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My Real Estate Agent Home Office – Everything I Use

Ready to set up your real estate agent home office, but unsure of where to start? This post will detail my setup and give you tips on how to stay organized so you can create content, generate leads, and sell more homes.

Real Estate Agent Home Office – Everything I Use

The Basics: Furniture

A home office with a desk and couch and lighting equipment


Having a desk you enjoy sitting at is crucial. Make sure the desk you choose has ample workspace and doesn’t make you feel cramped or unmotivated. 

You can get great quality desks from IKEA for a low price. My home office uses the IKEA Carlby, which is actually just an oak countertop that I turned into a custom desk by affixing it to ALEX 5-drawer organizers and Gerton adjustable legs, both also from IKEA. 

Screw nail tabs to the underside of your desk to hold your cords up and keep the area around your desk looking tidy. 


If you have space, you might consider adding a couch or lounge area to your home office. The one I have is the IKEA Morabo loveseat.

While a couch is certainly not a necessity here, it’s definitely a nice change of pace when you are on a call or looking to do your work in a more comfortable position. Take it a step further and get a Vittsjo laptop stand for an instant workstation. 


Having a TV in your office is helpful when creating video content, so you can see what your YouTube video will look like on the big screen. My home office includes a 60-inch Samsung TVthat I use regularly to playback my content. Additionally, the Apple TV 4K (4th Gen) is a good option.


Gray Ikea storage cubes

Storage cubes are useful for keeping your real estate agent home office free of clutter. I use IKEA’s Kallax Storage Cube containers to store things I don’t necessarily use on a daily basis, like my books and video equipment. 

IKEA also has great options for large storage cabinets, where you can keep your printer paper, ink, and other office supplies. 

Computer/AV Equipment

When it comes to computer and AV equipment, there is no shortage of options on the market for you to choose from. Here are my picks for all things computer “tech”.


I currently have the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro, which is a good option if you travel frequently or work outside of the office. 

This computer features a 1 TB hard drive, allowing you to perform your daily tasks and edit your video or photo files without hiccups in speed.

While a laptop is nice for portability, having a desktop computer in your real estate agent home office will offer more monitor space when you are not on the move. In lieu of purchasing a separate computer, I highly recommend using a monitor that you can just plug your laptop in to.


Two computer monitors

Not all monitors are created equal. For instance, if you are creating videos you’ll want to invest in a monitor with 4k resolution. Just make sure that whatever laptop you use is capable of outputting at 4k.

Setting up a single monitor will surely get the job done. I’ve personally switched to using two monitors so I can toggle between screens more easily and improve my workflow. 

The monitors I use are 27-inch, 4k ud68 from LG

Check out Van House monitor stands to elevate your monitors to eye level. 


For everyday print jobs, I have a Canon MX922 which is enabled with Wi-Fi and AirPlay so that I can print documents directly from my iPhone.


Having a good Wi-Fi connection is so important to real estate in general, and even more so when you are working on content creation. Tasks that require a good amount of bandwidth, like uploading videos to Youtube or downloading a lot of files at once, will also benefit from a boost to your WiFi.

I use the Google Home Wi-Fi setup throughout my entire home to increase the speed of our WiFi. These Wi-Fi “pucks” come in packs of three, but you can set up as many as you want. 


Good speakers can be beneficial if you are creating video content or making calls through your computer. 

Edifier Bookshelf speakers are less than a hundred dollars on Amazon and offer high sound quality for your buck. Additionally, the Sonos Play One is a good smart speaker for streaming music from your phone.

Charging Dock

MacBook computers don’t offer a variety of ports.

One solution to this problem is The Cal Digit TS3 + Thunderbolt 3 Charging Dock. It not only provides an answer to the port problem, but can charge your laptop at the same time using a single cord. This dock has plugs for SD cards, a headphone and microphone jack, USB plugs, USB-C plugs, ethernet cables, and even a DVI port for your monitor.

Hard Drive

For your computer’s internal storage, the Lacie 2 Big 10-Terabyte hard drive is a good option to ensure that you have plenty of space for all your files, especially if you are filming videos.

This hard drive has two 10-terabyte drives and it works by automatically writing to both disks at the same time. This way, if there was ever a malfunction, you can pull up the other drive as a backup and not lose your work.

Cloud Service

Being proactive and keeping a backup of your work will save you from a lot of potential headache. 

I use a cloud service called BackBlaze. I couple this with a program called Arc Backup, which automatically uploads new work from my laptop or hard drive to the BackBlaze cloud every few hours.

