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The Ultimate FREE Open House Sign In Sheet For Realtors

Hosting open houses is a vital part of being a Realtor, and they’re one of the best ways to generate leads. In fact, open houses should be a regular part of your marketing and lead generation strategy. In this post, I’ll share the customizable open house sign-in sheet that I recommend using. I’ll also share several strategies you can use to encourage people to sign-up for your open house, as well as a digital alternative to the traditional paper sign-in sheet.

Open House Sign-In Sheet

There are many different open house sign-in sheets out there. In its most basic version, your sign-in sheet should collect your attendee’s name, email address, and phone number. If you like, you can also ask for their address.

On the more complex end, you can have an open house sign-in sheet that doubles as questionnaires. For example, you can include a few simple questions that ask what styles of home the lead is interested in and when they’re looking to purchase.

Personally, I recommend using an open house sign-in sheet that is more on the simple side. This customizable sign-in sheet template that I created is the perfect way to collect your leads’ contact information. Click on the image below to access the template, you’ll need to create a Canva account in order to access it.

Follow Up With Your Leads

This sign-in sheet asks for your leads’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers. In addition, it includes the simple question: “Are you currently working with a Realtor to find your next home?”

This is a great question to ask your open house attendees. This is because no matter how they answer, you can follow up with them later to learn more.

If they answer no, then that immediately gives you an opening to pursue a relationship with them. And even if they answer yes, there is still an opportunity for you to find out if they have signed an exclusive contract agreement with that other agent.

If they haven’t, then you still have a chance to get them to work with you instead. Check out my post on the LPMAMA buyers agent script to learn how to pursue these types of leads.

And you can read my other post on handling common objections if you need more help convincing leads to commit to a face-to-face appointment with you.

This open house sign-in sheet is also great because it is customizable. You can add your brand logo to the top of the page, which creates a more professional and polished appearance.

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How To Get More Open House Sign-Ups

A great way to encourage more attendees to sign-up at your open house events is to offer incentives. These can include free food and small promotional gifts or other branded items. In addition, you can also host giveaways where open house attendees win a prize at the end of the event.

A giveaway with a prize is a great way to make your real estate open house stand out from the competition. Giveaways turn your open house into a fun, memorable event that people will enjoy participating in.

A great way to get more people to fill out your open house sign-in sheet is to send out invitations to your sphere of influence. Even if they aren’t a potential buyer themselves, they might know someone who is.

You should also go door-knocking in the surrounding neighborhood a few weeks before the event and hand out invitations to all the neighbors in the area. Advertise the open house and giveaway and consider including a small promotional gift with your invitation, such as a calendar or branded pen.

You can also advertise across your social media in the weeks leading up to the event. All this publicity coupled with free items and the promise of a prize is likely to attract more attendees than a regular open house.

And if you include free food at the event, then every open house visitor is more likely to sign-up and stick around longer.

Possible prizes for your open house giveaway can include gift cards, vouchers to a local business or service, gift baskets, small home goods or appliances, etc.

For more advice on how to hold a successful open house, read my post on 19 open house tips for Realtors.

Block Party Real Estate Tools

Digital open house sign-in sheets offer a real estate agent several benefits that traditional paper sheets can’t compete with. For example, a digital sign-in sheet takes away the problem of trying to decipher any messy handwriting.

In addition, it is far more convenient to bring one iPad or tablet rather than dealing with multiple sheets of paper.

The best digital open house sign-in sheet is Block Party. Block Party is a free open house sign-in app available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can also just use it as a web-based app.

Block Party Features

Block Party has many great benefits that will simplify the open house sign-in process for both your leads and you as the real estate agent.

First, Block Party sign-in sheets are customizable and come in multiple different layouts that you can choose from to create your ideal lead capture form.

It also works offline, so you don’t have to worry about losing your sign-in sheet if you can’t access Wi-Fi. However, ideally, you should always bring paper sign-in sheets with you as backups in the event of an emergency. For example, if your tablet runs out of battery and you forget the charger.

Another advantage to Block Party is that the system offers a touchless sign-in through a QR code that attendees can scan in order to fill out the open house sign-in sheet on their own devices. Aside from being convenient, this is also great for any leads who have hygiene concerns.

In addition, using a QR code helps leads who have security or privacy concerns. With a paper sign-in sheet, any of the open house attendees are able to view other peoples’ contact information. By using their own devices, these leads can feel more at ease knowing their data is secure.

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Block Party Lead Capture Tools

However, the main benefit to Block Party is its seamless ability to set up a successful lead capture system. This includes the ability to integrate with over 2,000 CRM systems and other marketing tools.

Taking advantage of this ability will ensure that you have a fast and easy follow-up with your leads, which is especially helpful if your real estate open house has many attendees. It will also save you time so that you don’t have to manually enter the data from your paper sign-in sheets into your CRM.

Lastly, another great feature of Block Party is it gives you the instant ability to reach your leads directly on their phones, even during the open house itself. Block Party has a Notes by Text Message feature. This allows agents to quickly and conveniently send attendees messages straight to their phones without interrupting the event or sign-in process.

Block Party has other features you should consider checking out for your real estate business, such as single property websites and a unique lead capture link for your social media profiles.

To get started, download the app or use the web version to create a Block Party account and log in. From there, you will be able to create your sign-in sheet template and set up your lead capture system.

Final Thoughts On An Open House Sign-In Sheet

Block Party is a fantastic free option for a digital sign-in sheet that offers every real estate agent several unique advantages over traditional paper sheets. However, the open house sign-in sheet template above is still a great way to capture leads and open the door to future communication with them.

In the end, if you decide to make the digital sign-in sheet your primary option, you should still remember to print out a few paper sheets as a backup in case you encounter any technical difficulties.

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Do you plan to try out Block Party at your next real estate open house? Or will you stick to a traditional open house sign-in sheet? Let me know in the comments below!

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