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Real Estate Content Marketing: 7 Tips to Maximize Traffic


by Kyle Handy       Updated July 30, 2020


In this video, I will talk all about real estate content marketing and how to create content that generates a never ending pipeline of leads. 

We answer the questions about what should you focus on? Blogs, videos, podcasts?

How can you generate organic traffic to your lead conversion website?

See what searches are trending in your area:

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All right, well, welcome guys to our Wednesday sales call. Thanks so much for being here. Today is Wednesday, May 30. And we've got some people watching us live and I know we've been having some good responses from the replays. So I'm excited to be here. It's a great week. hope everybody had a great Memorial Day. I know we did. It seemed like non stop family. stuff and whatnot and real estate never sleeps. So that definitely still took a big precedence over the weekend. But like I'm sure it did for most of you guys. I was just talking to Curtis Dixon and he was sharing with me a story about some stuff he's been dealing with here recently. And as real estate agents, I'm sure we can all relate to things that just, you know, don't go quite the way that you think they are, you know, they'd be going smooth sailing all the way up to the last minute, and then a bomb gets dropped on you. And that's what happened to Curtis. I know for us, let him share his story with you guys. Maybe a little bit later in this video. But first off, just wanted to let everybody know kind of what we're going to be going over today is something that I've been pretty, you know, hot and heavy on here in the last week, I'd say and that's, you know, kind of trying to build up my business organically. So, you know, when, when I first started in real estate, you know, first off, I didn't have a whole lot of money. And so you know, I really went down this path of how can I do things without spending a ton of money, and and I wished that I stayed on that path, quite honestly, because there's so many avenues that you can do things without having to spend a dime. And as I got busier and more successful, of course, you know, that was when I could like scale my business and I was like, Oh, I'm going to do a lot a lot of lead gen through advertising and marketing. And of course, this stuff is good if you do it the right way. And it can certainly be powerful. But you know, I still think that there's a lot of merit to going back and looking at all the ways that you could be doing things better organically and not having to spend a whole lot of money and so so that said, I've also you know, I'm still doing ads and all that kind of stuff. But I've also got, you know, a whole nother focus now to of trying to build back up what I had done organically back in the beginning. And so today, what I want to share with you guys is a little bit about how you can go about doing that, you know some of the effective ways to you know, utilize your your time, the best way possible and in so Um, what we're going to be sharing is a little bit about, you know, like blog posts, and you know, not only just blog posts, but really finding how you can find things that other people are searching for. That will give you the most bang for your buck. So like, trying to find like a diamond in the rough, maybe keyword or something that you can do a video on, or do a blog post on or do an ad. I mean, it even helps with advertisement. So if you're spending money, you know, how do you get the How do you find the right keywords to spend money on? And so, you know, I just wanted to kind of go over that with you guys right now. And, and yeah, and it's, again, you know, this strategy, what I'll kind of talk about, it's not something you build, like, you know, in a day or in a week, I mean, these are things that you do consistently over a long period of time. But if you do that, you're going to build up you know, so much, you know, goodwill and, you know, assets. I look at it, like every time I've come out with a blog post or if I find a keyword that I'm going to start targeting, and I really start to do well with it. Whether it be through paid marketing or something like that, that's like a like a little oil there that I'm you know, putting on my side where like you know, this thing is going to build back revenue you know time and time again for many years to come. And the more little oil derricks, you can put out there and you know, rank for either keywords or pay for these keywords, you know, the better off you're going to be over the long run. So, so without further ado, let me share my screen with you guys, I'm going to show you some of the things that I've been using here lately. And and then what we'll do, once I've kind of, you know, going up gone over showing you, you know, the actual tools that I use, I'll go a little bit more, you know, general overview of like how you put these tools to work for you. And then we'll kind of go into some specific questions that you guys might have, and and hear from some stories, you know, maybe stories of you know, if you're already doing this, if you plan to do it, and then of course, any kind of real estate questions that you might have as well so we'll save those for the end. Alright, so let's me share my screen that Okay, so all right, so here's my my screen here, here's one of the first tools that you can utilize. If you're not already utilizing this cool tool here. It serves so many purposes kind of just cool to even without, you know, outside of real estate. But if you search for Google Trends,