Camera Equipment

A DSLR camera mounted above computer monitors


I’ve tried so many of the best real estate cameras on the market, and I really like my Sony A7iii. This camera doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth the price in terms of the quality footage it can create. 

The Sony A7iii shoots video in 4k and is full frame. Coupled with a good lens, it is capable of creating the perfect wide angle shot. This is especially useful for real estate photography.

If you are using your camera often or for long periods of time, consider adding a dummy battery to it. A dummy battery is a backup that ensures your camera is always ready to go, without worrying if the battery will die midway through filming.

In addition, consider purchasing a SmallRig Cage for your Sony A7iii, which is an exoskeleton that will protect your camera as well as let you attach various accessories.

For creating videos, you will also want a tripod for your camera. A great option is the Bonfoto tripod. You can set this up behind your desk and have it ready to start recording on a whim. 

For a more reasonably priced camera, check out the Sony ZV-1. This point-and-shoot camera is new to the market and has a lot of great features, while being more gentle on your budget.

External Monitor

One downside of the Sony A7iii is that it doesn’t have a flip-up monitor. You don’t want to record an entire video only to realize you were blurry or not in the frame.

To fix this, you can buy an attachment that sits on top of the camera called the Feel World 4k External Monitor. It plugs into the mini HDMI port on your camera.

You can also purchase an additional plug to power the External Monitor and forgo using the batteries, which only last a few hours at a time.


When it comes to delivering a stellar wide-angle shot, check out the Tamron 17 to 28mm lens. It is great for real estate photography or filming videos or vlogs.

I use this lens with my Sony A7iii. 

Or, for a bit more zoom, try the Tamron 28 to 75mm lens.


In addition to your main DSLR camera, having a separate webcam is nice for things like Zoom meetings and casual, screen-share type videos. 

A good option is the Logitech C920 1080p Webcam.


If you don’t want to invest in a separate webcam, you can set up your DSLR camera as your webcam by purchasing a separate piece of hardware called a CamLink 4k by Elgato.

This device allows you to capture the footage straight from your DSLR and record it onto your computer, as if it were a webcam. It’s also a good option for Zoom calls.

Just note that the CamLink uses the same mini HDMI port as the External Monitor, so you won’t be able to use both at the same time.

Insta360R Camera

While I don’t use this camera often, it’s really impressive. 

The Insta360R creates 360-degree photos and videos, which is great for creating home tours for a listing.


I use the Shure MV51, which is attached to a Rode mic arm. The mic has fantastic sound quality, and the mic arm can be folded and moved out of the way when you’re done filming. It can also be used for Zoom calls.


A pair of headphones hanging on a desk

For video editing, it can be nice to have a quality pair of headphones that allow you to clearly hear your audio.

The Status Audio CB1 Studio Monitor over-ear headphones are great at drowning out surrounding noises so you can focus on editing your video, or even just listen to music.

In addition, the noise canceling Apple Airpods Pro are a great option.


I use the Studio Fx Three-Point lighting setup, which comes with a Key Light, Half Light, and Hair Light to illuminate you at different angles.

Each light has two switches that control their intensity, so you can adjust the settings to your liking. 


These miscellaneous items can be useful to keep around your real estate agent home office, depending on what your day-to-day real estate business looks like.

Mavic Pro Drone

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone is useful for taking aerial shots of a home at a listing shoot.

It comes with a “Fly More” bundle, including additional batteries and an extra charger, which is useful since the batteries only last for around twenty minutes.

Ronin-S Gimbal

This is another tool for taking videos of listings. It helps to stabilize video footage so that it’s not shaky or out of focus, and makes your footage look more cinematic overall.

Lacie 2 Terabyte Rugged Drive

A smaller hard drive is nice to have on hand if you travel. The Lacie 2 Terabyte Rugged Drive will store the extra files you don’t want bogging down your laptop.

LowePro Protactic 450 AW Camera Backpack

When you are on the go with your equipment, you’ll need a place to keep it all organized and protected. 

I really like the LowePro Protactic 450 AW Camera Backpack. It offers a really great amount of storage compartments and is fairly lightweight for how much it can hold.

Home office desk setup

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Agent Home Office

I hope this glimpse into what I keep in my real estate agent home office gives you inspiration to set up your own home office. While your equipment needs may look different depending on your specific business needs, your office should include everything you need to stay motivated and achieve success.

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