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How To Be Consistent – 3 Tips That’ll Change Everything


by Kyle Handy       Updated July 30, 2020


Watch and learn what makes super successful real estate agents different than the unsuccessful ones.

Please download my prospecting hack sheet and feel free to edit in any way you need. This one form helped me transform my real estate business in two years time.

Here is the podcast:

Again, the hack sheet is not the "One thing" it's the consistency of your efforts. This tool is simply what I used to stay consistent. Your mileage may vary πŸ˜‰

Here's a link to the book talked about in today's training - The Referral of a Lifetime: Never Make a Cold Call Again!


Kyle Handy 0:01

Alright, what's going on guys, Kyle here it is the 16th of may just want to say to you to those of you watching live thanks for for joining in. And for you guys watching the recording, hope to hope you guys get some value out of this, we are going to be going over today the one thing that the top agents the top real estate agents do on a daily basis. And so, you know, I kind of all started with the story and share a little bit about my background and history and How kind of you know I got to be where I am today, you know, as a team leader and growing the team, but when I started, you know in this business so a little over five years ago now, I was a successful lady, you know, I was doing well as a good agent, you know, getting going, you know, doing 1520 deals, I think my first year and you know having some success And doing probably like what most the average agents do. But then, you know, there was something that clicked probably about three years into my career that kind of changed the game and flipped things from being just, you know, the average agent or a good agent, to being now a team leader, and having a lot of business being generated. And, you know, and so that's kind of what I hope to share with you guys today. And I got this from one of my coach, my coach and mentor, Josh, Sigmund, who I get to go and luckily, I'm actually going to go interview him here in a little bit today at three o'clock. And so I'm super excited about that. And we're actually going to be talking about kind of the same thing that we're talking about on this phone call. But I just wanted to share with you guys you know, get your take on it, see who's kind of already doing this in their business each and every day. And and then kind of, you know, open the floor for discussion and hear what everybody has to say. So, alright, cool. Now we got a lot of people rolling in here. Perfect, perfect. So, without further ado, that the one thing that I would say that, that I know has changed my business, you know, since, you know, two years ago since when I started was really a consistent effort towards the things that I know, generate success. And so this is kind of it's kind of a clickbait kind of a thing if you want, if you will, right. It's the one thing, which it is it's consistent effort. But it's also it's doing the multiple things that I know generates success in my business. The key here though, is the consistency. So like I said, that's the one thing that's the hardest thing to always do is be consistent. So you know, we're not going to go too much into like the actual planning of what that effort needs to be, or you know what that means for you. I'll show you what it is for me today. And then you kind of take What I am going to show you, and then you make this into your own thing, right, depending on what level of business you can do, or you want to do, and you know what time you're going to dedicate to this, but I will say, without a doubt, you know, when I started doing, you know, the consistent effort, and even still today, guys, I mean, like, I'll still go back and like, you know, I get a little away from from the consistent effort, but when I go back to it, I noticed results immediately, like, you know, when, you know, we're talking prospecting, and generating leads, you know, sometimes I'll get off track and I'll kind of go, you know, a different direction or I'll get, you know, caught up with something else. But then as soon as I get back to what I know, is, you know, is kind of the differentiator you know, that what helps me get my success, the business, the results come right away. So, for those of you guys who are not consistent in your efforts, first of all, that's what this message is about today is consistency. So I want you to kind of remember That this whole time, and then from that, I'll show you exactly, I'm gonna share my screen here in a second and show you exactly what that means to me what my goals are, what my efforts are, that have helped me get to where I was, you know where I am today. And as an individual agent, these are the things that I focused on. And the more that I focused on them, the more that I was consistent, the more that I didn't get off track, the better my results were. So all right, let's get into it.