Kyle Handy 5:29
right, there's gonna be a Google Trends tool that comes up here. And you can put any topic, anything that you want to learn about and see what's trending, whether it be in your local market, whether it's nationally, anything like that, you'll get to see what searches are on the rise and might potentially be of interest of you to either make a blog post or a video or to send out an email marketing campaign about just something like that because, you know, it's going to go a lot further when these top Things that are trending and you touch on them, you know, because they're, they're buzz words right then and there. And so. So when you can kind of, you know, go with the trends versus just putting up, you know, whatever you think you want to put up, whether it's, you know, like, Oh, I want to, you know, talk about, you know, homes for sale in this, this area, well, maybe people don't really care about that right now, you know, but if you can, you know, stick with the trends, you're going to get a lot more, cast a wider net, and basically hit a lot more people. So the way that you can utilize this tool is, you know, basically, I'll just search for like a tool or mean for a term. So like, in my market, you know, I might just buy put San Antonio, right, and just see what's trending. It's going to tell you, so this is everything in the United States. But if they're searching San Antonio, that's fine, because maybe it's people that are moving to San Antonio or whatever, so I'm good with it. If you're not searching a term that has your market in it, you're going to want to localize that search and put for instance, you can put San Antonio. And that way, like, if you're just doing, you know, some other home search term, you can just you know, you'll know that at least it's the the traffic that's in your market. So. So in this case, you know, said do San Antonio 12 months is a pretty long time to be thinking trending because something might have been trending four months ago is not going to be as important. So like, I'll give you an example. You know, like the San Antonio rodeo for 2018. Right? You click on that. I mean, that was trending back in February. But now nobody searches that so that's not too relevant for us a year is a little bit long. However, what it does do is it allows you to kind of maybe plan for the for the next year, right? Like, you'll know that hey, maybe if I start a blog post on the San Antonio rodeo for 2019 that you know, my traffic is going to spike, you know, all throughout January and into February. And right now, there's nobody that's putting out articles about the rodeo in 2019. So when you have that article out there or if you put that video out there, and you're kind of that expert, you're going to already capitalize on that market share for the following year. So like, that's how you can utilize, you know, kind of a 12 month trend and see, you know what you want to go after maybe for the following year if it is a like a recurring thing. So, so I'll just give you a couple others so you got rodeo, back here.

Kyle Handy 8:35
Alright, so like we had a big gas shortage. Everyone here in San Antonio remembers the gas shortage in San Antonio, that was a big one, of course that went on fiestas. Another one that goes on. It's very, you know, cyclical. So there's only one time in April that that happens. But at least we can see these trends right. But you notice that they're searching it. This is exactly this keyword that they're searching. So when you would maybe want to plan for the future. You want to do this exact same thing, but put in 2019 Okay, not 2018 restaurants that maybe are popular in your area. A lot of people like to do real estate videos at restaurants but they'll just go to whatever restaurant they want to go to. Right like that real estate agent. Why not go with the ones that people are interested in? Right like, walk on San Antonio, that's a restaurant here. I'll go to a video on walk on San Antonio versus just going to some random restaurant that's going to play a lot better with the people that are you know, already here in San Antonio looking for that. That material. The rustic is another restaurant, right? So those are all trending here in the last year. Church shooting credit human final for that was a big one earlier in the year Google Fiber. That's something that like you know, as being it's coming to San Antonio, a lot of people have interest in knowing when that's coming. That'd be a great blog post or maybe like a video that you put if you can get enough information about Google Fiber and what that means for San Antonio and how that is. This is all about traffic, your real estate Agent, right? So of course, you want to find people a buyer selling house. But if you look at it like this, all traffic to your website is good traffic if you're getting, you know, like if you look at this search term. I mean, on average, these are like 4050 people a day that are searching for these homes or a week that are searching or searching for this term, every single week, if you can get, you know, even if they're random people, they're not necessarily searching for a home sale, you get enough of these keywords that you start to rank for, you got to realize about one in 10 people are going to buy a house in a year. So like, you're just getting traffic to your website. And then you might catch it enough of those people that are going to start using your site as well to search for homes. So or you become the expert people start to see like, hey, not only does he do a post about Google Fiber, but hey, he's got a cool post about, you know, this cool restaurant, and he's got a cool post about this neighborhood that I might want to be moving into. And as you build these things up, it just further helps your cause organically to start getting some traffic to your website. It's not like, you know, paying for ads where I mean, that's right away and you're going to rank top on Google, you're to start getting traffic right away. We are paying for that. You know, same thing with Facebook, you're paying for all that stuff. Whereas this is a different strategy. This is where you're going to build things over time. And reap the benefits, the more consistently you can do it and the more content you can create. So, so anyway, so that's how you can look at something over the past 12 months. But now like if I was going to come in here, something that I might do is over the past like 30 days, right? Like what's being searched here in San Antonio. Scott Meyers has a big article that came out Scott Meyer missing and same Tony, probably not going to do a blog post on that. Right. But like, there's certain things that I could look at here Paula Deen restaurant in San Antonio, a lot of people are searching that. Okay, so maybe I'll figure out about that Paula Deen restaurant I'll do something that's you know, you know, an article or video or something like that. Golden walks into have no idea why that's Training. It's a Chinese restaurant here in San Antonio, but it's up 1,000%. So there must be something going on with golden walk that you know people are searching about in the last 30 days, Disney on eyes again, that's kind of like a timeframe one like that just happened here a couple weeks ago, painting with a twist. That's something that a lot of people are starting to get into here in San Antonio, maybe do something about that. Papa Joe's Salvation Army, a lot of cool things. So, I mean, this gives you ideas of where you can start as far as like looking at what might be important to do articles and blog posts and videos and stuff like that about versus just like coming up with something out of your head, which is what I used to do, right I she's like I like that's cool. Like, y'all create that but why do that if that's not what people are looking for, if you can, you know jump on these trends, you're going to be a lot better off so. So that's kind of cool. As far as you know, looking at that now what you can use once you have some keywords that you want to start looking at Like, say for instance, you know, I want to go back to like Papa Joe San Antonio, right? Like if I wanted to like maybe do something about that. The next tool that I'm going to show you, it's called KW finder and it's basically stands for keyword Finder.

