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21 Brilliant Real Estate Facebook Post Ideas That Get Likes

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that out of all the social media platforms you could use for real estate marketing, Facebook is king. But, how do you know what real estate Facebook posts to make?

Here are 21 Facebook post ideas that will get you maximum engagement and help grow your audience.

Get Personal

1. Use Video

Video is perhaps the most effective medium for creating real estate Facebook posts. Videos, especially live videos, generate much more audience engagement than other mediums on Facebook, with nearly 4 billion views per day.

The key here is to create a video that makes the audience feel like they know you better. You can use videos to show your personality to your audience. Introduce yourself and share anything unique.

Another way to use videos to further a connection with your audience is by taking them behind the scenes in your day-to-day life as a real estate professional. You might start a Facebook Live video at an open house or record a video of yourself at an industry event and upload it later.

Videos don’t have to be polished. In fact, real, unscripted videos will show that you’re a human being and not just a Realtor.

2. Share Your Life

The scope is totally up to you, but sharing your life can really impact engagement with your posts. If you prefer to keep your business and personal life separate, don’t feel obligated to share anything about your personal life.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing photos of yourself and your family on vacation, you might consider taking selfies while at work, talking about your hobbies and interests, or posting a photo while at business events, open houses, or closings.

Simply sharing details about your day-to-day life can go a long way in making your followers feel connected and form a relationship with you.

3. Take Advantage of Holidays

Holidays are a great opportunity to get personal with posts, either by sharing your own holiday plans or creating a Facebook post that ties the holiday to real estate.

This doesn’t have to be just the major holidays, either. Take advantage of some lesser-known holidays and connect with your followers. For example, you can make a Facebook post on National Clean Your Room Day, National Wine Day, or National Dog Day.

Show Your Success

4. Share Industry Events, Interviews, Or Speaking Engagements

Give people a glimpse into your professional life by inviting them along to see all the events you or your company are a part of. This will help showcase your success and professional advancement, and demonstrate that you are an active member of the real estate community.

5. Share Success Stories And Customer Testimonials

Sharing how satisfied your customers are with your services is a powerful tool to generate more leads and create social proof.

While you can have a separate Facebook page for reviews, it’s a good idea to share positive reviews on your main feed every once in a while, especially since not everyone will visit the reviews page.

Also, don’t be afraid to post about your successes and share the achievements in your career. This will help draw in more leads and encourage people to reach out to you as they see how well your career is going. Head over to my post on how to ask for real estate reviews to learn more about increasing the number of testimonials you get.

6. Share The Success Of Others

It’s also important to share the success of others in your life. This will show people that you care about them in return.

Share the success of the buyers and sellers you help. Take a photo of them in their home and share their stories. This acts as another form of social proof, as your audience will be able to hear about your customers’ experiences working with you.

And don’t forget the people who help you along the way, whether that’s a lender, title rep, insurance agent, or financial planner. Give them a shout out too and show them that you value their hard work in getting the deal done.

7. Post A Photo Throughout Each Step Of The Buying Or Selling Process

Don’t just post at closing. Instead, spread out your success by creating real estate Facebook posts at each step along the buying or selling process. Even if you’re just working on one deal, posting multiple times during the process will create the impression that your real estate business is thriving.

8. Share Links To Websites And Other Social Media Accounts

Be sure to occasionally post links to your real estate website and other social media accounts so people can know where to keep up with you outside of Facebook. Just be sure you’re providing some sort of value on your website so people have a reason to visit it.

In addition, you can share the websites and social media accounts of other real estate agents or businesses that you’ve partnered with and recommend.

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Use Humor

9. Post Memes And GIFs About Real Estate

Light-hearted and relatable content that makes your followers laugh can help them feel connected to you. In addition, it will help them relate to your day-to-day life working as a Realtor. Check out my post of the 99 most hilarious real estate memes.

10. Share Funny Stories

Share funny, relatable stories from either your real estate business or your personal life. Poking fun at yourself and sharing stories with your followers is another way for them to get to know you better and form a relationship with you.

Interact Directly With Your Audience

11. Giveaways And Contests

Reward your audience every once in a while with a giveaway or contest. The prize doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It could be something as simple as a Starbucks gift card or gift basket. Holding giveaways and contests is a great way to increase engagement, as your audience will be motivated by whatever the prize is.

