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How To Easily Use Squeeze Pages On kvCORE For Lead Generation

Lead generation is the number one challenge for marketers nowadays. Fortunately, with kvCORE, lead generation can be approached from a couple of different angles. If you are wondering which angle is the most effective, you’re in luck!  In today’s post, I’ll compare the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing kvCORE lead generation within landing pages and squeeze pages. I’ll also share my thoughts on how to optimize your advertising strategy to give you the best possible lead conversion funnel.  

Landing Pages vs. Squeeze Pages

Deciding how visitors enter your website may be the most crucial step in internet marketing. If you’re choosing between a landing page and a squeeze page, it’s essential to understand the difference.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are when a lead lands on a page, and immediately has to decide either to register or not. He or she is going to decide once they hit that page: Do I want what that person’s offering? Should I give up my email address or my phone number? Or do I want to bounce? 

kvcore landing page

This is what a landing page is. Several types of landing pages that you might see include:

  • Buyer landing pages 
  • Seller landing pages 
  • Home value landing pages 
  • Short sale landing pages 
  • Foreclosure landing pages.

Squeeze Pages

On a squeeze page, leads will arrive on a page and get some access to the information or the content before being squeezed into registering for further information. You give them a little bit of value by sending them to your squeeze page.  Then after they’ve taken a couple of actions, they’re going to register to continue getting that same value. 

kvcore squeeze page

For instance, one of the ads that I would run a lot is a list of pool homes. I would send somebody to my kvCORE lead generation site and say, “Here are the best or the newest pool homes under $300,000” or whatever it is that I wanted to hook them on. I’d let them get into the list and see the addresses. They’d click on a property and see the information, but when they clicked on a second property, it would make them register to continue looking.

Polygon Squeeze

kvcore polygon landing page

There’s also a polygon squeeze page that you can create with kvCORE. You create a polygon boundary of the section of the city you like.  If it’s a neighborhood, use the polygon search to map around it. Then, you could say, “These are the top or the newest homes in that neighborhood.” That would be a polygon.

Single Listing Squeeze 

You can even create a squeeze page with a single listing. For instance, if it’s a new listing, you might send them to that page and give them access to see a little bit of the information, like the price or a photo of it. However, if they want to get all of the access to it, they have to register. When you’re doing a single listing squeeze page, make sure that a lead capture comes on immediately because doing it on the second one is not effective as the lead can just get the information they want and bounce.

Video Squeeze

Another good way is making a video where you can give one tip; for example, if it’s for sellers, you can give one tip on selling their home for Top Dollar or a staging tip. Then, if they want the top five tips, they need to register.

Squeeze pages are my favorite type because I like to give that value and build up a little bit of trust in the beginning. This trust will enable me to start that relationship off.

An Additional Benefit of Landing and Squeeze Pages 

Whether you decide to go with a landing page or squeeze page, you have the additional benefit of “retargeting”.  I’ve talked about it in a couple of videos.

Ideally, as long as somebody just clicks on your advertisement, you’re now able to retarget that person indefinitely. Therefore, even if they don’t sign up for your landing page or your squeeze page initially, there’s still hope.  You can later create a new add with a different offer or value to catch them at a different time.

What is the Best Option for Lead Generation Capture?

Choosing the right way to capture leads is a crucial step in the marketing process. You have to decide on which route you’re going to go down. Are you going to use your CRM, like kvCORE, or Facebook Lead Ads for your registration? 

Facebook Lead Ad Capture

Facebook for real estate agents is a great way to increase leads and traffic for your business. You can run lead ads and capture information directly on Facebook without ever having to use a landing page or a squeeze page on your website. There are advantages and disadvantages to doing that.


Facebook Lead Ads are harder to set up because you’re doing everything in one. You are creating the ad, the landing page, and figuring out a way to get the leads in your crm system. Then, once they are in your CRM you’ll need to setup your automation campaigns to deliver on the value promised in the Facebook Lead Ad.

For example, you could run the ad on Facebook “The Top 10 Pool Homes in san antonio.” When your ad catches a leads eye and they want to see this list of the homes, a new page pops up.  This page requires further information like the email, the phone number, or any additional information you require. Sidenote: I usually capture email-only.

A facebook ad for a home with a pool

Once they’ve completed that form on Facebook they get redirected to a URL that you provide. This URL should take them to your kvCORE lead generation website where they receive that list of properties, pool homes, or whatever it is that you promised.  You do this by setting up a squeeze page but never requiring the page to display the registration.

Another disadvantage is that to take a lead that was captured using a Facebook Lead Ad and send it over to your kvCORE CRM, you’ll need to pay for an additional tool called Zapier. For Facebook Lead Ads, Zapier requires a premium account, which begins at $19.99 (billed annually) or $24.99 (billed monthly). 