Kyle Handy 13:20
What you can do, and they have a free service where I think you can search maybe 10 search terms a day, each day. Otherwise, you gotta jump up to a paid version. And But either way, you can come into this tool and get 10 free searches every day. So if I wanted to look at Papa OPAPEUXCU, Antonio, you can again search just for people that are in San Antonio, or since I have that search term San Antonio in mind, I might just say anywhere, on keywords, it's going to show You the key word right here. 6600 people are searching that term, every single month. Okay, guys 6600 now this number over here indicates how hard that keyword would be to rank for. So like, Is there a lot of people on the first page of Google that have established already some, you know, interest around that keywords like are they going to outrank you? How hard is it a 48 is pretty tough. You know, with you guys, if you're just you know, starting up a website, or if you're starting up, you know, putting up blogs or videos on YouTube or anything like that you don't really have a whole proven track record of 48 is probably gonna be really tough to go towards right away. You're going to want to look for ones that have like a 30 somewhere in the 30s like 3536 3839, something like that. And just start with those easier keywords. But the beautiful thing about this system is like you can literally just, you know, gives you ideas in it. to maybe that one, you know, that's still, you know, 720 searches, you can click and see if this one's any easier or better, this is probably going to be about the same. I already spent, as y'all can see, I use this tool a ton, right? I already did 500, okay, because I'm the paid version. And, and I've used my 500 look up for the day. So every day, it resets, I gotta wait another two hours to reset this tool. But, again, you just come in here. And once you find out kind of what what you want to search for, you can just, you know, click these lookup buttons is going to tell you what that searches and so you can search it, you can do it by search volume. You can come in here and you know, sort it by like the easiest. So like here is new restaurants in San Antonio. That might be something that you could do like a blog post or some kind of a video on because literally only 33 I mean, that's an easy one to rank for. You could you know do 1000 word blog post, make a video on it. You know, use this key word Inside your blog post, you know, a couple times, and in very easily, you could probably rank for this within the next, you know, 30 to 60 days, I mean, something as low as 33 is pretty easy to go after. And there's only 1000 people searching for, I mean, there is 1000 people searching for that a month. So I mean, that's a huge, huge one to go after. So, you know, I think that's a pretty cool thing. You can also filter these results. So like, if you want to go after just, you know, terms that have a specific keyword in it, you know, like, if you wanted it to for sure have, you know, San Antonio, you could set that filter, and and everything that gets in there is going to have San Antonio. You know, if you want to have minimum search volume, like I only want to go after ones that have 500 search volume or higher, you can do that. We see the ones that have that. So this is a really cool tool, guys, kW finder, highly recommend you check it out. You take a look at it.