12. Use Polls And Quizzes To Ask Your Audience Questions

Overall, people tend to prefer interactive content. Polls and quizzes boost audience engagement and can help you better understand your audience’s interests.

You can ask real estate-specific questions, such as their favorite neighborhood in the city or what their dream home would look like. Or, ask questions about your local real estate market, like what their favorite restaurants are in the area.

13. Engage With Your Audience

Interact with your audience by liking, commenting, and sharing their content to your timeline. This is an important way to show that you care and value them.

Provide Value

14. Share Information For First Time Buyers Or Sellers

Facebook marketing for real estate is all about providing value. One way to do this is to create dedicated real estate Facebook posts to help first-time buyers or sellers. This can be blogs or videos that break down the process of buying or selling a home. These types of posts will create trust and show your followers you are willing to walk beside them and help them understand.

15. Share Information For Other Agents

In addition, you can help out your fellow agent and yourself by sharing posts from their Facebook page about a new listing they have. Not only will this strengthen your rapport within the real estate community, but you might even get a client out of the deal if you find a buyer for the home.

16. Post Listings And Repost Old Ones

Post your listings on Facebook to create interest, boost traffic, and get more potential clients. But don’t just post it once and then forget about it. Go back and repost it after a week, with a new description and any updates on the listing. Include your contact information and encourage your followers to reach out if they are interested.

17. Share Videos Of Open House Walkthroughs

Posting video walkthroughs of open house events will help buyers who can’t make it in person. You’ll also be able to boost your foot traffic, get more exposure, and have a better chance of selling the home faster.

18. Give Interior and Outdoor Design Tips

Renovation and interior design go hand in hand with real estate, especially when it comes to staging homes. This is information most of your followers are looking for, so be sure to share some of your design tips to inspire them.

19. Share News And Updates About Your Business Or Company

Share news about your company or personal business. This can include special deals or promotions, adding an agent to the team, earning an award, or being mentioned in a publication.

Highlight Your Local Real Estate Market

20. Share Unique Things About Your Local Market

Show your audience why they want to buy a home and live in your town. Share the unique restaurants, local attractions, and special events that go on in your area. Keep up to date with new businesses and the events going on in your community and promote them.

21. Show You’re Active And Knowledgeable In Your Community

Show that you’re active in your community by sharing photos of you around your town, at local events, or perhaps volunteering with a community organization. This shows your audience you aren’t just a salesperson in your local real estate market, but rather a member of the community.

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Facebook Posts

As you can see, you can create real estate Facebook posts about a wide variety of topics. Whatever you choose to post, be sure to switch it up and alternate between video, photo, and text posts to keep things interesting and your audience engaged.

By offering a glimpse into your life, showcasing your success, providing value, and interacting with your audience, your engagement levels will increase in no time.

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  1. So what about personal vs business FB I used to post to both but the audience from the trucking business and this is totally different. Do you think i should cancel the personal FB (9 years) or just clean up anything anyone would find objectionable? I also have a YouTube channel that is involved in music singing (I sing and write music, guitarundefinedclassic rock) which is G rated.

    1. Keep the personal Facebook page and use your business page solely for real estate. Anytime you post about real estate, do so on your business page and from time to time you can share that content on your business page. As far as YouTube, I would just create a separate channel for real estate content and keep rocking out on your other channel 🙂

  2. is there any reason not to start a business FB page immediately even though I am still waiting on the onboarding with ExP? Because it takes a couple of weeks to start it?

    1. I would start to create it and just keep it unpublished. I don’t know about the rules related to publishing a social media account for real estate when you’re currently inactive status. I’d imagine you’d want to wait until you’re 100% onboard so you can list your broker and not get in any trouble.

    1. I don’t use Whatsapp. If you were doing business with many foreign nationals or if your audience used it consistently then maybe. I just don’t find that many US-based residents use it consistently enough.

  3. Nowadays, An engagement to post is the most important thing. Social media is loaded with photos and videos where engagement is rare. I am talking about share and comments not just like. But i think form your article i learn a lot to grab more engagement on my social media.

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