Kyle Handy 4:36
All right. screen there. Alright, perfect. So what you will see and I've now renamed it because what I got it from was actually a coach of mine who, you know, they had a different name for it, but now that that, you know, I'm going to be starting to do a little bit of branding and coming out with myself. It's one of those same things right. You just you don't have to reinvent the wheel you go with what you know what you got what got you here and, and this is what got me here guys, I'm I call it my prospecting hack sheet. So as you all know, a lot of you guys are already in the agent underground. That is going to be our community of agents where we're, you know, working together towards becoming better agents, best practices, reviews of software, training episodes, things like that. So one of the things you're going to start to hear more often as an agent hacker, so you know, that's always been something that I don't know, I've always been intrigued with. I think hackers are you know, that kind of interesting, you know, that, you know, some of the things that they do, and I like the idea that a hacker is someone who can just take something and do something unique with it, something that you know, most ordinary people wouldn't think to do. And, and so that's kind of what I like to do in real estate. So this is our prospecting hack sheet. This is the number one thing that You know that when you do it and you do this on we do it on a weekly basis, you always hit these numbers, I guarantee you guys your business and your success will definitely increase so. So as you'll see here, this is just a simple spreadsheet. We've got a laid out by the days up at the top Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we've got how many we told them for that week, what our goal is and what the activity is that we're trying to track. So you know this i'm going to add a as a resource into the the marketing materials down at the bottom, but you'll be able to download this you can change these guys. So what I'm going to tell you today is not so much don't focus on what I have in here what I've set for my goals, but like I said the number one thing is the consistency guys. So what it is is figuring out what your goal is what your maybe niches everybody's businesses a little bit different. What I do might not always work for you guys, but this is what I do. And so I want to share that with you all and kind of get what your your take is. And again, you can change this around if you need. So one of the things that I do I strive to do every single week is I attend an event. So a lot of times, this is actually super easy for me to hit because my goal is just one event per week. Usually I'm hitting 234 events per week, you can ask Curtis Dixon, you can ask anyone on my team. But literally, if you look at my calendar, you know, I've got so many events booked on there. And what I classify as an event is that it's kind of twofold. It can either be a marketing event where I'm going out trying to get business add leads to my database that you know aren't already in there. So it could be you know, some type of a mixer, it could be some type of a party where I'm going that I might not know everybody or I specifically seek out to you know, places that I don't know people, you know, if it's a place where you know all your friends or whatever I mean, that doesn't count or it could also be like A training event sometime where I'm trying to learn something new, I'm going to maybe a seminar or something along those lines. That's what an event attended is my goal is one per week. And I'm always hitting that one leads added to the database. I'm always, always, always striving add three leads to the database per week to my database per week. Okay, so that's different than my team database. When this started out when I was just an agent, you know, I'll just focus on how many leads Can I add to my database per week, and three, it actually sounds very easy, right? Three per week, that's 12 per month, but it's again, it's that consistency, guys, you're not putting a number here that's like, you know, a far out goal, you're putting something here that you know, for a fact you will hit it, like, you know, it might sound easy, like all three weeks, but like literally when you know that this means that every week you need to do this, then that makes it a little bit trickier. That's not three on like, you know, your best week or three on you know, most weeks. This is Three on every single week, you know, come hell or high water. So you want to put a goal there that you know that you can, you can do that with hours prospecting. This is where it gets a little bit tougher, 10 hours per week, okay? Doesn't matter how many you do on each day, it just matters that over the course of that week, you hit 10 hours. So Monday, I might come in here and I might hit three. Wednesday, I might hit to Friday, I might do four and then Saturday, I might get one right and then I've got my 10 for the week.

Kyle Handy 9:31
It doesn't matter how you get there, or if you want to be super consistent. So you know you can do to every single day. I mean, you know, it doesn't matter if that's your you know, Monday through Friday. You can do that to it. However you get there doesn't matter. But as long as these roll up every week and you're hitting whatever these numbers are that you set out to be your number for the week. That's what's important. Also, we got great conversations here, guys. So to if you're going to be prospecting 10 hours a week, the way that you prospect By having great conversations with people, and here, I'll actually put people's names. So like, you know, if I talked to mark, you know, if I talked to john D, if I talked to Stacy, a, you know, I just mark people's names down here, so I know who I talked to. And I aim for 60 great conversations per week. This is not this is not a phone call, guys. This is a conversation. So I mean, you got them on the phone. You didn't just dial them but you got them on the phone, or I have some kind of a text dialogue with them. This isn't like Hey, how you doing? Great. Okay, cool. This is like you either had like a long text conversation Hey, what's going on in your life? You know, you know, I saw you guys on Facebook, you did this or that. It's something a bit longer than just, you know, Hey, what's going on how you doing? I don't know what is up with that. You know to do everybody can see that. The It's hilarious. Yeah. How do I clear that? drawings? I don't even know how somebody did that.