Kyle Handy 16:55
Especially like I say, if you're going to start getting into content creation, which you know, it's It's a worthwhile thing to do. I've done a lot of it in the beginning, back when I had my own website, you know, before I was using, you know, kind of a website that I got, from, you know, we were using file, fire point. And, you know, they do all of like the home search and all that kind of stuff. So I got relaxed from doing that. But back when I had my own website, and I was creating everything, you know, I was doing a lot of these blog posts and stuff like that. And that's how I would get a lot of organic traffic. So, again, don't forget about this, you know, I think it's super important. Plus, the better your website rank organically the best, the better the cost you'll get for when you do actually do advertising. So if you have a high domain authority, meaning that you've got a lot of content out there, and you're you're getting a lot of traffic through it, when you go to actually purchase advertising on Google, you know, AdWords or Facebook or whatever it might be. They give you cheaper ad spend because they feel like your website is credible and relevant, all that kind of stuff already. So anyways, I know there's a lot of info guys, and again, kind of flat flew right through those tools I highly recommend you just kind of get, just play with them. I mean, you know, these like the Google Trends, you could spend hours on that thing, just you know, it's kind of cool. You can see what people are searching for in your area, it's fun to just jump on it and kind of take a look at it. KW finder, again, that helps you kind of dive in and exactly identify which keywords you're going to go after. So I mean, both of those tools are just kind of fun to play around with. But yeah, like I say, at the end of the day, though, what it all boils down to two is putting out that content consistently. And that's where most people fall short, you know, they might do this for a week or a month or whatever. But then, you know, they stopped, you know, I think you need to make it like a consistent thing, like you put out you know, x pieces of content per week or per month or whatever, and just make sure you don't ever stop doing that. And, and if you can do that, like I say, first off, I mean, you got to have a website. I mean, in this day and age, you know, you definitely got to have a website. If you're not if you don't already. Do you have a website that you can put a blog on, it's very easy to do, I definitely can't do it in the amount of time or you know, explain how to do it in the time that this video is. But maybe I'll come up with an easy tutorial on how to come up with like a basic website where you can put a blog at, but most websites that you'll get from like a, you know, like a conversion, or a Boomtown or Commission's Inc or any of these types of CRM platforms, most of them will have a spot where you can put a blog in there. So I would start there, if you've already got a searchable website, you know, just see if there's a way to put your blog within there because that's going to be your best bet. It would not be as ideal to have to create a separate website that's outside of your search website to put a blog in. But if you got to do it, you got to do it right like so just the important thing is having a place to put a blog, you know, signing up for a YouTube page, having a place to put videos if that's what you're into, and you want to do videos. Or Lastly, again, I mean, all this stuff relates to Facebook to like if you've got a Facebook business page and you want to utilize you know that to be putting up these articles, you can do it and I mean if you have a blog post I kind of recommend you do both right it's really easy to share your articles from your blog post to your Facebook you'll get that kind of double dipping power of doing that. So you know, but if you only got Facebook just do it on Facebook right i mean people are going to come across your feed people are searching Facebook just like they are Google Facebook is in and of its own a search platform people now go there for a lot of their news, things like that. So you can still do everything that we talked about through Facebook if that's just what you're comfortable with. But like I say I try and report purpose it and make it into multiple things a video, a blog post a Facebook page, if I'm going to take the time to like invest in look at what keywords are important to go after. And you know, and then research that topic and actually like come out to write 1000 word article will dang it. I can spend an extra 20 minutes and make a video and Dang it, I could spend an extra, you know, minute and share it to Facebook and then now I've hit you know some of the biggest platforms out there. So anyways, that's a little bit like, you know, big overview general overview of like if you're trying to do things to you know blog, you know if you've heard the term SEO, which is search engine optimization, that's what this stuff is. And I mean, I'll teach more and more about this as we go as I'm learning more doing more. I'm happy to do that. But this is just kind of just to show you guys the power of it and what this is all about. So this point now I'm going to go ahead and turn off my share screen and open this thing up for a little discussion. I'd love to hear maybe some stories from people if you've been working on anything like this in the past if you're working on anything like this right now. You know what you guys think of of this training,

Kyle Handy 21:56
any type in something or what are you doing there? You unmuted yourself? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Was unmuted. I do have some questions for sure.

Kyle Handy 22:03

Unknown Speaker 22:04
When it comes to relevant keywords like we were just looking at trends, you're saying it's actually important to go in and write blogs that are totally unrelated to real estate. Because people are searching, for example, for the rodeo, during a certain month of the year, you're writing a blog about that it drives people to your website, but I kind of lost on how that's relevant. Yeah, just going for exposure and traffic to the site either way.