Once you sign-up, Zapier makes it pretty simple. You’ll log into both Facebook and kvCORE on Zapier, connect these two programs, and create a “zap” that when a new lead registers on Facebook, it will send the leads data to your kvCORE CRM.


One advantage of Facebook Lead Ads are its lower cost per lead. Typically, any friction that you introduce into your funnel is going to lower your conversion. When you lower your conversion, your cost per lead goes up. However, lower cost per lead may not ALWAYS be a good thing…

With Facebook, you have to look at the intent of specific individuals.  Typically, on Facebook, people are simply scrolling their feeds and may not be uniquely interested in buying or selling a home.  They just might click and register for your advertisement out of curiosity. This way of getting leads is significantly different from using google ads

facebook ad for a 8.5 acre home

Another advantage of Facebook is that it provides more accurate information because the information is pre-populated on the Facebook form. A lot of times, they just click “submit.” Therefore, you can ensure, to some extent getting a real cell phone number and email address. Unless they go in, change it, and put something in there that’s wrong. 

Whereas on kvCORE, the website visitors manually type everything on the form. When they type their information in, there’s more tendency to type in anything like “Mickey Mouse” or a wrong phone number. As a result, you might get less accurate information.

kvCORE Lead Capture

The best and easiest way to have someone register on my kvCORE lead generation site would be to run a Google PPC ad and have it send them to your kvCORE squeeze page.

Let’s take “Pool Homes” as an example.  People see the advertisement on Google when they search “pool homes in San Antonio”; they go to your kvCORE lead generation website and check a couple of properties. Then, the forced registration happens. 

Once they register, it unlocks the rest of the properties.  Now, they can continue looking and the lead is in your kvCORE CRM.

This type of lead has higher intent on purchasing a home because they seeked out the information versus simply seeing it come across their newsfeed.

My Personal Preference

In the beginning of my career in real estate, I preferred to run mostly Facebook lead ads. Even though the quality may not have been as high, I would make up for that with my persistence and lead follow up over many years. Plus, it helped me to build my database quicker, giving me a higher probability that one day I would sell many homes to these leads.Now that I’m more established in the industry, I have a robust sphere of influence and referral business, I prefer less but higher-quality leads through Google PPC. Additionally, these leads tend to convert quicker since they are already showing signs of intent, compared with that of Facebook Lead Ads. Finally, my marketing budget is significantly higher now than is was when I started.

kvCORE Lead Generation Example

Want to drive big traffic to your website? Creating a squeeze page is one of the best and most effective ways to maximize the number of leads. It is my favorite one. One example is doing a Google ad, “The Best Homes in 78258.” After being captured by the ad, Leads are going to click through a couple of your list of properties.

Then, they must register to continue browsing. Registration takes place on kvCORE, so the lead is automatically routed into your CRM, no Zapier is needed. There are many different categories that you can do on a squeeze page; you can do pool homes, homes on land, fixer-uppers, adult communities, three-car garage homes, new construction, foreclosure, seller financing, zip codes, neighborhoods, and cities. 

These are not all the different squeeze pages. You can get creative with it. You just need to know your market and what people are looking for. Throughout the years, I’ve run nearly all of these that I just listed out. All of them have different effectiveness.

Facebook Lead Generation Example

When doing a squeeze page on Facebook, you should get an image of an upcoming listing, such as a charming image of a coming soon listing. Then, come up with some excellent ad copy but don’t put the address in the text.

Instead, require the lead to message you or “sign up” for the price, additional photos, and more information. After signing up, you can direct Facebook to send them to the URL on your website with the information promised. This may either be the property listing (if it’s live) or a blog post you create if the home is not yet live on the MLS.

Another example would be to take a screenshot of a list of properties that clients in your area are searching for.  “Homes on acreage”, “Pool Homes”, “School District”, etc…  Use this image as your ad on Facebook.  Use ad copy to let the user know that by clicking on Facebook, they will be directed to the list of properties.  Once they’ve looked over a few of the homes, a registration form will appear making them register to see more properties. 


So as you can see there are many ways you can lead generate on Facebook and/or Google using kvCORE.  You’ll need to decide if you want higher intent or more leads to determine if you want to utilize Google or Facebook.  This will then determine your options for setting up the lead capture.  If using Google for the advertisement, you’ll have to create a landing or squeeze page (squeeze page, preferably).  If using Facebook for your advertisement, you could either create a landing/squeeze page or do the lead capture directly on Facebook (preferred method). 

Whatever you decide to do, the name of the game is testing your results and constantly improving.  The more ads you run, landing pages you create, and leads you to follow up with, the better you’ll be at converting online traffic into closings!

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