Kyle Handy 11:07
All right, cool. I cleared it. Yeah, I don't even know how to like turn that off anyways. Alright, so that can be a call a text a Facebook message. Yeah, I actually I hit up a lot of people on Facebook Messenger guys, that's a huge, huge thing that I use, you know, I just message message message. But again, it's not just the one liners, I mean, it's like having a conversation with somebody to keep in touch with them. So, you know, that's you got to do 60 of those a week. If it's all phone calls, that's like, you know, probably close to about 180 phone calls. I mean, Curtis knows the numbers probably better than I do. But I'd say rule of thumb, you know, maybe three to one. If you're if you're calling people that, you know, you know, like if they're all sphere of influence might be closer to two to two and a half to one. But if it's like you're calling some sphere, you know, some random leads that you've generated old people in your database with MIB it's probably closer to 321. So you're talking that's 180 phone calls a week, just to get 60 great conversations. All right, so, and same thing, even if your text messaging or even if your Facebook messaging, it's probably still close to that three to one ratio to actually get a great conversation, somebody that actually responds to your text message or response to your Facebook message. So, but again, guys, it's consistent numbers, just always doing whatever it is that you set out to do. It's hitting those things consistently. That's what I learned so much from my coach, Josh segment, the one that I'm going to get to go interview here in a little bit is he's literally like a robot guys. Like, you know, when he sets a number, he does whatever he sets out to do. He hits it come hell or high water, like it doesn't matter. You know it you know if it was right or if it was wrong, if he said something, he's going to hit it and that's anytime that I've talked to anyone in this business who's successful guys. They have that, that quality that trait about them. That, you know, they're not just you know, doing, you know, activity to be active, they have a plan. And then they operate that plan consistently each and every week all the time without fail. It's the same thing like now I'm, you know, I'm getting more into content creation and getting into youtube videos will delete the youtubers, the ones that you know, do it at a high level and they're successful, they produce a video each and every week, right, Monday comes around, and that's their their release schedule, they release it Monday, and every Monday they release a new video, and they're the ones that are successful. And then I see ones you know, that have good content, but they post something like three weeks, and then one week, and then like, you know, two days after that they post another video and then they the next one's not for a month, and like that they'll never get success, they won't have subscribers, you know, all these different things. So it applies to a whole different slew of things. This isn't just necessarily like, you know, real estate agent. This is I mean in life in business, if you're going to do anything well You got to do it consistently. Okay. So back to my numbers in my my deals here. The other one is that out of these great conversations, the goal of them for me always had been to set a face to face appointment. Okay, this isn't this isn't necessarily a listing or a buyer presentation, these are two separate things, you'll see that I have them separated here. But face to face appointment was something where maybe I called up a friend of mine who I hadn't seen in a while and I want to go grab coffee with him just to check in on him, you know, see how he's doing a little bit more personal. I definitely try and do this with the people that are in my top 50 VIP list, which you know, I've told everybody you know, building lists are important. That's a whole nother training whole nother topic, but you should have your top 50 favorite most people and those people you want to be going out on a regular basis to lunch, you know, to parties with them to coffees with them, whatever it may be. And so here's where you can stack up some face to face appointments with people like that. It could also be a You know, new people, people that might not be in your top 50. But you want to, you know, see if maybe they could grow to be in your top 50 you want to make them a referral partner, you know, you got to go see them face to face. And so you want to actually get in front of those people. And so you're going to be utilizing these great conversations to set up these face to face appointments with people. The other one the other reason why you're going to be making these great conversations is to be setting up listing and buyer presentations. Of course, guys, that's how we make our money we want to get in front of buyers and sellers. And I want to do two of those every single week. Sometimes I double dip and I might work with a client who's a buyer and a seller and boom, I knocked that out every you know, in in one kind of deal each week. So like I'll go to a listing appointment and a buyer presentation all in the same day. And then there I've hit my goal for the week. But if you focus on just getting to listing or buyer presentations each and every week, I guarantee you that's eight per month, guys, that's huge if you could be talking in front of eight buyers and sellers each and every month. month, that would be, that would be huge for you guys. And again, maybe that's not your number, maybe your number is one, I'm not telling you that this is what it has to be for you. But I'm saying this is what it was for me. Okay? signed up. So I like to say out of every person, if every listing and buyer presentation I go to signed up means that they signed a listing agreement with me, or they signed a buyer's representation agreement with me. And