Kyle Handy 22:31
So I mean, you gotta shake it, you gotta do multiple things. I mean, you want to have some real estate, some houses, you know, those kinds of keywords as well that you're going after. But all traffic is not, you know, bad either, because you're going to pick up a percentage. If you got like a big enough keyword where it's truly like a 6600 month search kind of keyword. You got to realize that if you can rank for that keyword, there's going to be a percentage of those people that are going to need to buy or sell a house too. So like, you know, they might not come to that for you know, come to your page for that reason. But depending on how your style is, no, maybe your writing style or just your video, the way you come across in a video, people are Hey, I like that guy, but he also does real estate to like, hey, we've been thinking about buying a house. You know, that's, that's good to go like, so you know, if you look at it, like, if like that traffic is 6600 people, and if you know homes for sale in San Antonio, Texas gets you 600 people, you know, the 6600 doesn't look as bad because if you know that one out of 10 people could potentially be a buying or selling opportunity every end of the year. It's the same thing, right like that. 600 people that might be searching homes for sale. Yeah, that's a more targeted keyword, but you have less traffic going to that right. So it just depends. I mean, you know, I think it's good to do both. The other the whole reason is you want to identify keywords that are your to go after, and so like homes for sale, and Antonio, Texas. Yeah, it's super localized. I know it's a great word. I'm probably going to rank for that. I mean, you got, you know, all the big players, Zillow, Trulia,, all at the top of those, you're probably never going to boot them off. And so like you do got to get a little bit creative. And think of where are other people that might potentially use my services, searching? And you know, which, which ones have good search volume, and go after? And yeah, absolutely. I think that at that point, it's just about volume and knowing that a certain percentage of those people are going to convert just like if they were actually searching out for homes for sale.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
Okay. Yeah, absolutely. So that being said, when it comes to the easy Enos of it, where you said, like in the 30s, for example, on KW finder, or what is that the Keyword Difficulty is that ranking it just in San Antonio or just in Texas, or

Kyle Handy 24:59
yet Depends on how you establish your search. Remember, I told you there was like a filter where you could put anywhere or you could put seen in Texas, if you just put San Antonio, Texas then it basically says if somebody is searching from their search browser in San Antonio, Texas, this is the type of difficulty that it would be. Okay. As anywhere then it's Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:20
So so to clarify that, where you had Papa nose in there, and it was at 50 you know, 50 means that there's a lot of companies out there that have organically ranked the word papa. Is that correct? Right. Yeah, 50

Kyle Handy 25:34
would be a hard one to go after. So either Papa Joe has done a really good job. You find like all of the spots on Google like one through 10 or whatever. Or like a lot of companies have done and what you might be competing against is like companies like in your like, you know, newspapers and stuff like that, that do articles about it's not just restaurants necessarily can be my did an article about block Enough, where's their websites really good. And so, you know, it's gonna be really hard for you to outrank that potential, you know, website. But that's what that that Keyword Difficulty does is it tells you that based on all of the people, you know, that are on that first page of Google, what you're, you know, odds of being able to outrank them are even to be able to be on that first page of Google within the early timeframe. So 30 6090 days, something like that. It gives you that that number and so that's why like I say, I mean, keyword finder makes it really easy if it's a 35 right. Okay, cool. They've done all the work for me, they know that I created good content, I share it with you know, the way that it should be done. I should be able to you know, outrank some of these other people. If it's a 50. Like I say, it's probably not very likely. Wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 26:52
Couple other quick questions on that. Let's say that we use pop of those as an example is are the search engines ranking video This famous text, right know if I wrote a blog versus video blog.

Kyle Handy 27:04
Yeah, it's a so it's a little bit different. So like, for instance, what they rank is the whole entire, like little web that you build, right. So like if you do video and you combine it with text and you know, you do all this other stuff than that all kind of helps each other out. OK, so the more things that you can do to it, the better I mean, like literally do if you can make a guy like a PDF guide, I mean, all that stuff goes into the rankings. But like, just to have like your video, play high, need a blog post to help because like, the better your blog post and your video do together, the better that if you were just searching like YouTube, the video would do. And vice versa. Same thing, like if you have, you know, a blog post that's up but you don't have a video, it's going to be harder for you to kind of tie that all in and really beat it. So like unless, like all of these are pretty easy from what I've read and researched in MIT pretty much you know, rank for a lot Those 30s with just to get really good, you know, Article like a blog post, but as you start to get more difficult, you know, like, pat on things, so like, you know, video guide, you know, extra stuff like that. So,

Unknown Speaker 28:13
you know, would you combine? So if I did a video blog and I was at Papa nose for example, and I did that video part what I take a transcript of what I said, or what I do a synopsis of what I said in which would rank better.

