so you can stay up-to-date on the industry no matter what stage of the home buying process you’re in.

Plus, their expert team provides insights and tips that will help make your next home purchase or sale a breeze. So whether you’re dreaming of owning your first home or are an experienced investor, stop by their blog for insider knowledge and advice you can trust.

16. Vintage Revivals

Vintage Revivals is the perfect solution for when you get that itch to do a project. It’s packed with everything you need to give your home a new look, from trendy patterns and colors to vintage-inspired designs.

17. IKEA Hackers

Looking to add some personality to your IKEA furniture? Or maybe make it work better for your unique needs? Look no further than IKEA Hackers!

They’ve got thousands of ideas to help you customize your furniture, from simple tweaks to full-blown hacks. So don’t be afraid to get creative – your perfect IKEA setup is just a few clicks away!

Use Feedly to Save and Read Blogs

Does the thought of subscribing to another blogger’s email list leave your head spinning from information overload?

With so much content at our fingertips, it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed. But Feedly’s got you covered.

Feedly is an innovative AI tool that is accessible online or via an app on your phone, which uses your specific interests and keywords to select the most relevant blog posts for you.

Train Feedly’s AI Robot, “Leo”, to read through your blog subscriptions and only show you the posts you are looking for. That means you can subscribe to all of your favorite blogs and get the content you crave, without leaving you flustered.

Final Thoughts On The Best Real Estate Blogs

Blogs have become an incredible source of information and advice, whether you’re a newer agent or you’ve been in the business for years. 

I recommend subscribing to at least a few of the real estate blogs from this list so you can stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry and learn new tricks for success from top realtors around the nation.

Kyle Handy

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