9 Real Estate Content Marketing Secrets To Gain You Traffic

9 Real Estate Content Marketing Secrets To Gain You Traffic

Real estate content marketing is one of the best ways to build up your business without having to spend a ton of money on ads. Of course, once you create your content, the problem is figuring out how to draw traffic to it so that you can convert those visitors into leads for your business.

Below, we’ll go over some of the best tips and tools in order to maximize organic traffic to your content.

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What Makes Real Estate Content Marketing So Effective

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective real estate marketing and lead generation strategy. It is a form of inbound marketing that works by attracting a potential client to your real estate website or social media platforms through various types of content.

This is opposed to outbound marketing, where you’re the one going out there to find your next potential customer. With inbound marketing, your leads will come to you.

You can create any type of content to attract leads, including a real estate blog, YouTube channel, or podcast. 

The main platforms for your content marketing strategy will be your website or YouTube channel. You can use your social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, to help you drive traffic and engagement to these platforms. 

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Benefits of Real Estate Content Marketing

Content marketing as a real estate professional is great for increasing your brand awareness. When you create great content, it allows you to rank high on search engines like Google, where people can easily discover you.

Your marketing efforts will pay off when you create high-quality content that helps your target audience solve a problem.

This is why your real estate content ideas can include content with a broader appeal. This can include topics closely related to the real estate industry, which will help you draw in a larger audience.

For example, your real estate content marketing ideas can include posts about what living in your neighborhood is like. You can also include interesting information about your area, such as any famous attractions it’s known for.

This type of content can draw in people who may be moving to your area soon and want to learn more about it. They may not have necessarily been looking for a Realtor in the first place. But by stumbling on your post, they will see your services and be able to reach out to you when they do eventually decide to make the move.

Aside from brand awareness, a good real estate marketing strategy gives you authority in the real estate market. You position yourself as an expert and your real estate business as a go-to resource for knowledge and expertise of the area. This will set you apart from every other real estate agent in your area. 

9 Real Estate Content Marketing Tips

1. Be Consistent

You won’t see any benefit to your content marketing strategy unless you make posting a habit. Consistency is where most people fall short.

Ideally, you should aim to put out a certain number of pieces of content per week. Choose something you know you can keep up with so that you don’t ever fall short of your goal. If you put out content consistently over a long period of time, it will bring you revenue for many years to come.

What helps me is to think of each of my content pieces as mini-rental homes. Once you have built up traffic (which may take 50-75 posts), each content piece provides a monthly income stream in the form of ad revenue, affiliate income, and best of all, leads!

The most content I produce, the more residual income I earn; similar to acquiring rental homes, but without all of the capital, just time!

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2. Use Google Autosuggest and Trends

Google Autosuggest

Before I suggest any paid tools to help you with your content marketing and maximizing traffic to your website, I want to start with the most helpful free resources available to everyone.

We’re likely all familiar with my first suggestion. If you’ve ever typed anything into Google and seen the suggestions appear below what you’re typing, you know my first recommended tool: Google Autosuggest. 

This powerful tool is the starting point for finding content topics that people are actively searching for. And because it’s made by Google, the number one search engine in the world and the one you most want your content to rank on, you must begin here. 

Type the beginning of some ideas into Google search and see what keywords show up. Make a list of the suggestions and save them for what I recommend doing next. Sometimes I’ll even type the main keyword followed by “a,” then “b,” and go through the alphabet, getting additional keyword ideas. 

As a bonus Google search tip, check out the “People also ask” and “Searches related to” sections on your search results page.

Google Trends

One other free tool Google provides to get content topics and keywords is Google Trends.

Google Trends is a web-based tool that lets you search for trending topics around the nation. You can also narrow down searches so that you can focus only on what’s trending in your local area.

You’ll be able to use these trends as inspiration for your real estate content marketing strategy. The content that you make around these keywords will get much more traffic than if you just create whatever you want, because you’re focusing on what people are actually searching for.

Another thing to keep in mind when using Google Trends is that you should pay attention to the dates of keywords in order to plan ahead for the following year. You can use keywords that were trending 12 months ago to plan ahead and know what to post for the next year.

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3. Use KWFinder.com

Finding keywords is the first step to get your content to rank on Google. It also helps your target audience to find your content. KWFinder is a keyword research tool that you can use to figure out which of these found keywords you should target first.

Identifying searched keywords is one thing. Ranking for them with your content is another! KWFinder allows you to input a keyword and find the difficulty factor for ranking. KWFinder takes into account Google’s algorithm and how many top websites have already created posts for the topic.

It then gives a difficulty factor that can help you to identify opportunities with low difficulty and avoid very difficult keywords. 

Similar to Google Trends, KWFinder lets you search for popular keywords around the country or narrow your search to a specific area.

When you search for a term, it will show you two numbers:

  • Search Volume, or how many people are searching for a keyword every single month.
  • Keyword Difficulty Score, which indicates how hard it will be to rank for that keyword.

If you’re just starting a blog or YouTube channel and don’t quite have a proven track record yet, you’ll want to aim for easier keywords with a Difficulty Score in the 30s.