my goal always was one. So that means 50% of the time that I'm going on a an appointment, I should be coming back with some kind of an agreement, that was always pretty low for me, I could always get better than that. If I'm on a list of our buyer presentation. Usually I'm getting anywhere from 70 to 80% of those people to sign up with me. So that was always again, pretty easy for me to do. That means that I'm taking on at least four new clients every single month. So for new clients every single month, that translated to me, at least two new deals every single month. I knew that out of every client that I took, I could get about half of those people to actually buy or sell a home with me. And so that's how I came up with the numbers for myself. Your numbers will be different you know like it your closing ratios might be different. You know, the, the numbers that you want to seek out for your goals might be different. Maybe you're not, you know, wanting to do two a month maybe you want to do for a month, you know, whatever it might be, you got to figure out like what that is for you. The other one is thank you cards. I always wanted to send out at least six thank you cards per week. I knew for a fact that if I hit six face to face appointments every single week, I at least had a reason to send six thank you cards, and always send a thank you card saying thanks so much for you know grabbing coffee with me. I really enjoyed our conversation. Look forward to you know, staying in touch. We'll talk to you soon. Or you know, or if it was a listing presentation, and I got the listing or even if I did and I would just you know, send them a card say hey, so great. You know I look forward to working with you on your listing. And you know, and then that that would go out or as a buyer, same thing for a buyer it or some of them, they'll just send them to people, you know, that I hadn't talked to in a while, hey, I was thinking about you just wanted to drop you a line, let you know, you know, or you know, make sure you're doing okay, if you need anything definitely reach out to me. There's always a region reason to send out thank you cards, and I guarantee you guys that stuff makes a difference. It really does. It really does. If you send out six thank you cards each and every single week. That's 24 thank you cards that you're sending out a month. People remember that stuff, they will remember that you did that. And that was important enough for me to make my list of things that I knew without fail I was going to do now is this everything that I did in my entire business? No, absolutely not. This was just the stuff that I knew for a fact every single week I had to do with or without, you know, if I was on going on a vacation if I like it didn't matter guys like I always did this kind of you know, this, these these activities. Now, the other activities, the things that you know That I still wanted to do like back then I had to, you know, come up with lead generation strategies and, you know, I researched, you know, how to how to, you know, generate leads on Facebook and, you know, and and all these other things that like I would do in the background. They're not on here. So this was everything that I did. But this was the things that I tracked that I made sure that no matter what, I hit these each and every week, so. So again, this is this is a tool that I use to be consistent. Consistency, though, is the number one thing that I guarantee you all successful real estate agents do, or are they you know, they're all consistent, top business people, they're all consistent with whatever it is that they seek out and this was just a tool to track that for me. So I'm happy to share this with everybody. Again, feel free to edit it, change it around, ask questions about it. You know, you might want to add things to it. If there's different activities that you already do that are important that are part of your business that you have success with. Add them to this But then the important thing is, for me tracking it, writing it down, you know, these things after, you know, a couple of weeks, they'd go in the trash, like, I mean, I didn't need to, like, really know exactly what I did two weeks ago, I would log them in a database, you know, as far as like my numbers, so I could roll them up into like a month, or, you know, a year or things like that I could get my conversion ratios. But the actual greatness, you know, this tracker here, this lead sheet, was not something that like I kept in my files, I would fill it out. Now transfer those numbers over to a database, those databases where I could keep track of all of my numbers for like, a yearly basis, and those kinds of things. But, but this isn't like, you know, the actual form itself is not you know, the most important thing you're not gonna like, go back and see, you know, I'd keep them a month just so I could see if I sent out a thank you card to somebody, you know, two weeks ago, I remember I could go back to that and just see Oh, I already sent this person to thank you card or you No, just just, you know, that kind of stuff. But for the most part, these forums after about a month, you roll them up to a big tracker spreadsheet and and that's it, they're gone. So I hope this helps everyone. I'm going to go ahead and turn off my screen share, see, stop, share, and then I'm going to open this thing up to see everybody's thoughts. You know, I'd love to see Is anybody doing anything already like this? Do you guys have any kind of spreadsheets or trackers or what are you using to track your activity to see Are you being consistent in your business? Or is what you're doing duplicatable each and every week? Or are you doing something different? You know, whenever the wind blows like, are you you know, one day you know one week doing this then the next week? You're trying that then where are you staying consistent with something?

