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eXp Realty San Antonio – What’s The Buzz About in 2021

If you are a real estate agent in San Antonio, Texas, then you’ve most likely heard of eXp Realty by now. Over the past four years, eXp Realty has taken San Antonio by storm, attracting some of the top agents from many different brokerages across town.

Part of the reason why eXp Realty has snowballed here in San Antonio is because of the incredible culture and excellent support system for real estate agents.

Exponential Growth in San Antonio

2020 San Antonio Brokerage Rankings
Provided courtesy of SABOR MLS.

Three years ago, there were less than a handful of agents in San Antonio. No one, including myself, had ever even heard of the brokerage. Today, eXp Realty is the #2 brokerage by transactions in the city, behind Keller Williams Heritage. Check out my other post to learn more about eXp Realty vs Keller Williams.

No real estate brokerage in history has ever grown this quickly in such a short period. eXp Realty’s business model attributes for this exponential growth!

eXp Realty Business Model

If you are starting your research on eXp Realty, you’ll quickly find that eXp is the first and only agent-owned cloud-based brokerage. eXp agents, brokers, and staff conduct business virtually through a unique set of online tools including its own cloud office, eXp World.

eXp World gives agents have access to all the following from the comfort of their own home or wherever they have internet access:

  • Real-time support from over 600 paid eXp Realty staff
  • Over 60 hours of weekly live training
  • Weekly state and local meetings

Because eXp Realty operates primarily in the cloud and has extremely low overhead compared to most traditional brokerage, eXp Realty offers many lucrative incentives to agents. These incentives include a fair 80/20 commission split with a $16,000 cap, kvCORE for lead generation, revenue sharing, and eXp Realty stock!

For more information on eXp Realty’s business model for real estate agents, head over to my full post.

Attracting The Top Talent

Every month it seems as though a well-known and respected real estate agent in San Antonio is making a move to eXp Realty. eXp Realty has attracted some of San Antonio’s top real estate agents from different brokerages including: 

One of the best parts about having top-talent join the company locally is the ability to network and learn from the best agents out there. Agents host multiple weekly and monthly events. These events allow agents to get together, network, and have fun together.  

These events include a weekly lunch and learn, happy hours, live in-person training (thanks to Rick Tankersley), and many more. Not having a physical office does not limit the ability of agents to get together regularly.  

kyle handy presenting to a crowd

eXp Realty San Antonio Agent Sales Production

eXp Realty agents accounted for over 5306 San Antonio home sales in 2020. Sales production is up from 3555 in 2019. Very few brokerages are growing at the pace eXp Realty is in San Antonio.

There are over 1196 eXp Realty agents in San Antonio as of April 2021, which continues to increase every month. San Antonio is one of eXp Realty’s most active markets in the entire country!

Real Estate Agent Support

exp realty san antonio training in a classroom

The help at eXp Realty here in San Antonio is fantastic! Rick Tankersley, mentioned earlier, is the San Antonio broker. He is always available via phone, text, email, or live at his weekly training. In the real estate industry, Rick is highly experienced.  

Before moving to eXp Realty nearly two years ago, Rick worked at Century 21 for almost 14 years. Rick served as Century 21’s Director of Operations and Director of Agent Development, so he knows how to help real estate agents succeed at the highest level.

In addition to Rick, we also have Sheila Dunagan, who serves as eXp Realty’s Texas state broker. She and her husband Ron are out of the Austin area. They dedicate their time to helping real estate agents grow their business and stay compliant. Sheila was awarded the top broker award at eXp Realty out of ALL the states in the country. Before eXp Realty, Sheila worked in compliance at Keller Williams in North Austin.  

She is a fantastic broker, and you can easily reach her via Workplace, eXp World, phone, or text. Sheila’s superpower is keeping agents out of TREC jail but somehow being the sweetest person; you’ll ever meet while doing so!

The Culture at eXp Realty in San Antonio

One of the most common misconceptions about eXp Realty in San Antonio is that since we are “cloud-based,” there is no culture here.  

A lack of culture couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve talked to agents that have been with other brokerages before joining eXp, and they have all said quite the contrary. Many brokerages across San Antonio talk about having a culture of sharing and camaraderie but in actuality are very cut-throat and competitive.

four real estate agents at a presentation

Because the agents at eXp Realty are owners of the company and have a vested interest of the agents we help, the culture is that of supporting one another and giving back.

Many agents give back in their time, knowledge, and financially without even being an employee of eXp Realty in any way.  

Next Steps

If you’d like more information about eXp Realty, head over to my partner page.  Here you’ll be able to watch my 15-minute eXp Explained video, set up a private zoom call with me, or fill out your application to join eXp Realty today!

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