Kyle Handy 28:30
Yeah, so I've seen some people do a little bit of both, right? Like, you might have a little transcript of it at the end with like your synopsis up at the top that way because I mean, a transcript gets a little hard to read and so you want to you know, of course Google they're super smart with the way that they analyze these these search engine and go by like, you know, somebody you know, just go into your page for like, two seconds and they see us like a transcript is really hard to read and a jump off it that's not going to be good. But if you have like a well written piece of content that somebody I actually takes time to read and organize and all that kind of stuff, that probably will do a little bit better. But at the end of the day to there's just specific things that helps your content rank. Like for instance, if you have certain amount of words, like the more words you put into it, the better the more time to utilize that keyword, the better, right, like so like, all those things matter. But if you're just stuffing it in there just to have, you know, extra words, or just to have, you know, extra keywords in there, Google hell that too. So like, you know what, like I said, I would definitely have a synopsis. If you're going to put a transcript, you know, and put that that that synopsis up at the top that way, that's the first thing that they see. And then if they want to continue reading that transcript, they can but at least at that point, they've already spent a decent amount of time on your page, so it's not going to look bad if they jump off.

Unknown Speaker 29:47
Too easy. Not trying to monopolize the conversation. But just on that note, if we don't have our own blog, can we do this through Facebook, for example, does it

Kyle Handy 29:58
just still feed the purpose in terms of driving traffic and building stuff online or would it make a difference? It's like half the purpose right? So like in guys, this is the Kyle and Aaron show. Heaven or Hell is no, I'm just joking. Karen, I love the I love the question. So keep them coming, man. But no, like the the thing with Facebook, if you just do the Facebook posts, the cool thing is and you'll get an initial bump of traffic, because we will see that right as, as you put it there. But typically, and everybody knows us with Facebook, everything gets pushed down that feeds so quickly. And same thing, like if people are searching for it, you know, they're not going to see it as easily as they would if it was on Google as well. Like if it was on a blog post where it stayed evergreen. So you know, that's where it's kind of like, you know, Facebook's really good. It's in my eyes. It's like half the equation, though. I mean, you really should, you know, set up a blog, it's super easy to do it. That way you're hitting both sides of it. But like I say, mean, if you only have one, you're still going to get a bump if you're putting you know, useful content. out there, you know, frequently on Facebook, you'll still get a benefit. It just won't be as big of a benefit as if you all set a blog and just repost that onto.

Unknown Speaker 31:09
And doesn't it also depend on, you know, these are strategies, right. So like, it depends on what the rest of your strategy is right, like so our strategy as a business, you know, Kyle being the business owner and leader, like it's heavily built around internet marketing, right? It's built around having a website, that when people get to our website, they convert further through our funnels of connecting with us as real estate agents connected with our team following us on social all that stuff. Right. So this training directly ties into our internet marketing strategy, right? law for other agents, for example, maybe don't have a web presence, but are very comfortable on social media. They don't plan to start a website. They don't plan to create a blog. They don't want to do that. Well if you take this same Concept strategically and apply it inside of, say, a Facebook group. Now in essence your group replaces that website, right like if you can create a super powerful hyper local Facebook group Aaron, that just owns shadow Park and surrounding communities, every dog show every new restaurant, every whatever you're out there people's yards, videos, yard sales state sale, like if you just own that content and you do the same thing Kyle's talking about where you find what people care about, you know, what keywords are hot buttons, what people are watching, and you produce all the same valuable content inside that group. Now, in essence, your group, you know, replicates the website that Kyle has built and still converts people, you know, to you brings you buyers and seller leads have all that great content. You know, there's a lot of ways to apply the strategy, of course, not the exact same as writing blog posts and ranking for keywords, totally different, but there's versions of the strategy that can be applied in different platforms, isn't that true Kyle witness? Absolutely, now you hit it hit the nail on

Kyle Handy 33:04
the head, I mean, it's, again, it's all about building the value. And if you build the value well enough, you're going to get people that are just going to know like, and trust you, and they'll, you know, try and connect to you any way that they know how having a blog post just makes it really easy, right? Like, you know, they have a centralized place that they can always go to plus you're also getting all this other people that are going to get exposed to you easier. But like what Curtis said is, you know, if like you You know, have like a Facebook page, all those people are probably going to like it or you know, they'll get a Facebook group, they're going to probably join your group and, and then they'll stay connected to you that way. Well, I guess I just feel like you know, like the blog was the cool thing about is that's really good for exposure, exposure and trying to find new people. Whereas, you know, if you're just utilizing Facebook, yeah, it's gonna probably help the people that you know, right away, but you're also gonna have to do some additional things like to share it with groups are gonna have to do other things. So that way it will actually Suppose that great content that you're creating more people than just you know who's you know, on your list or whatever?