Kyle Handy 21:51
Love to hear that. Curtis, let me hear from you, man. I am blessed. I know I'm missing Something Curtis Let me open this up. You're always good person. Ready to clap, man round of applause to that Kyle. That was a great presentation man a great, great quick training. Also love that it was under 20 minutes right at the 20 minute mark just easy to digest easy to watch guys. And, you know, just as Kyle's partner, I can say none of that was BS. None of that was stuff he hasn't done and that we don't do and that we don't preach and teach to our team on a regular basis. And I can say, you know, I played sports growing up right so I kind of compare this to sort of athletics right, knowing what you're going to do like you never don't know how long practice is going to last her. You never go to the gym, you know, and only do four repetitions because you know, in your mind, you can do 10 or 12. And you're always going to do two or three sets or whatever, you know, a weight you did last week. You know what the weight you're trying to do this week, like throughout our life. We constantly live goals especially competitive, you know, high achievers, you're always hitting your goals, but I feel like that the topic of prospecting can be so big and you can get so lost. As a real estate agent in, like you said, chasing the next shiny object, or doing a different thing on a weekly basis that you don't really like hack the prospecting system, you know, and just this formula that you laid out, you know, I can vouch for it. 110% It is absolutely, the easiest way to consistently hit your goals is having goals, knowing which things are going to do, and just hitting them. And, you know, you reference it quite a bit depending on what stage you're at in your career, you know, how much time you dedicate to the business, you know, count our joking, like, doesn't everybody do this? Doesn't everybody work 70 hours a week in real estate? Like, maybe not everybody does, right? And if you do, and you're not hitting these activities, then what are you doing? You know, so that's the only takeaway I have is really if you if you just hit them, you just hit those goals on a weekly basis. Absolutely. You know, make sure business take off. So you didn't miss anything. Number of I'll give you the number that Kyle is looking for to get 60 great conversations if you have a mix of sphere of influence referrals and internet leads. It's going to take 150 outbound contacts hundred and 50 to get 60 if you're talking to just referral and sphere of influence, and friends and family and you don't do internet lead generation, it should only take 75 at less than 100 for sure to get those 60 but if you've got that mix, or let's say you don't have a referral and so I base then you're probably gonna need to make 200 250 outbound contacts and so that means you need to go get some for sale by owner list and some expired list to get those call numbers up. Or that means you need to ramp up your internet lead generation to get those numbers up. But you know, all those numbers convert to kind of the next piece in that you know, hack sheet, so that was great man level. Cool. Awesome, guys. We have

