What’s Agent Legend: Free Look At This Tool For Realtors

Agent Legend is an automation tool for real estate agents that makes it easier to communicate with leads and clients.

As I started growing my real estate business, I found it difficult to keep up with the new leads I was getting it each day. And I knew that if I didn’t reach out to them in time, someone else would. This is how I discovered this tool and integrated it into my lead generation process.

In this post, I’ll go over what Agent Legend does, how it can help real estate professionals find success in their businesses, and the software’s pricing.

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How It Works

Agent Legend uses smart response scheduling tools to automate your voicemail, texts, and emails. This helps you save time by avoiding uncommitted leads and only focusing on those most likely to become potential customers.

The software allows you to create voicemails, emails, and texts in advance and then schedule them to be sent to new leads at certain intervals.

It also tracks your data over time, so you can see how your response rate and overall performance with clients improve.

It also includes an app for both Android and iPhone. This way, you’ll never miss a chance to talk to potential clients.

Why You Should Use Agent Legend

Agent Legend works as a drip campaign for text messages, emails, and even voicemails. Most database and CRM systems will send email communication as drips over a scheduled period of time, but don’t address text messaging.

This is a huge hole in most real estate agents’ businesses. Text messages have up to a 98% open rate compared to an average of just 20% for email. According to Campaign Monitor, it takes an average of 90 seconds for a text message response versus 90 minutes for an email response. 

Agent Legend is an easy-to-use system that allows users to import leads via a list and add new leads via automation. This means that as soon as a new lead is generated, you can have the platform begin texting the lead.

Speed to lead is the MOST important factor in dealing with online lead generation systems like Facebook, Google, Zillow, etc. In fact, Inman states that your odds of conversion drop 400 percent if you wait even 10 minutes to respond to an online lead. Agent Legend solves ALL that!

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Agent Legend Pricing

There are two payment plans for Agent Legend: a Standard and a Premium plan. You can also choose between a yearly or monthly payment structure. 

The Standard plan is available for $66 per month with the yearly plan, or $99 per month with the monthly one. 

This plan allows you to add up to 50 new leads per month, unlimited drip campaigns, campaign templates, integration with Zapier and other CRM software, and email and chat support.

The Premium plan costs $199 per month with the yearly plan, or $133 per month with the monthly plan.

The Premium plan gets you 200 new leads per month, the ability to upgrade if you want to add more, bulk lead upload, and long-term automated lead followup.

FAQs on Agent Legend

What are Agent Legend reviews?

The platform has overall positive reviews from real estate professionals. Most people praise the ease of use and effectiveness of the company’s services and customer support. Criticism tends to focus on the service being hard to set up initially and the cost per text message compared to similar services.

Is there a demo for Agent Legend?

Yes, Agent Legend offers a free 14-day trial before committing to a plan. To access the free 14-day trial, use my link here.

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