Unknown Speaker 34:07
Does Google pick up Facebook posts?

Kyle Handy 34:11
Yep, absolutely. So well, a Facebook post ranking Google for a particular keywords. So it's part of the keyword thing. So like if you're trying to rank for, you know, a key word, that's exactly one of the criteria that Google uses to rank, like blog posts and pages and things like that is how many times has that post been shared amongst everybody else? Like, if you create a great Facebook post, or a great blog post, you should, you know, share that to your page and share that wherever and then you can get other people to share it. Google is going to see that because they know everything that's happening in Facebook, too. And they're saying, hey, this article, you know, not only as you know, people coming across it, they're spending time on that site after they search that keyword, but it's also been shared, you know, 14 times and Facebook, you know, it's got X amount of likes. That's all going to when it all comes back to Google search rankings.

Unknown Speaker 35:04
Thank you. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 35:06
Kyle, do you post like, or do you always posting only 100% original content? Like, maybe something's trending? And you're like, wow, I read this really awesome article about it. And then you can repost on yours and give the proper accreditation and stuff like that, or is it just always have to be written by you?

Kyle Handy 35:24
Yeah, if you want something that's going to rank in Google and you want to get new exposures to you, then absolutely, you need to come up with original content of like, you know, you got to create stuff because it will never like, it will never rank in Google. If you didn't create it, like you'll help out the person who did create it, if you're sharing it or liking it, or whatever, that definitely will help out that content creator to rank better, but it won't do anything for your rankings, unfortunately. And so like for the longest time, you know, I signed up for a service that on social media, they would post like articles and stuff like that relating to home buying and home selling They even have a blog page that you can utilize. But it's the same content that you know, every other real estate agent across the country is putting out there. So like that content will never rank, you know, especially whenever rank for new. And so like for instance, like that won't help you on the exposing and getting new opportunities. Now, there is still merit to doing that. Like, if you're like a content curator, like you're the one like going out there and finding a lot of content for people, that's still a good you're providing value to people. If you know that people are interested in that topic that's in your audience already. You'll be you know, serving them up with stuff that might be a value, but it's not necessarily going to expose you to more people or get them to come across you a little bit differently. Unless like Kristen said, you build some kind of group where like, you know, you're curating this content for that group. And maybe people share that and say, Hey, you should join this group. You know, Megan's a great person. She puts, you know, together all this stuff together so we can see it. I mean, that might happen, but again, not going to really rank Go for that. Cool, cool. Well, awesome. Any other questions on this? I know this is a kind of a out there topic, you know, that most people probably aren't thinking about or doing. But I mean, I think this serves for many different reasons. You know, like I say, it's great to be able to exposure, your business or your you know, you you as a real estate agent to as many people as possible, but at the same time that you're doing that you're also building so much value for people that are, you know, looking at this, they're saying, like, Hey, you know, Kyle is the expert, he comes out with this, he comes out with that he knows about this, he knows about that. And you're sharing, you know, so much good stuff with people that you're more than just a real estate agent at that point. Like you're the expert, you're this cool person that just knows everything in San Antonio or your local market or whatever. And, and so like I say, there's there's multiple reasons why this is a benefit to you, but I just don't think that a whole lot of people utilize it consistently. Right, like you get, you know, you get a, you know, every now and then you might do it or whatever but but if you can do this it day in and day out, you know over, you know, the span of a year, you know, multiple years, you have so much content out there that's put you above and beyond any other real estate agent in your market.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
That's a funny point, Kyle. So I actually come from the tech world right before I got into real estate. I lived up in Austin, Texas and spent a lot of years in technology. And in the tech world, content marketing is a super old and prominent strategy like 10 years ago, you know, software as a service companies were creating tons of content to drive user bases to sign up for their software, right. And it became actually, you know, so saturated so overused, it became almost impossible to rank for some of those keywords for like, you know, CRM software's and stuff like that. What's interesting is in the real estate game, exactly what you said is 100% true. There are not a lot of people who have done it on a hyper local basis, city to city in a big way at all and so what's really amazing is you know what's happening in the industry right now I just watched a killer video yesterday, the industry is sort of transitioning in real estate from being very very heavily referral based to being very very rooted in technology. So like the average lead time right now is more like three to 18 months that's how long people you know take to find a real estate agent decide to work etc. So like if you're building something right now that's going to last for a really really long time you're playing such a better like long game than most real estate agents are like every one of us can jump in spend a few hundred bucks and get a lead from a web from a portal site or for an advertisement or pay Facebook or whatever. But no one can like replicate the work that you're talking about doing in short order, and no one can just throw money at driving their traffic up ranking higher all that stuff. So even though you're you said it wasn't out there topic, man, this is super powerful and really good stuff to take to heart and start working on little by little.