Unknown Speaker 24:44
Kyle. Hey Carl here. Hey, Carl.

Kyle Handy 24:45
Yeah, what's going on? Carl, are you doing?

Unknown Speaker 24:49
I'm not going to put my ugly mug on the screen. So we just put my picture up there. Okay. But I know I mentioned in the Facebook group, I will tell you all something that has worked dramatically and I found this maybe eight, nine years ago. And it literally, it literally will do what you're saying. It'll make you consistent. It'll do whatever you need. And it's called the referral of a lifetime. We actually do a training course on it. But Tim Templeton authored this book. So if you've read it, or you know it already, you'll know what I'm talking about. But if you haven't, I tell you a short story. I gave this to a gentleman. Last year, older man, in fact, he was a cousin of Al Williams. So he was a CPA. He was in this business was a Friday afternoon. First time I met her. We were sitting we were talking. I said, Hey, this is great book because he was talking about this. I said, you know, pick up this book. So that was Friday. He called me Saturday afternoon the next day. He said, Wow, that is the greatest book I've ever read in my entire life. The guy 69 years old, been a CPA, very successful franchise CPA guy and he's said I'm going to do this. This is this is incredible. Al Williams cousin. So he knew all about the other stuff they do, right.

Kyle Handy 26:07

Unknown Speaker 26:08
there are, as you read the book, when you finish it, you're going to find out something that's really dramatic that I couldn't have. I thought Tim Templeton would have been an mlm person after reading the book, thinking, Oh, this has to be an Amway guy or something. You know, he's a realtor. Wow. He's a realtor. He's a real estate trainer. His whole program is based on realtors. Okay. I was shocked. I was shocked. So I guess you can look it up. I'm sure he's still around. It's the greatest book. We train everybody in my group on everything we do. We have everybody go through a four week training on that you can have 100% refer. You never need to speak with a stranger that you weren't introduced to from somebody else. That's cool.

Kyle Handy 26:51
Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah, I'll have to definitely link to them or I'm going to pick up that book myself. And I already Yeah, yeah, that's amazing. So yeah, I'm gonna link to that. And yeah, that'd be great to pick that up. Because I mean, that's what everybody's afraid about are a lot of people they're afraid of, you know, the cold leads, they think and like, you know, not, you know, not being able to talk to somebody that they don't know. And it's one of those things like if you can find a consistent way to get leads that you know, you can refer to or recommended to, that's huge. That takes a lot of the pressure off so as well it's not

Unknown Speaker 27:22
it's not you know, what it is Kyle, that people don't recognize when I started the insurance industry 3540 years ago, they did project one hundreds so used to be you know, you put all your hundred people you know, and you know, blah blah blah, you go sell your aunt, your uncle everybody else and you're out of the business in three months and they the insurance companies Own your business, right? Right. So people seem to be scared to speak to people they know like they're going to bother them. Yeah, interfering with their life. In Templeton's book, they talk about the rule of 250 everybody knows to 50 but the 250 you know, it's not the important thing. It's a 250 they know. And if there's crossover, that's 67,000, by the way, but if there's crossover, let's just say 25,000. So, with crossover, now you tell me, can you not turn 25,000 people into a pool of business that would be everlasting for the rest of your life and build those relationships?

Kyle Handy 28:21
Oh, yeah, of course.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
It's a matter of us being and I'm not preaching to the choir here. I'm not trying to tell everybody because I'm not selling real estate right now. We all know that, right? I mean, we know that. I've done what I've done, and I'm working on building sponsorship and everything, right? Okay. And we're doing some other models. But I will say this. You have to get out of your own way. Because you have to believe what you are doing is so important and meaningful, that you're willing to share that with the people you know, and the people you love. Yeah. inviting you to a party. I tell people all the time if you if I was going to invite people to a party and have this big shindig and also You a baby birth, you know, a birth or christening? Who do you invite to a birthday or christening? Right? Your body, right? You invite everybody and you're not shy about it. Everybody's going to come. Okay. So this is a birth of a christening of a business. Yeah. So you're just telling everybody, hey, I want to help you. I want to be there when you need help. I'm building relationships. That's all I'm doing. I'm not pressing you. I'm not telling you to buy today. I'm not telling you to do whatever today. I'm telling you. I'm here. I'm going to be here. I want to be there for you. Please. We're going to stay in touch. Yeah.