KWFinder has a free and paid version. The free service offers 10 free keyword searches per day, while the paid version gets you 500 per day.

4. Use Social Media For Promotion

Incorporate social media into your real estate content marketing strategy by using it as a means to support and promote your content. Sharing your content on all the major platforms helps to drive traffic and build up your online presence. 

However, you shouldn’t rely on social media as your only means of distributing content. Especially in lieu of having an actual blog or website.

While social media marketing is good to promote your content, it’s not ideal as a posting platform. This is because Facebook lacks longevity and will only get you an initial bump of traffic. Eventually, your post will be pushed down by future posts.

This makes it hard, if not impossible, for social media posts to ever rank on Google or other search engines effectively, which means they won’t help you get discovered by potential buyers or sellers.

A magnifying glass over the word "keywords." Keywords are crucial for real estate content marketing

5. Take Advantage of Popular Keywords, Even If They Aren’t Directly Related to Real Estate

Even if a keyword doesn’t seem directly related to real estate, you can still use it to your advantage to boost your traffic. These keywords can include popular restaurants, famous sights, or annual events in your local area.

Even if someone doesn’t visit your website with the specific intent of using your services, any traffic is good traffic. Even so, you’re bound to pick up a percentage of people actually interested in buying or selling a home.

On average, one out of seven people move in a year. So the more eyes you get on your site and its helpful content, the more likely you will be to show your value to someone in need. As a result, this person will reach out to you for help. 

Real estate is a long-term game. Too often, agents only think about providing value for those in the buying or selling process. Create content that helps your audience in their daily lives. When you do this, you’ll see more people coming back to you for help in the future.

6. Consider Doing Multiple Types of Content

Try to repurpose your content and turn it into multiple formats to reach more people. For example, say you look up a great keyword and write a 1000 word article about it. At that point, it’s worth the extra effort to spend 20 minutes to make a video. It’s also worth an extra minute to share it on Facebook.

Creating multiple forms of content is beneficial because Google ranks the entire web of content you build. This way, each piece of content can help the others rank. The better your blog post and video do together, the better your ranking will be.

You can create blogs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, and even other things like case studies and downloadable guides.

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7. Post Only Original Content

If you want something that will rank in Google and get you the highest amount of exposure, you need to come up with original content. If you just repost other peoples’ content, it’ll only help out the original creator and won’t do anything for your own rankings.

Creating your own content also has the effect of boosting your authority on whatever you’re creating content about. Your audience will see you as an expert in your local market and be more likely to trust you as a result.

Don’t get lured in by the social media companies who say they’ll post content for you. Most of these companies produce generic content used by all their clients and provide no organic traffic benefit for your website.

8. Use SEO Practices

SEO best practices are essential to running a successful blog and YouTube channel. Real estate SEO includes keywords, but also internal and external links, backlinking, optimizing meta descriptions and images, and having a consistent publishing schedule.

In particular, backlinks are essential. This is when other sites link to yours. When this happens, it signals to Google and other search engines that you are a good, authoritative source.

Internal and external links are important for having a healthy site structure, which Google will utilize when crawling your site.

Images and meta descriptions are also crucial for Google and optimizing what your site looks like on the search engine results page. If you don’t fill in your meta description and make sure it contains the keyword of your post, then Google will automatically extract an excerpt from your post and use it as the description.

SEO is also important when it comes to YouTube videos. Videos with popular keywords have a better chance of getting featured by the site’s algorithms. You can place the keywords in the video’s description.

YouTube videos also show up in search engine results. For this reason, it’s important that they are optimized to rank high, so make sure you have a comprehensive SEO strategy included in your marketing plan.

A real estate content marketing funnel graphic

9. Have a Funnel in Place

In order to turn a successful content strategy into leads, you need to make sure you have a funnel in place that can catch people who are ready to convert.

This can look like writing a great blog post, and then using a social media post or even paid ad to capture potential leads and send them over to your website to read it. 

Once they are on your site, there are several different ways you can guide them to convert if that is a move they are ready to make.

For example, you can use pop-ups on your site to direct them to landing pages. These pages can offer more information on your services. Or you can use lead capture forms that ask for their email address or other information. These forms can provide something of value in exchange for that information. This includes eBooks, list of properties, or other useful resources.

Even if they’re not ready to become a customer just yet, you can still use things such as an email newsletter sign-up form to make sure they keep in touch with you.

As long as you have your prospective clients’ names and email addresses, you can add them into your CRM system. Once you have them in a database, you can keep following up and sending them helpful content.

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Content Marketing

At the end of the day, content marketing is all about providing value to your audience. Real estate content marketing will keep generating traffic and leads for your business for years down the road. 

It’s a much more successful, long-term strategy to maximize your traffic and rank higher on Google. Especially compared to spending a bunch of money on ads. 

I’ve seen my website traffic grow from a few people per month to nearly 30,000 people per month. And this growth occurred in the span of 18 months. This traffic has opened all sorts of possibilities in my business, including additional streams of income. This allows me to diversify my income and feel more secure in my overall business profitability and sustainability.

Do you have any content marketing tips I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments below!

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