Kyle Handy 39:58
Well, let me just give you an idea. Alright, so like now, I mean, of course, I don't have the I can't compare this apples to apples, but it's pretty darn close. But like, say, for instance, our website, right, like will, on average any given month have about 1700 and 2500 different people that access our website on any given month, right? And you start looking at these keywords, and what you realize is like, Hey, you know, some of these keywords are super easy to go after their 30 or 33, or 35, or something like that. And they get 5050 a month, well, maybe 50 a month doesn't sound like a ton, right? But if you can do 50 keywords that each have 50 or 2500 people that are coming to your website, and they do that's 50 blog posts, or maybe 50 videos, and maybe do that, you know, one a week over the course of a year. Well now you've got enough traffic going to your website that I've got for my entire team of 10 agents, right like, that's pretty amazing when you think of the power of this if you can really just stay consistent and do it. So for anybody trying to just, you know, increase their business. It's not gonna happen overnight, at least not this strategy. But if you do this consistently over a year, I promise you will make an income You do it the right way. So yeah, yeah. Cool stuff guys will hate. It won't 45 minutes. I'll wrap this thing up. If anybody's got questions about this, definitely let me know. You know, continue a little bit more trainings about this, do a blog post, do a website, all that kind of stuff. I'll be covering that as I do it. Again, guys, I'm sharing with you guys and stuff that I'm learning and trying to do better any given day. So like, you know, all this stuff is coming out as I'm learning it too. So I'll be just anything you need. Let me know I'm happy to research it. And if you got different ideas, or if you're doing this already, and you're just wanting to share, that's what this group is about. We want to, you know, we want to all get better isn't just about Hey, come and listen to what Kyle is doing. But honestly, if you guys have any insights or if you've been already doing this, and you got something to share, I'd love to hear it so

Unknown Speaker 41:53
I can I make a plea. Kyle, I'm gonna throw this out at some of the end of some of our trainings from now on. I'm trying to convince Kyle to write a book guys. called 30 Real Estate hacks for top agents. And it's funny that he said he's willing to research a topic because like the idea of hacking is to elegantly and efficiently like solve a problem, right? And so, this while you may not know it is like Kyle kind of hacked the content marketing process real quick, you just keyword searched everything Google trended everything, check the bunch of numbers, research, how long it takes blog posts to get to the top, and there's just like, boom, I got 50 blog posts. I'm growing my thing right now. And that took him a couple of days to like, knock it out. To me, that's months and months of research for most people that's years of thinking about what works and what doesn't work and in Kyle just like happen really fast. So I'm trying to convince him to write like this hacks and share it in video form and stuff. So if you guys have any ideas, questions, things you're doing that you wonder if there's a different way or more efficient way or whatever, I'd love to continue sharing that stuff on these trainings just to see if there's anything we might already be doing, Kyle might already be doing or something you might be thinking about that, you know, might when you say something you might trigger him to scratch that itch a little bit. And then we come back with something really cool. So thanks again for sharing kind of like that yet, but if you have any ideas, guys throw them out there. Let's Let's all pitch in on the book.

Kyle Handy 43:08
Awesome. Call me out. Love it. Love it. Good stuff. Well, guys, thank you all so much again for being on the call. Look forward to seeing you guys in the agent underground. If you need anything we'll talk to you soon

Unknown Speaker 43:20
invite agents to the agent underground, please bring

Kyle Handy 43:22
please if you know anybody that would get value out of this group, this training or anything like that, please share this group with them. This is like I say it's a private group. But that just means that like they have to be invited by another person or they have to find this group. But if you got somebody that you want to invite in their real estate agent, send this to them. I'll see that you sent this to them and that's why they are requesting to join and I'll approve them. So please guys, we're trying to grow this group make this powerful for everybody. So we'll talk to you guys later. Have a good one.

Kyle Handy 44:02
Welcome to the Kyle Handy podcast. My name is Kyle Handy and this podcast episode originally aired on my YouTube channel, Kyle Handy

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