Kyle Handy 29:37
Well, you know, one of the things that I think I had to get over, you know, pretty early on in my career was the fact that, you know, when I was scared to make calls to people is because I didn't know yet what my value was and what I could do for the people that I was trying to call and reach out to or even my sphere of influence and the people that I know, I didn't have a value to provide in my mind. Rather than thinking that they were the only ones of value, like, you know, there were the ones that were going to buy or send me a referral or whatever it was. So I always felt like that nagging person of, you know, hey, help me, help me, help me help me. And when I realized, Hey, you know what, I'm going to actually become better myself. So that way I can have something of value to this person that you know, I'm going to be calling sometimes consistently every month or every three months. What I ended up doing was coming up with, you know, something as simple as like, now we do a monthly happy hour, right? So when I make a phone call to somebody, whether it's you know, somebody new that I'm trying to build a relationship with, or a new client or a past client, I know that without a doubt, I've got a monthly happy hour that I can invite them to. And you know, so whenever I open up the phone call, hey, you know, I can always use that as kind of like my crutch is to say, Hey, you know, we got our, you know, monthly happy hour coming this you know, this Thursday, I just love to invite you headed seen in a long time, you know, plus, I just want to check in and see how you're doing, you know, in provide some kind of value to that person in this case, you know, the happy hour was the value that I was trying to provide. Or it would be like, you know, something that I had learned in my business that could help this person, right, like, we're taxes coming up, you know, and do they need to protest their taxes is this that time of the year? Well, maybe I'll read a great article, I'll, you know, take some knowledge in and now when I make a phone call to people, I've got some value I can provide to them, in addition to asking them, you know, something about my business or you know, they've got referrals or anything like that. So, yeah, like I said, we kind of got a little bit off the off the idea of consistency. But I think, you know, the thing that stops consistency a lot of times is people in their own minds, you know, thinking that they know because everybody could do it, if you if you you know, if you really knew what had to be done, you know, and you knew that that was going to make you successful, you know, then you could do it. I mean, like people go work for jobs all the time that they're told what to do. They do a great job because they're told what to do, there's a way to do it. And then they just do that without fail. It's the same thing in this business. It's just a lot of times people are a little nervous to do what is least success, because they don't know. They don't, they don't know the right way to do it. They feel like you know, what they're doing might be perceived wrong. In most cases, it probably is if they if they don't have that value to provide to somebody. So all I'm saying is get a value. It'll make your whole life a lot easier to stay consistent, and do the things that you need to do to be you know, great in your business. So awesome. We got a couple things chat coming in. Oh, perfect. Great point. Thanks, Curtis. Thanks for referring that putting that referral link in there. Good stuff fundamentals guys. That's absolutely the fundamentals. Cool. Well, anyone else got anything anyone else? Uh, doing this already? Does. Anyone want to share any stories of what they're doing already in their business? Come on. I know amber pad. I know you guys. Got some good stuff? All right, well, pets coming in. You know, I need a plan. My wife got a plan five years ago. And I mean, I've really watched her operate. I needed to get that plan in in place with me and my business. Yeah. And she is agreed to help me with that. I've been sitting in on some of her zoom calls. And it's the same thing very similar to yours. Set your goals hit it consistently. And so yeah, I need to do that big down. How's it how consistent is your wife, Pat? She's, she's unbelievable. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 33:45
this is Kyle Handy in the group, right?

Kyle Handy 33:50
This is Kyle. on a on a group. Anyway, um, we'll have to get in on one of these calls. Yeah, that's what you need. Yeah, we'll get around these calls. There's no need to be shy. We're just on with like, 1000 people. Just kidding. Just y'all. Yeah, he's saying your you got your plan and you stick to it. Is that right? I love it. I love it. It makes business so much easier, right? When you have a plan, you work that plan. You stay consistent with it. It doesn't have to be too much harder than that. Right. Right. And being consistent about it, I love it. I love it. Awesome. Well, hey, we'll connect soon. I know that will get y'all one of these calls with Pat. Y'all. Y'all are doing some big stuff over there. So very cool. Thank you, Mike. Thank you, Kyle. And, and Curtis. Yep, absolutely, guys. Well, cool. Well, that's it. I'll go ahead and we'll wrap this thing up and put this in the group. If anyone's got questions, definitely let me know. I'd love to kind of hear from you guys. You know if you're already doing this Any kind of, you know, things that you're putting in as far as activities if you got questions about should this be an activity? Should it not be an activity? You know, I'm happy to help with that kind of stuff too. So, Alright guys, we all have a great week and we'll talk to you soon

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